To God's Children
The Ascended Masters
My Grandmother
My Mother and Father

and My Beloved Aestherae


Channeled Through "Tattenaiananda" 'The Bestower of Gifts of Liberated Bliss'

Channeled December 1976 to May 1977
By Rev. Harrison Roy Hesketh D.D.
Tapes transcribed by Rev. Aestherae Hesketh
1977 to 1978
Revised for content but not changed from the original channel April, May and June 1999

To Humanity:

The Path of Life is filled with many pitfalls and through today's expression humanity is accelerated in consciousness. This acceleration can sweep the weak, lost and friendless into darkness and many do not even know they are there. There are many things to dazzle the senses and tempt the sensations. Through the Grace of God and guided by the Christ Consciousness and filled with the Holy Spirit, I channel forth from the realms of Light; system. and discourse. Through out the illusion of time and space, the beautiful spirit of humanity gropes for the Blessings of Light. The knowledge of purpose and life is to be an expression of the One God, the One without a second and every state of consciousness is that expression. As you attune, so be it.

Through the Wisdom of the Rainbow Bridge, emanating from the Masters of Light., Ascending and Ascended Masters, these writings are sent forth to send rays,of Light into the darkness to save and redeem God's sons and daughters, the children of Light.

Blessings of Light


We came in Light to heal and uplift mankind for the transition and transmutation of the present into the reality of higher Beings at their best, their good self, their God Self. The Oneness of that beyond the beyond, the all encompassing I AM, the I AM THAT I AM.

We descend upon the planet and live within you as Love, Truth, Wisdom and the Ascension Flame of the Christ and the Ascended Masters Light and many others of the Hierarchy of Spiritual Beings.

We bless your hands with God's Light of Purity and Perfection. We have prayed to free you from fears: Fear of Lack of Love; Fear of Death; Fear of Separation; Fear of Non-Acceptance; Fear of Old Age; and Fear of the Unknown.

We have brought to you Freedom and Victory over all, for we all send you Love from our hearts and souls for the experience of service to you. Your fear of separation is overcome by the Light of our Love for you and we are always open to you in the service of God's Light.

We are one with you so you can call upon us as friends for are we not all God's children. We are all in humanity together to create, to fulfill God's plan of experienced life in full consciousness, with the light of eternal pure conscious life when, by identification, as did the Masters, I AM THAT I AM. Once one comes to the awareness of the eternal, their Fear of Death is seen as a transition into the heaven within and without. A Kingdom with an ever expanding and fulfilling Love that makes all your dreams in the highest come true spontaneously.

We are given to answer prayer and God has heard yours. Yours is the victory over matter into your true nature as God experiencing Himself in the form of the highest dimension of the great heaven of Angels and Angelic host. Even now your light shines in the Light of God, fulfilled at last with ever lasting Life, Love, Wisdom and Truth.

You have prayed and the Call compels the answer, for now you can handle life in your true nature as Master of Consciousness for you KNOW God is ever present and with you through this attunement of Light.

We have stepped through the Doorway of Light to bring you a door that no man can close for life, filled with the Power of Love, Truth and Wisdom and the flame of focused Crystal Fire Light, to clear away the darkness of ignorance; the opportunity of conscious ascension; step by step, from the point of view of the physical, emotional, intellectual, knowing, creative powers, clear seeing, Oneness and Mastery as well as Cosmic Consciousness.

You may not think or feel you are ready but, have not your prayers for understanding reached the Ascended Master's Light ? Have you not searched for years in books and shallow as well as overflowing Beings, some good, some bad and have you found eternal calm and happiness, peace and bliss ?

We give you who, what and why we are. Tattenaiananda sends his Thanks, Love and Light for the beautiful experience of you. His words have great powers of healing, so I leave you some of his words and mission so you can realize the Blessings, your beauty and grace is made manifest.

We are trained to look beyond the World of Appearances into the emotions, mind, soul and spirit and we see you, for there are no secrets in the world nor the universe.

In closing I wish to give you a blessing:

"Dear Father-Mother God; The Nameless One Without a Second in Whom we all live, and move and have our Being, we come to you through the Christ and Ascended Masters' Light, decreeing: Let there be Light; the Light of Healing and Restoring of Prosperity and Health in this life. Let their goals be fulfilled ... let bliss fill their lives and let them have Ascension and Victory over all, and we thank you God for this Blessing of Light and we live in the expectation of fulfillment Here and Now!

All Men and Aum,
Rev. Harrison Roy Hesketh D.D.