Channeled February 20, 1977

695. We have been discussing up until now how to use the third eye and how to work with these higher powers of consciousness as the Masters have worked with those powers. They used a Law, the Law of Identification. Man may attract any force in the universe by making himself a fit receptacle for it, establishing connection with it and arranging conditions so that its nature compels it to flow through him. This is primarily an explanation of the Law of Identification.

696. The universe is filled with different vibratory rates, coming from our grossest, densest, material form into infinity by degree and planes of consciousness. This basic substance that flows through the universe has different applications. A lot of these applications were predetermined by God when He created the universe. The great archangels were sent forth from this one White Light Source from the Son of God, or the White Light. The archangels represent the seven plus rays coming from this One White Light Source.

697. The great Elohims of consciousness created energy using these higher forces of Light. The Masters of Light work upon these various rays of consciousness that are delegated by the God- head or the One underlining power, there is a power that controls and regulates the universe and each individual can attune with these powers by the Law of Identification. By his ability to align his energies with it.

698. In this short description, one can attract any force in the universe by making himself a fit receptacle for it and the Law of Identification means that you as an individual can use these higher powers of VISUALIZED PRAYER or imaging consciousness to start to align yourself with this power. You must create within yourself the image of this power and do all within your power to bring the knowledge and the idea and the thinking and the emotional energy into balance with this image.

699. There is one step higher that must be considered when you are considering this image: You must consider the source of the image that you use in VISUALIZED PRAYER. The Source of your energies and the Source of your Light. As Jesus learned in the schools of Egypt and other countries, before he began his ministry of three years, he learned in the -School of -Elixor, where one of the flames of the God-head was anchored in the physical dimension at that time.

700. This great temple in Egypt is now destroyed and had been by vandals that were unaware of the powers that were in the temple. So the flames as all the God-flames were, retracted into the etheric dimension from the physical. Man can only bask in these rays when he goes into a state of trance or into a conscious sleep state.

701. The Masters learned to pull upon these particular energies to help unfold those inner realms of consciousness, one being their VISUALIZED PRAYER by imaging over and over again, they were able to bring into manifestation in their outward world experience, a particular effect. Jesus was able to identify with the Christ consciousness, being that which God said would be the end product of man, a God being.

702. Man had many, many teachings of the Christ before Jesus came to bring the teachings into physical expression and apply it through his personality and through his bodily structure as well as through his inner kingdoms. He continually went into meditation in his life to re-align with this higher, unconditioned God force, the great and Holy Spirit and the Father- Mother God. The Father he used very strongly for this was the unconditioned force.

703. The unconditioned, unmanifested energies that God had laid aside for those beings who reached God consciousness with this unconditioned energy. We see the seven rays of energy coming from this one Light Source, these are unconditioned but they have personality too. The personality was given to them by the Masters. And by other beings who have taken and attuned to that particular ray of energy.

704. To give you a for instance, Master El Morya, the Master of Truth, had attuned himself to the Blue Ray of energy and brought it into manifestation through his outer personality, just as Jesus had brought the White Ray through his personality by the mastery of the Golden- Ruby Ray. The First Ray of power that comes from the sun, our Logos in the sky, the first ray of Light that emanates from the sun is the Blue Ray.

705. The Blue Ray is the power of God and comes to us on Sunday and it is a Blue Crystal Ray of Light that emanates first in the spectrum of Light. Scientists, splitting the spectrum of Light can see this power of Light at this higher vibration. Do not get this confused with the Rainbow effect that is given in the atmosphere of our planet for the spectrum varies depending upon the planet, sun, stars, lights, and the outer body of consciousness that is in the universe and what that body is vibrating at. The First Ray brought forth is blue, of the Omnipotence. Truth and Creative Powers of El Morya matter of the Blue Ray.

706. (1) Esoterically, when you reach a state of evolution where you can penetrate consciousness out of and through the veils of Maya* and Glamour* are those discordant thought, forms and emotional energies that permeate the earth's atmosphere for a mile and a half above the surface of this planet. Beyond this realm, the atmosphere becomes finer and finer until we penetrate out into space.

707. When man penetrates space in his spiritual consciousness, and looks at the sun*, the sun is no longer a yellow-orange ball of Light in the sky, but it is blue, it is the first ray power when man reaches that state of evolution. The second ray energy coming off the sun, and through the universe and penetrating the earth's atmosphere is the Golden Ray. It comes to us on Monday.

708. The Golden Ray of Light is the second ray of power that emanates from the sun. This is why we have the various rays of the day. This carries the Omniscience, intellectual vibration or the intelligence of the great body, the Logos, the sun. And the sun that we are talking about. is just a doorway into a universe of Light. As we take and attune to this Golden ray as did Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tsu, Dwal Khul, the Masters that attuned to this ray and many many more.

709. They did this through their creative imaging, their abilities to create an image that would simulate this power, this energy. All of them meditated very heavily upon this Light, as does the master of each ray or rays. As the sun's rays come to us and penetrate the earth's atmosphere, the third ray is the pink ray which comes on Tuesday.

710. *(l) Esoteric- that which is not accessible except by initiation.

*(2) Maya- The entire phenomena of the physical world.

*(3) Glamour- the entire phenomena of the emotional world of energy.

711. This pink ray is the ray of love. Paul the Venetian, who reached his Ascension and the ability to ascend on the planet Venus, saw humanity, which is a body of consciousness, issued forth through this sun from this great center Sun, this was the port hole into this universe from the Great Center Sun to our sun.

712. This body of consciousness of humanity sought expression and was given the planet earth for its evolution and for its experiences as a platform of consciousness to first realize its individuality and then to realize its oneness with all of the universe. The first races of man that were able to manifest on the planet were able to descend and take form and pass through the cycles of consciousness.

713. There are seven, two-thousand year cycles, that the consciousness was to move through, making fourteen thousand years. The first two root races made it very easily, because they had the power of God, they were ethericalized beings with this platform called planet earth. You must understand the planet was a shining ball of Light, not as it is today. The atmosphere was in balance. Water that we now have captured in polar caps was free and it was in the air of this planet and it captured the light that came from the sun and reflected it.

714. There was no place on earth that was dark at that time. It was a sphere of emanating light. The light hitting the surface of the planet through its atmosphere, was refracted through the water and it shined through the whole of the earth's atmosphere, a glowing ball whether it was facing the sun or not. Over the use of this energy and light that came from the sun, over forty per cent of it was qualified by humanity, by their feeling nature and was sent forth to do work for God and then returned back to the sun.

715. The other sixty per cent was given to that being to uplift their causal body of light and give him freedom to move throughout the universe. All these laws and abilities were well known to man at this time. Then there were other systems in the universe that were seeking expression and many had reached high states of evolution and some had even reached the state of,being able to ascend again into those light realms and individual conscious manifestation, with the realization of their oneness, as God conscious Beings.

716. So as they reached that point of evolution, and some of those beings had reached great psychic energies, or soul power and sought to come to a new expression that was having so much success which was earth, so those beings, lagging behind their own civilizations, the laggards, came to this planet. They started to corrupt the third root race here in manifestation, here experiencing as an ethericalized force operating through. materialized bodies of animal consciousness.

717. This was a field of energy that was used to correlate the different vibrations of consciousness, first the physical, then the emotional.and the mental and so on to bring them all into one. During this time these laggards started to influence man's consciousness and caused them to drop in their awareness of being God conscious beings by imposing thoughts that were not God-like on them. They, were saying, well, if you are God, why should you worship someone else.

718. Well, this was the first satanic force that arrived here on this planet.. They had not made the Ascension, because they said they were God, they realized this, but they wanted to be an individual God outside of the all encompassing oneness, the Nameless One without a Second, the ultimate reality in whom we all live and move and have our being. This was one third of the forces of the universe that went corrupt. This established upon this planet, the black magicians.

719. God, in His free will choice that He gave to man, the free will to do as he pleased and the knowledge to pull these various rays from the sun. Through the corruption of those laggards, the planet became more and more dense. The Light dimmed and the planet started losing its brilliance in the universe and it was not as attractive as it was before.

720. And finally after several root races and beings that have not ascended, had come and hold humanity from ascending in its race structure because humanity was divided into seven races to manifest and experience and as each race experienced the energy of that experience of each race went back up into the body of humanity. Humanity at its highest vibration, realizes all of its experience that it has had upon the planet and within your very cellular structure of your atomic light, the DNA molecule of the atom of your body, you hold all of this knowledge of all experience that has ever been made upon this planet, back to your issuing forth as an individual conscious manifestation, as a spark of God from this great center God head out for its experience.

721. So within you you hold this consciousness. Jesus was able to reach that pure Light of consciousness within him, through his imaging powers he pulled upon that source of the Holy Spirit. He realized that he was a Son of God, just as each being should realize that they are the son or daughter of God. This means a child of Light, or that conscious manifestation that takes place when the Mother-Father God, cross-sect in their Light rays in the universe.

722. Right where you are sitting is right where Mother- Father God come together. And this is where they are loving one another in the universe and from that love that is ever giving, you are a conscious manifestation of a divine spark of light. Well, Jesus was able to reach that state of consciousness or pure White Light by ascending through these planes and directing his awareness upwards. He had come from the Great Center Sun to help humanity just as many others had come before and since that time.

723. Humanity being caught in the darkness of its own discordant thoughts and erroneous thinking; discordant emotions and erroneous emotions, the Maya and the glamour. When one learns about this basic power of the universe and first learns to cooperate through their own realization that they are children of this oneness. Second by calling upon the Great and Holy Spirit to descend within them, now, the Great and Holy Spirit activates within the consciousness of the individual such a high vibratory rate that it eliminates all the negative impulses that can manifest around that being.

724. See, when we first came here as ethericalized beings, we drew upon an unconditioned substance, our "Over-Soul", the "God-Self", or the "Mighty I Am Presence". We pulled upon this substance and it poured its love and energy out to us in a nine foot shield of Light around us and turned darkness into Light. That was our job upon the planet, to turn the darkness into Light to correlate the various levels of consciousness and to realize, first our ideal creation and then our God conscious awareness.

725. As man lost his power, now those with clairvoyant sight can see how aware the Being is by the shaft of Light that is around them. This shaft of Light was reduced to such an extent that it stands about 1/16 th of an inch in those beings that do not realize their God conscious awareness, as sons or daughters of God.

726. The force field of the aura has been almost deactivated and in some Beings who become so unruly upon the planet that this force is almost completely withdrawn, they have no energies from the higher realm and they finally fall to the lower or dissembling energies and they become dissembled. By cooperating with the forces in the universe, you are able to uplift your Light.

727. The next Ray coming from this great sphere of Light on Wednesday is the White Ray of purity, perfection and Ascension. This beautiful Light, Serapis Bey had brought to us and anchored in his personality upon this planet at the Temple of Luxor in Egypt. This is a very powerful, beautiful energy, that purifies and is the Ascension Ray and the anchoring of this flame was here upon the planet for humanity to draw upon until it was corrupted in such a way that it had to be pulled into the etheric realm.

728. The next Ray of Light to descend upon the planet, was the Green Ray. The Green Ray of Master Hilarion, also known as St. Paul, gives to us on Thursday, It is Truth, Healing, Concentration, and Consecration in the man's consciousness as he draws upon that particular Ray of Light.

729. On Friday, the Golden Ruby Ray comes to us from the sun. You must imagine that on the other side of the sun, through the heart of the sun, which is a ball of crystal fire light, a whole universe of Light emanates and within this universe can also be seen this great sphere of Light. Man's awareness has been so in darkness that the way he sees the universe is in an indigo now, but with the acceleration of spiritual evolution, the universe will turn to Gold and he will realize that it is a golden universe rather than an indigo one he now perceives.

730. Just as some remnants of earlier root races are still on the planet, the different body structures, this is when we have different body structures. Each root race developed a new body and other bodies were incorporations of some of these prime bodies that were formed. Now all mixtures of bodies were manifested on the physical to bring everything back into a oneness.

731. On Friday when this Golden Ruby Ray comes, this is the Ray of Jesus, it is the ray that Jesus manifested, it is the Love-Wisdom Ray. It is the ray that masters the physical universe. Jesus was master over the lower kingdoms. Now some think that the four lower kingdoms are the physical, emotional, mental, and soul realms they are in one respect, but as manifested in nature they are the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms. He had gained superiority over these by reaching this higher consciousness down one hundred per cent through his personality and through his conscious manifestation.

732. Jesus manifested to such an extent, that when they crucified him, he was able to reanimate that body, with this Light creating the image on the shroud, move it through the etheric forms, he drew up the physical into the etheric and appeared eighteen times throughout a forty day period and on the last day and in the midst of a crowd of five hundred people, which included his disciples and some of this followers and relatives and he started to walk up the mountain and as he started walking up the Mount of Olives, there he began to draw more and more of this Light and in full view of all of them, until it became so brilliant that they could no longer look at him.

733. Jesus was the only master on the planet that ascended and turned to this pure, brilliant Light. The beings upon this planet, the angelic beings and the master beings, are that brilliant Light and we have shields, like we have sun glasses, shields us from the sun, well, we have shields around us to keep us from seeing these other kingdoms, as the shields or veils are cleared, man begins to see the Light. First the auric light around other beings and then the spirit life that is moving around him. He can see the disincarnated beings that aren't in physical bodies. He can also see the spirit or diva force that is operating in the various kingdoms, the mineral, the vegetable, ect.

734. Jesus, reaching this high state of consciousness was able to see these forces because he had cleared his imagination and his visualizing. We must purify our imagination to such, a degree that all of these rays penetrate it and pull upon the White Light Ray to pull it in our imagination. This is why we go through the Rainbow Bridge and into the Golden Ball of Light which is our own Master Consciousness and which manifests itself as a seven foot Golden Being of Light that many can see when they reach a certain state of evolution.

735. This Golden Ball of Light is then taken through a field that has no light in it, a long black tunnel*, and into the pure White Light. The black field is like a pass not for most beings because their own fears and doubts and the seven deadly sins that they are operating under keep them from seeing. The seven deadly sins are, pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth and these hinded spiritual progress.

736. Jesus had been able to take and accelerate his awareness to such a degree that he was able to transcend or use the Ascension Light or the White Light to pull him to a degree that he could see all of these forces with his clear imagination or clairvoyant sight. He could see the vampirizing that was going on by the disincarnated beings and how they latched on to the physical bodies of those weaker beings.

737. And these Beings that were not in manifestation, but were disincarnated, that had drawn the higher light, to keep experiencing through the earth plane, and started to impose their thoughts and feelings through the other beings. When he was able to cast them off, by seeing them, when he started seeing them, his Light was so bright that they had to leave where he was or become him. He would fill the individual with this Light because he could transfer this Light from one to another.

738. Every time you send love to someone, you are sending them a Ray of Pink Light. Every time you have faith in someone, you are giving them that Blue Ray. Every time you impart wisdom to someone, you are giving that Golden Light. Every time you impart poise, and balance and healing, you impart that Green Light. When you administer to them you are sending forth that Golden-Ruby Ray. You are transmuting in their consciousness or giving them the ability to transform darkness into Light. You are giving them the Violet Fire. And every time you are enabling someone to ascend just as Jesus did, you are giving the White Light.

739. Jesus had command over all those fields of Light, the complete Rainbow, as being emanated by the sun. So this power that controls and regulates the universe, he learned to cooperate with it and so will you by your VISUALIZED PRAYER and the purification of your lower subtle bodies. The world and all it contains is formed of one basic substance, taught for thousands of years, in the Yoga Sutras, the Pranic Force, the vital force, the manna from Heaven, the life force energies, that fills all of manifestation with consciousness.

740. The chair over there has a consciousness to it. It is not the consciousness that man uses, because it is not self conscious or self determining or self controlled, but it is falling under the Nature and Cosmic Laws. Man has ascended in consciousness that he can actually put himself outside of these laws to such a degree that they will work contrary to him and destroy himself if he does not attune himself to them. He does not follow these Cosmic Laws and it destroys his body, his emotional body his mental body, his soul body, his body of ideas, and imagination by not attuning to this basic substance.

741. Some call this basic substance, the Great and Holy Spirit. Well, as you call upon this basic substance, and learn to work more with it, you learn to ascend in consciousness. This is not a new concept of the basic substance of the universe, but whether it is time, Light, space, or particles of creative energy, this basic substance is the sustaining force to it, just as Christ is the basic substance of the universe and you can draw upon it which is sometimes pulled into manifestation through alignment in consciousness accidentally, but most of the time it takes your conscious control to bring yourself to this part of imagination.

742. Any time you make a mental picture, you are making it in this basic substance. A mental picture is an image you hold in your mind's eye. Say you want to experience something, what you usually do is see yourself experiencing. You sit and see yourself experiencing a particular thing and pretty soon it comes into manifestation. Like a person planning a trip, they see them self going by boat or by air if they are going to the Mainland from Hawaii. They make the picture. They see what they are going to do after they get there. They have an idea of what they want to accomplish.

743. Maybe it is just to enjoy the scenery and be free, but they make some kind of mental picture that is issued forth from their consciousness. Now if they do this weakly or feebly, they make the pictures, but they do not take effect. But if they do it with strength and with power, then these pictures come into manifestation. The man that holds the picture of wanting to become a doctor soon becomes a doctor and a dancer soon becomes a dancer by holding this image.

744. Jesus held the picture of being the avatar and drew that spirit of Christ Light into himself and by constantly relating to it and using the Law of Identification to draw it into manifestation. When you are making these pictures which are internalized, they go forth into form or images into this basic substance and draw around them, those needed vibrations to bring them into manifestation into the physical.

745. Jesus had his awareness so open and so clear, that he could instantly change things, he made food appear and water appear, he turned water into wine using this picturing. St. Germain made many things appear and disappear including himself by using this, so Jesus and many of the other masters could make themselves appear and disappear by control of this imaging process, by ethericalizing and then coming back into the physical manifestation.

746. But most of us are so set in our physical ways that we do not realize that we have this great power and we are not clear enough to use it because of out comfort zones that we hold onto in our imagination or imaging consciousness. Or that part of consciousness that we are satisfied with and we don't want to move away from. Jesus was a free Being, he never said, what am I going to do tomorrow, or what happened yesterday, he always talked in the present tense.

747. The Spiritual Masters all knew that power of The Here and Now. And when using this creative imagination and picturing in consciousness, you must keep your awareness in The Here and Now and when you make that picture you feel it in The Here and Now. There is no other time, there is no space, there is only here and now. So make The picture in your consciousness here and now. You accept it right here and now.

748. If you want an automobile, you feel and see yourself sitting in the seat of that automobile here and now. Feel yourself putting your hand upon the wheel, smelling the newness, hearing the motor run, radio playing and giving it a color and a form, but being as universal as you can, unless you want a specific type. If you just want an automobile, what will happen is the first opportunity for one to come into you universe, one will be coming in.

749. There was one lady in one of our classes, who wanted an automobile and she used this process, and it was just about a week later, her mother-in-law gave her an automobile, but she didn't accept it. She didn't want her mother-in-law to give her an automobile. She had asked God for this automobile and she had imaged it and used all the creative processes to bring it into manifestation and it came through another route than what she thought it should come through and she rejected it.

750. Many of us do this very same thing. We ask for things with these pictures, we take and say well, I'll accept it, but I won't accept it from this particular source or that, and we start limiting our power to have that particular experience or that in our life. Realize you don't own any of this, you don't own the body you are in. It will go back to the elemental forces that gave it to you and which are sustaining it at this time. It is an animal body.

751. You are a spiritual being using this animal, elemental, called the body elemental. It all comes out of a mutation from the animal kingdom. The animal came as a mutation out of the vegetable kingdom. And the vegetable kingdom came as a mutation out of the mineral kingdom. Each state of evolution is a mutate of the prior one.

752. When you make decisions you mobilize energy and focus concentration. One must learn when they are making these images that they must make a decision about this energy, about this image. A lot of people say, "Well, I'd like to have this or I'd like to have that, but they never make a decision to accept it. They never make a decision to have it right here and now. They don't accept it right away. They put it off in some other time period.

753. You must make a decision when you are creating those images in VISUALIZED PRAYER in your mind's eye to accept it right now. Right now, this moment if it would appear here and you would take possession of it, but most people are not used to this power. But man had this power upon the planet when he first came. During the first two root races, they used this very easily, but look what happened, man now caught in physical sense, says, oh, man has only been here a while.

754. Ethericalized beings didn't have bones as the physical body does, and man is predicating all of history on what he sees in the physical universe and not realizing what is happening and what has happened in the spiritual universe except for a few Beings upon this planet man has lost this power. There are still Beings demonstrating this power.