Different exercises you get in this book build up Will Power so that you can penetrate, that is why they are important. Because when you form a discipline and perform it over and over again that is what they call Disciples. Jesus' Disciples followed the disciplines of Christ consciousness that he taught them. When you can follow the disciplines then you can get the power. There is no magic way the power is handed over to you and until you have a good rhythm and vibration to exercise them. I mean, I could tell you right now how to do many things, but unless you have the discipline built up in consciousness to let those things come through, they will never come through. One must meditate for hours and hours to build up the life force. I meditated for five or six hours at a time to draw energy. I contemplated for hours and hours. I didn't let anybody distract me from my goal. I set my objective and I studied until I reached it. I wouldn't let anything stop me. From midnight until three o'clock in the morning I had a study period*. I studied and I learned and if I would read it over and over again and con- template it and meditate on it over and over again until I understood it and moved on. I never moved on, you know when I started reading the Secret Doctrine*, I never went to the next page until I understood the whole page. When I got through with the first twenty pages I realized that there are seven lines of energy from different teachings moving through the Secret Doctrine that correlated to the seven chakras. I had been praying to God, "give me some information on these chakras", and I picked up this book by C.W. Leadbeater on chakras. I hadn't heard anything on chakras so I sat down and I drew the pictures and I put it on the wall *Study period-after studying or meditating, at the same time you build a pattern in consciousness and you awareness will reach for it. *Secret Doctrine - written by Madame Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society.

and just look at it. If I didn't understand something, I just drew@a picture of it and put it on the wall and looked at it and th6n I would study and study and then I would ask God, t'Godfl, I'd pray in my meditations, I'd call, "God, give me that power, I want to know.11 Let me know and I would see in my mind's eye and see myself being covered with that particular light. When I was studying the Golden Ray energy, I would see golden light around me all the time, I had fields of it going out in all directions that power and energy, I kept it. Nothing could move me, nothing could stop me. And every night, right there at midnight, I was learning. At three o'clock I would sit in my last meditation and I would go to sleep and at seven o'clock I would get up and meditate again and go down to the beach or go someplace, I would get out of my apartment and go out. I'd take some books with me and I would meditate or sit there and read and study until it was time to go to work. And while I was at work, so I wouldn't get caught up in all of those conversations I would take a book along and be over there in a corner reading. I'd be standing there chanting away while I did my work. I heard the Krishnals chant Hare Krishna and I did that for a while and I started pulling all this information about Krishna in. Gee, if it works for Krishna, I'll do Christ. Then, Hare Buddha, and I was getting energy all over the place. And the people I was working with would get off by themselves and tell each other not to talk to me because I was some kind of religious nut and it really hurt like agony. I wanted to be a part of all of these people, not part of all of that gossip and all the negative terms they were so I would sit over there and do my work and chanting and I'd be off someplace where there would not be anybody and people would come to me and ask me questions. They would ask me questions about God and Krishna and about Jesus and Buddha and I would just tell them whatever I knew and go back to my chanting. I did not look for any glory in what I was doing, I was just passing on information that I had, just tell th6m without trying to influence them, just let th6 energy flow out and they would come and start asking me about things inth6ir personal life.


One lady became a follower and everything she wanted to know she would come to me and start asking me questions and people started saying that's one of your disciples and th6n shb became afraid to come around getting ridiculed by some of the other workers there. She would sneak around corners to talk to me and other women and guys were doing the same thing there, they would come up and ask me questions and invite me over to their house. it I have to study. That was my life. It was a more exciting life than any I had ever lived. I was getting more and more excitement in my life. Seeing myself having this beautiful experience with God, I kept imagining myself with Him and pretty soon the Masters started coming to me and taking me places. I remember one time saying, Gee, I would like to see the books of Prophecy and h6re comes my Master Tat and took me out of my body and away we went to an underground cavern below Jerusalem and we were down and He opened up the book and I looked in tlyere and I could not understand what was written and I said, "Gee, I cannot read-that, it is in some strange language," and he said the next time ask to understand. So I got,to see the books of Prophecy but I could not understand the writing. See, you must be precise when you are asking for experiences. Events and circumstances can always shadow your images unless you always keep a clear picture of what you want to do. I would write what I wanted to do and put it under my diety on my altar. Realize that you are not alone in the world. Our prayers are answer- ed ninety percent of the time is a law in the universe. Each being has the scope of that awareness. And so as you broaden your consciousness, you broaden your scope of the energies you are moving in. When I was a kid, we had a dog whistld, and when you blew it a dog would come and it was at a higher pitch than a human could perceive, so I concentrated and I sat for hours concentrating on blowing the whistle and relaxing and relaxing, and blowing the whistle and pretty soon I could hoar the whistle. I expanded my hearing to that. You can expand your consciousness and that is


what you are doing, you are ever expanding. Realize that your expansion comes a lot of times through what other people relate to you. -I remember one time I was sitting in my room and I said, God, the world is going to talk to me and that is going to be You talking to me. Every body who talks to me today is you talking to me. I went to work and this woman came out of the pantry and said, you have got a big ego. I started to laugh, I was so happy to learn what was holding me up was a big ego I was projecting, because I had been a Head Chbf and had all these high Chef posi- tions and I came h6re to Hawaii and here I was in charge of the line@at the Rainbow Village. It wasn't as big a job as I had had and I was feeling that wasn't so great not having all the authority that I had before and so I was kind of showing that. And that lady let me have it and my first reaction was defensive and I started to defend and let go a little bit of Tau-ghfe-r- and that cured it right thbre, wh6n I could laugh at myself for the way I was going to react to it and then I had a chance to change it. Sometimes we react and we are about half way through the reaction and realize what we did and you are always conscious of what you are doing and always conscious of the fact that you are not alone. You are not alone in the world and always lend a helping hand. The Masters have used VISUALIZED PRAYER for a thousand years. Thousands of years. Man has had that as his power, the power of imagery for thousands and thousands times a thousand years, ever since hb came here to this planet he has had that power. When he was an ethericalized being he always projected what he wanted to experience. You know how new bodies were projected for to take form in, a male and female would get together and hold the image of whatever that spirit wanted to experience in and never lose consciousness from plane to plane. Only when man fell to the darker states of consciousness wh6n hb forgot that he was God expressing Himself and had a poor self image and put the mask of tradgedy on his face, h6 lost thb awareness of his ability of superior consc- iousness as spirit, and he got caught in personality.


People are so caught in personality nowadays that they are

not even aware that they are spirit. They never get outside of their body to experience. It was kind of fun doing projection. Before I came to these Islands I was always taught by my grandmother to travel in a golden ball of light. I did not ever think of making arms and legs and a head and all of these things then I got the experience that I could take and create a body like this body on the Astral plane. I remember the first time, I was sitting there in a meditation and I thought that I had fallen over and stood up and turned around and there was my body and then I looked and I could see my astral body. I held the image, I got so good at creating the image, I came to class and taught in an etheric body. My physical body lay on my bed at home. I unlocked the power from an Egyptian life I had once had. I remember when I first went into that experience, it horrified me. I was a high priest, I had a head that I used to put on; it was the Jackal's head and I was the priest of darkness and I had power of the dark realms and one of the things we used to do when weld get the slaves and we wanted to take and protect a place we would start talking to this slave, "It's going to be O.K., we are going to give you eternal life after you leave this body. Its going to be wonderful,,.all you have to do is exactly what we tell you to do, and so we would tell them what to do and everything and they would be really enthusiastic and ready to leave that body and you see, un- beknownst to them we were making a time lock to lock them into a space. Those techniques are not available to the outer conscious- ness at this time, but we made a time and space lock and when we killed them and they went out of their body they would be caught in that lock and they would want to get into a body, and this is the way we put the curse on if anybody came into that area, here was this soul trying to get out and try to go into them and people would feel this force and it would drive them crazy or things happened to them. Even to this day some of those souls are still trapped there. The Hawaiians knew how to make these locks, in fact, in some of these @@ we've been working to free souls. I worked one time as a Kahuna and we released thousands of souls out of a


a @e:Lau, just saw the sparks(flightaseending and some souls we had to put back together because they had cut them up, they had actually cut the head off and the head was one place and the body and soul. was another place and we had to pull the soul together. The powers were so great that they could just cut the soul apart and scatter it. We were working to bring that all back together. I was in a realm, I was called a cosmic cop, that's what I took the image of, a cosmic policeman and anybody that was misusing the light force, I would disconnect their light force. I remember one time there were three witches up in Manoa Valley that were doing 'injury and images to control this individual, and every time this light force would go off and they would get all sacred and all this and 6reate these images for this person to do things and they did several people this way and in a trinity. They were using the trinity power*and so myself and another fellow went over and we disconnected this force. They were misusing the light force that was at another center and we disconnected that light force and these forces were all over anchored, just like the light force here in this center and when we move, I'll just release the light force into the etheric realm and move it. When you get into these higher states of consciousness, and your imagination is clear, you can see these forces and you can see the light coming in and going out and the light all about, fields of energy all about you. One night after I had spent twelve hours in prayer ritual for a woman who had shot ' herself in the stomach and in the chest, I held this image really strong of light and in our front room came six angels of light surrounded by great fields of transmutation light and right over my altar was a white fire crystal being and there was a violet spirit that came that night and when people are at the same vibration they can see this. I have teachers and students that can see. TRINITY POWER - three persons sitting together in three chairs; one in the North position and the other two at angles to make a triangze. Together they can sit and use mind or vision to project or receive consciousness.


When we had our initiations in Haleakala, Crater, we all saw

-Yogananda, we

Jesus, we all saw St. Germaine, we all saw P sa all saw Quan Yin, we all saw these great light forces and energy when we were over there and Moses was walking right next to me telling me the power of the staff of life and how to use it and put it into my body and how to operate with it and I was given a lot of powers that I have been exercising since that time, and I have taught these power in the class and others can now demonstrate them. Everything I learn, I always pass it on. There are no secrets in the universe and so my power is being open and the more open you can be the more power you will gain, the more power to see, the more power to be, and VISUALIZED PRAYER must be clear of fantasy, clear of illusion, clear of delusion and you must be able to realize how it works. You learn about the lenses you put over the third eye that makes things larger and smaller, the Spiritual Eye, Mind's Eye and the Mystics' Eye, to name a few, that you put over the energy that comes out of the clear imagination. All of these powers are great when you learn about vortexes. We are not talking about things that you have never used. Everyone in reading this has used powers in all of these vortexes. Everyone in reading this has used all of these enegries or, they wouldn't be here right now. All you have to do is put your attention on the opposite vortex and you will have the power of control in that area of consciousness. So for this last little bit, I am going to open up for questions anything you want to ask me about creative powers. Question: (asks about cool energy in meditation). Answer: When it is cool it is spiritual and when it is hot it is earth energy. There are two snakes, a red snake and a white snake. These are the two lines of energy, one is cosmic energy and the other is earth power. The surface of this planet is a molten ball of pure electromagnetic energy, that is the being of this planet that is experiencing. He experiences all of us that are on the planet, all the animals and all the vegetation and everything, the being that this planet is. It gives forth its energies to you. In Lemuria man used the imagery so strorg more earth energy than it did cosmic energy and it caused underneath the continent to become hollow and so the arc *vort,exes - chakras.


of the continent collapsed and the whole continent s@. That is what happened to them in Atlantis, too, they got over-powered with the cosmic force and they over-powered the earth force and caused that continent to sink. The two lines of energy run over your central nervous system to various parts of the body as well as forming your Light body or electronic force field. Question: Do you break connection with the earth in meditaion? Answer: You are always connected to the earth currents of emotions, mind, etc., until you surrender to spirit. When you are in medi- tation a ' nd connected with physical and start repelling the earth forces for the cosmic forces, you will start feeling yourself raising off the ground and so that is a power. When you are pulling more cosmic energy than earth energy you will levitate. See, you break this attraction and start being attracted to a higher force. Question: Can you explain a little bit more about not being from this planet? Answer: *I can talk from experience. In 1961, I came with fifty other beings in a great sphere of Light. I came and right near the Valley of the Temples is where the unit landed, an inner dimensional time/space unit. We were in spirit form at that particular time coming back from a dimension 999, to work on the planet at this particular time. As we came from that, all spirit form is the same. And so we had to adapt a body that was on this plane and in this phase and so we searched for individuals that wanted to switch places in consciousness and met them in their inner realms and asked to take over their particular body. The Mauils were a spirit energy that came from a different system to help humanity during the second root race and they used to give them direct guidance, many of these spirit forms like Jesus, that is in a higher spirit form, he covers the whole of the planet, that is how big his body is, his light body and so he can individualize any place in his body. Christ's cosmic form is unlimited to dimension and is enternal. So what we did was ask these individuals who were seeking to escape to exchange bodies and so in 1961 to 1968, I was not able to enter the body, the individual didn't want to change places. In 1968 he Tat tazking as the spirit that entered Roy's body in 1961.


decided to move and change places to go to a golden state of Light so I started to take the body over at that particular time and it took me until 1974 to get enough of the energies to take control of the life-stream, the autonomic system that is still in this body and still operating. The central nervous system, the autonomic nervous system and cellular structure was conditioned by this individual Roy, and it has been taking me a long time to reconditon the system of consciousness that was in this body. When the spirit takes over, it doesn't do it against the will of the individual. It has to be a willing exchange. Questions: Do you know? Answer: You always know. The entity, Harrison Roy Hesketh, and I still use that particular name because it has an identity on this planet. He does not lose consciousness. Everything I am doing, he experiences as well, but he is no longer a control factor in this body. It is a transfer there. Most people who have contacts with beings from other planets realize that they are light and don't have physical form as we have. But they can ethericalized to the point of being seen and in this system. This is not new. The beings upon this planet had access to work within the universe and they chose to confine themselves. Question: Humanity chose to be here? Answer: Yes, this was their particular platform of experience. Question: But most people are not aware of this. Answer: Most of the beings are human beings, but body transfer has been known for thousands of years. The Tibetians did it and have been doing it consciously for some time. This is an animal body and it was only developed to operate on this dimension for spirit. When the spirit came into it, many of the spirits were trapped and still are trapped. People here are not conscious of their spirit force, outside of this body, it is so trapped that it keeps getting the impulses of this body. It makes a lot of individuals uncom- fortable when they start hearing this kind of awareness because they are so caught in body and emotional and mental awareness they start thinking they are that energy until one day in meditation there is


a transition that takes place and they are standing outside looking back at their body and they realize that they are not the body, but spirit force. Spirit is actually a formless body. This is why we have so many myths about gods that come to earth and get caught falling in love with earthlings. This has happened to great beings who have reached great states of evolution, they get caught in sensory perceptions. Question: (Something about the body of other beings). Answer: Each planet, the body that is developed there is for the experience of the spirit on that particular planet or sphere. The bodies of the beings on planet Venus are different from these bodies. Some of the Light bodies are similar but they don't have a physical body like this planet. So when they send a space craft there they just get the physical sense of it and not the etherical beings, the spiritual beings that are using the planet for their performance. Just like, we will soon have no more physical body as we know it now, but an ethericalized body and that is due to the speed up in atomic structuring so that the individuals will raise to a higher vibratory rate state of body. When the animal life here dies off-the planet will still be used spiritually. Many beings are learning fourth dimensional consciousness now, how to go in and out of the body, in and out of the emotional body, the mental body, as well as the physical body. That is a four dimen- sional being, one who is able to move in and out of different spheres and many have come; Madame Blavatsky has told about this, Bailey has told about this, Jesus has told about it, St. Germain told about it, Buddha has told about his experiences in the higher planes, Nirvana, when he realized he was not the body. All these spiritual beings d rdanf thought forms, and @is- came to show man. But see @oid-ant energy that flows from the emotional body has taken and blinded us, like putting shields over us to such an extent that we do not see the elementals, spirits, angels, pranic energy or life force, our guides, and so we cannot see that the Masters are here right now. I see other beings in this room besides the human beings and yesterday while I was channeling all the chairs were filled even though there were only a few humans sitting there, all


the seats were filled with beings and I was watching those beings and one who was sitting over here was paying a lot of attention and I kept talking to this one and others who were watching me probably thought I was going someplace and I was, I was in another dimension for I teach in many dimensions because the energy I tap, see I am still not evolved enough to be complete master teacher in the white light and I only evolved to the golden state on another planet and before that which is a planet that is further out in the universe, out in the outer ring. I also came from the Karena system on a planet dalled Karendor. This planet is 411.3 light years from here and that was where I came from. The planet is 46,800 miles in diameter and has a 24 hour day. I gained my golden light from Mesoria and I was a Mesorian. There are no male or female beings in Mesoria, just golden beings and so when I came here it was a different experience, two different types of bodies to work out of, two different polarities, because that body was a golden body, a totality within itself and we just projected other bodies from that. It is difficult to explain to people who are trapped in just one type of body. Question: We all experienced that? Answer: Not all the beings here have experienced there. And some beings have gone from this planet and experienced on other planets and hav6 come back. But originally, I was not a human. When the great center sun gave out the great monadic structures of light, it sent forth these lights for experience, one of these was named the Human, the Light being, Hue-man. And so the human came and as it came, it came through the sun, through our logos here and it was seeking expression so it came to this planet here, Terra, some call it Urantia, some call it earth. And in some of the other spectrums it has other names besides those, so they came to this planet and as they came they came down like drops out of a bucket to experience and go back up within the human light essence, sharing, until one of the beings individualized, his name was Melchizedek. He indi- vidualized the soul and instead of going back up into humanity essence, he was able to hold his experience as an individual conscious mani- festion, and experience, at will, the mass of humanity, he individualized


the soul. Before this, man was all one unit of expression, just like th6 Over-Soul consciousness of different species of animals. How th6 animal gets its instinctive awareness is th6 animal has its experience and takes that experience back up and spreads it back in its whble over-soul then another! drop comes out and experiences and goes back up and spreads his experience and as each one comes to experience, he has the experience of all the others, but it is only one unit and when that unit gets to a certain state it takes and makes a transfer and doesn't have to operate with many little bodies, but becomes eligible to join with the human force. And so when the human force gets to a certain causal body, well, then it can ex- perience a greater force, the cosmic being, and so we started out as little specks and get larger and larger and soon we will be great suns issuing forth great universes. Question: What is th6 original name of this planet? Answet: If you take th6 H frdm earth and put it first, the name of this planet is heart. So this planet is a heart planet that got turned around. This is a metaphysical thought, the first name of the planet was heart. Question: What did the spirit come to experience through us? Answer: As I see you, you are relating to the -@0ay a.s yourself. See what the object of humanity is is to correlate all the fields of consciousness that it has created, the physical, emotional, mental, the knowledge, see a lot of people aren't together, they feel one way and think another or they feel one way and think another and act some other way. They are not even together in their first three @des. Question: Are there different entities? Answer: No there are not different entities. The human is one entity, its a Light spark and atom of energy and it's seat is in the pineal gland in the crown. All the other forces that it is using here have been drawn to it to be uplifted and that is what it's job is to be, but instead it is enslaved of this and wh6n it doesn't want to cooperate with this it starts getting away from it, it starts deteriorating and so th6 body elemental gets more control


than the spirit and the body deteriorates from lack of life force, and goes back to its subSStance and the sp, ri@ returns to spirit consciousness. Thbn th6 human moves on. It is just a spark of Light operating in this body. It can be so minute that it cannot be perceived by any means that we have or it can be so expanded that it can cover the whole of the universe. Question: Is this the newest planet? Answer: No it is not. All of these seven planets were issued forth at th6 same time even though there are more, they are not for this parti@cular experience, this out-breath of creation. Just like now,,. th6re is a planet coming out of the sun,Valcan, from the sun for the new chain and some of the others will be drawn back in, Mercury will be drawn back into the sun, but our moon was captured from,anoth6r system by this planet when it was being breathed into b6ing. Se6, like the day and night of creation is like thd in breath and the out-breath. The in-breathing and out-breathing, when put together is called a cosmic day and is always going on. So the in-breath and th6 out-breath always take place simultaneously b6c.ause th6y are in the state of being so when one is breathing in it is also breathing out. Just like your physical body when you breath.through your