There are massages that work through these knots or these blocks in the body. Touch of Light Healing will take the blocks out. Rolfing, Shiatsu, Trigger Points, Swedish Massage will also take them out. There are different polarity massages. In the experience of cleansing these centers, it is important to do this several times a day to start with. You should do your practice breathing consciously several times a day. It should be done in the morning, noon and evening. You should never go to bed without feeling clear in the Chakras and clear with the individual you are sharing your life with. You should always be clear with that individual when going to the sleep state, otherwise, you may create blocks in these centers. When you go to the sexual experience you will not be able to blend with one another.

If you go into the sleep state after you have had an argument, mental clash, or an emotional clash, it will put a block into those centers. Then when you have a sexual experience with that person, these blocks will subtly play. The block may never come into your conscious mind, but you just would not get all the energy into the relationship.You would not feel like you are all there; like you are having a complete experience there because you have blocked it out some way.

You should always go to bed happy. Even if you are single, that is a good piece of advice. Go to bed happy or go to bed in a clear state of consciousness where you are not holding any anger or emotional hangups. You are not holding worries, conflicting knowledge or conflicting creative energies or things like that. You should be totally giving of yourself when you go into that sleep state so you can reach the deepest, most regenerating sleep. Sleep has a big part to play in sexual relationships too.

The clearing of these centers should be done several times a day. The Breath-of-Fire we tell you about, should be done every morning to pull you into your body. If you do the Breath-of-Fire at night, you might get too stimulated to get to sleep. If you get too stimulated, do it several hours before going to bed.

Breathing Exercise: Concentrate on your Breath as it comes in, pulling energy and light down your spine. On the out breath, it goes up the front over the Chakra bells. (Illustration - Chart ll) When you are doing the Conception Breath, in and down the spine, up the front and out the head. Make sure that you hit that point between the anus and genitals with the energy, light, breath and consciousness. There is an exchange of energy right at that point in the body, when you go from the in-breath to the out-breath. The changing point is at the root Chakra; then you are up at the crown Chakra. Then the exchange is made again, bringing into the crown Chakra your formless body and at your root Chakra, your formed body. This brings them into unison, with one another. You are blending those two bodies. The crown represents formless body, or spirit body, while the root represents the formed physical body. The root is red and at the top of the crown is white. That is why we have the Red and White Yin-Yang symbol. Notice, the seed of the red is in the white and the seed of the white is in the red. That is the same with male and female.

Every woman has a man in her and every man has a woman in him. Now, sometimes when we are balancing polarity, one of these may get more aggressive than the other. You should be a total being when you are walking around and then if you need to experience female experience, you are in that relationship and when you need to experience your male experience, you can move to that.

You are usually a total being and you should always feel total. That is a total person, a total spirit, a total being. Do not feel that you are a female or a male because if you think you are a male in the way of men, then they have certain attitudes, men should act this way, males should do this and so on and so forth. If you think you are a female, then you think that you should act this way or feel a certain way or do certain things that are different from a male.

When you are a total being, then you are free to act in the way you need to act in the moment you need to act. This will balance your male and female energies. You should feel that balancing and becoming a total being when you are doing these breaths and when you are working together with your love. You are two individuals working together, that is the universal aspect.

In sexual intercourse, when two lovers are connected together physically, when the breath is at the base of the spine filled with the spirit, the spirits exchange bodies. This means you feel yourself in your body on the in breath and feel yourself in your lovers body on the out-breath. You raise in unison in light and energy through all the centers of consciousness. There is a point when at the point of climax, the two lovers raise in both bodies at once and break out of the body consciousness together in the light and on into God consciousness.

Now the ego likes to play man and woman, but the spirit is always total. Remember that, the spirit is always total. The ego likes to play man and woman games. You have this energy flowing through the body working with these particular fields of consciousness. As you are doing the breathing, you are stimulating electromagnetic energy on this system between body, mind and spirit. You should do it to the point that you feel sensation in the body. This Breath-of-Fire or the Conception Breath should be done to the point that you feel electromagnetic energy or pulsations in the body. A feeling of energy moving through the body should be felt on the nervous system. It should stimulate or bring that nervous system up in perception.

God is Love. Ever since this Ying and Yang has been brought together, God is Love. God has had those two aspects of creating, assembling and disassembling, going on between Mother and Father aspects. The sons and daughters of God are the ones that hold that and sustain that power of love. In this triad you see the male aspect pointing down and the female aspect going up, the usual way the sexual act is created. That is the male aspect facing the solid, or the formless facing the formed.

It is the formed facing the formless. These two aspects should be understood as well, when you are in the experience; the male represents the formless energy and the female represents the formed energy when they are coming together. The male is relating to the formed and the female is relating to the formless. You have a balance there. When the man looks at the woman and sees her form, she is relating to the formless that creates a balance in her consciousness. She looks at him and sees formless and he is relating to form, then there is a balance in his consciousness. The balance in consciousness actually balances the two sides of the brain which have a positive and negative aspect. It is a balancing of the brain's left and right hemisphere by seeing this balance.

The man represents formless Energy coming into manifestation. The female is formed energy and when looking into the formless, there is a balance. The left side of your brain, if you are right handed, deals with formless, and does not have any time or space. The right side of the brain deals with form and has time, space and circumstance. You are actually balancing these two energies in the brain.

By bringing this energy down and up again, with repetition, you are taking light and energy down through the back of the brain and bringing it up to the front of the brain. You are actually stimulating the front and the back of the brain as the visionary or the vision part or the part of the brain that sees pictures in the back (OCCIPITAL REGION). You will be able to function with the area in the front of the brain (Frontal Area), which is the screen of perception. The back is the projector, while the front is the screen. The front is the perception part of the brain where it perceives.

This physiological action that is taking place in the brain is a result of stimulating these areas which causes the electromagnetic energy to build there. There are a lot of things happening in the body itself, and that is only one small aspect of the whole sexual experience.

It seems that a lot of people are trying to strike it rich in a relationship, they do not want to do any work in the relationship. Some would like to have everything perfect or near perfect before they commit to each other. The truth is that every relationship is a way of growing, changing, becoming and communicating. You will have to work with any relationship. Some think one must give oneself up to the other, usually the female to the male. The truth is both must get off their positions and take a new position together. Some of the past, that is agreed upon, can be brought to the new position, but too much past will spoil the freedom of a new life together. The more presence in God the more life in a relationship.

As you are raising that energy through the nervous system, you are raising the energy, step by step up the spine, coming from the coccygeal area to the Sacral area, to the lumbar, to the Thoracic, to the cervical in the movement of energy. (See the Twelve Major Chakras Chart.) As you are going up the spine you will notice that you are stimulating certain glands, here the sweat glands are stimulated. You may find that perspiration starts to flow because of the energy coming up causing the Kundalini to awaken. When the awareness starts up from the base of the spine, it causes an awakening in consciousness. As the energy travels through each area, the bladder, the genitals, the colon are stimulated, the intestines are stimulated, the adrenals are stimulated. Each time you go up the spine a little further, you are stimulating organs within the body. This is creating a help because an increase of energy means there is an increase of light at the point of concentration. Remember your energy is your light. You are increasing light in the body. The energy is seen in this way; the male sees it for the female and the female sees it for the male, instead of looking in your own body, you have done that in the Breath-of-Fire.

Now you are surrendering to the vision of the other person. This is how we join together and this is how you are giving too. You are giving to the other person by seeing their energy flowing upwards, stimulating and assisting them to be a healthy, happy and joyous Being. You are holding them in the perfect Christ light as you bring them higher and higher in consciousness in the experience. This should be practiced to raise together, to raise the current together. In fact, both bodies should be feeling the exchange of nerve current in each one of these areas as they are going up the Chakras.

Now, this can be practiced while separated. Before joining, you practice raising the energy. In the first practice, the man and the woman stand together. They feel an exchange of energy at the root Chakra going back and forth, they feel it going back and forth in their spleens for awhile, then they feel it going back and forth in their navels for awhile; back and forth in their hearts for awhile; back and forth in their throats, their brows, and their crowns; back and forth in their master energies, joining as one. Two fields of energy coming together as one outside of the body.

They should join into another aspect; these two should raise completely out of the body together into white light. They are seeking to merge with God. They are seeking to surrender into the consciousness of God together. Now, two people getting together makes another energy and so it increases the force of both. It increases the force of both people when two people are working together. When they go up to the white light, they become another entity that is stronger than the two of them separated. It has the the capacity of both, but it also has the added factor of the two. You become a higher force or a higher creative power at this point.

Now, this energy was misused during the Greek era and there were many schools that taught the energy and how to raise it. They formed great Love Cults and the next thing you know they were having orgies, exchanging mates and merging with one another. So the whole thing collapsed. It is a very sacred thing between a man and a woman they met together in this kind of lower awareness. They practiced this stimulation.

You can stand together and practice this for half an hour and this doesn't need to precede the sexual act. All that needs to be done is attune the two together so they do this practice together. This is the thirty minute practice. (Illustration on Chart 1V). It should be done until the individuals can actually feel those currents flowing together. You will find that this takes a great deal of working together because you are going to hit each others karmic blocks and that will help break them up. As you are doing this exercise you are raising together. Your karma will leave you because now you have that third aspect or the togetherness that you have that will overcome anything that you did alone. You have two people's power breaking up those blocks instead of just your own. So if you couldn't break it up before, two people working together can break it up very quickly. You can get karmic clearance in this exercise, by just feeling the energy moving back and forth and you feel it moving into the person on the in-Breath and out of the person on your out-Breath. The breath should be brought together here as well. There should be the breath and as this practice continues, you will get to the point of two hearts beating as one. Both of your hearts will start beating at the same rate and you will start balancing here together.

Usually the individual is so caught up in their own little sex fantasies, their sex awareness, all of their blocks and all of this, that they never give themselves up long enough to pay attention to the other individual. You have to pay attention to that other individual in order to feel their heart. You may have to takes the hands of the other person and feel their wrists in order to feel their heart beat. As you start breathing together and feeling these energies going up together, one can lead and say, "We are now in the root Chakra," and go back and forth in the root Chakra. "Now we are in the spleen," and go back and forth in the spleen area. "Now we are in the navel," and lead the energy up. Concentrate together and do the seven movements. You can do three or four minutes in each one of the Chakras. You are doing the breathing back and forth and feeling the heart beat so you can get your hearts to beat together. This is really a dynamic energy because every time your heart beats, electromagnetic pulsations go through the whole body. When you can feel the energy coming together, you start getting higher and higher and higher.

In the old earth science, male and female put their mouths very close together and the female breathes in as the male breathes out, and the male breathes in as the female out. They are exchanging the air in each other. They start going back and forth very fast in that. In the Eskimo culture, they had two women doing this and they called them "Wind Wizards". Wind Wizards used to stimulate all the other people by breathing back and forth real fast that way. But it originally started as a man-woman thing, so they could breathe back and forth together.

Before this experience takes place, both individuals should take a shower and cleanse their outer bodies so they won't be offensive to the other person. You are meeting this other person and you want to make it as pleasant an experience as possible: the completest merger possible in consciousness. Its not just mating. You are a human being and you have different experiences in consciousness than the animals. As this breath goes back and forth, you'll be surprised at what that will do to your consciousness. You will start finding an awareness happening in the head area. When the breath starts going back and forth, it gets very powerful. This could be practiced too, exchanging the breath, to help bring those hearts together and help bring the breath together so that you can breath together. That way, you will know whether the person is breathing in or out. You'll feel it. If you are breathing in, you are breathing in their air, along with fresh air and they have qualified that air with their vibrations. As soon as air goes into an individual, it is qualified by their vibrations. You are exchanging vibrations at a Pranic level or a Life Stream level, and so your lives are blending together.

Your vibrations start blending with the other person's vibrations. Now, an ego-centric person will feel a threat because they will say, "Oh, Gee, I'm losing me and I am starting to act like somebody else." That is not true because this is a pure life energy that is passed, it is not the conditioned reactions at the Autonomic because it hasn't gone into the blood stream yet. It is only when the nervous systems exchange can you have programming if the person has some hangups or something like that. That is why you do this (Illustration - Chart lV) to clear the Chakras.

When you are in the act, at one point you will want to feel your nerve energy going right into the other person's body onto their nervous system and they are feeling the same exchange. There is something that happens at that point where the two become one and that is the realization of Mother-Father God, when two become one. The Father-Mother are one, but we keep separating them. We are still running around in a male or female body and so we are still caught in duality, but when you start merging this way, there will be no more duality. You'll overcome duality too, and realize that you are an individual and the other person is an individual. You are actually exchanging Life energies with this other individual and so you are sending that back and forth between each of the Chakras.

Another exercise is to build up the flow of movement, breathing in and out. (Illustration - Chart V). You breathe the energy in through the feet and down both of the arms of the individual, into the hands and then you breathe that energy out through the top the their head. It goes up through the feet as you are standing there holding hands. It goes up through the feet as you are standing there holding hands, down through the arms, into the hands and out through the head. That is the energy of the (Chart V) Earth that you work with. This is so that you are bringing your life forces together. This exercise attunes you to the cosmic forces, (Chart 1V The Breath-of-Fire, and Conception Breath). Chart V attunes you to the Earth Forces and Chart 1V attunes you to each other. So you have these three aspects: Cosmic force, Earth force and the individuals joining.

That is what we are supposed to be learning here, how to merge with something else. In spirit body you have no form and so you merge with things to have experience. You merge with this body for a certain amount of time to have experience and you got caught in thinking that you are the body. This will help you get to a more spiritual level in consciousness by doing this together.

It will make you more compatible together because those Chakras should be open together and this energy should flow up together. Practice it and practice it until you feel a flow together. It will bring you together in more ways and you will have more power as a couple than you ever had as an individual. Your minds will now move together and your emotions will move together and you will be able to have telepathic communication with one another. You just think something and you've got it, because you know the vibration of that other individual and it is very simple.

The other day, when I came from prison I got a note at the office that said, "I'm standing in line at the show." So over to the show I went and when I got there the line was gone. I said, "Where are you at?" Aestherae said mentally, "Sitting inside, the man at the door will let you in. I told him to let you in, a man in white when he comes." So I ran around in front and there was the man. As soon as he saw me he said, "oh yea, yea, she says you'll know where she is at.' So I went right in and I could hardly see, due to the light change and stopped at this row. I started to look and she was sitting right there. Aestherae sat there waiting for me. She sent me the thought. Another day, I pulled up out front of the office and I said mentally, "Aestherae come on down the stairs." Aestherae came, she said, "Did you call me?" So we get this telepathic communication that happens too, because we are blending energies.

If that person is feeling bad, you'll get that bad feeling, and if they are feeling good, you'll get that good feeling too. If you feel them feeling bad, then you can send them good energies to help them up. You can help one another because many times when you are down, the other person is up and when you are up, the other person is down. So it is important that you help the other person up when you are up. You start realizing that if you are up or down in each one of these Chakras, (Chart 1), you will be able to help the other individual out because you see, you are two individuals working as one now. This is a perfect merger.

Most people play games, they only have a physical-emotional relationship or they have an intellectual-physical relationship. They run around without all the Chakras open yet. They are always having these clashes because they feel resistance to one another instead of complete merging with one another. Your partner should be the safest person you are ever with. That is the person that you should feel safest with, the closest to. You can feel that same thing with anybody that you come into contact with, feel that same closeness and love that you share. You have to reach a joining together of physical bodies with your partner to experience total love. You can have exchange on all levels in all Chakras with an individual when you come close to them. I am open in every one and as soon as I feel, I can tell where the person is closed off, just by hugging them or standing in front of them. I'll go up and give a person a hug and say, "Ah, this person is shut off in the root Chakra. Their stomach is a little tight here, their throat is a little tight, their heart is open." All of a sudden , it gives me an evaluation.

You will start knowing other people easier and quicker too, because you are performing this together with your partner and both of you will become enlightened. Both of you gain by this, going out and meeting people. You will be able to see right where that person is at, where they are coming from, how far in or out they are in that Chakra and how far up and how far down they are, or how far to the right or the left they are in that Chakra. You see how aggressive or how passive they are. How high or how low they are, how in or how out they are in that area. You get all the awareness of the dimensional consciousness of the Chakras. Remember that you are going to get the up and down, the side to side and you are going to get that in and out. You are going to find out how that person is doing in that Chakra. If they are in the Chakra or out of the Chakra, if they are high or low or if they are Aggressive or Passive. You are going to find out how you are as well. This should be a total balance within. Here is where the point of balance is in the center of the Chakra. It is being centered. By making the person in the exchange feel centered there and feel it expanding together, feel you merging together, feel these directions, both are progressing. They will be pushing that Chakra forward too as they are standing there. You should be standing in perfect balance, equal with one another. You'll find that the person will move the part of the body where their consciousness is at, and know whether they want to move away or be close. One doesn't want to be close if there are blocks there, they don't want the other person to find out what is going on.

You become so concentrated here, that you won't hear what the other person is saying or any of that. After you have worked with the experience for awhile, you'll start hearing what the person is saying on all levels. The only thing that will stop you here is if you are trying to hide something from the other individual. There should be a total openness here as you are working together, a total open experience. If you want an open relationship, you have to be open with one another. The only one who wouldn't want to participate in this is someone who is hiding something from somebody in one of these centers. But, boy, you will find out how good it feels just to release it and it will be burnt up in the energies of the two when you take it to another level. All of your lower energy will be lifted up because you are approaching the woman as the Mother of creation, the Mother as holding all things in creation, as Mother-God. The woman is approaching the man as the Father aspect, the Creator, the Father God and so they should be approached as the Hindus say, 'The Man is Shiva, the Male aspect, Thatness, and the Female is Shakti or the energy. It should be approached as these two high aspects in consciousness.

You aren't just approaching another human being there, you are approaching an energy because you want to draw these two energy forces into your bodies. You want the awareness of God in you. This is an act to merge not only with the individuals, but to merge with God in the ultimate experience. But many times, it never gets out of the root Chakra and the person never gets out of the physical-emotional. That is only a beginning, they never get out of the beginning. They never go all the way in merging. That may only happen once or twice in a person's lifetime unless they practice where they go into ecstasy with one another. All of sudden, there is no difference and they are all one flesh. Their lights are one. They are experiencing life together and they are in ecstasy. It should be a very ecstatic or blissful state when you get up this far in the Chakras.

By exercise (32 minutes) you should feel so happy together, so joyful in your experience and so you are raising it up. You are bringing it up, up, up in the energies, balanced and so you are approaching each other in the very highest aspect.

I remember this morning, I had a precognant awareness that there would be four in this class. You will be expanding like that, things will just start happening, all of your powers will come on. You will be surprised at how you will be able to heal using this energy because you are actually healing one another with this increase of energy. You are healing one another so there is a healing going on. If there is a disease in any part of the body, there will be a healing going on. You are not going to transfer your disease to the other person when you are both standing there in the highest attitude. It is only if you were thinking, "I'm going to give him this disease." Then you are dwelling on that and so very naturally that is going to come to the mind of the other individual. But if you are saying everything is perfect and you are not being fooled by the world of appearances, because it is the ideal situation that you want to create here. Then you will create the ideal situation together, a perfect union. That is what the Ultimate Posture really is: A perfect union with God and so you are moving toward that state.

The third exercise here, is one to bring the energies into your body. You sit with your knees touching and your palms on palms. (Illustration Chart V11), now, in this exercise, you are running the energy around in a clockwise motion through the arms, and with each heartbeat you are feeling love going right around in that circle, (if you're really joining with the other person). This is to blend the soul energies. You are holding energies, feeling it go around with every heart beat, going up the arms around the circle. You are creating a vortex to bring the energy and send the energy up to your Souls. Going in a clockwise motion is expanding the energies. If you wanted to pull the energies in, then you would go counter-clockwise. This exercise is expanding the souls together. Two hearts are blending as one heart,beating together, causing that energy to flow around and around. The knees are touching, (on the inner aspect of the knees is the Nerve Point for the reproductive organs) so when your knees are touching you are stimulating the reproductive organs of the other individual as well. You are getting the reproductive energies flowing here as well. That is the third exercise.

The first one, the Breath-of-Fire and the Conceptual Breath are done individually. The first exercise together is joining together, joining each of the Chakras together, breathing and holding to get the heart beats together. It may take awhile, so don't get upset with the other person. This should be a joyful experience. Have patience, because usually the woman's heart beats faster than the man's, and so they should come together. The woman's heart beat will be faster until they balance and they will start feeling this surge of energy together as their hearts beat together.

This becomes a very dynamic energy. This is also to get the heart beats together to build up that energy because you are holding palm on palm. You are feeling that energy flow through here and you will start feeling the energy pulsating with every heart beat. As you feel your heart beat and it goes through, the other person is picking the rhythm up in their consciousness. You can sit and do this for ten or fifteen minutes together for a period of time until you feel that Energy going around. So, these are exercises together and sometimes people never just stand there and hold each others hands and look into each other's eyes and do these Breathing Exercises together.

Now, the fourth exercise, you're sitting in a cross-legged position, knees together, holding hands and exchanging energy between each one of the Chakras, (Illustration)*. You are drawing the energy up from the earth and the force from heaven, (the force of the two snakes together). These exercises should be done in the nude if possible, but with this one here, (points) maybe you just want to stand there with your clothes on before you go to work in the morning and exchange your energies for awhile. These others should be done in the nude. One thing you get over is, being stimulated by body parts. Some people look at a certain part of the body and they are stimulated. If a man looks at a woman's breasts or something, all of a sudden he is stimulated. Well, to get over that, you want to go deeper to get past all of those superficial things to really get the deepest awareness. When there is love flowing, there is no problem with erections or stimulations. The energies for the woman come together here and so the individuals will start feeling that togetherness. It is really a dynamic energy, when you practice in this way. You are really bringing these two energies together. You should see the earth energies supporting you and heavenly energies supporting your exchange with one another; you are exchanging back and forth. You are here, (points) one on the earth, and one in heaven and the two individuals are merging. You are bringing heaven to earth in this way.

So, if alike attracts alike . . . if you are an aggressive female, you might draw a male that is passive, or maybe both of you are aggressive. Maybe both of you are passive. It depends on the individuals and how much male and female polarity is in them. That is how you'll find out whom you will draw. If you are very aggressive outside, and passive inside, you might find somebody that is passive outside and aggressive inside. By degree, you are going to be up or down, in or out, sideways. You are going to be affected by this three dimensional awareness and when you move up here (points), that is fourth dimensional awareness. You'll experience what it is like to merge with something else, another human being. You can sit and merge with rocks, trees, but to really be in the body of another human being, you'll actually get the awareness of being in that person's body at one point and then you will transcend body consciousness completely. Later this afternoon, we will talk more about the act and more about rituals. We will be giving you the rituals. First of all, we are giving you these exercises now, to do together, to build up the energies so that you can have the perfect union. We gave you how manifestation came into being and how you must approach each other. It should be done in a sacred way having perfect respect for the other person as God incarnated. So it is a real test for the spiritual person upon the path, to see the other person in the Christ Light , to see them in God's Holy Light. You should always be holding that other person in the perfect light because you don't want to have non-union here together. You are there to have union, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, creatively, and soulfully. You are supposed to join all these energies together. Some people never get to the heart. Some people are very abstract.

Well, alike attracts alike. By which Chakras you have open, you'll find that you will open all your Chakras together too. So you will become more and more aware in all of the Chakra levels too. Because you are paying attention, stimulating the nerve ganglions, you will have better impression there. So it's an awakening. This should be a high stimulation and exchange of energy; a union with God. It is the ultimate experience that you should have with the sexual act.