This is an Astral Physics class first taught on November 25, 1978. The class is called, 'The Ultimate Posture.' This class is in answer to the Astral Physics students' question, "Where does sex plays a part on the Spiritual Mystic Path to God Consciousness?"

In the transition of consciousness from the Ultimate Reality through the various planes and dimensions of experience, we work with the basic principle of male and female polarity, once the All Encompassing One Without a Second is realized as a duality of Mother-Father God.

We realize God is everything, the Absolute One Without a Second. There is only One Power, One Absolute, One All Encompassing, All Penetrating, All Present manifestation of consciousness within all things; the Omniscience, the Omnipotent and the Omnipresent experience of God in all things as all things and beyond all things.

That is the absolutely pure state of God Consciousness. Within Itself was caused a movement of consciousness within the Self of this Oneness in God. Then was created the unified field. Then Light 'Akasha' and Energy 'Prana' manifested within the Unified Field. The separation of Darkness and Light, and this is where we come to the first duality, Mother Father God.

Even though there is duality, there is only the all encompassing One. This One is beyond description, beyond comprehension, beyond color, light, sound and motion, it is actually the Nameless One Without a Second in whom all things live, move and have their Being. We are going to talk about this Oneness and the uses of the Black and White. We will not be talking about that as much as this Absolute One without a Second. It is the Oneness which is the final goal. In the case of sexual practice, instead of black and white, we are going to raise black one octave to red. The basis of red is black. One must be very careful of the use of Red Fire, the Red Snake or One could fall into darkness. In the use of the White Fire, the White Snake is the highest or purest state of existence as far as form goes.

On the left side of the body you have the manifest, represented by the White Fire of manifestation or the female aspect or what we are calling, Mother God. On the right side of the body you have the Red Fire, the male aspect which is the Unmanifest or what we are calling, Father God. These are the two aspects in consciousness that we are working with, the female and the male polarities, the Mother-Father God acting in the Manifest and Unmanifest.

First of all, to understand the Unmanifest; This is energy and light in a formless state of potential form. The Father is Unmanifest, has no form or is formless. The first manifestation in the cosmic evolution is the Father aspect in a static aspect of consciousness in the manifest world. The Father has the consciousness to know, to feel and to act. The Father is the subject of the dual relationship of universal manifestation. The Father is the subject, knower and Experiencer of the static center, the support of all things. The Father is pure consciousness, the ideal universe of perfect equilibrium. The Father aspect is dependent on the Mother aspect to bring it into being.

The Mother aspect holds all creation in being. Mother is holding all things in form. The Manifest is all things that have form. The form is seen and unseen. All things that you see and do not see, that have form, is the Mother God, the Mother aspect of Creation. It is this second aspect of cosmic evolution that has the power of consciousness to act. It is the kinetic aspect of consciousness. The Mother is the object of the dual relationship of universal manifestation. The Mother is the universal pouring forth of consciousness that brings all things into being. The Mother reabsorbs all things at the end of each time cycle. The Mother is bliss.

The Earth is Mother, your Body is Mother, the Thoughts are Mother, and the Emotions are Mother. All things that have form, the Psyche is Mother, all these things that have form is the Mother. The reality of the physical existence as we know it, or form, is the Mother aspect. The Mother has the power of will, the power of knowing and the power of action.

The Father is supplying the light and energy for form. As the Mother is through with the form, she returns it to the Father, transmuting it back into a formless substance. There is a cycling of manifest and Unmanifest going on. This is also known as the wheel of life and death. Mother is always giving to Father by unmanifesting her form. The Father is always giving new form to

Mother by giving her the light and energy to manifest new form. You have this circulation of light and energy flowing constantly in the universe. You have the Mother that is holding all things in form and the Father that is formless and the exchange of these two in Divine Intercourse. Things are being unmanifested and things are being manifested all the time. In fact, in your particular body, it is 84,000 times per second that your body is being reproduced. (Tibetan Teachings of

Light Vibrations). The Father and the Mother are unproduced, therefore they are eternal. The Mother Father aspects of God exist in the universal state of Pure Consciousness in a state of Equilibrium. The Father gives the life to reproduce and the Mother then creates the form.

As cells of manifested form die off and make their progression into the formless over a particular duration of experience, they return back to the formless state. The formless state is giving to the form state to create renewed light and energy in the way of form seen and unseen. All things are energy and light, formless and formed. Everything that you see is a type of energy and light qualified into its particular form by vibration. The densest vibration we call solid; the finest vibration we call spirit. Beyond the One Spirit is the Pureness of God which is not bound in the Law of Vibration. That is beyond the Black and White as we know the colors black and white. God is beyond all of these things and is deeper in all of these things.

The Oneness of God is in full conscious awareness of all things, as well as the sustaining and giving of all things. The two aspects of God are working together, in Divine Intercourse. Mother Father, one giving to the other constantly.

The Mother Father are the Love and the Divine Intercourse is the Love Cycle. Mother giving to Father, Father giving to Mother and the circle continues. This is the Love Aspect as the energy and light is exchanged between the Two. We call this exchange Love.

Love is the third aspect of Oneness, love is a circulation of force between the two aspects. Love cannot be an inert thing; it can only be experienced when it is given or received. It cannot be self experienced. When Tat learned this system, Tat had to declare being a celibate. We had to take the vow of celibacy for a certain period of time, which we took, which was a year. In fact, we went seventeen months. We were having such a dynamic experience in the light and energies and being enlightened.

Sexual energy is actually creative power made manifest on the physical dimension. It is a creative power brought into manifestation on the physical dimension. That is what the aspect of Love is. The system of training, when we first received it, was through Buddhist training. It was a system of exchange between the male and female polarity. Tat studied the system and then Tat received more information on this particular system of exchange of energy and light. The system is called the Ultimate Posture.

By also studying the Egyptian Ritual of Isis and Osirus which was a merging of two forces. In the Tantric Yoga teachings, the male part was played by Shiva and the female part played by Shakti. These two were the Divine Mother-Father aspect of creation. Shiva is the Divine Male and Shakti is the Divine Female. The system is taught in the Mystery Schools.

This system that I am about to give you is a very, very old system of exchange of energy and light. It has its roots in the Polarian Race of Humanity, the First Root Race of humans coming to the planet Earth as etherical Beings. Then humanity coming through the various stages of development on Earth.

We have traced it to the Lemurians of the Second Root Race and the Atlantians of the third Root Race. It is in the Vedic, Hindu, Egyptian, and Oriental consciousness. It is in the Tao teachings, it is in the Buddhist teachings, and esoteric Christian teachings. It is in the inner teachings of the Serpentine Fire and the exchange of energy and light in the Christian teachings.

This knowledge is through all the religious teachings and it was an Inner Temple teaching. Man has taken sex and brought it to a very low ebb in his conscious awareness, but it was one of the highest regarded energies in the universe by all the Great Teachings of the World. You may have heard of it in Tantric Yogic Practices. There are various kinds of Yoga Practices.

Some religions have made sex an unholy act in the eyes and hearts of some people and have caused guilt in the people so they could have power over them. One's sexual expression is raised to Light when preformed in the Presence of God.

The teachings are the basic principles of Love and Merging, as it was in the beginning, so is it now. Tat is not going to give you a complex system, Tat is going to give you the simple basic system to reach The Ultimate Posture. It is an ability of a man and a woman to merge as Mother-Father God merges in consciousness.

This teaching is a ritual. It should be approached as a ritual, as a sacred act. Tat is taking the sex act out of a simple sense gratification, taking it out of sensation gratification, out of self gratification and power gratification. Sex is for pleasure and sharing an expression of Love as well as for procreation. Tat is teaching you to approach sex as a high experience, rather than some animalistic experience.

The light and energy that moves in the consciousness is moving through the body over the Nervous System. We are working, in this particular case, with the Seven Chakras. These are the energy vortices within the body that move light and energy to and from the Etheric Body and the Nervous System. We are working with the Base Chakra, the Spleen Chakra, the Navel Chakra, the Heart Chakra, the Throat Chakra, the Brow Chakra and the Crown Chakra. We are working with their roots, where they come in the spinal column as well as the bells, where they go over the nerve plexuses in the front of the Body.

Where the bells of the Chakras are, is actually the locations of the Nerve Plexuses. The Chakras have a cross section of nerve plexus at various points in the body. These nerve plexus are nerve ganglia of fine lines of nerve stuff made of fluid, chemical reactions and electromagnetic currents moving over and in the Nervous System. These bells are where the emanation of Light is most predominate on the Etheric Body. The Light glows in the bell locations because of a cross section of the nerve plexus and nerve ganglia. It is the nerve ganglia coming together and over lapping at the point of each Chakra location or any one of the Chakras, depending on where the individual is concentrating and using in their expression of consciousness.

The light vortexes , when in use, will come alive and will be able to be seen clairvoyantly. It is not necessary to see the Chakra for this particular ritual. You will feel them as they are activated. We wanted to explain where the bells are so you have a clear understanding of what the bells of the Chakras are. The nerve plexuses when followed through the Body make a connection in the spinal column. The chemical ethers, heat ethers, light ethers and life ethers is what your Chakras are made of. They are the emanations of disk shape lights off the nerve ganglia, nerve plexus and spinal column.

If you have ever seen a Christmas tree, it is representative of the spine and nervous system. The tree trunk and stems, with all the little lights on, is the nervous system coming out around the back of the individual. The star on top is the crown Chakra. All the little lights are the energy and light on the nervous system. That is the meaning of the Christmas tree in esoteric Christianity. You have energy moving over the nervous system. There are certain Attunements you can do to bring you and the other individual into consciousness together in the Chakras. The Attunements will be given later in the discourse. One thing is the nervous energy carries with it thoughts, emotions and action, all in a primal energy or basic state. It does not have any production on it until your mind puts some form to it. It is a clear flowing energy over the nervous system until your mind forms something. One thing you should remember is your mind's power to formulate or the Law 'The Mind holds all things in form'. The Mind holds all things in form in Creation. It is The Mind that is holding Darkness and Light in form.

There are several practices. One is the regular sexual act where the two individuals come to the climatic state and have an orgasm. Semen and ovum can be blended at that time. When the regular sexual act is preformed to its climax, for the two that are practicing, an uncontrollable rhythm is created in the two as they are lifted to ecstasy. They are face to face as their breath becomes one and their hearts are beating at the same or similar rates. The partners should be looking into each others eye at the climax and when they enter the orgasm state their eyes should be closed as they raise to God in the uncontrollable rhythm of the orgasm. This is truly a complex structure of interdependence and a subordinate surrender to each other as the two become one flesh and one spirit merging with the whole of life in God. Selflessness and Oneness are the Goals.

Another sex act with restraint of the Semen or Ovum discharge is called Dynamism. Dynamism is a building up of the energy without giving a discharge of the Semen or Ovum. The practice of Dynamism attunes one with the dynamics of the forces of the Universe and their interplay. Instead of a discharge there is a turning of the dynamic energy created inward to the nervous system, absorbing the semen or ovum. One is sending the power created into the spinal column at the Root Chakra and raising it to the Crown Chakra. When the inner light brightens One then merges with the supreme consciousness of God. Wholeness and Oneness are the goals.

These are two types of practices, one is dropping the seed and the other is holding the seed. By dropping the seeds of Creation there is procreation. By holding the seed, the seed then changes chemical reactions in the body, mixing with the nervous system and the light, energy and substance can be raised up the spine opening the Chakras all the way to the Brain, Mind and Spirit. In both cases the Mind and Light lifts one into the Spirit.

In the Egyptian Ritual of Isis and Osirus, this is the practice. The light, energy and substance is called the Elixir of Life. The Elixir of Life feels like electricity in the body and appears as a Golden Light in the mind. One take the energy to the edge of climax over and over again until the body vibrates with electricity and the Golden Light appears in the mind. This is done before one completes the sexual act with ecstasy and surrender. There is a Sun burst within consciousness and one rides the waves of Light out into the Universe.

When you hold the seed or when you do not discharge at the climatic state and use restraint, there is a dynamic change in the body and in the consciousness. Great Powers of self control and will are achieved within the body and the mind. You hold the power within you. Such power does create a different electromagnetic current on the nervous system. It sends the energy up, up the spine. As one builds this energy and light in the brain, it creates what is called the Elixir of Life. When the Elixir reaches the brain, there is an Illumination. The merging is not a physical merger, it is not creating on the physical plane, it is creating on a higher mental-spiritual plane. It is depending on how high up the individuals can be in the Chakras at the time the semen is created and absorbed within the body.

Many times in the sexual act if there is a start of sexual display between the two individuals, it immediately starts drawing blood to the genital organs in each of the individuals. If they do not go through with the sex act, the accumulation of blood can cause a disease in the person. The disease may just be an uncomfortable cramp or something to start with, but if this happens over a period of time, it can actually attack the organs. Often times, men and women have to have operations because they get stimulated without any satisfaction. The blood comes to the Root Chakra area and is never circulated through the whole body after it has been accumulated in this area. A warmth or heat or a friction builds up because of an accumulation of blood in this particular area. It is not good for a woman to be stimulated without release, because it can cause disease. If it continues it can cause a physical disease in her reproductive organs, lower intestinal areas, anal area and all of the lower area that is stimulated by the Root Chakra. It is dangerous to build up this energy without use of this energy, or the release or circulation of the blood.

As we are in the particular experience of the sex act we are joining each one of the areas of nerve plexus together, one with each other. Your nervous system, at an Autonomic state, operates in various parts of the body. The sexual experience is a healthy experience. Sex should create a health aspect in the bodies and minds of the practitioner. If it is not a healthy situation then it is draining and causing a disease.

When one is not fully satisfied, when the energy and light is not satisfied page between the two individuals, then there is a disease and it can affect the organs of the body. It can affect a person's heart, it can affect their lungs, it can affect their kidneys, their gall bladder, their pancreas, their liver, their intestinal areas and their sexual organs. Their eyes can also be affected and it can affect the mind and spirit as well. This is the cause of a lot of relationship break downs.

There is an old saying, 'Do not play with yourself, you might go blind.' What this means, you will get dulled out in that area and you will not is the true sexual experience. You will pull the energy out of the Root Chakra, and get stuck in the Brow Chakra in imagination and then your senses will dim. You need energy in the Root Chakra to have your sight, your hearing, your taste, your smell and touch and all your physical senses clear. To much masturbation causes a separate reality.

Some people, when they do not want to get involved with the sex act, for one reason or another, turn off or partially withdraw from the Root Chakra. The next thing you know they may need glasses, they may need a hearing aid, they may not taste their food, they may be putting all kinds of spices on their food to compensate. In fact the physical senses become dull or dim. They may not be smelling unless they get some strong or heavy odors around them. They may wear heavy smelling colognes or things like this. They are trying to keep their senses alive. They may have their music up loud when they are listening to it, because they have too much energy pulled out of or blocked from coming in to this Root Chakra. They are trying to stimulate that Root Chakra, that Red Fire or the Red Snake.

A lot of people on the Spiritual or Religious Paths start destroying their attention in these lower areas. They start having problems physically, emotionally and the way they are thinking because they are destroy these areas. You cannot be on this planet without your attention in the Root Chakra. One needs power in the Root Chakra to be able to walk around on this planet. The next thing one knows is the legs will start giving out because of the stopping of the circulation of energy to the lower part of the body. Such an act can cause depression and stomach problem and alike by cutting out the energy to the Root Chakra. Some people feel dead sexually and physically because they do not have enough energy in the Root Chakra.

One of the breathing exercises we give you is the Breath-of-Fire. The Breath-of-Fire is to stimulate the Root Chakra and bring that stimulation back up to the brain. When you are breathing in you are grounding the energy all the way down to the bottom of the spine. At the Base of the spine the Kundalini is awakened and the heat raises in the spine opening all the Chakras. When you are breathing out, you are bringing energy back up the spine and out of the body at the top of the head. The Breath-of-Fire is done by breathing and concentrating energy and light up and down the spine.

It is important that we keep a strong awareness in the Root Chakra without being over stimulated in the sexual area. One must control one's sexual activities. If one does not control the sexual energies, then one is controlled by them. That can be by one's own impulsive vibration, or by someone else pushing one's sexual button. Then one is bound to react in a certain way because one has no control. Some people have been programmed in this way. They program themselves in this way by exaggeration through manipulation of their own energies by someone else and not having control of their sexual energy. You must be very careful, as this energy is going all the way up the spine to the brain and it affects the mind.

The Breath-of-Fire is also stimulating the Autonomic Nervous System because it is stimulating the whole spine. You get light and energy in the central nervous system, the Autonomic Nervous System and when prodded at the deepest levels of the Sympathic Nervous System as well as the Parasympathic Nervous System. The Parasympathic Nervous System has a rejuvenating affect upon the body. The Breath-of-Fire is a good exercise to start the stimulation of life forces and it can be done by the individual, as they practice this breath technique.

When you practice the Breath-of-Fire or when you go into the deep breathing in the sexual relationship, you will be able to feel this energy move in the spine and in the body. It is important for you to be able to feel the energy movement in the body. This takes practice to experience the deepest part of this breathing system and it is not always accomplished the first time.

The Breath-of-Fire depends upon the individual's practice. You are also stimulating certain glands within the body that cause an excretion of their chemicals into the blood and into the body cells. There is also an increase of electromagnetic energy in the areas of the Chakra and the Glands. All of the glandular areas in the body are being stimulated when you are in the act of sexual intercourse and reach its depths.

Understand that it is the Creative Power you are working with. The Breath-of-Fire will create in your body, as well as when you are in the act You are recreating because you are stimulating the body at its very subtle levels. You are stimulating the body in the sexual act. Every organ is in play, every part of your body is in play and in the act it should be felt. If it is not being experienced in the whole body then wherever it is not experienced, means that there is no conscious energy going there at that time of that particular act. You should be able to feel this energy all the way down to the tips of your toes, to the top of your head, into the tips of your fingers, as well as your whole body. You should have a stimulation of this life force, light and energy exchange. Now, this is the first breathing pattern for the individual: The Breath-of-Fire.


This one comes down the spine, right down to the base of the spine, between the legs and hits the spot right between the anus and the sexual organs. It starts back up the front of the individual hitting each one of the bells as it goes, thus hitting the nerve ganglia going up to and out of the head again. It comes in the head, goes down to the Conception Vessel and starts up the front, and goes up the front of the body over the tops of the Chakras. You are breathing it down in the back and up through the front of the body. You do it the manner that stimulates the Conception Vessel. The breath also starts bringing blood and energies to the root Chakra. These two breathing exercises should be practiced for this particular encounter.

In the conscious understanding that Mother holds all things in creation, it is the woman who holds the child within her body for creation. The woman has ten aspects to her and the one aspect she has that the man does not have, is the ability to create within herself, just as Mother God creates within Herself. Woman can create within herself.

The first book of the Bible says that God made Man, He made them both. It does not say , He made a Man and a Woman. It says He made Man, He made them both, Male and Female. There is no difference between the Man aspect and the Woman aspect. The only difference between the male and female aspect is the womb within the woman. The first aspect is womb-man but over a period of time, womb-man has become woman.

Then over a long period of time this womb-man was held back from getting out in the world. The male went out and did the hunting went out and brought the food and things like that, while the female was there with the child or taking care of the children. Over a long period of time, womankind got stuck in one area, while the man got to go out and experience more of the outer world.

In the beginning, there was no difference. Both of them could experience at the same degree and intensity of life. Now we are getting back to where we are equal again. For a long time, woman was put in a second class or second position and has acted or has been made to act subservient to the man. At one point women were so disregarded that they were traded in bondage and used just like any animal. A lot of times, a man would keep his horse before he would keep his woman. Women were considered a very cheap commodity so the woman aspect has been degraded or lowered in the consciousness of the male and female relationship and has always been put in this second position. It is not true because they were created both male and female by God. All of God's creations are equal.

As we talk about equality too, there is another equality we must realize, the equality of the love. Here is where alot of people put other things in second positions too. God's love is universal and this is the type of love you want to flow through your creative energies, this is universal love. It means that you do not love your lover anymore or any less than you love any other individual, or any other thing because God's love is equal to all things. Your lover is a special love, your family is a special love, and each love can be special but not less.

Some people have different degrees of love. They love their parents one way, they love their brother another way, they love their sister another way, they love a stranger another way, they love their lover another way and they have all these different kinds of love going on, when actually they do not have love at all. What they have is an egocentric awareness predicated upon what they feel and think in what they can get out of it. It is not really a true love. It is usually a selfish thing. Love is a giving thing, but the ego will try to take and if the individual is not giving enough for this individual to take then they will say, "Well, they do not love me then." Love is giving and flows equally back and forth to keep the balance of the Universe.

This Universe is in perfect harmony. It is only our chaotic thoughts and awareness that make it appear in a chaotic state. God knows exactly what God is doing. Because is in perfect balance, the universe is in perfect balance and harmony. This universal love should be in perfect balance and harmony when it is going out to all things. You should not love the chair any less than you love a person. You should not love a fly differently than you love a human being. All things in God's awareness are loved equally, are given to equally. This is the type of love that you must understand to really get the ultimate reality of this Divine Intercourse. In the male and female relationship, as I said over a period of time, woman has been put in a different position in consciousness. Her body has also adapted to the consciousness of that position. Her body is not as strong as a man's body because she has not been able to exercise over a long period of time. At the same time, man has exercised his consciousness as well as his body in the world. There are two different bodies and the female body is usually less intense physically than the male. She carries a different vibration than the man carries.

Within everybody, whether it is male or female, there are two polarities. The male has a male and female polarity and the female also has a male and female polarity. It means you have both of these energies within you. A lot of times, we may see a woman that is very masculine and out in the world doing things, very aggressive things. Then they say that that woman is very manly. Then they might find a man doing very passive things, and then they say that man is very womanly. It does not necessarily mean the man has become a female because he acts womanly or the female becomes a male because she acts manly. They have gained that particular body for this particular life stream for a particular experience. You chose this body before you came into this life. You chose to be a Male or Female. You chose your family, all to satisfy your impressions upon creation.

Now the male and female karma, that the individual is carrying, can play a great part in the experience of a male and female relationship. First of all, your karma is your impression of life force upon matter. What your impression of life force is, or the Father/Mother aspect upon creation, is what karma is. Anything that is held in form by you is your karma. That is where your stuck attention or bound energies are and that is your karmic ties. This movement of karma is always with the individual. She or he always holds that karma individually. When she or he leaves this planet, she or he may be released from certain karma for a period of time, but that one will have to satisfy the karma whether it takes a 1,000 lifetimes, or 10,000 lifetimes. The experience is for her or him to free the consciousness from being bound. You are to seek the boundless.

Whenever Mother/Father God is coming together, seen and unseen, energies are coming together, that is where God is making love. Whenever these two aspects come together, there is love. As we see the chair and we see the radiations of the chair, then we can say God is making love right in this chair. When we see the human body and we see the radiations of that body (the formless part of it), then we see where God is manifest and Unmanifest in this energy. We start seeing how the Mother/Father God makes love there together.

There is a constant transition as your energies are released out into your aura, they change into a formless energy, but when they are in your body, they have form. You are radiating out a formless energy about you or this auric field. Most people are so caught in seeing forms that they never see the formless. Once in awhile they may get a glimpse of it by getting unfixed from the physical dimension. Therefore wherever the form and formless, or manifest and Unmanifest, or Mother/Father God come together, this is where they are in love.

Now, the aspect that comes from the two, Mother/Father, is called the Son aspect or the Child of God. We usually talk about the Son, because in man's consciousness, he has put the man ahead of the woman, but we really should say the child of God rather than the Son of God. We should say the child or children of God, because out of this came a spark, solid, with a radiation, formless, which is your life spark, your essence of pure being. These sparks came out into creation, the Sons and Daughters of God. Each one of them has taken their position on the scale of evolution and there is one of these God Sparks within you which is your consciousness at that level of Mother/Father God.

When you transcend that, you are in pure consciousness. In the God aspect you have that life spark or seed atom which travels from dimension to dimension, from lifetime to lifetime. It holds within it the radiations and the vibrations of your karmic experiences of previous life.

If you have had certain training on the physical about sexual experiences, maybe you've had a family that shamed you or maybe made you feel guilty or maybe criticized you or kidded around about your sexual experiences when you were a child. Realize, all of that has been programmed into your consciousness and you have reacted out of that creating a karma. To some degree, you created this karma. Maybe your parents said that was a dirty thing to do and the only time it was any good was if you were married. Maybe another time they told you something else. Maybe they were very permissive and talked about it a lot and maybe you did not like to talk about it a lot because you didn't hear anybody else talking about it. You were ashamed for your parents acting in this manner in front of you. That could also be a programming into the memory of the root Chakra. You may have seen films or you may have seen animals making love and things like this, that have also programmed energies into your subconscious and instinctive reactions in that area.

Maybe you have had a traumatic experience where a parent has violated a child and that would be programmed in here and would stop certain sexual experiences. All of those things and their alike kind must be transcended for this experience because you must realize that you are nothing at the moment you are pure.

What you are doing with the Breath-of-Fire, you are bringing pure life in through you and purifying yourself. You are purifying your body with the Conception Breath. You are purifying yourself, you are clearing out karma. You should feel yourself being freed and cleared. You should feel free and clear when you feel this energy coming through you. It is a pure light and this is a joint effort, the husband and the wife, the male and female must practice together. They must practice these breaths. They must both be doing the breaths so that they insure a perfect balance in one another. You will come to a point that you are neither male or female, but pure consciousness and you should not feel yourself male or female when you are doing these breathing exercises; the Breath-of-Fire and the Conception Breath.

Male and female positions are taken later in consciousness. At this point you are just purifying your body and this breath purification can be done anytime. It does not have to be done standing there with your partner, but can be two people practicing at different times. It doesn't matter just as long as they are practicing this particular breath together. This is a cleansing to clean out the consciousness, clean out the body, clean out the Chakras.

Certain things may come to your consciousness with this breath, Release Them. Let them be burnt up, just let them flow through, do not dwell on them. If they are negative, do not dwell upon them, you do not need to dwell on them. If you dwell upon them, you give them energy. Every time you think about those things you give energy.

I had a bunch of uncles and when we drove down the street, they would look at every woman and say, "I wonder how that one is." They would make all kinds of comparisons and things like that about their body structure. I was just a little child riding around with them. I got quite impressed and I found myself about age fifteen or sixteen doing the same thing. I was doing all this comparing and all that until I was about twenty-eight. Then I realized that I should not do that anymore. I got stuck in doing something; I was comparing every woman that I saw on the street. Sometimes the women do that and they talk to one another. They compare every man that is going along. That same kind or related consciousness may be programmed in.

That is something you have to overcome because there are individuals that are attracted together. There is a law in the universe, alike attracts alike. Alike attracts alike is a very important law to understand. Alike attracts alike. A basic law of nature. Only when a person is caught in an ego awareness will he say opposites attract. In the true reality, it is alike attracts alike.Two individuals are together because they are attracted to one another and there is a compatible vibration.

Now, maybe this compatible vibration is only on one, two, or three levels out of the seven levels in the body. Then, the relationship will not last. Four, or more Chakras, levels, areas of consciousness have to be brought together to have a Twin Ray; four or more to have a good exchange of energy. They must be compatible, four or more of these seven centers, a monopoly of them. If they are not compatible, then they will not work together. What makes them incompatible is the karma accumulated in each one of the centers. This actually takes on blocks in the nervous system which can actually cause swelling on different parts of the nervous system.