Question:: Should the eyes be open or closed during the exercises? Answer: The eyes should be open to get the full exchange of the energy going. But if the eyes become a problem, you can close them. Just look at one another, not looking at that area of the body. You are supposed to sense feeling, instead of looking in the Energy Exchange.

Question:: So is it optional? Answer: Yes, it's optional, as long as one individual isn't trying to dominate the other with their eyes. You see, it's a relaxed gaze into each others eyes. It's not, "I'm going to give it to you, Baby!" Grrruuuh, or anything like that. It is a nice exchange of energy. It is love that is flowing. All aggressive or passive acts should be transcended for the experience- a sharing of the experience, observing it. It should be an observation of how you are being stimulated.

Afternoon Session: This morning we brought you the awareness of how to do the aligning exercises before you ever get into the sexual experience. I am going to tell you a beautiful ceremony.

This particular ceremony is a ritual done at the Full Moon. It is done by the male and female for higher attunement to subtle forces. The Full Moon is when the light energies are coming into the earth's atmosphere at a very high degree. Even though the Sun goes down, the moon is reflecting the sun's light in the atmosphere, causing a Pranic movement. There is a high vibrational energy when the Old Moon is Full. (Illustration)* Here we have the Full Moon and it is shining it's subtle forces on the planet as it goes around the earth.

For the ceremony, you need an area that is set up with a blanket or rug or something to this effect in which two people can sit on. You can also set some other things on the rug. First of all, one end of this rug should be facing North, the other end South and the other East and the other end West. The rug or mat that you sit on should be set up in a North, South, East and West manner. It is in line with the magnetic energy. Before you sit down, there is a candle lit for each end and placed outside of the Circle for each one of the Directions. It is kind of nice to have these four candles going, and it is best to have the kind of candle that is in a cup or inside of a container rather than a stick candle. They should be lit like this: One-Two-Three- Four, (draws them). They are lit in the North, South, East and West. You are asking for the Powers for your relationship to support you; the Powers of the North, the Powers of the South, the Powers of the East and West of this Planet to support you. What this is, is a magnetic alignment. You are setting a magnetic alignment. The male sits in the northern part, while the female sits in the southern part of the mat, (this area that you have made Sacred). In the center of this could be a little place for some cookies or some refreshment cake and a pot of tea, and maybe a couple of little tea cups. You could also have in the place of tea, two small glasses of wine. This is to warm the body or to stimulate the body. Some can warm the body with warm tea, others do it with drinking a little wine. There should also be some sort of flowers between the two individuals. It represents kind expression.

What you are doing, is both of you are offering these flowers, and this food up to God. You are offering the flowers in the way of bringing your love. The flower has always been a token of love, and so the two of you are giving it to God. You are making a connection with God, and so the energy will be coming through the Full Moon cycle for you.

In this manner, you sit across from one another with this tea and these flowers between you and you sit approximately fifteen minutes looking and admiring each other. You are thinking of all the nice things that you like about each other. You are thinking, "Oh! What beautiful eyes she has, what beautiful hair, teeth, what beautiful breasts she has, what a nice shape she has, all of these things." She is thinking, "Oh! What a nice chest he has, what nice eyes, what nice hair he has, what a nice build he has" and so on. You are looking back and forth, creating an atmosphere of mutual love for one another. You are creating a vortex of love, bringing in the highest love that you are seeking. This is to be done at the time of the Full Moon because it has a lot of power at that time. In fact, some people will forego all sexual relations except for this one at the Full Moon cycle AND THEN THEY HAVE THAT AND A LOT OF RELIGIONS HAVE THAT. I know that the Krishna's will only copulate on the Full Moon cycle now. They teach that. They have intercourse for the purpose of having children only and they only do it on the Full Moon cycle.

The energy builds up and this energy of mutual love will go into this food and flowers and in the fifteen minutes, your tea can steep and it won't be too hot to drink. You take the tea and drink it together. All this time you are not saying anything to one another, you are just simply, exchanging this energy and this love. It is a love exchange between the two individuals. You are exchanging this love back and forth and you are sending it back and forth. Then you consume the tea and cake together and bring each other life force because the exchange back and forth actually charges the food with life force energy. You are exchanging this life force to give you strength for your relationship and so you are strengthening your relationship by sending love to one another. By consuming the food together, you are strengthening your relationship on very subtle levels as well, because this will go right into your body. After that, there is another five minutes of just admiring one another, so you have about twenty to twenty-five minutes involved before you are ever touching one another.

It is important to have that rapport before you touch one another and then at that point, the food is cleared away and the flowers are presented to one of the directions. If you want magnetic alignment, you offer the flowers to the North and lay them at the Northern part of the mat. You then do your Attuning Ritual which is lining the energy up for movement in the body. First the man lays down and the woman touches him on each one of his Chakra centers. The woman then lays down and the man touches her on each one of her Chakra centers and they join together. This joining is before they cause any movement. They are supposed to join for ten minutes together without any movement, just experiencing an exchange of energy through their root Chakras. Then you start your Rainbow Bridge and together go through it for the first ten minutes. Actually, one ritual done in Tantric practice, you are joined together for thirty minutes before you move, but here we are suggesting ten minutes before there is any movement; that is joining together, and feeling those energies.

A dynamic force builds up here and you will find a different experience because of this force and exchange at the root Chakra level. SO, YOU HAVE HERE (POINTS), LOOK AND EXCHANGE, AND THEN HERE IS JOINING. FROM THIS POINT HERE YOU WILL FIND ANOTHER TWENTY minutes of ascension taking place because you are practicing a thirty-two minute ascension up the Chakras. You can practice your thirty-two minute experience, and all totaled, this should be a one hour ceremony. You are in the act of love for thirty-two minutes, you are raising your energies together. First of all, when you first begin, you must feel the other person physically and so you are getting in tune physically. The first movement is physical and so you are aware of the physical body of the other individual. You are aware of how they feel, touching together and how they feel, joined together. So that is where your consciousness is for the first four minutes.

The second one is emotions. Your emotions must come together here; a love for one another. Start to feel that love for one another, really feeling the sensation of the experience that you are in, plus an exchange of love for one another. This is for the thirty-two minutes, or you can cut this in half and do it for two minutes each, it depends on the two individuals, but the ideal is to take your time to control this area. Don't try to speed up in any one of the areas. It should all be balanced and it should all be equal.

The third one is the lower mental realm: the thoughts. You should be holding the same thought; this is God incarnated. You are making love. This is God experiencing and you should be holding that: that is Mother God and you are Father God. You are holding this at the highest aspect. Mother-Father God is coming together here. That is the love and these two forces will come together and blend within you; the two people and so you are feeling and getting the sensations of the first joining. Then you are feeling the sensations all through the body, over the nervous system and the same mental thought. You are thinking of that person in the Immaculate Conception or the Divine Ideal Mate, the highest mate for you. You see you are holding that energy.

NOW AT THE HEART LEVEL, WHEN THE SOULS JOIN, IS ALSO AN ELECTROMAGNETIC LEVEL HERE. The hearts come together and they are already beating together because you have already practiced the breathing together. You feel the pulsation of energy between the hearts. You are not losing any of this other consciousness, you keep adding to the consciousness. You don't stop the physical awareness just to experience the emotional. You are adding things as you go. It is all one consciousness, but you are expanding it. First you are centered, then you are expanding out, you see. First the physical is the center and then you are expanding it out to the emotional. Then you are expanding that out and your energy should start feeling like it's expanding too. If the person starts pulling too much energy out of the root Chakra, they will go dead in the root Chakra. That is why you are supposed to keep the physical - physical, the emotional-emotional, and the mental - mental and be aware of seeing all of those. So at the heart here, you have an in and out exchange of energy. You should feel your hearts beating together and exchanging that energy right at the heart. You start feeling soul energies, an electromagnetic charge, a tingling that takes place right here at the heart.

At this point at the throat: Rhythm and Vibration. You should both be at a perfect point of rhythm and vibration when you get to this point. This is the rhythm and vibration level. Here can be sound, a sound that you are making together, Om, together to keep the rhythm. When you start feeling the heart beat, you can start getting the sound together. Some people don't do the sound out loud, they do it in their heads together. They raise up this mental body by the time they get to this level. You are raising up these mental and emotional energies and you are experiencing together. This is an important one here. (points) In the Imagination, both must keep the same Image to be together. Some people go off on their fantasy trips. They don't have the same Image as the other person, so this Image is to hold the Image of the other person and see them perfect, seeing their body perfect, seeing them emotionally perfect, seeing them perfectly aligned mentally with you, perfect soulful alignment, and perfect creative alignment. You are holding the immaculate conception of perfect unity here, one with another, and what you are doing is seeing the other person. You are not seeing yourself. It is important to see the other person here. You are giving to the other person, and if you are only holding your own trip, then you are not giving to the other person. This is what happens to a lot people: They don't hold the same visualization together, so the images are two different images, SO THE IMAGE WILL COME INTO MANIFESTATION. If they are thinking of someone else or some other time, then they are taking that much energy out of the relationship.

You want to have total energy with one another, so the image is held together. This may be a particular image that you are holding for the other individual: perfect body, the perfect person, that is the perfect lover. You are becoming one, your spirit and their spirit are merging (draws on Board) here at the Brow. So you are seeing that, the Immaculate Conception, the perfect love. You are seeing that. You are giving to that other person that love. Remember, love has to be a giving thing, and so they are seeing you as the perfect person and it is important to hold this. If this isn't held and you are seeing other images and putting them on that other person, you are actually programming them in their nervous system.

You would be causing a separation instead of a coming together. Many people who go off on some trip and go to the Fourth of July or something like that, instead of seeing the other person, or they are off seeing some other person, or they are off doing something else. They are not there, their vision is, "what am I going to do later", - you know, it gets that ridiculous. The person isn't there at all. Their visions are on something else. They are hearing themselves going through emotional and physical things, but as far as thinking and all the rest of it, they are off someplace else. It all has to be right there in the present.

It is not what the past was or what you want that person to be. It is seeing the perfect person now, right now! There is no time or space here. You are seeing that perfect person now, and you have your physical together, your emotional together, your thoughts together and your hearts are beating together.

Your souls are together. This is heart and soul together here. Many people are afraid to open their hearts and souls to other individuals, but their hearts must be open. Then, an openness at the throat, that rhythm and vibration and then here at the brow.

The next point is to come together as one at the crown, and here is where you first create unity. Two individuals become one individual. One and one make one, right here at the crown. You are starting to feel that freedom of consciousness together, that unity and you start taking that one up through the Golden Ray, the Golden Flame and into the White Light. You feel yourselves raising right up out of the body together. YOU DON'T LEAVE THE BODY AND INTO THE WHITE LIGHT TO THE POINT OF CLIMAX, WHERE YOU ARE BOTH READY TO RELEASE TOGETHER YOU CONSCIOUSNESS AND RELAX BECAUSE IT IS BUILT UP TO A TENSION AND THEN IT IS RELEASED. THE RELEASE COMES UP HERE (points) AND THEN YOU GO right out of the body here and you'll be joined here and you'll just be joined together at that point. It is a final climax. You are just joined together and you are holding each other very close and the sense should be as one. You are one being and you should feel this one being.

There is a meditation after you separate. You should lay side by side in a meditation together. Let your mind open, and just feel the bliss and the joy. Experience the energy of this beautiful exchange. That is the ritual that you do at the Full Moon or whenever you are going to join together. At the end, you blow your candles out in reverse, take your food, wash your dishes, put your flower on your Altar or a nice place where you can both look at it. Every time you see a flower for the next few days will stimulate your experience again and bring you close together.

The flower is like a remembrance of the beautiful experience that you had. Every time that you see a flower, you'll feel love and it will bring love out and you will feel that great experience. What will happen is that all the Chakras will be stimulated again with more life and energy and you will become more aware. You do this ritual to bring the root Chakra together and to bring the emotions together; to bring the mental together, etc., and what will happen, by the time you get to this level in your imaginings, the energies of the nervous system should be exchanging and you feel the exchange like it becomes one nervous system in two people. You are getting into Universal Shakti or Universal Energy AT THIS POINT HERE. YOU ARE STARTING TO GET INTO THAT AND SO WHEN YOU ARE HERE (points) THE JOINING SHOULD START TO take place at the crown. You should feel the merger of the nerve energy together and the whole body should feel this exchange of nerve energy, one with another. It may take you a month, or two months or three months to get to that point of being able to raise it that far, so you can't be impatient with your partner.

During the Grecian era, this energy had been misused. After they learned it, well, they would go and raise a person's Kundalini. They would just go up to someone and start talking to them. Pretty soon, zip, that person would be all stimulated and desire that other person. They would do this for sense gratification instead of merging with God. Once this technique is learned, you'll have to be very careful how you react to other people because you will stimulate them very quickly and run their Kundalini up, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING HERE TOGETHER AT A VERY DYNAMIC LEVEL. THIS IS IMPRESSED MUCH, MUCH DEEPER THAN ANYTHING THAT YOU COULD IMPRESS JUST BY YOUR OWN EMOTIONAL ENERGIES.

Remember, you are going DEEP HERE, so it is important to hold the very highest. Now, I know people who get energy up to the crown and start projecting images on that other person, taking them over saying, you are going to do this for me and that for me . . .Don't do those things. Its been done and I know it is still being done that the person, when they get the male or female into a certain position where they are into their act of sexual energies, start programming by whispering things in their ear and things like that. If you are going to whisper anything, say, "I Love you," and things like that, "We are One." Feel the closeness of it, good things, something to solidify this position, rather than taking out of the experience. I'm sure you won't be at that point and say, "I hate you," you know. But some people use it that way and they get the person going. Then they inject a hate thought and they don't even say it out loud because it will go into the person's consciousness.

Whatever you are thinking, you think you are trying to hide something from that other person. You know what is going on and get that awareness of what is going on with the other person. Well, they are going to get the awareness of what is going on with you too. So at that point, you would be threatening the other person's spirit. They are in their soul energies. HERE (points) YOU THREATEN THEIR SOUL ENERGIES AND IF THE PERSON IS AFRAID IN THE SOUL AREA ... See, this may be a way to help open up your mate. Remember, you made a commitment to this mate, to be with this person and so you should be practicing with this person and fulfilling your commitment.

If both are not fulfilling their commitments, then these two entities are going to separate. It is that simple. If two people don't keep their commitments to one another, then one will leave the other. So, it should be a total commitment to go all the way Spiritually, in this Ultimate Posture. You are working through these various stages of consciousness. Any blocks, you are breaking up before you ever get into this experience. So the whole act is bringing you more awareness too. It will also raise you up to a much higher level. Maybe you don't have these other centers open very far, it will help develop them. So you have two energies that will come to another force that will come to develop one of the Chakras and so you have that coming together there. OK. Before I go any further, are there any questions on the Full Moon Ceremony?

Question: Will you explain again from the Brow to the Crown? Answer: HERE you are holding the Immaculate Conception of one another and then you get to this POINT(points) and you start feeling like you are one another. You are getting that unity like you are me, I am you, we are one and you start saying, "We are One, We are One," at this point. Then you take that oneness right from the VIOLET THROUGH THE GOLD AND INTO THE WHITE. You are going through the Chakras together, HERE YOU ARE SEEING RED TOGETHER, HERE YOU ARE SEEING orange together, (pointing to board) yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, gold and white. So, when you want to make love to your mate, say, "Would you like to go over the Rainbow with me?" That is a nice way. So you are actually raising this up.

As you are practicing the exchange of energy between each one of the Chakras, you are also seeing each one of the rainbow colors. You should stimulate the Chakras for one another. You are seeing red together, you are seeing orange together and you are seeing yellow together, etc. When you are standing there making the exchange of energy of the Chakras, you are seeing the colors. You are going through the rainbow. That is why I have the colors on the board: You go right through the colors. When you are making love, you are doing the same thing; going right through the colors, step by step into the highest and you will be able to feel the colors because they give you a different awareness. Another thing that will happen is, when you are reading somebody, you will be able to tell where they are coming from because you will see their colors much more easily. So, it does give awakening consciousness and it also correlates your consciousness too. You will find that you will both become more and more correlated and be able to handle situations. One other thing, when they are laying down, the head is at the North end.

Question: About Insertion. Answer: They are just joined together for the first ten minutes exchanging energy at the root Chakra before they start the movement. This is to build up the energy at the base Chakra before they run the energies up the spine. In this thirty-two minutes, they are making love and so he should be holding himself from going into that climactic state. You know, some men, boom, boom! and in a couple of minutes, its all done and the woman is saying, "Wait a minute, I'm not fulfilled." This is for fulfillment. One is supposed to be fulfilling the other, you see, and at the end of thirty-two minutes, you should feel that release.

When you join together in the white light, you should feel the climactic action as individuals, and you should practice bringing the climax to that point of being in unity. By programming unity, you get a power of merging and the ability to merge with other people without the sexual experience because you are learning how to bring the energies in merging. You are learning how to merge with each Chakra, and how to give and take energy.

The Touch of Light that we use for healing, is also a stimulating energy. There is ONE OTHER POINT YOU TOUCH BEFORE YOU START, (points and draws) right between the genitals and the anus, the Inception Point. That area is stimulated and brings about what is called the Primal Force Chakra. Usually, this isn't taught, because in black magic this Chakra is used to control people. It stimulates the Sub of the Instinctive Mind. Things can be implanted into the Sub of the Instinctive Mind that will make a person act instinctively in certain ways.

So, you are tuning the person up. When you first do this, it is important that you get the movement. (Demonstration of Touch of Light). You start by making passes over the individual just to get familiar; you are entering their aura and it won't be a shock to them.

Passes are made over all the parts of the body without touching the person's body, and I always end with an upward stroke. Start by stimulating the feet. I don't hold them like I would do for a healing, I'm just stimulating to get their energies going up. Then, stimulate the knees by a gentle rub of the knees on each side - - RIGHT HERE ARE THE REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS (points). Another point to stimulate is right here (points) at the ankles. Stimulate these two points and then you touch the individual ALONG ALL THESE POINTS. At first you start with them on their back and you run the energy down the back and up the front, just like the Conception Vessel (EXERCISE).

The first one is to start at the back, down the spine and then take them back up to the head That is how you stimulate energy. THAT GETS THE INDIVIDUAL STARTED AND THEN TOUCHING THEM. Now, there is a triangle, like this (draws) the breast here and the root Chakra there. There is a nerve in the woman right at the top part of her genital organs. In the man, it is right down at that Conception Point. That is his nerve, or right on the end of his penis. This is a Triad Energy that awakens the creative forces. For child birth, you are stimulating this triangle too; the two breasts and the genital organs. YOU ALSO STIMULATE THOSE WHILE YOU ARE GOING THROUGH THIS. You are touching the individual, touching their whole body before you touch those centers, so they feel alive over their whole body.

You are doing this in love so their whole body comes alive in energy. What you're actually doing is awakening the individual, awakening all of these centers here, (points) and giving them light in their heart, stomach and bladder. Everything here is getting stimulated, getting light. So, sex is a very healthy experience, the triangle is the stimulation.

At first, maybe you cannot hold the same thought together, maybe you will have to hold your mind clear together, or the thought could be 'I love you', and just say 'I Love you'. Do a Mantram of 'I Love You.' Mantram controls this part of Mind, (points) so the Mind won't drift off on something else. You want to direct it more to the other person. You want to direct your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body, and everything towards the other person. You are just giving them everything.

You are giving your whole self to the other person and then the self is all selves. The self is the self and when you are with other individuals, you are all selves. Its then all one, its just one. When you have realized that, you have realized the energy. It is a great realization. You'll have a lot of realizations, a lot about the other individual and yourself. Anything that may be holding you up, will come up and you'll be able to talk it over in a rational way, instead of fighting and arguing, because this should be entered into in love. Anytime you are having a sexual experience with another individual, it should be entered into in total love, total love for the other person because they are giving you something, they are giving themselves to you, you see. The other person is loving you because you are giving yourself to them. There should be a beautiful, loving scene here and you two are coming together in total love. See that happening. That is the Full Moon Ritual there.

The stimulation energy for the Chakras is important coming down that spine and going up the front again -- SEE HOW THEY GO INTO THE BODY. They aren't the same on the spine as they are on bell here (points). WHEN YOU START LOOKING AT WHERE IT IS HOOKED AT THE SPINE THERE AND YOU GET UP HERE, YOU HAVE AN ENERGY HOOKED HERE AT THE SMALL OF THE BACK, JUST ABOVE THE BELT LINE.