You have your root Chakra right at the base of the spine here (points). You have the spleen Chakra just above the belt line. You have the will center just below the shoulder blades. You have the heart Chakra right between the shoulder blades, right below the neck up here (points). You have the next Chakra right at the back of the neck, and then the others are within the brain: The Pineal and Pituitary glands right in the brain (points). That is where the energies are going in those two. So you are actually working with this energy, raising it up with the Breathing Techniques and the Act itself, you are doing the same thing. You are bringing up these energies, down the spine and up the front. It is important to practice that, standing together, exchanging energy in each one of the Chakras.

This exchange should be done without words, but with colors. That way it brings you into a balance with each other. If you want to know whether you are holding the same color, get a color, hold the color and look at the color. Use a color wheel with the basic colors right in the center of the hue. That is at the soul level, right at the center of the hue, so you are holding the same color awareness. If one is holding the color a little darker than the other, there may not be as much of a merger. There will be a little conflict in merger because the brighter light doesn't want to be dimmed out.

O.K., what we are going to do now for five minutes is our Breath Exercise. What I want you to do is find a comfortable position where you can sit. We are going to do this first breath together which is bringing it down the spine and up the front. I want you to close your eyes for this. When you breathe in, it page # goes down the spine and then breathe out, it goes up the front. So, just start breathing in that manner. The exercise that we are doing now is to visualize that there is a Spiritual Being sitting in front of you and this Spiritual Being is neither male nor female, but just a Spiritual Being. It is pure light and energy and what this Spiritual Being is, is an aspect of God. He is giving you pure energy to balance out these Chakras.

This energy when it goes back and forth, when I say, 'release', I want you to feel wherever it has been going back and forth to shoot up your spine, right up to the Godself. Then I'll say "go to the spleen," and imagine now the Orange and then when I say, "Release," you feel it going into that Chakra, into the spine and shooting right up the spine and up to the Godself.

Now, as you are doing this, you know, you must have a purpose. My purpose was for Illumination, and I wanted to realize a deeper awareness of God, and I wanted to realize deeper consciousness. You should have a purpose why this energy is going to the Godself. You should be thinking of a high purpose in Consciousness. So just sit there for a moment and imagine a beautiful Spiritual Being there, that is just love, pure love. That Spirit Being loves you, loves you so much, wants to see you elevated in consciousness. Your purpose can be for greater talent, for greater spiritual awareness, to be merged with God, more knowledge, more health, whatever you want to ask God for in this way, you are using this energy.

Now, whenever you think of some kind of force, there is a Spirit that comes, negative forces can come if you think negatively, positive forces can come through positive thinking. Just close your eyes now and just think of a high Spiritual Being that you can see right in front of you, just sitting there wanting to exchange with you. In the case of a man, it can be a very beautiful Spiritual Being, or Woman, it doesn't matter. It is the same Spiritual Being out there. Now you can start exchanging Red Energy back and forth, from your root Chakra to their root Chakra, just feel the energy, back and forth, stimulating your root Chakra, going through the bell of the root Chakra, all the way into the spine, all the way back out the bell and into the Being, back and forth in a continuous movement. Feel while you are doing this that your reproductive organs are being regenerated. Feel like they are being stimulated, like they are being given power and health and that health is spreading down your legs and into all of your reproductive organs, your anus, all of that area. Feel like all of that healing is going into that area as you are exchanging. Now feel it going in and, "Release," feel it going right up the spine, shooting right up the spine. Now, relax and go to the Spleen Chakra and feel like orange is going back and forth between you and the other individual. Energy is coming in and going out, it is just like a cleansing. Feel this nice cleansing all the way to the spine, in and out of the body, through the Chakra, in through the Chakra, through the bell into the root of the Chakra and out into that Spiritual Being and start concentrating. When you are breathing in, the energy is coming into that Chakra and when you are breathing out, the energy is going out and you can just know that this is going on. You don't have to concentrate on it, you just concentrate on the color to know that that energy, every time you are breathing, is going in that manner. Feel emotional healing, like a pure emotional healing is going on, like this Entity is giving you pure emotion. You are merging at a divine level here, getting an emotional healing. Perfect emotion, the emotion of love is coming in at a very high. Oh, how wonderful to have love flowing back and forth. Feel the Energy going in now, in through the bell and into the spine and up the spine, up to the Godself. Radiate it up, feel it going up, up, up, beautiful.

Now, concentrate on the navel Chakra. Feel that energy flowing back and forth, back and forth between your navel Chakra and the beautiful Being. This beautiful Angel out there giving you this lovely energy, feel it! Oh, it's clearing your thoughts, it's burning away all negative thoughts, all worries are leaving your mind, all kinds of negative energy that you ever had is now being neutralized. You feel you are having a beautiful clearing and calming of your thinking mind. Every breath in, takes it in; every breath out, sends it out. It is going in and going out; the divine intercourse of mental awareness, just an exchange of Pure Energy there. This Being doesn't have any thoughts or feelings, just pure energy. It has a pureness of emotions, a pureness of mind, so, you are seeing the very highest.

O.K., feel it going in and out, now in, into the spine, below the shoulder blades, feel it there. Now up the spine, feel it going up, up to the Godself. Feel it going up, send that energy up.

Now, at the Heart, feel the energies moving in and out of the heart, clearing your knowledge, balancing your knowledge, your soul. Feel your soul balancing. Then feel your intuitional awareness coming on. Feel your ignorance being burnt away. Feel your soul being balanced and whole. Feel love coming into the soul, in on the in-breath and out on the out-Breath; going back and forth. Feel that beautiful experience of energy. Your knowledge is being balanced. You have perfect knowledge, perfect soul energy, feel it going in, right there between the shoulder blades. Feel the energy now, down the other side, now up. Feel it shooting up the spine, up to the Godself. Feel that energy shooting upwards, reaching all the way down The base of the spine and all the way up, feel it going all the way up, reaching down to right above the belt, all the way up right between the shoulder blades. O.K., feel that energy now, flowing up.

Now, come back and feel the energy at the throat. Feel a beautiful ray of energy flowing back and forth in the throat area. It is clearing your ideas, giving you inner peace, giving you a rhythm and vibration. Your creative powers are being cleared, your hidden potentials are coming up to pure consciousness. You feel that flow back and forth with this beautiful Being. Feel the love that Being is sending through that creative Chakra as you are breathing in and out. Feel the beauty and love; sense beauty. This is the Chakra that senses beauty, so feel your beauty, feel how beautiful you are as you are doing this. Feel how it is increasing that beauty in you, (perfect face, perfect body), you are beautiful. Perfect emotions, you are beautiful. Perfect thinking, beautiful. Perfect soul, beautiful, perfect creative powers, beautiful. Take it in right at the back of the neck up to the Godself. Feel it going up. Feel it drawing energies from the spine up through it, drawing up, going up, up, up, beautiful.

Now, at the brow, bring yourself to the brow. Keep your head straight, straight at the brow. Feel that energy. Exchange it back and forth there at the brow, clearing your imagination, clearing your visualization, clearing insights and perceptions. Feel forgiveness as the Indigo flows back and forth at the brow. Feel forgiveness for everything that has ever happened in the past, everything that you have ever made a mistake for, everything, it is all forgiven. Feel yourself forgiving everybody else, forgiving your inner and outer worlds. Feel a unity of these two worlds coming together, your inner and outer worlds as this energy goes back and forth, right in through the brow, right behind the eyes about an inch back, right in the center of your head. Feel it going right into the Pineal gland. Feel that Energy going in there.

Now, feel it going in and up through the top of your head. Feel it shooting up there, and as it is shooting up there, it is drawing energy from the base of the spine all the way up, right up through that Pituitary Gland, going right up. Now, concentrate right in the crown, the top of your head. Feel that energy coming into the top of your head, right into that Pineal Gland, right there just back of the middle brain, right in the center, a little in the back of the middle of the brain. Feel that energy going in there, and feel like you are storing up cosmic energy. With every breath that you breathe in, you are building up cosmic energy. With every out-breath, you are leaving old negative energies and mundane consciousness behind, getting cosmic awareness. Feel that energy going in there. Feel it going up and down, in and out, in that Chakra. Now, feel it in there; feel it in the center of your head; feel it shooting up, up to the Godself. Feel it shooting straight up through the top of your head, beautiful. Now, feel a blanket of energy coming around your whole body, just a nice warm beautiful blanket of energy, pure white energy, engulfing your whole body and feel your body relaxing. No thoughts, no feelings, just a nice healing, purifying the whole body. Feel that purification, good. Now, just relax yourself. (Harmonium Plays).

Now, close your eyes for a moment, thank this beautiful Being. Say, "Oh, thank you for your service to myself and all mankind, in the name of Jesus Christ and the Ascended Masters of Light, in the name of God and I thank you for the exchange, blessings," and let the energy go.

Now, what we are going to do is share what we experienced in this exercise.
TAT: How did you do?