Your soul mate and you would have these centers (points), working together. With a Twin Ray, you would have four or more of the centers working together. Now, you may find yourself physically compatible with somebody, but maybe your emotions aren't compatible. You would have to work on emotional energy to bring it into compatibility. Maybe you think the same way, but you still have some different knowledge due to your different backgrounds and experiences. Then you would work on blending your knowledge together. It would be four or more of these. Maybe it is just a Physical, Emotional, Mental, Intuitive and Creative expression together. Maybe you are on that, so you have to find out when you are working with this other individual.

If you are Soul Mates, you will blend really fast here, (points). If you are not Soul mates, it may take you a year to a year and a half to really get blended fully in these areas. Remember, when you are with this other individual, it is supposed to be a lifetime commitment. So, when you are practicing this technique, have patience because it may take time for you and it is going to take time for this other individual. If you don't have patience with them they certainly won't have patience with you. You are merging on these levels. You don't want to get into an energy like it is the same old thing. You have to be very careful that you don't get caught in the past experience of what you did before. Each experience is approached as a brand new experience.

Soul mates are those individuals who, when they first manifested, came in the first Monadic Light together. When the Light broke down into epics, like the human epic or the human experience, they were in the Soul of Humanity together, the spirit of humanity together. They came to this planet and into group families together, cosmic families together and they may have been in the same family. You may have a dozen or fifty or a thousand people in your cosmic family, but usually you'll have one soul mate. There are times when there are more than one soul mate, meaning maybe three or four entities have been together and they split to become four separate entities. They were one and became four, but it usually works that one becomes two. That is the usual way, the monopoly of people are that way; there is usually just one other soul mate for them. Your soul mate may not be an incarnated being. They may be on another level and you'll know that by doing this exercise because your soul mate or the perfect spiritual being that is not a male or female will come and sit across from you, just like we did.

Twin Rays are four or more bodies together and soul mates were actually the same Entity split into two. Now, they may have different experiences, but those experiences will bring them both to the same end all the time. They will be having the same end result even though they have very diversified experiences. The end results of those will be identical. A soul mate was originally the other half of your being.

Twin rays can be built to a total merging level, but they will not be soul mates. A soul mate has to be the individual that was split, brought into two entities. At one point they were one entity. Remember, it was all One. The darkness was separated from the light so now you have two divisions right away. See, you have form and formless. Well then, that formless substance as well as spirit came from this and it is all One, but it has graduations of vibrations within it, down to the point of being individual. You may have a cosmic family that may have been a conglomerate of many spirits operating, going back into this same entity. Then when that split like maybe a very close tribal energy and they all used the same spirit body. During the time of Abraham, Melchezadek brought the energy to the soul level for individualization. At that point, Man became an individualized soul. Before that, he was using group soul and group energies.

It was many, many thousands of years ago, when we became an individual soul essence. Melchezadek lived during the time of Abraham, in fact, he taught Abraham the Law of Tithing. It was Melchezadek that gave the Law of Tithing to Abraham. What Abraham did, was use the Law of Tithing by giving Melchezadek ten percent of everything. Melchezadek was a Christed Being at that point and he transferred a lot of attention and awareness.

A soul mate, again is the other half of you, but you are really one in your white fire body of consciousness. In your individuality, you are really one individual in two experiences. Now, the group soul operates differently. It may have many bodies that operate off of that one soul energy and that is accumulated now. What we do now is blend these back together. First of all, we blend with one and then we learn to blend with groups, then with larger and larger groups until we are One in humanity through this exercise.

I kept giving up my soul to be in the soul of humanity, and so I said, "God, I give my soul up to be in the soul of humanity." I wanted to know what all the humans experienced upon the planet. So, I gave up my soul to that level and when page # I got to that level, I gave my soul up to the Cosmic Soul. Then I released my soul into that essence but I never lost my individuality, even though I work at expanded levels. So, in the year, I brought myself down in levels in order for more people to identify with me because it is difficult to identify with me in some higher states. I have become in a way that people can identify with me much easier.

So, four or more of these bodies in harmony will give you your Twin Ray; a compatible relationship. It may not be a total relationship, but it may be compatible. You can see right now how many of these levels you have in with the other person. How many are you physically satisfied with the other individual, a physical relationship. How about emotional compatibility, thinking, logic, calculation, that kind of thing. How about compatibility of knowledge, awareness in the knowledge level, compatibility in creative powers, compatibility of insights, perception, imagination; seeing the inner and outer and being an individual. Compatibility as universal beings, doing things for humanity. Compatibility with the mastery of the self, mastery in the master consciousness coming out of the center of the crown. Compatible with the Christos or Christ Self, compatible with the Holy Spirit level, compatible with those higher levels.

You are compatible at the God level because you are always coming out of that essence to experience even though you may feel separate. That is what sin is: separation or falling short of. You fall short of reaching that energy until you do this exercise, and now you have awareness of what it is like to walk around in cosmic consciousness.

"Well, Gee, I'm so expanded, I don't know whether I'll be able to operate here." Stoned out, wow, everything is so beautiful. When you get into that Higher Level, you might feel a little 'Spacey' at first. But if you do it more, you get comfortable with that area just like you get comfortable with thinking after awhile. You get comfortable emotions after awhile, the same way with this other individual. By exchanging energy, any blocks that you are holding with one another will surely be burnt up during this exchange because you have two forces working on them instead of your own self and all your doubts.

You have two powers. "When any two come together in my name, I will be there." That is what Christ said. You can have Christ there or you can feel the Holy Spirit. Just feel the beautiful, clear Holy Spirit between you, or God between you. Feel God Consciousness and God between you. Take yourself up to those levels when you are sending energy.