I am going to talk about manifestation in this type of relationship. I'm giving you this information because, you might give this information to other people and carry it on. Be very careful that you don't give it to people who will misuse this energy. When you are merging at these levels, you'll find that you and your mate will be able to pick each other up quicker. You will also work through relationships quicker: physical relationships, emotional, mental and all different realms as you take and merge using these principles of merger. Now, say that you and your mate would like to have a child. Children's spirits come from various levels.

A child's spirit can come from the astral plane. A child's spirit can come from the mental plane, the soul plane, the creative plane, and many, many different higher and expanded spiritual planes. Mother Mary held the Immaculate Conception, the Ideal Creation of God, within herself to have the child Jesus. She held inward awareness, drawing the highest spirit. She held that within her saying, "If a child is going to be within me, it is going to be a child of God, the highest child of God." So, through the Holy Spirit, moving upon her consciousness, she then was impregnated with the Consciousness and had the child within her. There was no earthly father. There was only a Heavenly Father, to have this child.

When you are seeking to have ensouled within you another being, first of all the woman and the man get together and spark the creative power in order to bring about a body in the image of their bodies. You are bringing the image through in the image of your body. That is why there are similar traits in the child; looks like mother, has the eyes of the father, the nose . . . so on and so forth; the skin tones of the mother, things like that. He will have different traits of the bodies, but the spirit will be the spirit that you draw.

So, if you are just an average family like everybody else, you'll draw an average spirit like anybody else, off of the astral planes or off of the planes of awareness where the individual has not transcended into Heaven or the higher spheres, because you are not tuning into that sphere to draw the child. If you are seeking to draw a high spirit in this type of relationship, you must hold the immaculate conception, just as Mother Mary did. God is going to incarnate into the body that you create together as husband and wife. When you see a child of God coming into you, into your family and into your relationship, you hold that immaculate conception for the divine child to come into creation.

You can help another who is having that type of relationship, to support that kind of image and seeing the immaculate conception for maybe your best friend who is going to have a baby. You can talk to her and sit with her to hold the ideal creation. If she is thinking of having a baby, tell her to have her and her husband go into the highest state together and hold the highest creative power for their child. The perfect God child to come into being, the child of God, and so you are going to pull the spirit at the degree of your intensity of consciousness in what ever area of consciousness that you are holding. If you are a couple of failures, you're going to pull a failure. That spirit may come in and then transcend that failure because it was supposed to transcend that failure and become very successful. There have been very high spirits coming out of very poor families that were illiterate and couldn't even read, but had very beautiful, beautiful children, famous people in the world. If you are holding that, it doesn't matter what you are, you'll be put into a position to accept that creation you are holding. Your energies will be raised to that level and the child that comes in will be a high vibrational child. See yourself pulling a spirit into the body from the spiritual plane of consciousness instead of just an emotional, physical or mental being.

You want to pull a spiritual being and your family will be blessed, your life will be blessed because God is looking for people who will do this. Now, when you are holding this, you should also hold the picture of the child who is the God child, experiencing when they are children, being enlightened, being accelerated in consciousness. See that child with a perfect mind and perfect emotions. Seeing all that before the child is ever born, seeing the child growing up as a perfect God person. As much as you can hold in that beginning, is as much as you will become a magnet for. Alike attracts alike. You are drawing by magnetic attraction when you hold a thought, whether it is for a child or for some other creation that you are seeking to bring into manifestation. You become the magnetic center for that thought, and the people, the circumstances and the objects that you need, will all start being magnetized to you as long as you don't lose faith in the thought, faith in that image, faith in the immaculate conception, the immaculate creation. You should be in a high state when you are coming into this type of relationship

That is why when you are going to create a child, you go through this type of ceremony to God to do it. Then every time you look at those flowers, you are thinking of that perfect child, perfect beauty that you and the man had, or you and the woman had. That perfect child and the flowers bring back that awareness. Some even crush them in their sacred scriptures. When we are seeking to bring in a high vibration, we must hold a high vibration of consciousness, a perfect child. There aren't very many mothers that don't hold a good image for their child, but there aren't very many mothers that hold the God image, because they don't think that God can be in them. You must be able to feel that God can come through you and bring that being into manifestation. It may help the race, it may help our world to be a better world.

That is what Mary did. She saw this child as a God realized child, helping the world, raising the vibrations of consciousness, pulling man out of slavery, helping them beat the oppressor because see, Jesus was born into a people that were enslaved by the Romans. The Romans had enslaved the country and even though they let the Jews have pretty much their own governmental energies, if there were any decisions that had to be made, they all had to be cleared through the Romans. So here was a mother wanting to help her people out of bondage and so she was praying to help her people out of bondage. Any worthwhile prayer will be answered in this way.

If it is a negative prayer, then you are praying to the devil, to the negative forces. If it is a positive prayer, then you are praying to God to experience the highest. You constantly want to hold this highest awareness within you for this child. See the child with a perfect body, perfect emotions, perfect mind, and when you are holding the image for your husband or your wife, you are holding the perfect image, perfect human being; the perfection is there.

When negative thoughts try to come in, they have your supportive thoughts to pull upon. You can trust one another, feel good about one another, to always love one another. When you start working in this manner, merging together on physical, emotional, mental, etc. you'll find that you'll want to have that with the person who is a divine ideal creation there. Otherwise, if that person loses favor in your sight, you will have a block against merging with that person. You may not be able to merge until you clear the block out again. Many people create the block and then get divorced. They never satisfy the blocks and so in the next life they have to come back and usually they get the same mate to do it all over again. Some mates may have to do this over and over again to satisfy their karma. Some have promised to come back together by such dynamic love and or ascend together. Some great saints' wives have ascended with them.

Usually a saint renounces all of his worldly possessions, goes into the world, and just starts teaching. In India there was this great saint and when he reached forty-nine, he started giving everything away. He gave his house and everything to his wife and said, "Well, I am going to God." She said, "I'm going too," and she gave the house and everything that he gave her to someone else. She renounced and they both went off into the world together and ascended together.

This power becomes very dynamic in merging in consciousness for both page # people on the path because it is a dynamic acceleration, and it is a dynamic merging. Because your ability to learn, grow, and create is your ability to merge. If you can't merge with ideas, if you can't merge with thoughts and you can't merge with certain feelings, certain knowledge, certain powers, they will never come into being.

The musician has to merge with music. The artist has to merge with art. The writer merges with his stories. You are merging all the time, and to the ability of your merging will be the ability to experience the depth of your life, the most awareness of your life. So it is important that once you start this, you make a commitment to follow this for a period of time. Make this at least six months or a year that you work together, because most benefits are won after all the persona and all the games are transcended. There must be a lot of patience and a lot of love in this relationship because there will be times when both of you may dump on one another, dump energies when you go to deeper levels.

If there is no love there, there will be resentment and a wanting to get even because that person dumped on you. If there is a love, it will all be burnt up in the fires of love and so that is why you go to that cosmic level, the universal love. You don't lose the love, that love can stay in contact with you. So you take these experiences out in consciousness. You go to the edge of sleep, feel yourself going out of your body, going out, out, seeing all of space, all of the stars, and then making that transition into the spirit worlds, getting the energies at that point and then drawing them back into matter. So, it is bringing spirit into matter and matter into spirit when you are in your heart. That is easy to do, when you are in your spirit, it is instantaneous. Once you are in your spirit, you are there in the spiritual world. The spiritual world is something that is not inter-playing with matter, it is also inter-playing here. So, in every atom, that great spirit functions and in the vastness of space, spirit is there. There is no empty space where matter is. Spirit is and so you have that spirit and matter in perfect harmony, making up the whole.You have the power of the Father and Mother of God.

Now, practicing, remember the twenty-one day cycle. It takes you twenty-one days to build up a habit pattern. It is forty days to master. I say six months because you are not making love everyday, otherwise you would get burned out making love everyday. So, you will find that there is a rhythm. There are certain times when you make love and there are certain times when you come closer and that is when you should plan your practices. You can do your breathing exercises everyday, you can stand and do your joining exercises everyday, except for the physical level. You will find that you have a greater rapport and after forty days, you may only have to do them once a week or every couple of weeks or once a month to hold the energy.

So you experience together for that first forty days, you are getting very, very close together and you want to have the relationship balanced on a Physical as well as on the other levels. Man in his present state, cannot stand to be with God twenty-four hours a day, because there is too much light. It shows up all of his shadow world and so he cannot stand that. Well, he cannot stand making love to the same person everyday because after a certain time, something happens in the habit pattern that he starts losing consciousness. That is why it is important to do the breathing exercises and exchange of energy on each one of the Chakras. Without it, things get old, but with it, everything is new and every time is brand new every time. So you should practice seeing that it is a brand new experience every time that you do.

This is the first time. It is not something that you have done before, because it can't be. You are in a different time, a different space, in different attitudes, you can never be doing the same thing that you did before. But the sub-conscious mind will say, "Oh, I did that before, I'm tired of the same old thing over and over and over again." But the Spirit is always new every moment, it is renewed. So when you have a spiritual relationship with an individual, it should be on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Again, when we approach that other individual, the man approaching the woman is approaching Mother God, and the woman is approaching the man as Father God. So Mother-Father God is coming together. By doing that, you are drawing those two forces. If you are thinking that you are someone else, you will draw those forces. If you study the Hindu teachings, then you will want to be Shiva and Shakti, and like anything else, it takes time, it takes patience and love to bring these energies together.

Again, what will happen is, you will find more sensitivity in each one of these areas of consciousness because of the intensity and concentration in the sexual act. Now, I will teach you how to go out and out. In another ten or fifteen minutes, I will take you into a meditation to take you from out to bringing it in. Now, you will notice that it is a different experience, than you did when you went page # out. I have been teaching you how to go out, because I wanted you to get expanded, but now, I am going to teach you how to impact the energy. We are going to start by going out to the cosmic level and then progressing step by step, feeling the forces as they come into your being. So, we want you to feel this energy coming into the brain, down through the Fissure of Orlando, right into the fulcrum. We want you to feel that it is coming right down through the top of your head, right there at the center of your brain.

One thing that you may notice is your sound. So, you want to get to the relaxed state to hear your sound. Instead of laying down for this, we are going to have you sitting up to keep body consciousness, in fact, we want you to intensify body consciousness. When I say, "feel the Energy coming down into the center of the Brain", I want you to feel the accumulation of energy there, impacting over the rest of your body. As it comes down the spine, I want you to feel it intensifying, vertebrae by vertebrae. I want this intensified until it is really a dynamic fire at the base of your spine. Then when I say, "Release it," you want to feel it releasing into every cell in your body, giving you new creative life to every cell in your body. This is a creative power that we are pulling into the body and it can create. The reason that I haven't taught it before is that you would create other things with it and I'm not going to take you into that much of the training. I'm simply going to bring you to the creative power, to rejuvenate the body. Also, you can release this charge if you are in the sexual experience. This is what you are doing when you are there for ten minutes, you are building up this energy in the root Chakra. So, I want to show you how to build that energy up in the root Chakra. You see, If I didn't tell you about it you wouldn't even know that that was .and that is the same way with a lot of this teaching, it is very simple, but until you know it, it is unknowable.

Meditation with Harmonium - Planets and Space everywhere, infinite and eternal. Suns, ten thousand times ten thousand suns, all nebulas are in you. All universes of universes are with you. All planets and beings are all within you and there is an eternal love flowing through all eternity; perfect harmony, perfect love, perfect wisdom. Feel that you are that eternal cosmic force by identification, so be it.

Now, feel like you are coming into this solar system and you are bringing all the love of all eternity into this solar system. See all the planets filled with love: Mercury, Earth, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto, filled with love and start emanating love. See space filled with love. All space in this nebula is filled with love surrounding every planet. Feel like you are coming into the sky of the earth. The earth is blue, and you are in the sky all around planet earth filled with love, feel that love. Get more solid now as you come down into the atmosphere. Feel the earth filled with love. Now feel all that love going into your body, feel your body solid, filled with love and getting more solid. Feel yourself getting heavier and heavier, deeper and deeper. Feel your feet filled with love, and your hands, your legs, your arms.

Feel your body now, becoming stronger, feel it solid and becoming strong, more physical than you have ever felt before. More power in your body than you ever felt before, more strength than you have ever felt before, a clearer memory page # than you have ever had, clearer senses, start smelling. Smell, feel that smell, feel how sensitive it is. Listen to sounds. They are all around. Taste that taste that is in your mouth. Notice the sight that you are seeing within you, see love, smell, hear, taste and feel your body, feel like your skin is alive over your whole body, alive with love, a love that raises to joy and bliss and ecstasy. Feel that your body is filled with ecstasy; the highest love. Feel it in your heart, that red blood, every time it pumps, it is pumping blood all the way through your body, with every heart beat, circulation of blood through the body, every heart beat is circulating through the body, love to every cell, to every organ. Feel more physical and more powerful, fulfilled with this dynamic impaction of love.

Love is work made manifest, love is your breath, love is your life, love is every cell in your body. Love is the blood in your body. Love is the energy running over your nerves. Feel love in every nerve ending of your body, filling your brain in every nerve. Feel your body alive with love. Feel it radiating out past the skin, just about half an inch, so your whole body is covered with about half an inch of love. Feel that love, the warmth of mother's love, or that kiss, or the woman or the one who loves you when they hold you close. Feel that beauty, that love coming in, that love radiating from you, around you, feel that love of God, that intense cosmic love filling that body, filling that body with every heart beat, filling it, impacting it.

Just concentrate on your body becoming more alive with this love. Every cell is becoming more alive with this love. Every organ: your heart, your lungs, your stomach, your liver, your gall bladder, your pancreas; feel them filled with page # love. The colon, the rectum, the genitals, feel them with love. The spleen, the thymus gland and all the glands; the lymph system, the nervous system, the respiratory system, the circulatory system, all filled with love. Feel it all the way to your feet, all the way to the top of your hands, filling your body until you are alive with this energy, more so, more so.

All the love that is inside of your emotions is inside your body. All the love that is inside your mind is inside your body. All the love that is in your spirit is inside your body. With every heart beat, it radiates out to everyone equally. It is universal love. See your mother with universal love; your father with universal love, your sister with universal love, your cousins with universal love, your aunts, your uncles with universal love, your grandmothers, your grandfathers with universal love, friends with universal love, strangers with universal love, plants with universal love, the sea with universal love, the birds and flowers with universal love, the sky, universal love, your love as big as all eternity and it is within you, within your being, feel solid within that love. Feel the strength of that love, feel it with every heart beat radiating out now to everyone within your atmosphere.

There is a nine-foot shield around you of pure love, feel the one you love, feel it going to your job, your relationships. See it going to the world and see your self becoming a magnetic pole for love. Love is coming to you from everywhere, supporting you. Love is putting bread and butter on your table, love is putting food in your home. Love is putting beautiful relationships in your Life, feel that. Love is causing the abundance of all good things to flow through you, feel it and with this love feel your self magnetic. Everybody wants to talk to you and be near you, such dynamic love. You are perfectly accepted anywhere. You go because you have this universal love.

Now see your perfect mate sending you perfect love right now and feel your body getting more intense as that loves comes to you from that perfect mate, more intense, more alive, more life more solidity. Just feel that in your body, feel it, feel it. Feel the strength of that, feel your body getting very solid again, filled with energy, dynamic energy. Simply rub your hands together, place them over your eyes and look for the Rose ray, see Rose.