Chapter Two

Blessing of Light!

The Meditation for Tuesday is:
Today and Every Day I do my Best to Live in the True Spiritual Mystic Life. I Discipline my Thoughts, Feelings and Actions. I Read Words of Truth with Intuitive Insight. I Meditate on the Rainbow Bridge to Realize my True Nature, the Act always according to Inner Guidance, with full Knowledge that the Infinite, which is my Life, expresses through me to Fulfill its Good Will. OM Mani Padme Hum, Om Tat Sat Om and I am that I am.

178. The Chakra for this Center is the Spleen, which Radiates the Six Colors of the Rainbow, one for each of its Petals. The Subconscious Mind; Emotions. The Orange Ray and Spleen Chakra.

179. Concentration is the Focus of Awareness after Attention has been won. Concentration is the ability to let yourself go into and focus on or be absorbed in that which you pay Attention to. Concentration on God brings God Absorption. Concentration on Healing brings Dynamic Healing Powers. Without the Power of Concentration there is no Success in whatever you do.

180. Concentration is the Ability to hold an Image. In the beginning all things were One. This Oneness sought Expression, realizing Itself and began to Create a Universe. God was All, so it had no resistance and nothing to Reflect upon. At this point it became Duality; the Mother Father, the Darkness and the Light, God was then Manifest and Unmanifest. The energies of this Void and Light then became the Play of Consciousness. From Mother Father God, in its Separating of Darkness and Light was Born another Child, the Child of Light or the Sons and Daughters of Light, as we have been taught for Years by the Holy Spirit within.

181. In this age Woman have been more or less left out in descriptions of the Higher Realms of Consciousness. The Mother has always been here. She has been Sustaining us, and we are in Her Bosom. All Manifested Substance is the Mother aspect of God. The Unmanifested is the Father aspect of God. As you come together with this Manifested/Unmanifest Energy, right where you are, the Mother Father God is having Divine Intercourse. You are the Child of that Intercourse, that mixing of Manifested and Unmanifested Energies.

182. You can readily see the Manifestation of your Physical Body and the Physical Universe. But it is not so easy to conceive the solid Manifestation of Emotions, which appears to the Physical Universe as Unmanifest, but is in Truth, Manifest. It has Substance Finer than that of the Physical Dimension, and it moves very quickly , in and out, up and down, around and through the Physical Plane. Substance known as Astral Energy, or Emotional Strata is like the rising and falling of the Tides of the Ocean. The Flowing of Waves across the Ocean, beating on the Rocks is like Emotions beating upon you. It is like and flowing over or crashing on the Rocks.

183. As we Study the Ocean and the Movement of Water, we understand how our Emotions Function. If you are cold and hard in your Emotional Body, it's like Water which is Frozen. If you have Hot Emotions, it's like Steam. If you have Calm Emotions, it's like a Calm Pool. Meditating on a Calm Pool of Water will help to Calm Emotional Energy.

184. You may calm the Emotional Strata by going to the Ocean. As the Ocean ebbs and tides Etherical Energies are manifested as Etherical Vitamins that will free Emotional Energy stuck in Worry or Contemplation, or any other type of Stuck Emotional Awareness. The Movement of the Ocean must be seen in this way, similar to the movement of Emotions and visa versa.

185. Everything on the Planet was here from the Beginning. The same Ocean beating now, beat upon the Shore when Christ walked, when Krishna walked, when the Great Sages of the Veda walked the Earth. The same Earth, the same Air, the same Elemental Forces were here. Everything is in a state of changing, ever changing and never changing.

186. Every thing was here in the Beginning, and the only Difference is that it has Changed Form. Your Emotional Body has the Sensation of the changing of Form within it. It is as Powerful as a Hurricane or as Calm as a Tranquil Sea. The Emotions have great range. There are 88,000 separate Emotional Vibrations given in the Dharma, as taught by the Tibetans.

187. These Impulsing Vibrations range from Love to Hate; and there is no other expression in the in the emotional body except degrees of Love and Hate. Total Love is total Control of the Emotional Body. Make your one Emotion Love, and you have Power over this Body. But as long as your Emotions have Degrees of Love, less than Pure Love, you have Frustration. You can control Emotional Energy through a Practice taught since Ancient Times: the Hindus call it Bhakti - Love and Devotion to God. Jesus taught; Love God with all your Mind and all your getting.

188. There is an Universal Law that says, "Everything returns to the Source or Alike attracts Alike" So the Emoting of Energy will return to the Source, that which is sent forth will return back to you. If you send Love to all Things, Love will come Back to You. Maybe you have not been giving this Love all the time. Maybe there have been times when you are in some other Area of Consciousness. Whatever Area of Consciousness you are in, you are sending it outward and inward and you have this kind of return.

189. Love is a Great Purifier in the Now, because Love cannot be Experienced Individually. It can only be Experienced when it is Shared or Given Away. That is the Truth of Love. You must give it away to increase it. All other Loves are illusion passing and fading in the Light of the True Love. What is this Love we are asking to Attune to? It is a Love that is ever giving and never asks anything in return. One Loves for the Joy of Loving.

190. A Great Master who I love and respect very much, Master Satchidananda, told me a story. He said, "Love is like an Apple Tree. Every year it pours forth its Fruit into manifestation. If the Farmer comes and takes the Apples, the tree does not say, 'Leave some for me or put a Nickel in my Trunk.' No, it gives the Apples and continues to give and give and give." Love is like the Apple Tree. It Bears Fruit for the Joy of it.

191. Love and Devotion to God should be a Joy and is full Creative Expression within you, to raise your Vibrations to a Higher Reality. The Type of Love you show to yourself will also be shown to the World. If you have compassion and mercy for yourself, you will have compassion and mercy for the World. If you are Truly in Love, you will accept all things, because Eternal Love is all things. God is Love, God is all things, God is Everything.

192. This Love only has to be activated by your Free Will Choice, for Alike Attracts Alike. The thoughts of Love you seek to bring, the type of relationships you want to have about you, those are things you do. Love is not just things you talk about or think about, because Love anchors them through a focus of concentration in your Emotional body. Love is not the seeking of happiness, it is happiness.

193. In the First Center of Consciousness, the Root Chakra, you might try to find happiness physically. You might say, "If I have the perfect place to stay and enough Food to satisfy my Senses, I will be Happy." But many have a place to stay, many satisfy their Senses, and they still are not Happy. Physical things are passing and happiness is transitory there. In the Emotional Strata Level, the Spleen Chakra, One might say, "If only I had my desires fulfilled, the right feelings and good relationships then I will be happy." Then they seek the feelings and sensations that will give them happiness. Or One might seek Sex and Emotional Love, but these are Transitory and will Pass.

194. In the Next Center, the Will Center and Navel Chakra, you might say, "If I could just arrange People and Things in my Life the way I want them, then and I had the Power I seek to command from, then I would be Happy." But Men have gained Great Power to manipulate others and still have not found happiness. Happiness is a Transitory Thing. It can never be Captured.

195. Joy is an exalted happiness won by the Soul. With Joy comes happiness. Joy can pour into the Mind, Pour into the Emotions and Pour into the Physical Universe unending. But Happiness can not be found in the Physical, Emotional or Mental levels with out Joy. Happiness must be found in the Heart, in that Dynamic Intuitive Awareness of not only being an Individual Soul, but one with other Souls. It's like the Pie of Humanity - we all have a Little Piece of it and still there is only one Pie. There is the Soul of Humanity and each Individual has a Piece of that Soul. Joy is won in the Soul.

196. When Joy is Exalted into Spiritual Awareness, it becomes Bliss. The seeking of this Bliss must come in a Spiritual Way. By Love and Devotion to God, this Bliss from the Spirit gives Joy to the Soul and true happiness to the Personality. Then on this Dimension you experience Peace and Joy.

197. By Concentration on the reality of bringing forth the Bliss in the Emotional Energy, we should seek every opportunity to have Constructivity in Joy. Constructivity in Joy draws upon the Orange Flame. The Orange Flame gives Aspiration to the Emotions and it rises to the Point of Inspiration when it reaches the Throat Chakra. Aspiration in Emotions is Inspiration in the Throat Chakra because you have reverse the polarity of the conscious awareness in the emotional consciousness. First you aspire and then you inspire, because you have made contact with Spirit. Inspiration comes from the Spirit, through the Soul, into the thinking and emotional Strata of a Human Being.

198. As you send your Love out to God in Ritual or through feeling Devotion, say, "Thank you for the Love, Praise God for the Flowers, Praise God for the Things you can see and the Things you cannot see." As you pray, Everything returns to the Source.

199. They say, "Cast your Bread upon the Water, and it will Return Tenfold." God gives to you 100% life. You know that He says, "Give me back 10% and I'll multiply it Ten Fold." Well, ten times 10% is One Hundred % that God gives back. Being healthy Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually is 100% Life, any less is sickness.

200. When you give 10% or 2.4 hours of your day to God, God will give you the Day. Then you are invoking a Law called Tithing in Consciousness; your Love and Devotion become Tithing. Blessed be the Saint who has Love and Devotion in his or her Heart 24 hours a day, for he or she has impacted to 240 %. Look at how many People the Saint can send that Light and Energy to. That's why the Saints and Masters Radiate these Great Beautiful Waves of Love. They take time to build and maintain such radiation. If you are Practicing Love and Devotion in your Spirit, Heart and Body, you will be the same Radiant Beacon of that Love.

201. When you are in Tune Spiritually with Concentration and the Subconscious Mind, Electromagnetic Energies and Divine Light come from the Godhead. It comes from the One through the Duality, through the Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, through the Seven Rays, through the Cosmic Beings and Powers, Manifest through the Earth's Atmosphere. From the Atmosphere to the Mind, the Brain, the Nervous System and out into the World as expression of Light in the Aura. Energy is stepped down through the Higher Kingdom, the Angelic Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom. Other Beings upon this Planet are stepping down Energy and Light and Radiating to you. This Energy enters the Body as a Psychic Discharge in the Kundalini Path, which the Chakras and Aura are a part of, up and down the Spine to the Brain in the Central Nervous System.

202. Now the Autonomic Nervous System of the Body operates on the subtle levels in the Organs and the Glands. The Autonomic Nervous System operates Automatically such as when we open our Eyes and we see. Further more the heart beats, the breath and other functions of the body are Autonomic. The Salivary Gland produces Saliva automatically. The Lungs Breathe automatically; the heart beats automatically. If you go to Sleep or are Unconscious, your Autonomic System is still working. One of the most Powerful Organs of the Whole Nervous System is the Brain, which constantly works even in a Coma.

203. When you have a Vibratory Rate in the Autonomic System, in the Brain, Waves Activate the Glands. The Glands Vibrate positively under Alpha Wave output, which means there is a Creative Projection of the Mind. When too much Beta Wave Energy gets in the Brain, they become Waves of Stress and Strain and cause Alpha Production or Creative Production to go under Strain. The Organs start dropping their Vibrations. When the Brain Waves drop to a certain level, they stop receiving the signals to and from the Body clearly, so Disease can take place in the Body.

204. This can happen in Emotional and Mental Stress. People have had Heart attacks under great Emotional Stress, Failure of Lungs, Kidneys, Liver, Gall Bladder, and so forth can fail and all these organs are Purifiers for the Body. They are Purifiers for the Blood, Water and Air moving in the Body. All these things stay high in vibration when you are sending Love and Devotion to God, because God sends Love and Devotion on the return currents to you.

205. Remember, God is a the Basic Conscious Energy and Light. Creation has no application of its own separate from God's Creations; God gives Life Unconditioned. You qualify Energy and Light every moment and one of the most powerful qualifiers is the Emotional Body.

206. When Stress happens in the Emotional Body, it can affect the Lungs, the Heart, the Pancreas, the Adrenal Glands, all of the areas of the Autonomic Nervous System.It can affect the Colon, the Intestines, the Sweat Glands, even the Hair Follicles. Hair can fall out from getting Emotionally Upset. I know People who can not Sweat, even when they Run or Work, because that part of their Autonomic System has been canceled out.

207. The Autonomic Nervous System is always at work, 24 hours a day. It causes your Breathing; you do not stop Breath. You can go without Food or Water, you can go without some of your Blood, you can go without parts of your Body, Arms or Legs missing and still Function. You can not go without Breath, because it contains your Life, the Pranic Force. With Breath you are purifying and strengthening the Life Force in the Body.

208. Each part of the Body extracts Pranic Energy at a Different Vibratory rate under the Law of Alike Attracts Alike. You can use this power for healing. For example, I knew a Man who had Sugar Diabetes. He visualized his Blood raising in Vibration, to Pure White Light and a Transmutation Fire pushing through the Veins. He did not believe any longer that he had Sugar Diabetes. He saw through Color, Light, Sound and Motion Positive Energy flowing to change that Negative Energy and he was Healed. All these things are Automatic.

209. Operating from the Autonomic Nervous System is the Subconscious mind, which is a Biochemical Computer impressing the Brain and Mind. The Autonomic Nervous System stores Electromagnetic impressions in the Brain Biochemically, through Emoting of Thought. This Biochemical Computer Reacts out of the Substance of the reflections of Light that you draw from the World. Incoming Light and Energy reported by the senses register in to Electromagnetic fields of the nervous system and travel to the brain impressing cell Electromagnetically and Biochemically. Eating Foods that give much sensation or stimulation can stimulate your system to Anger, Passion or the Heavier Red Energies.

210. The Spleen Chakra has Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet Rays in its Six Petal Lotus and is one of the emoting vibrations of thought. There are numerous ways to use the Chakras. Many People have learned the Yogic way because that is the one that has been mostly put out to the World, but there are other ways of Lacing the Chakras. There is the Tao, Buddhic, Christian, Islamic ways and each Religion and Mystery School has its way. The way we Lace the Chakras in the Astral Physics School is for Open and direct contact with God, Master Consciousness and Ascension.

211. Not only do you have the Automatic Reactions of the Heart, Lungs and so forth, but you also have Automatic Reactions from the Subconscious mind, which reacts from the Stimuli of the World. You should try to do something to control these Patterns rather than just impulsively following them. The impulse to do this comes from the Monopoly of Consciousness predicated toward these Stimuli in the Subconscious Mind. This means that whatever patterns you have in the Subconscious Mind will come together and support whatever Stimuli come from the outside. But what comes from outside is what you are paying attention to, where you are concentrating and what you are focused in.

212. The Subconscious Mind like a Computer. If you ask it a particular subject, it will give you the information on that. It is greater than Memory because it Records everything. Memory will give you what you paid attention to through your Five Senses. But in the Subconscious Mind, while you are reading this, you are still hearing the Refrigerator running, the Birds chirping, all the other sounds. It is recording other people in the room and what they are doing as well.

213. Everything that happens is being recorded in your Subconscious Mind and your Soul's experience. It is constantly being Impressed, 24 Hours a Day. That's why you can play a tape when you are asleep and it will put it into your Subconscious Computer. You do not even have to pay attention. All you need to do is put the tape on, and it will record in the Subconscious Mind.

214. Master Subramuniya, a Beautiful Master who lived on Kauai, had a course called the Master's course and every night for four months, I played the Twelve Tapes. I would start a Tape as I was going to Sleep. In the Morning when I was giving my Class, I would say things and wonder where they came from. Then I started Listening to the tapes during the day and recognized the teachings more consciously.

215. I did one thing when I listened to those tapes. I practiced never missing One word. If I missed a Word, I would run the tape back and listen again. I made myself concentrate and focus on it. Every time my Mind or Emotions drifted, I would rewind the tape back to where I could recall the exact Words. I practiced until I never missed a Single Word. I kept the Purity of my recording in the Mind.

216. The Subconscious Mind, while you are reading, not only records all you read, but what everyone around you is doing. When you are thinking, you are recording your Thoughts, Opinions, Conclusions, Judgments, Comparisons, Assumptions and all the other things you are doing. All this pollutes what you are reading. You should read or study with a Pure Mind and ponder at a later time.

217. When you are having Healings, these are being recorded too and your Knowledge is being restimulated. The Subconscious Mind goes into the Sub of the Subconscious Mind and the Environmental Mind. This Subconscious Mind records all the Inherited Tendencies, Conditioned Reactions and Habit Patterns in the Brain by using the energies and light from the Autonomic Nervous System.

218. Most People have been using just one side of their Brain, so most things, but not all things, are recorded on just one Side, until they start using the other side of the Brain. Some people think from the back of their Head. To have the Power of the Mystic, One must transfer the energy and light to the Frontal lobs of the Brain. You can do this by visualizing yourself in the Center of your Brain looking at the back of your Forehead. This will Open the Inner Sight a start your movement forward in the Brain.

219. If the Inherited Tendencies, Conditioned Reactions and Habit Patterns in your Subconscious are not settled, if there is stress, non-belief, erroneous assumptions and knowledge, things that are not true, that is the basis of how you will react to the World and visa versa. All of your reactions to the World must come through the emoting vibrations of your Subconscious Mind. You cannot say something without having an Emotional Energy to Emote. Emotions are the most dynamic force for the impression of Consciousness.

220. When you cry, the thoughts you are crying are impressed with the cry. If you feel bad and rotten about yourself, you'll get bad and rotten programmed into the Subconscious Mind at a more dynamic level, than if it was just a passing thought. You have given it power through putting this emoting vibration into the impression, and this is how it is conditioned. If you find yourself crying, change your thoughts to good thoughts, positive thoughts, and let yourself be programmed that way.

221. There have been times when I would get sad and start crying. Then I would say, "I'm a Man. What am I crying for?" It was because we had a thing that said, men don't cry: I don't know why. The shortest Verse in the Bible is "Jesus wept". Well, if Jesus wept, then it was OK for me to weep. So I was weeping, but I had these Negative Thoughts, and the Realization was given me through the Masters to take and use positive energy.

222. When I got angry, I would put Positive Energy on it to transmute it. Pretty soon the Anger did not want to be used that way, so it left. Anger wants to be used with Negative heavy thoughts and emotions. When I started using nice Emotions, I started transmuting, reversing the Polarity. When you do not have control of your Emotional Body, your thoughts and actions will not be Controlled. If you do not have control of your Emotional Body, you will have no Reality, no Inner Peace, no Rhythm and Vibration, no Truth, no Past Experience. If you have Emotions that are not smooth, you will not have true Visions, you will not See Clearly, because it will distort the Vision like a Mist.

223. Emotions act like Water. In fact, in the Realm of the Emotional, Astral Strata moves and changes Form very quickly. When you are doing an Astral Projection, you may find you are just a pair of Eyes floating in the Astral Plane. You might see your Whole Body, or you might see your Body with just a Cloud under it. At First I had to have Feet and had to walk around on something.

224. My Grandmother taught me how to Project and walk around on the Earth. I would Walk around the House where I felt safe. When I was alone, I was so Paranoid I would lock the doors because I didn't want anybody to come in when I was out of my Body. I was afraid they might take my Body, do something with it or that Someone else would enter it and take me over. These Fears are Erroneous Programming in the Subconscious Mind.

225. All Fears come from Erroneous Programming. Most Fears do not have words; they have Feelings. They are feelings of being separated and falling into Darkness. It is like you are coming out of the White into Black; it is a Gray Ray and Fear will come up. You Transcend this Fear through Love and Devotion in the Emotional Strata, and by sending these feelings upwards. This practice also clears the Subconscious Mind.

226. How are you going to get stored information when you need it? It is very Simple. You just simply think of it, but if it is hiding behind some erroneous things, it may not come to Mind; you may not be clear. The Power of the Subconscious Mind in Emoting Vibrations can be controlled by correlation of the Subconscious Mind. That may sound really hard to do, but it's simple. Each of the Petals of the Spleen Chakra is one of the Colors of the Rainbow and when you are Visualizing the Rainbow, you are correlating your Subconscious Mind.

227. When you want any information about the physical universe, look into Red in the Subconscious Mind. When you want things of the emotional universe, look into the Orange. When you want things of the mental, look into the Yellow. When you want Intuitive Awareness from the Subconscious Mind, look into the Green. When you want Creative Power, look into the Blue, and when you desire Transmutation and Spiritual Power, look into the Violet.

228. The Colors of the Rainbow come in the Sky as a Covenant between God and Man. The rain falls and the Sun shines through it, every day some where in the World. Every day there is a Rainbow and you have that Rainbow. It's a Correlation Tool for the Subconscious Mind.

229. During the time of Noah the Earth was destroyed by the uncontrollable emotional energy of the People of the Time. There was only one man, Noah, who was controlled and listening to God. Well, that was one event, but in other parts of the World there were other stories of Catastrophe and Flood in other Times. It just happens they recorded this particular Story. Man was so caught in the misuse of emotional energy, that Man Flooded the Planet through his own Emoting Vibrations.

230. Look what has happened in our country in just these past years. First we had a freeze. Everybody frozen up after Nixon. They got Cold towards their Country and didn't want to say anything. They did not want to agitate it or get hot, so what happened? We had a Freeze. Interesting. Then what happened? People got really loose in their Emotional Bodies, and we had Flooding. Then people got hot because they were upset with all this Freezing and Flooding, and we had a Drought. My goodness! Your Emotions Control the movement of Water upon this Planet, more than you'll ever know, until you reach the realm of the Soul.

231. The Emotional Strata controls Water on the Planet, just as the Physical body controls the Earth. Mental Bodies control the Air. Some of the Masters were Powerful with Control of emotions. What did Jesus Do? He stayed Calm, and said, "Peace." There was Peace because of the Vibrations of his Astral, his Emotional Body. He had dynamic control and Mastery of Emotion and walked on the water.

232. The way to overcome the programming of the Subconscious Mind is to remember how you felt when you were a Child. You will find that many Spiritual Teachers, Yogis and Masters who work with the Orange Ray are very Childlike. Do you see why? It is because they have no falling out, no separation in Consciousness. They are still spontaneous.

233. The Subconscious Mind is Sub because you have not paid attention consciously, you have pushed it aside. So the next thing you know, you get reactions from it. You say, "Why did I do that? I am doing the same old thing over and over again. I know better, but when I get in that situation it plays out." You can change it. When you were a Child you never had Subconscious Problems. You were always aware.

234. When the Conscious and Subconscious Minds come together, you become Superconscious. I started controlling in the Subtle Fields some years ago and I found that as I brought this Control into my being, I would have less and less things happen without my awareness. Before that I would be doing one thing and thinking of something else. So I would be Unconscious of an act. I would get dressed and didn't realize I' had gotten dressed. I would say, "Did I comb my hair?' and I had already combed it. "Did I brush my Teeth?" I would already brushed them. I had to check because I was not here and now in the Presence.

235. The Subconscious Mind is conditioned by the Past, so it can pull you into the Past and out of the Inner Peace of Now, the Inner Peace that's present. There is no Peace in the Past and there is no Peace in the Future. There is only the Peace of now - the Presence. It is an ever changing Now.

236. To become more Aware, I started paying more Attention. When I got up in the Morning, I noticed how I moved my Hands, which Leg I put in my pants first, the way I tied my Shoes. I started paying Attention again, as i did as a child, to all the things I did when I was a little Child. I started getting more and more Superconscious. I would point things out to People, and they would answer. "I was not Conscious of that." I had started seeing into Subtle Fields.

237. You will see as Clearly as you are Clear. When you are Clear, the World is clear. When you're muddled, the World is muddled. If you're Angry you see Angry people. If you're Happy, you see Happy People. Everything Returns to the source. You have the option, the free will, to React or not react out of it. You have the Mastery to Change.



Ct.CROWN 42 to 49 Years - 49 to 56 Years Transcendent

CROWN 36 to 42 Years - 42 to 49 Years 1 to 0 Hours

BROW 30 to 36 Years ------- 35 to 42 Years 1 to 2 Hours


THROAT 24 to 30 Years ------- 28 to 35 Years 2 to 4 Hours

HEART 18 to 24 Years ------- 21 to 28 Years 3 to 5 Hours

NAVEL 12 to 18 Years ------- 14 to 21 Years 6 to 8 Hours

SPLEEN 6 to 12 Years ------- 7 to 14 Years 10 to 12 Hours

ROOT 1 to 6 Years ------- 1 to 7 Years 12 to 16 Hours

238. Now what's this Change? Some people think that when you change, everything you did in the past changes too. But the Past is Past and there is nothing you can do about it. The Past is already Conditioned. Remember the Planet is turning and wobbling on its Axis, moving through Space and Light is making impressions in the Akashic Records as it reflects on the all the objects that are moving. It is all happening in the Present. You have nothing to hide, but the Subconscious Mind can be hiding things below the level of Consciousness.

239. When is the most Vulnerable Conditioning to this Mind? Ages 1 to 7 has to do with the Physical Universe. Even though you're using emotional energies, you are not using them consciously until you get up into the 7th to 14 years for Boys and the 6th to 12th years for Girls. You become aware of your feeling toward others at these ages. Before that you may be hugging or hanging on Mama for Security. But you are not consciously aware of the Love there until the Point of Realization at age 6 or 7.

240. Most Problems in People's Emotional Consciousness can be found in these age ranges. At that time One can get Hangups in the Subconscious. Did you ever see People still doing things they did as kids? The difference between the Childlike Nature of a Master and the Childlike Nature of the Child is that the child does not know what he or she is doing and the Child has no control over it. The Master knows what he or she is doing and the Master controls their life.

241. The Wisdom to control your Emotional Body comes when you no longer hide your reactions, you no longer hide from yourself what you are doing. "I really do not like to do this. I will pay Attention over there while I am doing it." You want to fool yourself. This kind of action is Self Delusion.

242. You can get into Comparison. You say, "I am not as pretty as someone else." Or, "That Guy is stronger than me. That Guy is bigger, so he must be better." This is Erroneous Programming in the Subconscious Mind. Poor self Image in Emotional Energies usually starts around the age period from 6 or 7 years old.

243. Every time you compare, you will always come out second because everything is greater than "I". But the "I AM" is greater than everything. The "I" of the I, Me and Mine is a heavy programming. If you can stop saying these words, I, Me or My, you stop pulling that programming from the Subconscious Mind. In the Clarity of Mind there is a new name.

244. WE have learned how to say "we". We includes the Subconscious Mind, the Thinking Mind, the Intuitive Mind and everything else about the Self in the word WE, and we think of each one of our bodies cooperating together. We also represents our Oneness with God and God's Holy Spirit were all healing comes from.

245. You can have a Physical Body that is 30 years old; You can have an Emotional Body that is 10 years old; You can have a Mental Body that is 80 years old. But then the Body, Emotions and Mind are all out of Synchronization. They are not Correlated. We remember one time seeing a Professor give a Lecture. He was very dynamic and mature and he gave the impression that he was very confident and controlled, but then he turned around and hit the podium with his knee. He started jumping up and down and yelling. The whole audience was looking at him. He was acting like a little kid.

246. This Man had commanded great respect, so we listened to people afterwards. People would not identify it and say it was emotion, because they did not want the same thing identified in themselves. They would not say something because it might reveal what the they are doing. You might say, "I would not do it that way," but you did it that way. Your Subconscious Mind is saying it, and you feel that Flash or Movement in Consciousness. But you redirect the Attention. You point off in some other direction to evade it.

247. An idea goes in the Subconscious Field, and when you get that Awareness Back, the same idea comes in. It is coming up to support you. It loves you; everything loves to give of Itself. This Thought, Erroneous or True, wants to give of itself because that is the Nature of Consciousness, that giving, flowing. When energy gets stopped, you have a Block. That is what causes stress. Something is being resisted.

248. You might feel these resistances within your Subconscious Mind when you go to do something. Did you ever apply for a Job and Think, "I do not know if I can do this or not." You sit down in front of this Fellow and he starts asking you Questions. You start remembering things, all the times you goofed off or messed up. All of a sudden these things start playing. Finally the Guy looks at you. Maybe you have said all the right things and he said all the right things, but then he says, "I'll call you." He is still thinking about you from getting your impressions. He still has your image in his Mind and whatever you are thinking when you walk away, you have left that with him. Have you ever wondered why someone did not call back?

249. We never wondered because we used to think we were a rotten Person. We think we deserved all the rotten things we got. When something went bad, we thought, "Well, we deserved it. Punish me. Hit me." We do that to ourselves because we want something to make us do it Right.

250. Here is beautiful story of a Master teaching a Student.
The Student asks; "What should I do about Anger?"
The Master says; "Well, let me see this Anger."
The Student answers; "But I do not have it now."
The Master says; "When you get it, bring it here."
The Student says; "But I will lose it before I get here."
The Master answers; "Then Anger must be something outside of you.
The next time you get it, take a club and beat yourself until Anger runs away."

251. A lot of you are doing that, beating yourselves with a Metaphysical Club, that you are not good or doing wrong things. If you think you are wrong, subtilely you think you are not good. This is all resistance because you have not faced something.

252. To work with the Subconscious Mind and bring yourself to concentration. One should handle things as soon as it comes up. Don't say, "I'm doing something else right now." At the Moment something comes up, you have the Power, because you stand at the crossroads of Darkness and Light. At the crossroads say; "I'm going to accept the thing the way it is," or "I'm changing this now," and then change it. If you do not make the change, it will go back into the Subconscious and come up at some inopportune time with negative support. You will have that Play within your Consciousness.

253. The Subconscious Mind is a beautiful Computer, a Servant. It is of service by recording every single thing you do. Working with the Subconscious Mind, this Computer, is very Simple - it gives you exactly what you program, consciously or unconsciously and what you ask for.

254. When One is younger, there is a lot of opinions about oneself. One time I asked, "What is wrong with me?" I was one of those Guys who said, "If it does not relate to me, I do not care." A small voice said, "Yes, you do." Who was that? There was nobody there; it must have been me, or something in me saying that.

255. Maybe it was an impression from my Oversoul saying, "You are a perfect child of God." My Guardian Angel has given me the impression to uplift myself. It may have been a Master of Light, Jesus. I was studying and working with all these Masters of the Spiritual Path. I began seeing them in Visions, and they sent me Light and Energy. Something said it to me; it was the I AM that I AM. I Listened to it, and that's the moment I decided to change.

256. You are never given more than you can handle. The Purification may be very, very, thorough. It can really clear you out. It could even cause a Disease so that you will have to look at the condition. No matter what, you will have to see it.

257. I know a Lady who had a Cancer Operation. The Doctor said, "We got it all." She said, "Yes, but I don't believe him because I still feel funny." Six Months later there was another Cancer Operation. "Did he get it all this time?" I asked. "I think he got it all," she said. "I've still got a Strange Feeling about though. It might come back." After Three Months another Operation. In Two Years she had Seven Operations. She had her Female Organs removed, Two-thirds of her Stomach, a Kidney, part of her Intestines, part of the Colon. She was doing all these things to herself by Agreement and Acceptance. Fear not lest it come upon you.

258. I said, "How much has to be taken away from you? How much do you have to give away of your Body to stop having this Cancer destruction?" "Oh, I don't see myself with it anymore." Guess what? No More Cancer. I know this personally, as it was my Mother. She had Seven Cancer operations, from 1948 to 1950.

259. She said, "I can not understand it. I have been doing all this healing for people." That was the Statement that gave her Cancer, that disrupted her. She did Nothing. You are doing Nothing. You do Nothing, God does it. The Healing Powers of God through the Holy Spirit are always Operating and they flow through you. They are the Doer and you are the Experience of God's doing. If you Identify with the Experience, then you are the Doer, and what has been released from healing will come to the Doer.

260. All this is Illusion to the Personality, but Reality to the Soul. It is Illusion to the Personality because in essence the Personality can do nothing. The Subconscious Mind does not think for itself. It does not react out of anything other than the Stimuli of the Situation, in the way you have programmed the Subconscious Mind Yourself.

261. The change that takes place right at the end of the Cycle from Immaturity or Puberty into Maturity can be very traumatic for some People. The Woman begins her Menstrual period; the young man becomes a Man. All this happens at ages 12 to 18, or 14 to 21. It can be traumatic for People that do not understand, because their Parents did not tell them anything or they got heresay from many different People. Oh, it is this way or its that way. Pretty soon they start making their own Ways. It can be a whole erroneous Program in Consciousness when the Point of View is not clear and centered.

262. To come to Concentration you must become One-pointed in Focus; that is the Point of Power. What you do on the Inside is what you are going to do on the Outside. When you can Concentrate over the Rainbow Bridge, and when you can hold your Mind steady for 15 Minutes, you have the Power to do and persist in anything for at least 15 minutes. You get this Power by not letting your Mind drift off, not thinking what it means, but by just holding the Color.

263. The Colors represent the unmanifested thoughts and emotions in Mind. You get the Colors in the Higher Mind Strata. They are Forces of the Mind and you are Alchemist mixing these Colors together. You put the Physical, Mental and Spiritual together by what you have been experiencing in your Life.

264. Memory is imperfect and impure. It gives what the Senses Perceive. If you think something over, you may add to the Memory of it. It is like going fishing. Someone catches a Fish. A couple days later it is "We caught this Fish and it took me an hour and a half to get it in. Later," I caught this Fish and it was so big I needed help to pull it in."

265. In Emotional People the tone gets Louder. You hear, "Ha, ha." I haven't seen you in a long time. Ha, Ha." You hear Emotional People get Loud because there is so much Power in their Emotional Body. They don't use the Power they have built up and when they do something, it blurts out.

266. Sometimes they say things they would not otherwise say if they thought it over. You might reveal yourself and then say, "Gee, I shouldn't have told that Guy because he will use it over me." The next thing you know he is using it over you. That is because you programmed it.

267. The Subconscious Mind does not do anything but record and release the Energy and Information in it. Here is how it records. This is a little Story I have told for years; it was given to me by a wonderful teacher to show how the Subconscious Mind builds up things over a Period of Time. Imagine that a little Boy is riding along on his Tricycle. He falls over the curb and bumps his head on the Ground. Just then a fellow driving down the street blows his horn, which goes "Beep."

268. Next the Boy is 12 years old and riding his Two-Wheel Bike. Crash, he falls down and hits the Ground. Just then a Car comes along and the horn goes "Beep." Fall down, hit Ground, beep are now programed twice in the Subconscious Mind. The Subconscious does not know time. So far as it knows, it is a Repeat of the same Incident.

269. The same Incident doesn't happen again, but here is this same person about 35 years old. He has been shopping and is walking along a little tired. As he goes to step off the curb he jolts his Body a little and a passing Car goes past a horn goes "Beep." He walks across the street and says, "I have got this terrible Headache. I wonder where it came from?"

270. The jarring of the Body and the Horn Blowing trigger off the Subconscious Mind. What was the reaction? The Head hurt because it was bumped two times before. It was an automatic reaction. The Man does not know where he got the Headache. If he went back in the Subconscious Mind, he might recall the Childhood Incidents and yet not even realize that 1 and 1 make 3. Now he is reacting out of it. How many things do you have programmed in there that reacts that way?

271. When I was about 8 years old, I went to a birthday party for a Girl. You know what they gave me for a present for her? Two pairs of underpants. My uncles said, "What are you going to do with these underpants? They started playing all these games about the way the girl would react to the gift. I was afraid of Girls and I would think about all these Negative things my Uncles were saying and doing.

272. They used to drive down the Street and say, "Look at this one. Look at that one. I wonder what she would be like?" My goodness, every time I looked I had all these thoughts coming. Why were they coming? Because I didn't want to disagree with my uncle. I didn't want to get a slap across the Face. We Agree because we don't want to have something else happen.

273. All those things you ever agreed to are in your Subconscious Mind. So you have to re-educate the Subconscious Mind sometimes. People can make up stories to get attention and you may have gone along with the Story. There might have been exaggeration - the Fish gets Bigger. You agree with your Mom. You agree with your Dad. Then you get out in the World and find that is wrong and you say, "I don't like my Mother, I hate my Dad." It's because you know what they told you. It would be better to reprogram your Subconscious Mind than be mad at your parents. Anger poisons the Body and Mind.

274. All this Old Programming of the Subconscious Mind, what good is it? It does not matter because the Past is the Past. There is nothing you can do about it; you are here right now. All that past memory, all those past impressions are subject to what you command now. The Last is First and the First is Last. Do you see that? Jesus told us that in the Sermon on the Mount. When you look into the Subconscious Mind, the first thing you see is the last Heavy Impression.

275. Some people have Blocks. They put so much cushion between them and Reality that when they go back in their Subconscious Mind they get Fantasy; or they forget what they are going back for because they programmed forgetting. How many times have you wanted to remember something and you could not get it? You forgot even what you were talking about. You were not persistent enough to get past the forgetfulness. Your Subconscious Mind is like a computer. If you want something from the Subconscious Mind, you have to tell it exactly what you want.

276. There was a man by the name of Max Freedom Long who lived in Hawaii and studied Huna. He wrote a book about reprogramming the Subconscious Mind and he gave the Subconscious a Name. He called it George. Let George do it. He would tell the Subconscious Mind advance to react in certain ways and then when he got in the situation, it would react that way. Start talking to the Subconscious Mind like it is something, not like it is Nothing.

277. I used to call my Subconscious Mind Jerry, then I called it Roy and then we did not have it any more. Now I AM TAT, Objective, Detached Renounced and Illumined. When we do not handle Something, then Roy has to handle it. Now Roy can do it very quickly because my Subconscious Energies are open. We know what we are receiving from everybody. We know when you agree with us and when you do not, because we are clear. We have nothing there to stop the flow of our Subconscious feelings and sensations in the World.

278. The Subconscious Mind is like a great faithful Computer and it can be one of your greatest Allies. When you learn to work with the Subconscious Mind, you no longer have to do things out of conditioned reactions, inherited tendencies and habit patterns, you can react consciously. When you use a conditioned reaction, inherited tendency or a habit you are aware that you are doing it as you become more conscious.

279. You practice being Superconscious, watching what you're doing. You become Self- Conscious but not paranoid Self Conscious, as when you think everybody is looking at you all the time. You are just witnessing everything you are doing. There are Three Aspects in you; the Doer, the Witness and the Creator. The Witness is always Witnessing, the Doer is always Doing and the Creator is always Creating.

280. Sometimes the Witness is Blindfolded or Muffled so it won't talk back to you. You know you did these things but you won't admit it. It is then that you are getting erroneous programming in the Subconscious Mind. You have put a Block in the Subconscious. When you react, there will be a restraint upon you. It can Create Stress and Anxiety.

281. To bring yourself to the Witness State, let go of scattered attention. Attention is the first step. Concentration is the second step. As you concentrate more deeply, you get deeper into the awareness of what you are doing, Self Conscious. You become very conscious of what others are doing too. You become sensitive to the World.

282. Now being sensitive can drive some of you up the Wall. Did you ever do something and then want to tell someone else how to do it? Things like;
"I quit Smoking. Now let me tell you how to quit."
"Hey man, do not tell me that. I've being Smoking for 20 years. It's going to take me weeks."
"No, just quit."
"Hey, wait a minute. I know what I can do."

283. You may have the Right Answer, but you tell someone and the next thing you have a Defensive Reaction to face. Defensive Reaction is a Willful Subconscious Reaction, Habit Pattern, Conditioned Reaction. Defensive Reaction is Defensive against any one or thing that challenges you. It come from the fear and fight center at the Navel Chakra and is intellectual.

284. You do not want to look like you are not a good person. You do not desire to look like you have not controlled yourself. Why is that? You might think, "Oh, other people will look down on me.," or, "Thoughts are things. I do not desire People to send me Negative Thoughts," or, "I don't want them to feel sorry for me. If they feel sorry for me, then I feel sorry."

285. You see, it does not matter where others are at. For example, If you think of your mother, really Picture her, focused and concentrating, then say "Call me," she will call you. "I had this impression to call you," she might say. She will know to call when clear energies are there.

286. When a person is involved in something else, then no matter what you are thinking, you may not get through. The Line can be Busy. That is why a lot of people say, "Telepathy doesn't work for me." They send once or twice and the person does not get it because he or she is paying attention to something with a higher priority. They could be dwelling in the Past or Future and they may not be in the Presence. In that case you can set a "Charge" to go off at the first moment they are Open.

287. This can be like trying to reprogram the Subconscious Mind. It tries to tell you to do something. You say, "I do not do that any more." It replies, "Well, you always did it this way before. This is why you have difficulty." So you have all the whys to contend with and overcome. They are emotional cries. Why? Why this? Why that? Why that?

288. Persistence is the answer to success. There also can be Blocks. "I don't want to think about that," or, "Don't put it into words. Sometimes the Subconscious Mind may just have it in Feelings. Perhaps you have said, "I do not mind feeling rotten, but I do not want to think about it," or, "I'm busy now. I want to do something else," perhaps adding "I don't know what, but I'll find something." Diversion of Attention causes lack of Concentration.

289. There is no Success without Concentration. You must be able to become completely absorbed within it. You must be able to focus. Concentration is like this: If I got a Bucket of Water and threw it against a Wall, I would have a Wet Wall. But if the Water is Frozen into a long Icicle, I could jab a hole in the Wall. I could Pierce it, because the Water then is Concentrated. When the Emotions are all over the Place, they are like the Ocean.

290. They have no Resistance. Heat - they will Steam up. Cold - they will get Hard. If you do not do anything, they lay around. If you step on it, they squirt away. That's the way Emotions are, just like the Ocean. A lot of People are squirting Emotions. They step through those Emotional Waves, getting them between their toes. You get them mixed up with the Earth a little, you get Mud, right? That's what happens to your Consciousness. It gets all Muddy.

291. How about when the Emotions get into the Air? They' begin to Drift. "I feel so fine." It's a Person Floating along. "Better than being down there all Muddy. The Finer Emotions are in the Sky." Like the Clouds, they Float Silently and Majestically in Beauty, and what happens? This Person hits a Hot Zone and all of a sudden cries all over the Place. It is like rain falling down into all the other Emotions.

292. That is what happens when you cry. You fall into all the other Emotions. You upset them because you can not touch part of the Ocean without touching the whole Ocean. Did you know you drank the Ocean? Lifetime after Lifetime Mankind has Drank it. We have used that Water over and over again. Why is it still Purified and how do we do it? How can we use our Emotional body, and how can we purify it? Again we come back to Concentration.

293. Concentration will give the Emotions Form, so they will not be scattered all over the place. To control the Physical Universe, use Attention. To control the Emotional Universe, use Concentration. Concentrate, do not let your Mind wander off. Don't let your Emotions run off.

294. Concentration is giving your Awareness focus and Concentration is the Power over the Subconscious Mind. Concentrate on what you are doing. Do not just let it play out of Conditioned Reactions or Habits. "Oh, I did not realize I was doing that." That is because of lack of Concentration.

295. I heard a wise teacher say, "Constipation is lack of Concentration." When I heard it, I realized how that was. When I went in the Bathroom and Concentrated on Relaxing and being open, I had it good. But if I was not Concentrating, I wondered why I wasn't going. "Gee, I guess I don't have to go." Concentrate on your body; let it work.

296. You may think your Subconscious is going to automatically do things all the time. We put all this on our Old Subconscious, and then if things do not work, we have it to blame. But it's your Subconscious Mind. When you are using it, you are that. Om Tat Sat Om. I AM that I AM. That is the Law of Identity. You could not work with it unless you Identified with it.

297. You have about 97% Water in you. Well, that's 97% Emotional medium for the pulsating vibration within your Physical Body. You can not move across the Room without Emotions, the emotion of desire. The Physical Body does not have any motion of its own. It takes that Electromagnetic Impulse from the Emotions to make it go even on the Autonomic Level.

298. How many people have you heard say, "OK, God, You do it. I am waiting . . . Gosh, He is not doing anything. Well, I will just wait." What is He going to do? You must initiate the action by desire and free will. God gave you free will. God can do nothing without you emoting the vibrations and causing the action. Concentration will give you the Power of Action.

299. Action takes Consciousness. A Table is Inert. The Table is stuck in being a Table until it falls apart, sometimes for Two or Three Hundred Years. Some Tables are older than that. There is a Table in the Wesak Valley made of stone that has been there for over 2,500 years. Are you less than a Table? Do you think you are only going to live a Few Years, than death and that is it? If that was the case then you have lost the Power of the Orange Flame.The Orange Ray has the Positive Attributes of a Busy Nature and Warm Hearted Consciousness. The Orange Ray has the ability to move and get things done. The Orange Ray is Harmonious, Tolerant, and Considerate.

300. When you are really deep in the Eternal Peace of Blue Ray Energy and Bliss, Glowing, then you have reversed the Polarity of Orange, instead of being Physically Orientated, you are Spiritually Orientated. Blue is the Sub of the Super Conscious Mind; it sees Cycles and sees Lights in consciousness.

301. Many times the Orange Ray alone does not see things in Consciousness until they are over. The Negative attributes of Orange are Pessimism, Laziness, Apathy, Inferiority, Depression, Immodesty, Overindulgence, Lusting and Excessiveness.

302. The Orange Ray, as a Healing Treatment or Therapeutic Energy, aids Assimilation of all Elements. As it acts on the Body, Emotion begins to move the Elements together. Now Orange is between Red and Yellow. The Yellow Ray is an Intellectual vibration and the Red Ray is a Physical vibration, so Orange is the Mating or Transition of thoughts into Action. It is a Harmonizing, so it aids Assimilation of all Elements acting on the Body, including Environmental Energies and the Pranic Energies you are Breathing. It's a very Powerful Energy.

303. Orange is a Purifier which aids Digestion and helps Elimination from your Body. It is a Healing Flame, especially when you are using that Emotional Energy when it is Power. It also works on Functional Disorders.

304. Once I was having a Problem with my Bowels, and went to stay in an Orange Tent. I had Orange all about me, and I was Healed.

305. For about Two Years before that, you could not get me near Orange or Red because I was on an Ascension Flame of Violet and was transcending those Energies. I had to cut them out, as I had so much of them and had to reverse the Polarity.

306. Orange is a stimulation for sensitive people and increases emotional well being. Orange also works to overcome exhaustion. You can emanate Orange into a person's Body for this condition and Orange would stimulate the person's energy.

307. Remember that the Root Chakra has Orange and Red in it and the Spleen Chakra has Orange and Red (along with other colors). When you are working with Orange you are also stimulating the Root Chakra and Physical Senses. If there is some Dull Sense, you can bring it up by Seeing, Smelling, Feeling, Tasting or Hearing Orange. When a Person is suffering from Anemia, projection of Orange energy into the body will help uplift the energy and eliminate the Anemia because it increases the Vibratory Rate toward Red. Anemia is too many White Blood Cells and not enough Red; Orange brings the Red Count up, because it stimulates action in the Blood.

308. When someone is mentally tired, Orange will give him a Power to overcome it. Orange also acts as a Purifier for the Thyroid, Kidney and Spleen. Orange Rays brings up the Vibrations of these Organs and will stimulate them. Orange also assists in the Production of Alpha Waves.

309. The Orange Rays tighten up the Muscular Tone; it creates the action of bringing things Tighter Together. If it's used Negatively, it will fall back into laziness; but when The Orange Ray is Positive, it gives stimulation and action. The stimulating energy of Orange is a Dynamic Healing. When a person has Weak Muscles or is Sagging in some area, concentrating and penetrating the Aura with that Color will tighten up the area, stimulating it and giving more Power.

310. When a Person has Indigestion in the Lower Tract, the Colon, or Mild Constipation, penetration and seeing Orange in that area would stimulate Healing.

311. The Healing Power of the Physical Universe, or having the Wisdom of that is Golden Orange. Orange is good for any Problems with the Lungs and Bronchial, with Breathing or your System's Purification of air. This should be used with a Violet Flame. Not only will this take and bring a Physical Healing, it will transmute energies not in balance there. Orange stimulates Pranic Force and Violet Flame draws upon Detachment and Freedom.

312. When we heal, we use the Healing transitional Bridge, which is Orange, Green, Violet and Gold-White. The Healing Bridge is transitional energy between each one of the Bodies of Being. We may use the whole Rainbow Bridge also.

313. Later I will show you how to do Touch of Light Healing so that you can do it on yourself and others. By Touching various Points of your Body, this bringing your attention and concentrating the Color there. If you Touch yourself anywhere on your body, your attention goes there. For now we have seen some of the areas the Orange Fire will Heal.

Here is a Second Meditation for you to Attune to:
This Day in the Depths of Meditation I rejoice to know Myself as I Really Am, a Self-Realized Soul, Aware of my Oneness with All Life.

314. You see the Spinal Chart. When you are working on the Spine, you are going up each of the Vertebrae. You Visualize the Color for each area of the Spine as you raise the Rainbow Bridge in the Person's Body.

315. Our Chart is different than the usual Western depiction of the Spine because it shows the Yogic areas. The Chakras are more in tune with what we are doing because there is a different principle of how they are counted. The count starts at the bottom of the spine and is 5 vertebrae, 8 vertebrae, 5 vertebrae, 8 vertebrae and 5 vertebrae. At each number is where the Chakra hook into the Nervous System. The Color go from where the Chakra hooks in to the spine, up the spine to the next Chakra.

316. Earlier I was telling you about the Electromagnetic Discharge of Energy up the Middle of the Spine which depicts the Subconscious Mind. This is the Energy "Glowing Up" the Spinal Column to the Back of the Head. You might find Pressure in the Neck area if you have Blocks in your Inner Peace, or have had Problems getting Ideas, or things like that.


317. Each point on the Spine where a Chakra is located is a Key Point where an Individual can have a problem or a pain. There might be Pains down at the Base of the Spine, in the small of the Back, below the Shoulder blades, between the Upper Shoulder Blades, or right in the Back of the Neck. This pain would represent a block of energy or a restriction of energy.

318. Now we are starting to See more clearly how to tell where the patient is having a problem. You will see the Truth and then when another person has that problem, you question the patient about it. You will find the Truth there too. The Person with a pain a the small of the back could be having an emotional problem. Ask the patient if he or she has been having any problem with his family or work. Something is happening with the emotional energy.

319. If someone is releasing pain by telling you about a problem, he or she is confessing it. You do not always need a Priest to Confess. We Confess to each other all the time. We are using the Law of Confession. When you let someone else know, you release stuck energy and you feel better about it. If he or she is not so critical and heavy on you, you Lighten up on yourself. But if you go right along with the patient and falling in Sympathy and Agreeing then you can increase the problem and not get rid of it.


320. Eastern Vertebra count starting at the base of the spine is 5-8-5-8-5.


321. Western Vertebra count is 5 Coccygeal - 1 Sacrum - 5 Lumbar - 12 Dorsal - 7 Cervical - 1 Atlas. 31 Vertebra plus 2 secret levels, One before the Bottom of the Spine and One after the Top of the Spine.


322. The Person who always agrees with you may not be your Best Friend. He or she may be trying to be your Friend, but he or she compromises the Truth to go along with you or visa versa. Do not fall in Sympathy and agreement or you will receive the patient's released energy; it is Self Delusion and is deluding the other Person as well.

323. The number sequence on the vertebrae for the key points of the spine is 5-8-5-8-5; these are the vertebrae you count up to reach each one of the level of consciousness in the spine. Things may appear Physically, but that is not the Cause. All Sickness starts through the Mind. It is when your Mind will not hold the Perfect form any longer, the Perfect Image.

324. You are Healing a Person from the Inside Out. You work the Mind Power. What is the Greatest Power a Person has? What he knows. If you can bring a person to what he knows about a particular Area of Consciousness, then you will start Healing the whole person, because the Mind will start making the Proper Form. When you bring the person back in Form again, the person will not be Diseased or out of ease, the patient will be at ease. A Healing will take Place.

325. If you have a problem with yourself and have a pain somewhere, check out your Body. How do I feel here, and how do I feel there?

326. The Root Center is at the top of the legs where they come together. Maybe a Person has a Knee Problem or Feet Problems. Remember when we took that up? What do the Feet Represent? Understanding and a Male-Female Polarity. A Person having Problems with the Feet is working with Understanding. There must be something that was not understood.

327. When One is losing Weight and takes off an ounce, all the Consciousness in that ounce is released in the Mind. If you are losing Weight, you have been holding energy. The energy is in the Cellular Structure. When One has been holding something for Years and Years, it is in the Cells of the Body. It is stored in the Body.

328. You may have a tight shoulder or a tight muscle where the energy is stored. One Might have a lump here or there. It is restricting the Life Force. One may have been holding it for some time and ignored it. It did not bother until a stimuli came up. Now One has found it, and it is worry. "What is that? I thought I was OK." As soon as One gets rid of it, it is back unless it is released. Thoughts Create Image. The Mind holds all energy if Form.

329. Thoughts create the Image because they describe it. A person has something in the descriptive mind that describes the Illness; otherwise One could not have it. You have to describe or see the things you are experiencing and you have to make a Free Will Choice. Description is Action. Active People describe everything; Passive people are just looking. You can see a bunch of people sitting around talking; One is getting everything. Other People are looking, but they are not seeing it. There is a separation there. You are always receiving, whether you are conscious of it or not, but you may not let it come to description.

330. One might say "I am describing this," and the ego will take that and say "I did it." I, Me, Mine. If you stop saying those words, watch what happens. You will be a different Person. It changes the structure of your Mind. It changes the structure of the Electromagnetic current in the Body, which changes the flow of energy in the Nervous System, which Changes the Patterns One Impresses on the Brain. Brain cells are dying off and new cells are being Reborn and have to keep reproducing Patterns over and over again. When one starts clearing them, One will have a healthy Brain, a Brain not corrupt with garbage.

331. To change your Life all you need to do is change your Mind about it. Reaching higher consciousness is not seeing different things, it is seeing things differently. When you raise into the higher area of consciousness, you start seeing how energy may not seem like it is, but some little specks of Light floating about is actually consciousness and affects your whole World because it's the impacting vibration that manifests everything.

332. We do an exercise where we hold our hands over our eyes, nose, ears, and mouth at the same time and create a pressure by pushing our breath against closed lips. It is called the Prana Yama Yoga Mudra. It increases the Inner Hearing and Inner Sight. As you do the Prana Yama Yoga Mudra you see an Electromagnetic Fields like Black and White patterns moving around in opposite directions. Sometimes I would see this Golden Man walk right into my Brow Chakra. He used to do it all the time and one day he did not come back out. I said, "Thank you, I am coming together. Thank you for the Unity." From that time we have had more Spiritual Wisdom.

333. If you open your eyes at that point or after the release of the breath, you'll see everything sparkling and a Light Golden haze around everything. That is the impaction of the Ray, how you are keeping manifested. Where do you think you are getting the Substance to keep Reproducing? It is not just the food you Eat, it reproduces the Physical Body. It is true that some of the life force in the food can be send up to the Godself, but that only makes a better connection with the Godself.

334. It is that moving Field of Energy that is in the Mental Body that forms the image that the Physical Body fulfills. As you hold the Prana Yama Yoga Mudra you see specks of Light and than a Bright Light in the center. In the advanced stages of Meditation you have this experience without the Mudra because your concentration has deepened. You are on the end of a Ray of Light and Life coming from the Heart of God. You are being sustained by the Sustainer, the Sacred White Fire Crystal Light of God expressing. Can you feel a White and Golden Light coming around you? It is nice, is it not? Whatever Patterns you assimilate in your Aura, you will turn into that.

335. This beautiful Ray of God's Holy Light will do whatever you want with it. Saint Germain says, "It is like an infinite number of Smiling Faces saying, I am ready to do whatever you want. I am your Servant." This Energy is Pure Light and Life. Here you are the experience of that Light. The Light is filled with Love and Joy. It comes in and you capture it with the forms of the Mind. Let's turn it Blue or Orange. Then if you let this go of it, it is free and on its way to serve again. In Freedom the Light is Prosperity and it Flows.

336. But sometimes we hold on to it and we bind and hold these Little Creatures of Consciousness, these little Atoms of Light which just want to do our bidding. We bind them up in a little balls of colored light and push them down in the Aura with bound thoughts and emotions. Every time one comes up we say, "Get back there." It's your Life. Would you like to be Bound in the Aura? This is where your emotional energy is being Hung Up - Small of the Back problems, emotional problems, Spleen problems.

337. One day a little gal in the Hospital said, "I have trouble with my Spleen," and she asked if I would come down and see her. She had heard me on my radio program. So I went down and talked to her and there was her husband, Mr. Protection. Anytime I would ask her a question, he would answer. He did not want to give up his position. I moved him out of my way gently with my hand, without ever looking at him and talked to her. I asked my assistant to take him out of the room a talk to him.

338. As I looked compassionately at her she said, "I'm having problems. Everybody is telling me what to do." I said, "Well, I am here to find out what you want to do." Immediately her Aura got a little brighter and by the time I left her Aura was really beautiful and White. She said the Doctor had told her she had to have an operation on her Spleen. We prayed for an instant healing and she looked really good. I told her she did not have to have the operation. She had it anyway because her husband and the doctor pressured her to have it. What happened when they operated? They did not find anything wrong with her Spleen, because we had eliminated the problem.

339. She told me she had been dominated by her Father and now her Husband and also by the Doctor. I told her, "Why don't you make the decision? If you have to leave this man, leave him." I put it right on the Line. I gave her the question verbally that she would not face herself. I said, "You are a Free Will Being. You took care of yourself before this Guy came along."

340. I had her realize that she could take care of herself and how she had for four years been Dominated by this Man, by her Mother and Father and now the Doctor. "You need this Operation, Young Lady. Don't tell us, we'll tell you." All these doctors telling her that. Did you think they gave her the money back because there was nothing wrong?

341. An Operation should be done in the Mind, because if that is not Healed, the Problem will go some place else in the Body when the physical problem is healed. They can heal it physically. Drug it out, Cut it out, Sew it up. It will come up some place else unless it is removed, unless the "Demon" is cast out that the Person has made in Consciousness. People can make Demons; there are Man made demons. How many do you see? How real are they?

342. We tell you they are part of the Illusion of created things. When you believe in them, you give that illusion power. Maybe you believe in that one Eyed Monster. He might even pick you up and throw you in the corner as it was with me. A lot of people have a "Monkey on their Back", a Monster in their Aura, a Demon. Cast it out. It only has the power you give to it. Take your power back.

343. You may have given that Demon, that Area of Consciousness, so much Power that you think you can not defeat it. Let two people get together in God and they have more Power than a Demon could ever have. They will blast it to pieces. When they said to Jesus, "Take it out of me," they wanted it out. He said OK; he agreed with them. He said, "By your Faith you are Healed." How many times he said that, "by your Faith", to let go. Faith is acceptance before the result is seen. Cast that Demon out and be free.

344. You know the way I do a lot of Healings? I tell the Person about the Condition before he tells me. Then he knows I know and we let it go together. I agree with him and then I let it go in my Mind. Then he lets it go in his Mind, because Alike Attracts Alike. We Identify with one another, talk to one another and let the Monster, the sickness, the Demon, go together.

345. In a Person's Aura I see certain things - I bring them up. I say, "You see because I see it; then you see too." Everyone can see. You may not think you see what I see, but you see exactly the things I see. It is simply the difference in Conscious Awareness.

346. How much Consciousness have you let your Awareness have? How much of the Subconscious Mind energies are in your Aura? You may not really be aware of some things. It is on the back shelf, so to speak. It is the last package in the line. I will handle all this other before I get to that. These are the subtle commands going on in the Sub Conscious Mind. Walk around and rip the back of that shelf off. It sometimes takes that. You have to take it away, let it go.

347. You can say, "I break myself of this. I Null it, I Void it, I no longer Need it." Or, you can say, "I cut these Aka lines that are hanging out." Aka Lines are your lines of emotional attention that go to all the persons, places and things you are emotionally attached to. Some of them are like Spaghetti hanging out of the Aura when you see them clairvoyantly.

348. You stumble through Life, tripping over these Loose Ends, because you did not say, "I Null it, I Void it, I no Longer need it. While you are saying this you should, at the same time, run your hands down the front of your Body, especially over the abdomen. I am here now. I can't be in the past. I am in the only place anyone can be, in the Presence" Clear everything out, life is all right Here and Now.

349. When you are working with someone, see if he or she is all here now. Some people are bound up in the past and that is what they feel, think and see. What is he or she thinking? What is he or she feeling right now? If the Response is, I was thinking and feeling about something last week, he is not Here and Now. The Emotional or Mental Body is not Here and Now. If your Mind is in the Past, you go where your energies go. There is part of you strung out over time and space.

350. The whole thing comes to the Manifestation of your Foundation; you must have a strong Foundation. Build your Foundation in Christ and the Spiritual Masters; let the Spirit of God guide you. Build your Foundation in God; build it on Solid Rock. Do not Build it on sand where it can be washed away. That means your actions in the Physical Universe must be highest and best in you. Do the Best you can in all you do and you will be the best you can be in all you do.

351. Remember, we are not making Comparisons or making Assumptions Conclusions, Judgments, or having Opinions. We're making Decisions and taking Action. Have Decision and Purpose. A supposition is predicated on something that may be so. It is not now and that makes it an Illusion.

352. In a Judgment you take a position of being better or worse than someone else and the Truth is that all are Equal. How can you Judge any other being when we all have the same spark of God in us? God is everything. How can you judge God? Any time you judge God, you Separate something from God and say it is not God; then you Judge that. You are not done yet so you can not be judged yet.

353. When you are really One with God and God is Everything, what Position can you take? You become defenseless. Isn't that Wonderful, the Wisdom of Defenselessness! The Wisdom of Non-Resistance, the Wisdom of Peace, the Wisdom of Service. Serve Humanity with your talents and you will have Wealth, Health and Happiness. They all sound to the ego like "Whoops, I'm going to lose something." The ego says, "I have to get a Job, I have to Work, I have to do these things in the Physical Universe." Who is telling you that?

354. The ego say, "My Father was a Green Grocer, and his Father was a Green Grocer, and his Father's Father was a Green Grocer. I guess I will be a a Green Grocer" "No, you will not." There is the Programming that says No, you will not, if you have other desires, or you will not be happy. Something is tempting you, to keep you from Manifesting the Best. When and if you are doing the best you can, then nobody can play Guilt Games on you. You can not play Guilt Games on yourself, if you're doing the best you can.

355. So you might say, "Have I been doing the best I can? If you have a Pain in the Small of the Back, have you been doing the best you can in your social or emotional relationships? Are you fulfilling your desires? Is the thought, "Well, not really. I've been putting this Person off, bla bla bla, to do this over here." A lot of people do those things and then they play Guilty Games on themselves and others. They say, "I should have done this other." If you are doing the best you can and you are one with God, you have no position to take, you are free. Oh, what a beautiful, blissful experience that is.

356. To compare yourself with somebody else; what an illusion that is. That is one of the biggest illusions going. How can you compare yourself with someone else when you are an Individual Manifestation of God? There is nobody like you. There has never been anybody like you. There will never be anybody like you. Who else do you know like you, exactly like you, who thinks like you, talks like you, does the things you do? They would have to be you to do that. You are incomparable. You are an Individual Manifestation of God.

357. Do you have an Individuality? Are you Free? When you are an Individual, you are Free Floating Energy. If you are united, then you are united with something; you are still an Individual Consciousness of God. Suppose I have an Apple Pie and cut it in Eight Pieces. If I take one out, there is still a whole Apple Pie. That one Piece does not become something else because it is no longer with the rest of the Pie. It is still part of the original.

358. God is right around us all the time. When you think God is not here, then you think you do not have God. When you feel God is someplace else, you feel you do not have God. The Truth is God is always Here and Now.

359. We can go up the Spine and learn various Levels of Consciousness. As we move deeper into consciousness and understand the Powers that are coming to us, it is just fantastic. We have talked to a beautiful Master who works with us. He is a Being, a Ray of Light in Consciousness, who comes the same way we did through the Son. He had the chance to Ascend into Octaves of Higher God Consciousness, but he saw struggling Humanity and said, "I will send my Ray of Light. I will surround the Earth to help these Beings, uplift them, bring them to a Higher Vibration." He became a Manifestation upon this Earth, a Physical Form, just as did all the Great Spiritual Masters. He became Energy and Light.

360. How do we Attune to these Rays? Rhythm and Vibration will give us the Cycle. You can break the Illusion. Have you ever been doing something a certain way and someone shows you a different way? Then you are doing it this different way and forget the old way. What changes you at that moment? You must find that Power and use it. Was it because you had respect for that person's Opinion? Was it easier? What made the Impression?

361. What about the Opposite? What made the Impression to take you from something and do it a Harder Way? Did Someone say you had to do it another way? When your Instinct tells you to do it an easier way, you are empowered in doing that way.

362. We can come to that Love and Adoration, the sharing and flowing of energy and light. Without the sharing and giving, it is always here and there instead of being present. God is everywhere because God is All Things in All Things, Omnibeing. God is every thing in all things. There is a Basic Substance, known as Tattwa, and by your visualization and your emoting of vibrations you cause thoughts to be. We tend to cloth our thoughts in physical substance.

363. You can work with what is already Manifested and think somebody else is doing it, or you can ask God to guide you and give you something new. You can change the Unmanifest to the Manifest, Darkness into Light. That is what the Spiritual Masters did. Pray, "Let me be the Channel of God." Ask for it! "Ask and you shall Receive, Knock and it shall be Opened Unto You." What you are doing is giving the Unmanifest a description Awareness by putting your Emotions and Vision into it, giving it Power to Manifest. This is the stuff that Miracles are made of.

364. You have the Holy Spirit and these great beautiful Masters to help you. They are seeking Expression every Moment to come and be of Service. How do you draw the Master to you? Be of Service and do what they are doing. Assimilate their Energy so it will flow through you.

365. Remember, You are an Individual Manifestation of God. Nothing will ever take that away from you unless you give it up. To give it up is an Illusion because you are always you. Tell me when you have not been you. You can not lose you. You will always be you even when you leave this Body.

366. An Electric Plug has Energy coming out of it when it has a source of electricity. You can plug in your Tape Recorder or a Dishwasher. Anything Electrical will go, anything that will take that Energy.

367. Tat begins to move his hand gently before the class and says; "Can you feel the breeze, the Cool Air coming in?" Many of the students respond positively. Tat says; "What made that Air move was the Imagination." We have made a Fan in Imagination. We can sense the Cool Air coming and we command the Air, because we can command the Mind. One night we got so mad we made it Thunder and Lightening. We need be careful what we cause.

368. What are you plugging into? That Energy is going to be anything you emote. The wall plug does not say, "Do not stick that G.E. in there, I want one of those things Tat makes." The Energy flowing in the Wall Plug is like the Energy flowing in you. What are you Hooking into? What are you Running with your Centers? Is it the Wisdom, Truth and Love? Is it Light and Energy?

369. Why do you feel separate from your Centers sometimes? Because they are not functioning, that is the answer. There must be another Little Voice talking. If you have the Question, you have the Answer. The Answer is in the Question. I have seen People write the question down. They are looking for words. The Intellectual will say, "Hey, I wrote this down and I don't see the answer," because the Intellectual does not see beyond Words, Knowledge, Ideas and Images.

370. Why is the Energy in the Wall Plug not running out Everywhere? It is just waiting over there, ready to be used. It has not made the connection; it has not made the connecting vibration. You must make the connecting vibrations with God, the Holy Spirit, Christ or the Spiritual Masters, or some Healing Force, if you are going to be a Healer. You must make the connection with somebody in whatever you want to do.

371. There is a Spirit for all Seasons. When you can think of it, there must be a Spirit there. If you have the impression of it, it must Exist. You know sometimes someone does not know whether something exists or not. A Russian Scientist got the Nobel Prize for finding the smallest Particle of Substance. "How long did you look for it? he was asked. He answered; "Five years." He was asked; "Was it always there?" He said, "I do not know if it was there before I looked for it." What a statement to make! Well, it may not be there before you start looking for it. I know People looking for particles in their various Bodies. They go through the same thing.

372. "Was that Emotion there within you before you looked for it? I must have that Problem, so I will looked for it." Was it there before One looks for it or does the Mind create it to fulfill the search?
What if you are asked if you have a question? You may not be in that Area of Consciousness to ask a Question. You may not have a Question, but you could find one if you looked for it. You do not really have a Problem unless you look for it. There are no hang-ups unless you look for them. I am OK right Now. You will never find the Masters unless you look for them.

373. The Power works positively as well as negatively. Remember the Duality, Darkness and Light and you are making the separation. You are turning Darkness into Light. What is Darkness? The Inertness, Stillness, no Consciousness, Forgetfulness, Ignorance, the Lie, Unconscious Energies. Then what are you doing? Moving them, causing action, turning Darkness into Light. Life and Death, Born and Dying, Destruction and Creation are two ends of one thing.

374. Are you turning Light into Darkness, the way of the Devil? That is the Devil to those who are going the other way. Some say, "I do not want anything. I am going into Nothing. I am going into Eternal Sleep." What a heavy thing to say, Unconscious until Judgment Day! "I do not want to participate in Life." What a cop out! I used to hear some Christians say that. "I will be glad when I have Eternal Sleep. Then I would not have to work all day." Go into unconsciousness? Who would want to be in Eternal Sleep when they have all of Eternity to experience and they are in the Third Grade. the Third Dimension. We have the Forth Dimension coming up, then the Fifth. What about the 999th Dimension? What about an Infinite Expression?

375. How could I get hung up in the Past? How could I be looking backward and walk forward in Life? I can see where I have been, but I do not know where I am going, when I am walking backwards. Do you want to look backward or forward? The fool says; "I am afraid, I am going to have to leave all this." It is the Old Hang-Ups. They will keep playing in you until you are free of the Past.

376. Energy will not flow freely through the Body without Power. We can work with the energies on the Plexus and Ganglia Chart. You can see there the lines up the Spine which are points of sensitivity. We have these Chakras, also called Energy Vortexes, aligned with cross sections of Nerve Ganglia in the Physical Body.

377. We have Electromagnetic Currents running over these Nerve Ganglia in the Physical Structure. This Energy is moving through various Glands in the Physical Body, being Stimulated by the Colors in various areas. The Healing Energy can work with the Endocrine Glands.


378. The colors cause action in the Body by the excretion of a Chemical which draws a different Electromagnetic Current. Each color and chemical has a different Electromagnetic Current.

379. When you are Attuned to the Healing Rainbow Bridge, you see Red at the Base of the Spine, Orange at the Spleen, Yellow at the Navel, Green at the Heart, Blue at the Throat, Violet at the Brow and Indigo at the Crown. The Gold and White Rays are Universal Rays and they connect to the Center of the Crown and above the Head respectfully. We are working on the Ascension Flame to the Chakras. If you work with a Cosmic Power going in, you may see the Master Bridge as follows; White at the Base, Golden Ruby at the Spleen, Violet at the Navel, Pink at the Heart, Blue at the Throat, Green at the Brow, and Yellow at the Crown. Each Bridge has a different vibrations.

380. We can also work with the Gold and Crystal Bridges. These have Gold or Crystal with the colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.

381. What Energies are you Drawing? How you look at the World will tell you what Energies you are drawing. Look around your Home at the colors you have there. Look at the color of the clothes you are wearing. Some of us, when we find out what colors we have been showing or radiating, may throw the whole wardrobe away. When I was young, I never could wear White Pants. I had Black Pants, Brown Pants, Blue Pants, Red Pants, Checkered Pants and Striped Pants, but I did not wear any White Pants. I put them on and they looked dingy to me. I had fear and insecurity going on. When one has opposing colors in the Aura this is why certain colors look wrong on some People.

382. How often do you think you are going to get Stuck? The truth is you are a Free Will Being. You are not stuck with anything, so you have the Choice at any Moment to change. You should be that already. Isn't it nice to release all those things you have been Hung Up on all these Years? Just release them, let them go now. It is the Illusion of Separateness that causes Suffering.

383. Congestion in the Etheric Body may require specific colors for neutralizing it. For Congestion of Energy Flow use Green, Blue, Indigo or Violet. These are high vibrational colors which will reverse or raise the polarity of the energy that is stuck. If the Etheric Body is Overstimulated, you can also use Green for calming. You can even put on a Green Dress or Shirt. You like it or you would not be wearing it unless you have Identified with that.

384.. Suppose a Person has a Lack of Coordination between the Physical and Etheric Bodies. There are Seven Levels to the Etheric Body.

385. One may have a Good Image, but it does not seem to be Manifesting Physically. One's Etheric Body is Strong, but there is not enough energy transferring from it into the Physical. Use Green for this lack of Coordination. What does Green do? The Physical Energy is usually Red and if it gets too Red or Dark Red, it either needs to be shifted or raised in Polarity (reversed). Green is the opposite of Red on the Color Wheel, Blue is the opposite of Orange, Violet is the opposite yellow and Visa Versa.

386. You can Reverse Polarity, change the Spin on the Atoms of the Body. You are actually working on the Molecular Structure of the Body at that Point. If you get deep enough, you will work on the Atomic Structure and the Finest Particles of these Bodies.

387. Astral Problems are often found, so it is well to know the best colors to use for factors on the Astral or Emotional Level. Suppose you find a congestion of flow in Emotional Energy. What did we just do to the Etheric Body? We Reversed Polarity. What is the reverse of Orange? To get the Flow going, give the Persian Blue. You spin the Atoms in another direction by Visualization of Blue and holding the 'Picture' in your Mind and over the Mind of the Subject.

388. Where does the Healing Picture come from?
Where does the Healing start from?
Is the Mind bound by Time?
No, Time is a Concept created in Mind. So Time is not Mind, and you are not Bound in Time.
All Sickness can be Instantaneously Healed Now. Believe and Know that Time is not the Mind. It is a Concept in Mind that we have Agreed to, like a Twenty-Four hour Day. What good is a 24 hour day beyond the Earth?

389. Sometimes I have my Day in Three Pieces - Morning, Noon and Night. I like that better than 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock, or Minutes and Hours. It is much better to have consciousness of Duration.

390. We made the Clock round so it could go round and round. That is what happens in your Mind. Those Rounds or Cycles go on, and they give the Illusion of a Cycle in your Subconscious Mind called Time. In your Higher Mind, you are not bound by Time. You are a Spirit Ever Being, Everlasting, so you have no Time to bind Blue Ray Stimulation. God is Presence.

391. When there is Overstimulation, use Green or Blue. These bring consciousness into Balance and Calm; the Green is Poise and Balance and returning to the Soul Center, the Heart Chakra. Blue is Peace and Calm. I want to emphasize again the use of the Rainbow Bridge in the Planetary Structure. The Solar Bridge which is Blue, Gold, Pink, White, Green, Golden Ruby and Violet and is the Cosmic Life Force coming from the Sun to the Earth before it enters the Atmosphere. We are talking about Light and Energy from the Sun and how it changes as it enters the Earth's Atmosphere.

392. If you have a lack of Cooperation between the Astral and Etheric Bodies, it will be hard to Step Down the Energy between these Bodies. Your Feelings are Sustaining Image Force in the Etheric Energies, and these Sustain and Reproduce everything in the Physical Body through the Image held with in it. If you have the Problem of making this Transition, again use Green, because it brings a Balancing. Since Green makes a Transition, you can see there is a flow to it. It's more like Universal Energy.

393. You can increase all Conditions in the Mental Body with Indigo. Why Indigo? It is a Combination of the Three basic Rays - Red, Yellow, Blue. Mind Power is Pure Consciousness at the White Light Level. From there it Radiates out in the Rays taking Form. The White Light is Formless, but it is the Sustainer of all things. Christ is the Sustainer of all things when He Radiates from the White in all the Rays of the Rainbow. That is why we call Him the Head of the Hierarchical Energies, the "Higher Arc". It is a Statement of Light Consciousness. We use Indigo for all Problems in the Mental Body because Indigo is Unity. It is a Unifying Power.

394. Oh, if I could only make it Clear to all the Students in the First Classes of Astral Physics, if they could only Realize what they are Learning. There is so much that comes from doing the Rainbow Bridge Meditation. It is so power filled.