Chapter Three

The Systems and Patterns of the Sub of the Subconscious Mind. The Yellow Ray and the Navel Chakra.

Blessing of Light

The Meditation for Wednesday is:
This day I am relying on the Infinite for Guidance, Direction and Insight. With the eye of Intuition, I behold Life and not the Distortions of the Conditioned mind.

395. The Chakra for today is the Navel Chakra. We move through this Chakra at ages 14 to 21 for Boys and 12 to 18 for Girls. We will be talking about the Ascending of the Lower Triad and transcending the Thinking mind. The Thinking Mind deals with Reason, Logic and Calculation. Here is where 2 and 2 make 4 and where the abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz and 1 2 3's are located in Mind. This is where Systems are stored - what you put deeper in. The Base Units are in this area of Consciousness in the way of system.

396. You start using this Area of Consciousness, as a center, at age 12 to 14, and all of a sudden you get willful. Did you ever see teenagers being willful, wanting their own ways instead of being guided? Just try to suppress or push their Will! See the ages for Men and Woman on the next page to see when they are in a particular Chakra.

397. I like Little Kids. I want them to grow up in Light. If you suppress them at a young age and have Emotional Energies controlling instead of the Intellect that will be the Future of the Children.

398. At the Navel Center the Willful energies come into manifestation and radiates into a person's Aura. At this center we are like a Camel. What Jesus talked about is right here right now. It is easier for a Camel to pass through the Eye of a Needle than a Rich Man, because the Camel is free of Attachments. The Camel is detached, free to move in Consciousness. The Rich Man is not.
This Chart show at what age one is in what Chakra under normal conditions.

399. What will get us through the Eye of the Needle? Remember earlier when we talked about the Bucket of Water and the Wall? Well, let's take that Bucket of water again and throw it on a Rock. We will do that every day and at the end of the year we will have Muddy Ground and a clean Rock.

400. When we put a little hole in the bottom of the Bucket and let the Water drip on the middle of the Rock, at the end of the Year we will have a hole in the Rock.

401. That is steady Persistence or Persistent Determination. Persistence is emotionally orientated and it becomes stubborn if the persistence gets oriented in the Navel Center. "You are not going to push me around." A Tightening, Pushing Sensation happens as this Willful Energy goes through.

402. The Eye of the Needle is like One Pointed Attention, Concentration and Observation. If you are not observing, how can you see where you are going? How can you see where your Mind is leading you? You will go where your energy, Attention, goes and that is where you will manifest your Consciousness.

403. This Area of Reason and Logic wants to know everything. Give it a Train and this area will take it apart to see how it works and then play with the Box it came in. This is the Area of Mind that has Opinions, Calculations, Comparisons, Judgments, Assumptions, Analytical Abilities, Conclusions, Reason and Logic.

404. This part of Mind is a Heavy Area of Consciousness. It took us millions of years to get here in our Evolution. It was not until after the Atlantian times, when the Aryan Race appeared, that we developed the Intellectual part of Mind. Then it was all correct or OK to think for us.

405. Did you know that in the Ancient Times there was a Woman who drove through the Streets in a Chariot saying, "You can think for yourselves! You can Think" Do you know what they did to her? They threw a Rope around her Neck, dragged her from the Chariot and Killed Her. They did it for saying, "You can think for yourselves." In those days thinking was illegal.

406. Now a days we Think about Thinking. You open up your Thinking by asking questions. A lot of People wonder why they cannot see with their Third Eye. Every time they go to see, the Mind says what is that? What is happening?" What is thinking and not the Third Eye. What is down in the Navel Chakra, seeing is at the Brow Chakra.

407. Give the uncontrolled Mind a Box, and it will tear it up to see what is inside. But then it can never put that Box together again. This is like the little kid at Christmas time that takes his or her toys apart. You are given some thing Beautiful, the Beautiful Feeling Rays. "How does it work? What is it? I think it was this." You start to describe them in your Mind.

408. The Thinking Mind has Great Power for you. It is a Great Servant, but a very Poor Master. The Emotional Master is even worse, the Physical Master worse yet. The conqueror Genghis Khan decided, "If they do not do Physical things the way we do, we will kill them." How about the Emotional Master? They drove the Race of Humanity to Love Sensation in Orgies. No wonder those civilizations fell!

409. The next one was the Thinking Mind. " I Think This. I Think That. "If I only had a brain," like the statement of the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz said to the other on the yellow brick road. The Mind gives you everything that is held in Form. In this Area of Consciousness we have Observation. Observation is in the Navel Center and gives you the Power of Will. When you Watch what you Say, when you Watch what you Think, when you Watch your Calculating Mind, who is the Watcher?

410. This Area of Mind wants to compare everything. "My Dad's Bigger than your Dad." It makes Assumptions. "Well, if we had this and this, we would have that." It makes all these Plans that may not come out. Then you get mad. "Hey, this is the way I figured it out. How come it's not going that way?"

411. At the Navel the Mind makes Suppositions, "Suppose this, suppose that;" Judgments, "I think this, I think that;" Descriptions, "It is this, it is that." This part of Mind wants to Judge everything to see whether it is good or bad. It gets all caught up in that and forgets the Neutral Universe.

412. There is always the Blessed Trinity, thank God for the blessed Trinity: the Positive, Neutral and Negative Universe, the Male, Neutral and Female Energies.

It is interesting how we move into this Area of Consciousness. We command the Navel Center by the Witness State at the Heart. Then we become selective, using Free Will Choice, by making Decisions. We Control this Area of Consciousness by Decisions and Goals and Self Determination brings success.

414. Ambition is in this Area of Consciousness. People have Ambitious Natures: the Spirit is not ambitious. Comparison is Death to the Spirit; the Spirit is Incomparable. If you start comparing it, you start cutting it up. You have an incomparable Spirit if you are with every other; you are an Individual. Your Spirit has gone through Energy, Light and Consciousness that others have not, even though you may have similarities to them.

415. This Area of Consciousness has also the Mind of Opinions. It can give you Opinion after Opinion. The Intellectual part of this Energy, the higher part of the Chakra, uses Reason and Logic. It has a Philosophy to follow, but what Philosophy is it? As a Spiritual being I have a certain responsibility to my Brothers and Sisters in this Plane of Awareness, I have a Responsibility to Humanity. Only you know when the Navel Center is purified and when it is to take Responsibility for its Acts.

416. This Area is the Mind of Action in the Physical Dimensions. Without it you could not make a Tree into a Table. A person had to describe the table- four Legs and a Top. The mind is always describing things and sometimes it describes everything. "Look at that Tree; look at the Sky; look, here is a Cloud." They are all there, all the Time, but the Mind wants to walk around telling you these things. It will go on until you are transcended to your Intuitional Awareness. Work for your Transcendence! Will you have Inner Sight? Will you have hearing of the Inner and Higher Realms? Not until you ascend to those Centers of Awareness.

417. The Mind always wants to get its Way. Sometimes it will tell you something is a certain way, even though you already know it is another way. It can get very convincing. It has a Couple of Allies if it does not get its way. It may cry. If the crying does not work, then it may beat you up Inside with Words. It has a whole Fist full of Power you have given it.

418. When a Description is Wrong, there is Resistance for it to go into the Soul. Instead of you handling it, you start pushing the Emotional Body. "I am not going to think about it. "Then, "I am not going to Feel it." Then, "I think I feel something," and the next thing you know there is a Physical Disease. A Physical Disease, that started with an Erroneous Description in the Thinking, Calculating, Judging, Comparing, Assuming, Opinionated Part of Mind. It is not true it does not have Truth.

419. Being in this Area of Consciousness can be a heavy type of Awareness towards your Fellow Man. This is the part of Mind that criticizes. Competition and Comparison are some of the worst things for a Soul, because the Truth is, there is no Competition or Comparison to your Individuality. You have nothing to prove. It is Mind that says, "I have to prove it." It will keep on until it either out Talks you into it or convinces you. When you stop identifying with these thoughts, then you start working with the Doctrine of No Mind. Keep open to Prayer and use the thinking Mind when you need to. Then it becomes a Beautiful Part of Consciousness.

When the Thinking Mind gains Control, it is Ruthless. It can be the most Ruthless Part of your Consciousness because it draws upon the Physical and Emotional Energies to support it. The Thinking Defensive Mind will use every method of support in the Lower Energies. That is why it is so very important to stay in the Truth and take care of your Body and your Emotional Mind. If your emotions are clear, then when erroneous thought comes, it has no support in you. You will have a Pure Foundation, one not built on Sand but on a Strong Foundation of Truth.

421. You do not have to put on something to try to impress people. You are you. Putting on can be the energy of the Actor connected with the Creative Energies and it can be Beautiful. But the Majority of People have so many Erroneous Thought Patterns and these may dictate a certain way even if it is not the person's True Experience.

422. Did you ever know something was a certain way, but you kept giving it another Description? You might say, "I knew it was that way." How did you know? Did your intellectual Mind give you something erroneous and then you got your Heart Broken? Then Energy goes out of your Heart and down to the Navel to try to Figure it out. As long as you try to Figure It Out, you will never get it. You have to "be here now" to get it.

423. If I am sitting down with a Book in front of me and my Mind is somewhere else, I will get nothing out of that Book. Your Mind must be Present. The Lower Mind will take you all over the Place. It will describe things in the past that may be so but are not necessarily true. That Old Description will keep playing over and over again.

424. The Lower Mental Body, the Navel Chakra, is the Sun Fire Chakra. The First Chakra is the Fires of the Earth or Physical Chakra. Next is the Water, the Moon Fire or Emotional Chakra, then the Sun Fire or Navel Chakra. Study Fire and you will learn a lot about the Thinking Mind. You will see what happens; it is a thinking Meditation.

425. We had some People doing a Fire Meditation. Some of them were very willful, and when we started the Meditation, they said their Stomachs got upset and they got dizzy. I said "Good!" The so-called Stomach Upset was taking the Energy away from the Navel Center and raising it to a Higher Energy. Where you are mostly is where you're Monopoly of Consciousness is, it is the Center of Response and you're Main Point of View.

426. We Consciously started to move Awareness and we did not do it with words. We were just looking at a Candle. We let the Feeling Energies go, to be sensitive to the movement of the Higher Energies. The Feeling Energies went up in vibrations as we called upon Higher Energies to uplift us. First we initiated the Action and then we let the Action happen.

427. The Lower Mind Initiates action through Description- getting thoughts moving- and by getting the vibrations of the Emotional Body going. It gets Thoughts and Energy Moving. You can feel this Fire or Movement in your Physical Body. It is called the Kundalini Path in Yogic Sciences. It is the serpentine fire or the Gnotics or Elixor of Life of the Egyptians Teachings.

428. The Kundalini is a Fire you must go through. There will come a point where you will be Desirous. Everything you want will not happen and the things you have will go away. You will get a Transition, a Switch of Polarity, from the Contrary Faculty. What is this Polarity Shift? It is going from Aggressive to Passive Action. There must be a Time when the Mind is open to receive New Information. When you read a Book, does the lower Mind keep butting in and giving you comparisons with some other book or area of consciousness? That is what this Mind will do. It will try to compare what you're doing or what you are with someone else, saying, "This other person is closer to the Master because. "There is a Great Fire you must go through, but it is the Fire of Purification of all the Erroneous Energies in the Lower Realm. You must transcend that Fire.

429. You have given Will the Power to make Actions in your Life. Here is what happens when you do that. Once upon a time, long ago, there was a Beautiful and Loving Master who wanted so much for his People. He lived in a Castle, and many Peasants lived on the Land around and worked it. He loved them and did things for them. He had a Special work to do, so he also needed to be alone to put his Consciousness into his Work.

430. So he went to the Town and hired this Man William to take care of his Castle. He said, "Will, I would like you to keep my Castle in good shape. Take care of the Food Supply here and keep a Harmonious Vibration going. I will be up in the Tower. Will started cleaning the Castle. Days went by, and he had the run of the Place. He was operating the whole thing, and he said, "Gee, I'm doing everything around here. The Master says I am in charge, so I'm going to act like this is my House."

431. One day there was a knock on the door. It was a beautiful lady, and she said, "I want to see the Master."
Will said, "I'm Will, and I'm in charge of this house. You will have to tell me your Business first."
She answered, "I must see the Master."
Will said, "If you can't tell me what it is, I have no time for you," and he slammed the Door.

432. A couple of days later this Lady Knocked on the Door again. "I would like to see the Master."
"Tell me about it first." I have nothing for you. What I have is for the Master."
A few days later she returns again. "This Pesty Woman. I will get rid of her." He opened the door, beat her with a club and slammed the Door.

433. The Master came down and said, "What's that noise?" Will was afraid he would be found out, so he took the club, hit the Master, dragged him up to the Tower and locked the Tower Door.

434. That is like the Will in your Own Castle. You start giving it Power, and next thing you know it thinks it owns the Castle. If anything comes along, it has to be satisfied first. It doesn't know its place. It's going to take Authority, and if the Soul or Spirit wants to come into Action, Will grabs a club. Many people will is like Will in the Castle, and their Higher Self is chained up in the Tower. It cannot come into action in the lower realm because the Eye of the Needle is closed.

435. There are no Ascending or Transcending Currents that can pass to this Realm without Will having its say. There are an Infinite Number of Words and Hundreds of Languages that come through, and will wants to take Command; that's what it thinks its job is. Its True Job is to help Initiate Conscious Experience in the Physical Universe for the Soul and Spiritual Essence of your Being, the Divine God Presence within you. But Curiosity wants to find out all these things, and will wants to Control them. Not until the Polarity is Shifted to where Will can be Transcended Will the Master Self have Dominion. Will is a False Master. You are the true Master.

436. False pride will say, "I did this. Look, Mom!"
"That's nice, dear." She thinks, "I never saw such an awful ash tray in my Life."
Then Will starts. "That was good. Do it again." "Did Johnny hit you? Well, go hit him back." Did you ever hear those kind of statements? "Are you going to let him get away with that? If it were me, I would."

437. Then you have lost Individuality. Where is your Free Will Expression? It gets bound in Description and it begets False Pride. "Look at what I did."

438. How about your early days? Did you ever think, "If only I could make him (or her) do what I want"? Or, "I will make him do it." If this does not work, Block in the Subconscious Mind, Block in the Instinctive Energies, Block in the Intuitive Awareness. It takes your Power away instead of giving it to you.

439. You can have Phony Power, thinking you are doing something when you're not. "Well, I thought I did it." "I thought I did it right." "I thought I was doing my best." "I thought this, I thought that."

Then, what do I do? Well, you know what to do. If you're falling, you break your fall. The Instinctive Mind will stop a fall. Remember when you were a kid, you could fall down and roll all over the Place.

441. Maybe a parent said, "If you keep running, you will fall down and hurt yourself." You get the Description of falling down and hurting yourself in your Mind. Then you say, "Mom, I hurt myself," with a smile on your Face. You got Attention. "You see, I told you." "Yes, mom, you did." What kind of Erroneous Programming is that? Fall down and hurt yourself in the Subconscious Mind.

442. We did all of these things. "Oh, do not do that, or this will happen." We go out and prove the programming, by doing it. You knew it would happen; your Mind gave a Description. Are you listening to this part of your Mind? Are you listening to Reason and Logic, Calculation, Assumptions, Opinions, Comparison, Judgments? These are some of the areas this Power will work with in a Physical Body. Remember, we are talking about the Physiological aspect of Traumatic Experiences.

443. A lot of people lose their success in life when will is primary because they try to make things happen. If something doesn't happen, they get disgusted with Life. They have a certain description of Life. Every time they try to raise the Physical up or bring in the Spirit, this Block stops the Spiritual from Manifesting Physically. It stops the Physical from being enjoyed by this Being. You do things for you, through you. If something can't come through, it is you doing it and that is an Illusion. You know you have the Glory and Credit for Manifestation. Here is a very Powerful Force of Consciousness.

444. Is it not strange when you look at the Human Body, that the Navel Center, this supposed Power Center is so weak? There is not anything to protect it. If somebody hits you, you are vulnerable. But did you ever watch parents raising children's consciousness? They hit them on the top of the Head. Well, sometimes they will grab the child and hit him on the Bottom. They think he is going to go Physical, so they hit him at the Root Chakra. They are bringing him to the Physical Universe.

445. So often Parents do not tell a Child what to do; they tell him what not to do. In this area of Mind you get a lot of "Don't do this. Don't do that." So ultimately you have a Failure Program. Every time you go to do something, the program says, "No." Then you say, "Why?" so the Subconscious Mind uses support of why. It gives you a feeling, "Well, I know how."

446. Your Memory puts things back together the way you Remember and the Thinking Mind gives descriptions of these. The Lower Mind gives it to you the way you Remember and Overrides all the Divine Instincts of Thousands of Years of experience. Instinctively you have Great Power, but Intuitively you have greater Power, and in Divine Intuition, even Greater Power. Some people are still working with First Level Energy.

447. The Mind can give a Description, "Something is going to get you." Here is a Person walking along. A Big Animal comes up and eats him. Up to the Soul of Humanity he goes, to all the other Souls, and he says, "Watch out. There are Big Animals on Earth that will eat you." Or, "Watch out for that Red Stuff that comes out of Mountains and burns you up." Each person goes on and on in Experience, "Watch out! Watch out!" and pretty soon you are coming down to Earth and saying in your Instinctive Mind, "Watch out for Everything."

448. At the Root Chakra the Old Instinctive Vibration can take off and the Mind gives Descriptions. I knew a Girl who kept imagining that some Guy was going to Rape Her. One day she was washing her Face. She looked up in the Mirror, and there stood a Guy with a Knife in his Hand. She screamed, and he ran away. They caught the Kid running down the Street. He said, "I was lonely, my girl friend left me. I really wasn't going to do anything, she scared me." I told her, "Don't think about those things anymore," and she has never had any Problems since. She is calm and relaxed. There she was describing what was going to happen to her.

449. When you give a Description, it gets Power. You give it Form and Magnetic Attraction. When you start Feeling it, Thinking of it, you start it into Action. The feelings start magnetizing it. "I just felt that was going to happen." Then it will happen.

450. You can have good things happen to you by thinking good things. "Every day I am getting Better and Better." The Mind does not know, so the Thought may start as a Pretense. You might have to pretend you're happy because you've had so much unhappiness and a lot of Description to Support it. You have to overcome this so you have to start feeding the Lower Mind Positive Experiences. Go out and be happy and pretty soon you will convince this part of Mind to give you support.

451. What Eye are looking through in this Mind? Are you always looking through the suspicious Part? The negative side? That is Disruptive and Destroys things; it Disassembles things. There are Creators, who put things together, and there are Destroyers who take things apart and there is the Neutral Witness. Which are you? What Eye are you looking through? If Someone comes to you and says, "I am going into Business," What are you going to say to him? Are you going to tell him what is Wrong with it? Or will you give him Support and tell him what is Good for Business?

452. The Mind can help you and be an Ally, or it can be an Enemy. It is up to you; you are the Master of it. You must control it by seeing what it is doing or Approving or Disapproving. You must see your way of thinking. The Predominant Thoughts keep coming Back. Keep the Positive thoughts; they will give you Power. If you have a Negative Thought, Reverse it and look on the Other Side of it. Say, "If I turn this Around, what would it be? This is what I accept." When you accept it, you go through the Eye of the Needle; you Switch it around and what you Accept becomes Knowing. It is Deny and Decree; what you Know is what you Get.

453. You must Transcend Reason and Logic, Comparison, Calculation, Judgment, to have the support, the clear description of support. You are a good person. You have been doing good things. Do not dwell upon the Negatives of the Past. Look at Past Success, all you did. You've done Great!

454. I went to Hawaii to give a Retreat and when I arrived, I thought "To come to these Islands at this Time in History, you have to be an Advanced Soul, or these Islands will throw you out. You have to be an Advanced Soul to come to this Vortex of Beauty, this type of awareness. It is Paradise."

455. When I was back in Pennsylvania as a Child, Slopping the Pigs, Feeding the Cows and Chickens and walking around in the Snow, I thought about Places like that. When I found out there was a nice Place like that, where you did not have to wear Heavy Clothing and Big Boots, I wanted to go There. Thank you God for these Thoughts of Hawaii. But it took me 36 years to get here. I got into something else, because my Mind was giving me other Descriptions.

456. Do you listen to these other descriptions? "What are you going to be when you grow up?" You tell them, and they go, "Ha, ha, ha." happens to your Descriptions then? "You are going to be a what? Ha, ha, ha." Have you had people do that to you?

457. Some people look at TV and think, "Oh, I can do that." They go through 40 years of experience in 30 minutes. They try to go fast and burn themselves out. They cannot produce the same thing because it takes certain situations they have no description for. If you do not have a description of it, it will not come into being. You can have anything you want, if you know exactly what you want, are persistently determined and are willing to Pay the Price.

458. Personal love depends greatly on intercourse and emotions in most people. There it is all Cardinal. True love is ever giving and never asking in return, giving for the Joy of Giving. You cannot experience it in the Past or Future. You can only Experience the Love of Now, because there is no other Time, no other Space, only here and now.

459. We have the Illusion of Time because our Planet is moving around a Great Ball of Light, the Sun. The Planet is turning around, and we have the Illusion moving. The Truth is that everything is Being. The Universe is in Action, and it is in a State of Being. You are in the Universe moving in Action, and Lines of Experience moving through the Universe create the Illusion of Action. A line of Experience will tell you, "I am doing Something," when Everything has always been. It has the Illusion of Action within it, but it still has the State of Being that has always been, is and will be.

460. This Mind of yours will tell you other things about the State of Being. It might frighten you when you say it is not doing anything. Everything is now. When you say you are not moving, you are telling the Mind of Action not to move. That is its whole purpose; it moves to create action. When you tell it that you're in a State of Being, that you are, it will tell you other things until you Transcend. The Mind will try to Figure it Out. As long as you are trying to Figure it out, your Energy is running along the Lower Triangle and your Attention, Concentration, and Observation are in Personality.

461. "Oh, this is Infinite, the Physical Universe is Infinite; where is the Edge? The Emotional Universe is Infinite; where is the Edge?" "The Mental Universe is Infinite; where is the Edge?" It is beyond Count, beyond Number. It is Infinite, and Infinite means beyond Number, too great to count. Your Mind cannot hold it at this Level of Perception. The only Place you can hold this Universal Being is in the Cosmic Mind and being able to see how it is. Then you get to the Edge of the Universe.

462. One Night I said, "I am going to the Edge of the Universe." I jumped out of the Body and started Shooting across the Universe. The Stars began to look like streaks of Light, I was moving so fast. I kept going, saying, "I am going to get to the Edge," all of a sudden I stopped. I was back in the Body.

463. I tried for weeks to get to the Edge of the Universe. Then I found the Edge is right here, where Mother/Father God is making Love. I was on the Edge. If I am here right Now, I do not have to go anywhere, because every thing is here right Now.

464. The Whole Universe is here right now. Can you figure that out? No Reason, no Logic will make that any Sense to you. When you say God is right here and everything is right here, there is nothing else but what is right here right now. Reason and Logic will tell you Something Else.

You can be where you are, and that's all you can be. You can get out of the Body and be someplace else, but you are still there in the Alpha and Omega. Your Body is here and you are always with the Presence. When you start Transcending, you find, "I do not have a description of what I am doing." Some will ask you, "What is it like?" How can you tell them what Being is?

466. Do you want to move from Here to There? Then you must have a description of the way to get there, you must have a Path. Who holds the Divine Immaculate Conception of the Paths? - The Masters of Light. The Light is wherever you think you are in that Light. You are there, and that is how you move. The Power of thought moves, but not the thinking Mind. You can know Thought, but not see the Mind of Thought. You see it in the here. How do you bring things to Manifestation in this Universe? You seek them here it is so Simple.

467. Towards Earth is the Mind of Complication, and it can get Complex, Complex, and Complex. This is where the Complexities of Consciousness Ground. You think you have a Complex and say, "I will talk to a Therapist and give him a description." You give this Guy so much an Hour to give you another description. He tells you, "Its this way, because the Book says so." Who wrote the Book?

468. Are you still into Complexities, or do you break them up? Let them go. Detachment is the opposite of Attachment. It is not always the Emotions that keep you Attached. It is also the descriptions you keep emoting. There was a Man who came to me and said, "I Love this Woman, but I can not stand her. I couldn't Function without her, but she is Rotten. I have to stay here because I don't have a Job, but she is terrible to me." That is Complexity, and it kept getting more and more Complex.

469. I said, to Test his Reactions, "Leave her: let her go. Whatever her Karma is, let her have it. Do not keep describing these things to yourself." He said, "But I love her so much. She was drinking when she came to me, and I helped her. Now she's not drinking and I got her to go to Church. I don't want to let her go."

470. The Truth was that they had been divorced for a year. His Mind was saying, "I still think about her and that Afternoon I saw her. The next afternoon I saw her again."
"Did she come up and talk to you?"
"No, she was on the other side of the Room."

471. I could see Jealousy, Complexity, Attachment and the Mind of Revenge. He said, "I was with her everyday for Five Years, and I did so much. But she did this to me and she did that to me."
I said, "Let it go. Did not you tell yourself to let it go?"

472. He said, "I don't know if I should or not. I couldn't figure it out; that is why I came to you."
I said, "Hold her in Christ Light. See her in Christ Consciousness. Uplift her and see the Perfect Mate for you. Do not be hung up on the Past."

473. How did I know what to say? It came out of him. His Higher Self was saying, "Tell him this." He had a Block in his Heart. He knew certain things that were supported by Thoughts and Certain Feelings, and that was the Complexity.

474. At the next Counseling he said, "I do not think about it anymore, but I have got this Feeling that keeps coming back." It can be, "I don't think about it, but I have got this Feeling", or, "I do not have the Feeling, but I keep thinking about it." But there has to be a cleansing of the whole Pattern.

475. The Pattern has to be cleansed all the way to the Physical, because if it is not, it will sooner or later come out in some Physical Action You have a Friend, and all of a sudden you do not have a Friend. Do you talk to him about it? "Oh, I could not talk to him." I have heard this time and time again. Then it is what you have done to Yourself. "Done to myself?" That was the look on the Face of the Man I was Counseling. He did not say anything. I said, "Did you ever talk to your Wife about this?" I said, "You mean, she gets Defensive because she is supporting certain feelings and guilt because she made you do certain things. Go talk to her and say, "It is OK, Honey." You Love her, you want to stay with her. Go tell her, "Honey, we are here right now. Today's the First Day of the Rest of our Lives. Let us go on from here."

They came to a Healing Retreat and I saw that he was still trying to get his way. I told him, "Both of you must get off this old position and on a higher position, together as one Position." That is what cured him. They were so happy when they left and came out of the Church at the end of that day. That Beautiful Couple! They were so glad they had come back together.

477. Then there was another Young Man who came to a Healing Retreat. Both his Legs were in Braces. I Prayed, and for the first time in two years he felt Energy in his Legs. I knew he had Life back in his Legs. He said, "The Nerve was Severed. You can not feel Energy in your Legs if the Nerve is Severed." I told him, "You are OK now. Come to me," and I put out my hands and stood two steps away. He said, "Not right now." I said, "Is your Heart calling to you, and you are not coming because your Mind is saying something else?" He said, "Not right now."

478. As a Healing Channel, let it go! You will run into People who do not Transcend their descriptions and unless you can let it go when that happens, you cannot heal anybody else. When I see all these nice Releases in People - Beautiful! It is Beautiful to experience such a Light.

479. The Navel Chakra is one of the most Powerful areas of Mind at this Time in History and it has to be moved in vibration up to be Free. It is in the Life Energies of the Fifth and Sixth Root Races. These two are manifesting upon the Planet now. Some people have not even made it into the Sixth Root Race. This is the Race that will break Time and Space, through Grace of God. It will free man from Death upon this Planet. We will Transcend and live in Spiritual Being. We will Experience once again in God Conscious Awareness, with Perfect Health and Perfect Life.

480. They're some Laggards on Earth, holding onto Old Ways. They have not transcended the Root Chakra, getting Control over the Physical. They have not Transcended Atlantian time, getting Control over the Emotional. They have not Transcended the Thinking Mind to get over Ignorance and come into the New Age.

481. There was a Perfect Humanity here, Manifested by God, and Laggards came to this Planet. Some of the People out there are not Human. Some of the Bodies walking around do not have a Soul or Spirit in them. They are Controlled by Dark Forces, because the Soul and Spirit were driven out. Did you ever look into somebody's Eyes, and there was nothing there?

482. How do we save the Spirits and Souls? We can't do anything for the Animals. They already have their pattern. A Tiger is always a Tiger; a Horse is always a Horse, and each after its own kind. How are we doing to do it in this area of Mind?

483. We must understand that the Lower Mind, the Sub of the Subconscious Mind, is one of most unexplored areas because there is so much defense there through Reason and Logic. It is all Figured out, using just 10% of the Mind. This is a really Heavy Level of Mind to get through. In many Countries this Level of Mind is the rule.

484. Even when you are on the Path in the Higher Realities, you have to take action in this Dimension. Without the Thinking Mind and Emotions, you cannot take action here. If they have the Monopoly of Consciousness, you have a Battle. The Battlefield is your Soul, and the Battle is between your Lower and Higher selves.

485. This Level of Mind is associated with Yellow. It deals with Life Force and Sunlight. This Regenerative aspect of the Energy has several Characteristics. One is Life Force, which is step down to Pranic Energy. This Energy will do what you want it to do. When you have Power in the Navel Chakra, it will work for you, the Individual Conscious manifestation of God. Not for what it wants by Thoughts, Emotions or Mind, but by the Divine.

486. Sunlight, look at the Radiance! It supports a lot of Planets. It is Expansion and Joy. That is the Positive side of this Energy. I have been telling you things that have hung you up. Here are the Positive Aspects, and if you want the Power of the Navel Chakra, this is what you attune to: It is Openness, Tolerance, Optimism, and Love. It is the mind of action, what we're seeking in the Mind of Light. It is Faith and Generosity, the Mind that Christ is in, the Mind of Buddha, the Mind of Krishna, or the Mind of any of the Great Masters.

487. The Navel Center is Dynamic, Beautiful, and Powerful. You will have such a Glorious, Beautiful Experience when you Clear this Center. It will be Powerful because when you have control of this Center, you can give your will to God. It is Humanitarian. It is Aspiration and Philosophy.

488. Now remember it is by Degree that you Attune to this Area, and by what you are putting into your Mind. That is why I say; do not read Books that are Fantasy. Do not read things that are untruth. Do not keep Reading the Newspapers or Major Magazines. They are Tainted and Tinted; they are designed to do certain things. Most of them give you Negative Information. If you put Negatives in your Mind and you are Predominantly Negative, you will look at the world that way. Right and wrong is a fact of Mind, but it is Illusion to Spirit.

489. Mental Intelligence, the Intellectual Body, is at this Level of Mind. When I get in that Sunshine Yellow of the Noonday Sun, shining all about, it burns away the Negativity. This Area of Mind is Revelation, Reason and Logic. It also gives you Broad-Mindedness, Philosophical Energy, Peace and Loving, Thoughtful Energy.

490. The Negative part of the Navel Chakra is Fearfulness, Timidity, Self Doubt and Childishness. Not being child like, but Childish. It is Nervousness, Carelessness, Forgetfulness, Ignorance and Laziness.

491. The Color Sunshine Yellow is Regenerative and Stimulates Healing, Therapeutic Energies. This regenerative power supports Cell activity because it gives Positive Descriptions to the Etheric Body to Manifest the Physical. Remember that the Navel Center is represented by Fire, which turns Matter into Spirit into Matter. If you want to know what the Spiritual Universe is, it is the opposite of what you are doing on the Physical Universe.
Sunshine Yellow destroys Virus, Bacteria, Infections, Poison and Toxins. You can use it to heal Inflammation and Swelling. You can also use it to Anesthetize the Body.

492. You can send Energy from this Chakra to Rebuild Depletions in a Person's Consciousness. You can use the Power of the Chakra to free a Person from Old Descriptions and give him a New Description. This Chakra is also for Mental Upliftment and the Removal of Fears, because if there is no Description to the Fear, it Disappears. Fear has a way of eating on itself.

493. The Yellow Ray also gives the Power of Mental Balance. It can remove Insanity from the Mind. Nerve Restoration comes from the Color Yellow, and it also is for Surgery, Amputation and Tuberculosis. The Bell of the Navel Chakra is right over the Intestines, so it is also for Travel Sickness, Stomach Upsets, Heartburn, Indigestion and Intestinal Problems.

494. By balancing this Chakra, you bring a Person to Earth Awareness. If you give him the Esoteric Bridge (a Higher Meditation Bridge), you will Space him out and then he may not handle the Energies that could free him. You may liberate him temporarily, but if he has Hang-ups, he can't leave them. He has to Face them.

495. You can use the Color Yellow as Healing Energy to change a Description. Poor Self Image is a description and that is how people have Skin Problems and such. They have Poor Self Image, so they make themselves that way. Yellow is for boils, rash, eczema and the removal of Scar Tissue. It is also for Mucous Membranes, Childbirth, Pregnancy, and the Right Eye.

496. The way we see the World is in part Determined by the Physical working of the Eye. This may seem strange at first, for we take the form of the World so much for Granted. It has Certain Colors, Certain Distances, Objects that Range in Size and so on. Yet many of these qualities are Determined by the Functioning of the Eye. For example, the Range of Colors we see is Determined by Chemical Properties of Pigments in the Retina. Indeed, the very Shape, Size and Color of the World we see is determined in part by the Mechanics of the Eye.

497. The Eye is an Extraordinary Instrument. It gathers Light Rays, Focuses them into Images, and then Transforms them into Electrical Impulses and Pulsating Vibrations. The easiest way of Exploring the Eye is to follow a Light Ray on its Path through the Eye. Light enters through the Cornea, a tough, Transparent Membrane on the Front Surface.

498. By its Round Shape the Cornea helps Focus the incoming Light Rays. Behind the Cornea is the Iris, the Colored, Circular part of the Eye which opens and closes to regulate the amount of Light that enters the Eye. When too much Light strikes the Sensitive Cells in the back of the Eye, Impulses are automatically sent to the Iris to close it down. The Small Black Dot in the middle of the Iris is the Pupil. Light passes through the Pupil into the Lens, which focuses the Light on the Retina in the back of the Eye.

499. The Lens and the Cornea are unique parts of the Body. They are made up of Living Cells but they have no Blood Vessels in them, as these would ruin their transparency. The Cells get their Nourishment from Vessels in surrounding Areas, like the Iris and from a liquid that lies between the Cornea and Retina.

500. Light comes into the Eye, goes through the Pupil, and reaches the back of the Eye. There it is transformed into electrical impulses that go into the Brain and says, that is a Person or a Dog or a Table. The Eye tells us a lot when we See. The Eye is the most advanced Organ we have.

501. Liquid constantly washes over the Cornea, keeping it clean and moist. If something gets in the Eye, the Liquid becomes a Tear that washes it out. The Lens constantly grows throughout Life. As People get Older the Lens grows thicker and becomes harder to Focus. Also the Cells in the very middle may become cloudy and lose some of their transparency.

502. Like any part of your body, you can rejuvenate the eyes. To rejuvenate the eyes, you concentrate through the eyes. If you meet me, you may notice that I have a strong Gaze. It gives me a strong impression of what I see. I go deep, past the image I see and into the Person, by penetration with the Gaze.

503. In our Astral Physics Classes we teach an exercise of looking into a mirror in which you move Electromagnetic Energies by drawing Pure Life Force from the Atmosphere. You look into the mirror into your Left Eye and feel energy coming in it and going back into the Brain, about 2 1/2 inches to the Pineal Gland, which is getting all the Information. Then send it back to the Atman, in the center of the brain where the Spirit Body is contained within the third ventical.

504. Then the energy comes back out of the Right Eye, back to the Reflection of the Left Eye in the Mirror. Hold the Mirror between your hands, with hands open and palms pointing at each other. This creates one vortex of energy that you are pulling through. The energy comes in and out of your hand vortices or Palm Chakras. The other Vortex is collected by creating an Electromagnetic Vibration in the Planet Earth's Atmosphere and pulling in Prana Force with the Eyes.

505. This Exercise helps the Eyes to be strengthened and healed and it gives depth and perception. There are also many Metaphysical benefits from doing the charging of the Eyes. The charging should bring in Light through the Left Eye and project it out the Right Eye. You may not be in control of which way the Energy is flowing unless you are conscious of it. It is so Subtle, Subtler than your Thoughts. It is the most Subtle Energy there is, and it is waiting there for you to use it, but you must choose to use it.

506. The Pineal Gland is the Cosmic Battery, and when you bring Light into it, it gets Activated. Around age 18, the Pineal Gland goes inactive in most people because they stop using imagination and start using Reason and Logic and getting System to work in the World. Some lose higher sight by focusing on thoughts in the lower Level of Consciousness.

507. In your early Teens you probably saw a lot more, but as you got Older it may have seemed like the World as closing down in Places. You start feeling more and more alone. It is because the Pineal Gland starts shutting down its energies; the Spirit starts withdrawing and you are dying, but Life is not the Body. Experience tells us that some of these Cells will degenerate if we do not do something about them and regenerate them. We regenerate with Pure Life Force.

508. You should be consciously active with your Sight, not looking at the World through a fog or an image. Now understand this. The Eye is of the Physical Body, but the Aura is the Eye of the Spirit or Soul, because it feels and touches the World. The Aura is expanded to the degree of your unfoldment of Conscious Awareness. Your unfoldment is predicated upon how much Light you can store in the Pineal Gland, the Cosmic Battery which is both of the World and of the Spirit.

509. Every time you Pray and send Energies up, you are activating the Pineal Gland. It causes an Excretion of Chemicals within the Brain, which changes the amount of the drawing of Electromagnetic Currents. You become more Magnetic in the World by activation of storing of Energy in this World in your Physical Body.

510. Here you are in the World. You have come here to turn Darkness into Light. How do you do that? When I go into a Dark Room, I can turn on one Light Bulb and the whole Room Lights up. The Darkness disappears. It is the same way with you. If you have no Light to share, you cannot dispel the Darkness. You must have Light to share.

511. What gives you Light? You are in a State of Being. That does not mean you are growing or shrinking, going in or out, going up or down or any of that, you are Spirit. You have the Light you have collected and you are Magnetized to that Light to your thoughts and how they are oriented to your feelings and how they are oriented in your Spiritual Life. All these radiations of Light make a Thought Form that radiates as a whole with every thought.

512. Here we have a very simple Light Mechanism, the Aura, which has great Metaphysical Principles to it. You perceive Auric Energy with the Eye of Perception; you feel and see the Energies with Perception. The Energies come in through Two Chakras the Spleen and the Navel. These Two Chakras are the feeling Centers of the Ego.

513. Many people feel their Way in Things, and they take the Energies of the Nervous System to their Stomach. One gets a lot of Hits that Way. When they move up to the Brow Chakra, to the Point of Detachment, they see with a different Vibration and Perception than before. One sees themselves as an Individual Conscious Manifestation of God, the Divine Director of Life in this Body, directing its Physical, Emotional and Mental Actions by the Light that holds with the Spirit through the Pineal Gland. That is how the Spirit can Function within the Body.

514. There are a lot of ways for the Body to become an Animal and even a Vampire to other People. If it does not get enough Spiritual Nourishment, it may take the Nourishment off other People's Auras. It happens in the Lower Triad Energies. When Energy is taken to the Higher Triad, a Person has Increased in Power. When Energy is taken to the Lower Triad, a Person has decreased in Power. If someone keeps taking Energy from your Mind or your Emotions, then you are decreased there unless you have a Channel to increase it through the Spiritual Body and the Mind.

515. How do you protect yourself against People depleting your Energies? Remember, Attention is Energy. If you are in the Lower Triad, someone can take your Emotional Attention and gets you Excited, gets you Moving, gets you Laughing, Jumping around, gets you doing all these Emotional Things.

516. They could get you through a Tone of Voice, a descending Tone. The Emotional Body uses Tone as its Language. When the Emotions are high, a person's Tones are High. If he or she is Sad, the Emotions are Sad. Tones can drag on the Emotional Energy, grate on it, pull on it, if they are not Harmonious.

517. When you do not want to feel high emotionally at that moment and you want to study or be quiet. Say this Person is trying to make you High; it is a Drag on the Emotional Body. If you are Deep in Meditation and Somebody comes in and starts talking to you, it is a Drag on your Mind when you do not want to pay Attention there. They are pulling Attention you do not want to give, and that is the drain of Life Force. They are pulling on Emotions you do not want to participate in at the time.

518. The Problem is because you cannot be with a person without identification. If you do not identify with a Person, you cannot relate to a Person. If there is no Identity there to Touch there is no Alike Attracting Alike. No matter what you do, no matter how much Light you have, if you do not let that Light come into the Lower Realms, others will deplete you. That is what Compassion and Mercy are step down transformers for the Light. That is what Selflessness is. That's what Desirelessness is all about. When a Person is taking Emotional Energy, you must give it, and give it fully. Satisfy the need of the Individual, but do it from the highest within you. Do not try to relate at the same level as someone that is pulling down the Energies.

519. In Order to Maintain your Energies and be able to give Energy, you must have a Center in your Consciousness. You must be Centered somewhere, now! You can be Centered in the Root Chakra and you would not have too many Questions or too many other things happen to you. You will get a lot of Physical Action, Sense Perceptions and People will do that to you. Most people do not relate consciously. If someone is going blah, (heavy emotional crying), they let their own Energies go blah. How many times have you felt really high and light emotionally and gone somewhere, then someone started to blah and you started to blah? How many times have you felt low and gone some where, someone went ah, and then said, "Gee, I want to go back there." You might say, "I do not know what it is about these People, but I feel tired emotionally after I leave them," or, "These People really uplift me emotionally." The energies affect you; the Light affects you that you are opening your Aura to.

520. As God Spiritual Beings, we must open our Auras as much as possible to experience Life. When your Aura is closed, you are not experiencing Life. You may be around Persons, Places and Things, but you do not know what else is going on. "Gee, I do not know what they are doing on the other side of the room. I am over here." A lot of People only have "Right Here" this is their life. It is a little Ring around them. They get outside that Ring and they have to Jump back into it, that is their Security.

521. Ego in the Physical Universe will get you like that. You hear, "I have to take care of myself," and they run around with this blanket around them. "I do not want to bump into anything." What Light is One taking in? Their own Light is coming back in on them, and it is used Light. Used Light turns to Darkness; it gets Dark around their aura. Pretty soon you see Dark around their Aura, or maybe it is Dark at the bottom or the middle or they have Dark Spots. That is where the Problem is Physical Etherically manifesting.

522. When you are going to work on yourself? You should check your Aura. If you see something a little hazy and clear it by looking at it and sending a bright Light into it. Send it from the Spiritual Eye through your Physical Eyes. In the Physical Universe you take in Light; in the Spiritual Universe you radiate out Light. If you do not have both, if you are not giving out the Spiritual Light, then you do not have any Physical Light to take in because you do not see the Light, the Spiritual Light about you. Your Aura is a Light Aura.

How about the Emotional Person? His or her Aura is hanging way out there away from the Physical Body. "Ooh, they hurt my Aura! Ooh! I can't stand it in Town because People get me. I just want to be Happy" The Emotional Aura is like water it has no resistance. When someone steps on it, squirt. Then he says, "Ooh, someone stepped on my Aura. I got all these things hanging out and someone stepped on me."

524. How about having your Mind out there? The next thing you know, you are defending ideas you have given descriptions to, which are actually Thought Words. Thought Words are not Ideas. Thought Words are a bunch of Thoughts with a bunch of Words attached to them. You go around in little circles with them, over and over again. Ideas have clear Images in them.

525. Here is what happens when they Cycle. Do you know how to stop a Conversation? Pay Attention to the first thing a Person says when he or she walks in. Then we start talking and when it is time to stop the Conversation, Say whatever he or she said when he or she came in. That completes the Circle and One says, "Well, I guess it is time to go." As long as the Circle is out there, it has not come back around yet.

526. You can get into Conversation that has a big Circle and a bunch of little Circles inside of it. Most People get caught in these little Circles inside. We are talking about Patterns of Energy, and the way you are emanating them in the Aura Body. It is easy to relate to some of these, but when some People start getting the Concepts of the Thinking Mind in Light and Energy, they start to lose how it Works, but that is very willful. That is relating to Words.

527. Human Words are at the Navel Center. You find God's Word after you pass the Eye of the Needle. God's Word is impression in the Higher Mind, at the Throat Center. These are the Beautiful Energies of Creative Power, Reality, Truth, Love, Peace and Wisdom. They come right from God and the Trinity of Light, the Sacred Flame.

528. How far do you see? You can see with the Physical Body a certain distance. The Higher Centers above the Heart work directly with Light. The Pineal Gland works directly with Light. When Scientists did an Autopsy on Einstein, they found that his Pineal Gland was as big as a Walnut. In most People it is the size of a pea. Einstein had a lot of Light stored. He must have had a Dynamic Spirit within that positively effected others.

529. Have you been watching the little Specks of Light that have been flashing since you began to read this Book? They are little Bright Flashes out of the corner of your eye, or you might see them flying around the room as little colored specks of Light. They put on quite a show for us one night at a Retreat. Several of us were talking and we watched Spirits all over the room flashing Bars of Energy, Geometric Patterns, and Square Boxes of Violet Fire. That is the size of the Atman and the Light Spirit Bodies.

530. Do you think Spirits and Angels have Bodies like ours? Do you think God has two Arms, Legs and a Head when you hear you are built in the Image of God? Is there a Big Man lying out there in the Universe and we are somewhere inside Him? The Body of the Universe is all Planets, Stars and Galaxies. Yes, God does have a Body, but it is not like our Body or the Body of Universe. He has something greater than those two limited forms.

531. Imagine the Radiation, the Rays of Light, between the Stars shining out and touching one another. That is like the Mind. You Radiate out like the Stars and the Sun and touch everything. It is like a Candle Flame shining out in a Room, but when you radiate it is your Mind that is touching. Whatever it touches, that is what you are Conscious of unless you are Trapped or Blocked. It is "I am trapped in my Body;" I am trapped in my Emotions; "I am trapped in my Mind;" or is it I am Free?"

532. You have to find out where your Light is. Is it a little tight Light? Is it a Bright Light or a Dim Light? Does anybody recognize you or are you hiding? You might say, "I will put up this Front, and they will think I am OK."
How is your Light Being Projected in the Universe? When you know exactly where your Light is, then you will know where everyone else's Light is. When your Emotions are clear, they will flow through things. When they have a lot of Junk in them, naturally they will be banged around. When they have little Hang-ups here and there, little Globs of Stuck Energy not going anywhere, it is like Tumors in the Physical Body. There can be a Tumor in the Emotional Body, a Festering Emotional Entanglement. It pollutes the rest of the Emotional Aura and has to be cut out.

533. "Cut it out." Ever hear that Statement? I wonder if that came before or after Surgeons. We might be Brain Washed. People might have started saying, "Cut it out," and taken it as something to use. The next thing you know we are all thinking of having cut out, keeping the Doctors busy.

534. What do you have in your Mind? What is the purpose of your thoughts? Do you have Freedom? Do you cut away a Negative Energy you no longer need, let it go by using the Sword of Truth and detaching yourself? The Sword of Truth wields the Power of detachment with Wisdom, Love, Truth, Compassion and Mercy.

535. When you care, that is how you expand your Aura. You care about your Physical Body, your Emotional Body, your Mind and you care about the World. A Person at the Will Center say, "All I care about is getting mine. If I do something, I had better get something in return" or, "Pay me. I am not going to do anything unless you pay me " or, "I can not work, man. I am looking for a job." I have heard that Statement walking down Street. "Hey, man, I can not go look for Work today. I have got to get my Unemployment pay."

536. Are you just looking for something or are you ready to go to Work? Love is what it takes. "Work is Love made Manifest." Is not that Beautiful? Those were Gibran's words. "Work is Love made manifest." When you are doing the thing you were sent here for, when you are fulfilling the part of God's Plan. God has a Plan for you and only You and God knows. Only You can say yes to it, only You can find it within You. Then You find Peace, Happiness, Bliss and Liberation in your Life because the Will down in the Navel Center is not controlling your life, but the Will down in the Navel Center is helping. Will is giving a Beautiful Description, seen by Spirit, of the World.

537. I have sung Paramahansa Yogananda's teachings from his Metaphysical Meditations, a Little Book that has Beautiful Descriptions of the Universe, the World, Life and Relationships with God. The meditations give Cosmic Consciousness. Yogananda gave God his Mind. It is a chance to experience the good Mind, the Mind of your God Self. You have a God Self that you as an Individual Ego are responsible to, and you have an Ego that is responsible to the God Self. That means One is One.

538. When are you doing the things you are the happiest doing? It is when you are fulfilling what you are supposed to be doing. It is Love made Manifest, and your Work becomes Love. I worked for years hating the Atmosphere I worked in, Yet I was the one that went looking for the job. I was the one that got the job. I was the one arrogant enough to think I could do the job better than anyone else usually did. It was my own self-satisfaction, even though nobody else agreed. I did not care what they thought. I would think, "I am all alone. I know I Love everybody. No, I am all by myself."

539. You are the Divine Director of you. This is Self Mastery. You are the Collector of Light and the Light you are seeing can either purify or contaminate you. When you look into Darkness, Alike Attracts Alike and you fall into Darkness. When you look into Light, you fall into Light. When I look into your Eye, I look at the Light of the Soul.
What you have depends on the Light you draw in and the way you qualify it, let it flow and store it. Only the purest Light can stay within or about the Atman. If you look at Negative things that are Non Reality, Illusion, the World of appearances, then you do not see the Light behind all things, the Light behind the World of Images, the Light that is projecting you. This is the Light that gives Ascension to your Emotions, your Mind, your Creative Powers, your Supernatural Powers, and your Spiritual Powers.

540. If the Light does not come through, some people say, "Something happened to the Eye. It got Blurry." Clear Vision becomes Blurry Vision. So they say, "I will put something over it to clear it," and put on a Pair of Glasses. A lot of People put Glasses on their Emotional and their Mental Body. They are trying to see the World, but they are fixing themselves in some Image. The Eye can see much more than you are seeing now.

541. The Eye can perceive by X-ray vision right into a Person's body. Have you expanded your Vibrations or are you in that little Tight Vibration of the I? I, me, my, mine that is the Tight Vibration. We, our and us is one expanding Vibration of the Eye, and takes you to the I Am That I Am.

542. Did you ever say, "I had to tell somebody about it?" God has an Ear open all the time. He has always had an Ear open. I have talked to People, and I did not feel satisfied. I went into the Closet and talked to God and felt good.

543. Jesus says, "Go home and pray in the Closet." When I first heard this, I took it literally. I went home to the Closet and said, "What am I doing in here with these Clothes? I wonder if I should turn the Light off or not? Look at all these Shoes." I turned off the Light. Then I felt Somebody in there, so I turned the light back on.

544. Once I was talking to my Brother and holding his Hand in the dark. The Light came on, and there was my Brother over by the Door. Sometimes in the Dark you touch you. Sometimes Christ touches you. Sometimes God touches you. He lets you know He's there. But you can be afraid of that unknown. "I can't see it." It used to be when I went home, I would look under all the Beds and check all the Closets, to see if anyone was there. After that I lived in a Tent on Maui for a while, and there were no Doors. I switched and changed Polarity. I asked for Light.

545. In one of our Centers in Hawaii we had a Room we called "The Cave". We would go in to Meditate, and it was completely Dark. Now I know why people go into Caves. You cannot even see in a Cave. You, the Light and the Darkness.

546. Did you know that Mohammed dictated the Koran in a Cave from a Voice from an archangel? It told him, "God is everything. There is only one God. There is only one God." Now people stand on the top of the Mosque, and that's how they call the others in. "There is only one God." Once Mohammed came into the Marketplace when they had a Celebration. There were three hundred and some gods there. One had a Potato sticking out of it and the Face drawn on that is the god of the Earth Roots. There were all these different gods, and Mohammed said, "There is only one God." We're still saying it. Buddha said it. Jesus said it. Krishna said it.

547. Which one of the Gods are you going to Worship? The God of Good and Plenty, the God of Mercy and Compassion? Which one? There is only one God. Did you ever think about that? That is the kind of thinking you want to put into the Sub of the Subconscious Mind. There is only one God.

548. When you ask how that is Possible, you get the descriptions to fulfill that. There is one Mind, the Mind of Christ, and the Mind of the Masters. These are all One, and when you see how they are all One, you are the Master of Unity. You become the Master of Unity, Love, giving Selfless Service, because these identify with God by seeking to see and understand how God is Everything. Then you have that Faith and know that you are a Son and Daughter of God, God Individualized. God will release your stuck Attention in Defensive and Conditioned Reactions because it becomes the Opposite Polarity, the Opposite of what you are doing now.

549. Here you have a Form Body. God is Formless. Here you are Bound. God is Boundless. Here you are Limited. God is Limitless. When God is here and becomes your Consciousness, by your accepting God in and letting God have a place in your Mind and Emotions, then you Uplift little Will. Just step into the Presence of I Am, and you become Firm in Light.

550. Do you know how much Power there is in just saying "I Am" seven times? The I Am Presence is God's Presence in you. It is the Power of the Presence, be here now. They said to Jesus, "You say that you are God." And he answered, "I Am." "Blasphemy, kill him. Give us Barbarous." That was the play of Human Consciousness, "Oh, he's good enough to save himself." And He did.

551. It is Important to have a connection with God, to have that connection with the higher source within you and faith in that connection. Sometimes we ask for things when they are not in our Divine plan and they would not Manifest. You must always ask God for Guidance so you have the Right Goal. Then you will Succeed every Time because God is with you, behind you and before you. God is everything, so you have everything in the Universe coming to fulfill you.

552. This is also the way to Channel the Thought you receive about your Goals, through the Sub of the Subconscious Mind, through the Thinking Mind, through reason and logic - and then you get supporting Thoughts and Emotions to bring your Goals into Being, your High Energies into Manifestation in the World.

553. You have Great Powers to help you in every Moment when you make God your Secret Partner. It is important that you have this Partnership, the Higher Reality. If you take your Goal and share it with someone else on the Human Plane, you take it out of the Law of One. You have to put a Goal into Time, Space and Circumstance and Human Qualification. You take it out of One, and One is the Way.

554. You are right here Experiencing. You can be either a Human Animal, a Human Human or a Spiritual Human. The Human Animal is not worried about Conscience. He will do anything it does not matter. He is not thinking about his Soul or any of these things, just working in the World. "Someday I am going to croak," and that is all.
The Human Human is concerned about other Human Beings as well, and works in the World to bring the energies of Human Consciousness up to High Human Standard of awareness.

555. As a Spiritual Human, you not only work in the Kingdom of Humanity, but in the Kingdom of God. You work in the Elemental and Angelic Kingdoms on this Planet as well. You expand to be a Cosmic or Universal Being in the Higher Realms of Consciousness.

556. My ultimate Goal is to be with God and everything I do is to be one with God. I know God is right here and I know God is here on this earth in everything. God is you and that is how I see myself becoming one with God sharing, being a Messenger for His work, whatever that may be at God's will.