Chapter 4

Blessings of Light
Here is the Meditation for Thursday.
If there is anything I ought to do about my life's experiences, I accept Action and Know that I receive Guidance and I am impelled to act Intelligently. Therefore I AM at ease. I AM ever Self Assured. I live by Faith and not Physical Sight, knowing that Divine Intelligence is even now working its Good will in my Life.

557. The following is from a question and answer period at our Spiritual Retreat called Opening the Rainbow Eye. It was held in May,1978 on Oahu in Hawaii and 55 people attended. They were Astral Physics Students and various types of Healers from Hawaii, the Mainland U.S.A. and Canada.

558. Tat: "We hope you enjoyed your Experience of going out last night. We came around to Assist you out of the Body. Some of you went to the Astral, some of you went to the Mental, and some you made it to the Spiritual. We want you to know we are here working with you; we can pull you out and let you know you are not the Body, the Emotions or the Mind.

559. You see, if Pure Spirit were out, you would not sense the Body, Smell or Hear the same way. You would not See the same way or Taste the same way. All of that would be useless because you have those Powers for the Three Dimensions, the Physical. You have to see or evaluate the Light on the Physical; you perceive by the Eyes. You hear Vibrations on this Plane so you do not come upon things unexpectedly. You feel Vibrations of Higher Dimensions and 'hear' them.

560. In this Dimension you have Taste to know the Right Chemicals to Consume to keep the Body, the "Temple of God", in this Dimension. You need to Feel, Touch, and Temperature so you won't be injured by getting close to something too hot or too cold. In Physical Consciousness you use the Senses.

561. When we get you out of your Body, you were not using the same Type of Senses, but you can recall being out somewhere in one of the Realms and perceiving something there. We are seeking to bring a closer Awareness of how to do this Consciously, so we pulled you out. When I say "we", I'm talking about the Spiritual Masters of Light who send forth their Divine Energies to each Individual. We activate Light in each Individual, that they may be free. There was Dynamic Power involved.

562. "How many made it all the way to the Universe, to an endless Number of Stars and Sky all about you in every Direction? Did anybody get that?" 8 Persons raised their Hands, 6 A.P. Students. "How many had an Astral Experience last night, well, early this morning? Actually we started at 3:00 until about 6:15, working to get you out." 15 Persons responded.

563. "How many had Vivid Dreamlike Experiences?" 10 persons. "That is the Astral. How many had the Impression of getting Teachings when they went through the Land of Golden Light?" 3 Healers, 9 A.P. Students. "That was the Wisdom of what was being done"

564. "How many got Beautiful Pictures and Nice Feelings?" 37 responded." You all received something whether you brought it back through this Polarity Shift, through the Heart, or not.
Student: "How about the feeling of just knowing that you have been somewhere with someone, but no Visualization?"

565. TAT: "The thing is, you are not recalling the Visualizations of the Experience, because we saw you there. We saw you all there going to the various Planes, but some of you were asleep, so we were awakening you. So you may still feel like you are half asleep.

566. "How many saw the Green Light moving through the Halls last Night?" 32 persons responded . "We have a Spirit Body besides the Physical Body."

567. The Energies of the God Self flow into the Heart, and you are standing before your Heart's Altar. In the Temple of your Heart, is a Light that comes from within the Soul. It is called the "Seat of the Soul", and your Soul Energies are here. Your Spiritual Energies are within the Brow. You have a Spirit Body and a Soul Body. When you give your Soul up to Spirit, then there is a straight line of Energy from your God Self down into your Heart.

568. That is why some People want to go all the Way right away, but there are steps along the Way. Sometimes there is such a Giant Step to get all the way that we have a hard time taking it, so we have Steps. You take them by giving yourself to the Holy Spirit within you, and by doing that, you are doing the things you know to do, the best you can do.

569. There are other Spirits that can come around you, and you merge with those Spirits and Light by your Vibrations, whatever you are Vibrating at. All of you feel Differently than you did the day you started this Study. You are thinking Different Thoughts. You are Seeing Differently and Sensing Differently because you're qualifying the Spirits that are in you. You are selecting them by Vibration, and we keep raising and bringing the Vibrations up. Now we're bringing you to the Heart Center, which is Mergence.

570. This Merging or Union you feel taking place in Consciousness can take place with other People too when your Heart is open. We have a saying, "We can hear the Words, but lose the purpose of the Words." When a merging takes place, Two become One and One becomes a New Energy created between the Two. That Energy draws a Higher Force, depending on the Qualifications of the two Merging.

571. In Physical Love there can be Merging as far as the Physical Bodies can Merge. Then there is a Merging of the Mind, then a Merging of the Soul Energy, then a Merging of Creative Power. Then there is a Merging of the Spirit, a Merging into the One of All Things with all our Brothers and Sisters, into the Energies of Humanity; then to Cosmic Forces and then to the Heart of God. This is the True Sexual Act. A lot of People fall short because they merge Physically and never get other Bodies involved or only a few of the area of Consciousness in Union.

572. When you merge on the Physical Level, you are merging with Food, you are merging with Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ethers, the Elements; you are having an Intercourse with Elemental Forces. When you speak of an Intercourse of Energies, it does not only mean a Sexual, Cardinal act, like making Love in the Physical Sense of Undulation with one another. It is a merging of Consciousness on all Levels and this is a Practice that Soul Mates do to become one in their White Fire Being. They both transcend the Body and Travel in this Beautiful Light Body of Consciousness as Soul Energies and Soul Mates.

573. Here is what Soul Mates are. In the beginning everything was One. Then we started separating the Darkness from Light. It was not just that the Light was over here and the Darkness was over there. Some People think God said, "OK, all the Darkness get on that side and all the Light get on this side," Like a Yin and Yang or a black and White Circle. Really there were little specks of Light everywhere and they started to come together in Atomic Structures, in Monadic Units of Consciousness. They had no Form or Consciousness, but God created from these Seeds the Monadic Families and the Structures of Consciousness on Different Dimensions.

574. There was one Great Monadic Family of Consciousness that came through the Sun, which is a Doorway into the Realm of Light. All the Suns and Heavens are Doorways into another Universe of Light and when you go through one, you turn into something else. You make Transition and are in the Universe that has no shadows, that has no Darkness and is Light every where.

575. When you come through Spiritual Sight, it is the same way - you are turned to pure Light. It is like throwing yourself into the Flames; in the Physical Universe you would turn to something else. If you throw yourself into the Flames of the Spiritual Sun, you also make a transition into the Realm of Light. Now, the Light of the Physical Universe is Fire, the Radiance of the Sun, but the Light of the Spiritual Universe is the Word and this is the Knowledge of God. That Knowledge is to be Merged within the Heart. It comes to you from the Heart of the God Self after it is given by God, by Grace, to every Human. That is the Light and Energy emanating in Eternity in no Time and no Space.

576. This Light and Energy is impacted in the Heart of the God Self. The God Self is an actual Energy Vortex 60 feet above your Head and you draw this Energy downward. You have an Antenna that goes out from the Top of your Head and can go into any Sphere or Dimension - it is called the Silver Cord. When your perceptions are on the end of the Silver Cord, you can go anywhere you seek to go. That Cord is connected in the Body to the Heart, and the Energies when realized here become Intuition.

577. Intuition is a Knowing that takes Place. It does not have to have Thoughts, Emotions or Physical Action to know it Knows. But Physical Action, Emotional Action and Mental Action support Knowing, Demonstrate it and Describe it. Knowing is the Soul's Experience. It knows because Personality's Experience gave that to the Soul. If there are Blocks in the Personality, the Soul does not get the Experience.

578. When the Soul leaves the Body after it has its Sojourn here, it pulls away from the Conditioned and Intensive Reactions which have been Bound to the Cellular Structures of the Body, which is not the Soul or Spirit, but is Experienced Energy. We would be just a big blob of Conscious Experience if we held onto every Single Experience, Material, Emotional, Mental - in the Lower Realms.

579. In the Higher Realms of Mind we find Higher Mind Power. Realize that Soul and Spirit are beyond Mind. Mind holds Form in Manifestation upon all Dimensions. One of the Transition Points for turning Spirit into Matter and Matter into Spirit is at the Heart. This is done through what you know. How do you do it? If you are Physically Oriented, you say you are Apporting something, Impacting it from another Dimension. When you are Emotionally bringing this type of Awareness into Consciousness, you would be bringing Emotions into Solidity. If you were doing this in your lower Mental Body, it would be Thoughts.

580. When this Power gets to the Emotions, it is no longer tangible Physical Perception; it is an Emotional Perception and of Spirit. All things above Physical Manifestation are of Spirit when you are working as a Spiritual Being, with Spiritual Energies. This is why Emotions are the First Key of the Spiritual Masters who teach us Spirit. Emotions are part of the Spirit Force, but they are not bound to the Soul or Spirit, because at some Point Emotions are Transcended into pure Love and are of Mind. Thinking and description are Transcended into pure Love, and this gives you Knowing.

581. The Soul is the Knower of the Fields. These are the Fields of the Physical, Emotional, Mental Realms, and we call these Fields because we implant in them our Seeds of Action. We plant the Seeds and they bring forth the harvest, the reaping from the planting. We plant our Seeds of Consciousness Physically by participation in the Physical Universe, Emotionally by participation in the Emotional Energies, and Mentally by that Participation.

582. Regarding Mergence: in the Church of Revelation we perform Three types of Marriage. One is Traditional Marriage that satisfies the Law of Man. The Second one we perform is after the Individuals have been together for one to two years; this is the Marriage of the Soul or Soul Marriage, where the Couple are Merged together in Knowledge and Soul Experience. The last Marriage is the Spiritual Marriage, performed after the couple has been together for two to five years. These Three types of Marriage are performed with Male and Female on the Physical Dimension and the Minister on the Spiritual Dimension and they are also performed with the Individual Essences of the Higher Realities of Christ Consciousness, Holy Spirit Consciousness and God Consciousness.

583. There is a merging or marriage that takes place in Spirit. In Christianity there is the Bride of Christ, in Buddhism there is Bride of Buddha, and so it is for all Religions. We see that each Great Spiritual Being has a merging that takes place. This is a Union or coming together. It is Two becoming One, or One and One making One - they come together as One.

584. You merge for Different Periods of Time when you are in the Time Cycle. "Till death do us part," is one of the Traditional Energies. But in the Soul it is until our Souls are at one with God; that is Soul Marriage. When you have Spiritual Marriage, you are One with God.

585. Merging takes place in Consciousness and we have to Demonstrate it. God has given it to us to Demonstrate. All the Dynamic Associations with one another come through that Type of Relationship. This can show us how to merge in the Higher Levels too. Most Families are not really Married. There is a Man and Woman living together with a Piece of Paper. They are not seeking Union, they are seeking to be Individuals instead of Two being One.

586. Marriage has lost a lot of its Power because of this view of it. Man has lost a lot of his Power by the way he thinks of Marriage in the Physical Universe. That Pattern is going to Play in all the other Levels of Consciousness because that is what he knows from what he Sees, Smells, Hears, Tastes and Feels. He qualifies everything by this Concept of Sense Perception. Mind will hold the Concept.

587. The Knower of the Field knows the Truth of the Marriage; Mergence. To come back into the Marriage you must first Merge the Personality with the Soul. You have a Perfect Vehicle of Consciousness already Established. All you have to do is let go and it will take Place.

588. Meditation is the Spontaneous Experience of your True Nature. When you are Meditating, you are letting go of the Physical, Emotional and Mental Energies so that you can regroup them and have Salvation or Redemption, as it is called, in the Soul. This means you are drawing Energies up from being caught in everyday thinking about things. Maybe you can only do this meditation for Fifteen Minutes a day. You can sit there and just let the Energies go into your Heart, feel them there and feel yourself Merging with your Soul. This is not the Traditional Marriage down here we usually have in life, but the Soul Marriage of Consciousness. It must be an Upliftment.

589. Every Human Being is looking for this Marriage because it is the True Nature of Conscious Being. When a Personality and Soul Marriage can take place, the Marriage between the Soul and the Spirit can take place. Which Spirit you choose will depend on the Ray you are on. You will have that Mergence and then eventually you will merge with the White Light.

590. All the Colored Lights, all the variations of those Lights, pour from the Color White. They are from and out of the White Light and are absorbed by the Black Light. The White Light holds things in Manifestation, and the Black Light sends things into Oblivion. From Oblivion we came in chaos to Harmonious Vibrations in the Light. We are collectors of the Light as we are sent forth from the Godhead as Individual Manifestations of Light.

591. We have gathered about us Various Substances for Experience, just as you have gathered the Substance of this Physical Body. When you can put your attention in the Soul Body or Atman, you can move it through this Body and look within it. Wherever your Attention goes, that is where the Energy will Perceive. If Perception becomes curious, it may get bound in some aspects of the Fields of Consciousness. Here we are working within the Fields of Consciousness, the Play of Consciousness, the Illusion, to find Reality. We seek to draw the Reality out of the Illusion. The Illusion is that which is Transitory.

592. When the Mind and Emotions get Stuck on Transitory things we fall from Meditation. Meditation should be an Attitude in Consciousness that is enjoyed 24 hours a day. You Meditate on what ever you are doing. That means you are here now, Merged with it. You are merged by Degree - remember this Law of Degree. Everybody is Perfect by Degree.

593. This Innocence and Perfection is the Degree of realization of your Self and your True Nature as Sons or Daughters of God. This is your Agreement with life. In order for you to have Soul Experience you must have Acceptance and Agreement in this Merging. It is done at the Highest Point of Attention, Concentration and Observation you can bring yourself to, Unobstructed by entanglements in any of the Fields. Remember you are not the Body, you are not the Emotions, you are not the Mind - you are God's Pure Conscious Awareness experiencing through these.

594. This is a frightening thing to the Ego, because the Ego has Name, Place and Position; it has many things. When these things are taken away, to the Spirit that has no Name or Position, because it is boundless and everywhere, that has no circumstances because it is beyond all circumstance, that is frightening thing to the Soul Experience which is Qualified by Personality. Then fears come. You can have the Knowledge of Fear, but you must let this erroneous Knowledge leave your Consciousness to make the Mergence back into Union again with your Soul.

595. You always do what you know to do, or do you think it over and do something else? The Soul is not experiencing if you think it over and do something other than what your Intuition or knowing tells you. Individual Intuition comes in the Heart area of Consciousness. It is what you know from your Experience. You draw upon the Experiences of your Soul, not the Experiences of the Personality - the Physical, Emotional or Mental Bodies when those are not in Harmony with the Soul.

596. You must be able to sip the Nectar of Life. How do you do that? When you are Totally merged with the here and now, you are at the Safest, the most Free, the most Dynamic Point of your Power. You are at the Greatest Union with God when you are here and now, because of your Consciousness. The more Consciousness the Greater is your Union with God. The less Consciousness, the less Union, and when you are Unconscious of things, you are out of Union, not in Union. It means you are not in Union when you are not Conscious of your Arm lifting up, doing something and returning back to Ease. You are not in Union with your Voice sending things into the world when you are thinking of something else. The Here and Now is the Union that brings you back to the Soul.

597. When you are right here right now, you might feel like you are the only one in the room, even though you can sense that other things are going on there. That is being Centered, merging right here, right now. Then that Center can expand out to Perceive all other things. But until you can come in to that Center, you have the Scattered Attention of the Personality. Meditation brings you to a Center in Consciousness and uplifts your vibrations to what you know. No Suppositions, Opinions, Conclusions or Judgments because you Know. You have regained your Original aspect upon this Planet, now the Journey back to Spirit and God begins.

598. Until you come to this Point you are not on the Spiritual Journey. Not until you make the Mergence with your Soul are you on the Spiritual Path. Before that you are Ego experiencing in the World, binding the Master up in the Tower, running the Show from that Point. The next thing you know, the Spirit starts withdrawing from the Body, the Person is walking around in a Daze half the Time. He does not even know how he got from here to there, because he is unconscious. He is using the Subconscious Mind, which is not Conscious, or the Sub of the Subconscious Mind.

599. When Meditation brings you back into the Heart Chakra and Soul Union is made, you become Environmental Conscious. Environmental Consciousness is when you are merging with the Environment about you. You can sit in a room and realize the Surroundings outside and the room all at once. When you are all caught up in your thoughts and emotions and do not know what else is going on. You have to stop and look. That means your Aura is not expanded in Environmental Consciousness.

600. Your Environment will suffer if you are not in your Soul. You will be Discoordinated, things will be lying here and there, messes around the Home. You will go places and drop things or unconsciously lose things. You would not know where you put them because you are not merged with the Environment. When you are merged, you will know where everything is all the Time.

601. What we are doing is expanding the Consciousness. The Soul has not only all the Knowledge of this Time Period, but also of it is Past Experiences, when it Releases from this Time Period and Ascends. We are in Consciousness seeking to become more in the Environment we work within. We Purify the immediate Environment around us with Light. That is why we create the Violet Fire Tube around us. It is a Transmutation Flame. It also kills off Bacteria and things that are no longer needed which is a Divine Alchemy of Mind.

602. You pull a particular Power and it has Action. The Nine-Foot Sphere is the Auric Egg you originally came here with. A lot of People's Auric Egg is just two or three inches, sometimes not even that. Sometimes it is not even outside the Body - you have to look into the body to find the Aura, it is so tight. It has shrunk from lack of Experience. These People have shrunk from, are too timid to Experience, Life in their own Environment - to take responsibility and care about that Environment. That is Environmental Consciousness.

603. When you are merged, you know when your Plant needs water because it tells you as you go past. Does it say to you, "I need Water?" It may appear as a Sound in your Consciousness through Imagination, but it is a Radiation of Impulsing Vibrations coming out. The vibration goes into the Aura, and you Perceive. It is the same as Light going into the Aura, turning into Chemical Vibrations in the Body. Those Chemicals give you Perception in the Brain of Electromagnetic Fields. You call this Imaging, and so you are Imaging the World.

604. The way I see the World maybe different from the way you see it. The way you see it maybe different from the way the next Person sees it, because the way you see and perceive depends on the Accumulation of your Experiences. The Soul does not have erroneous experience, so none of the impure lower experiences can contaminate the Soul, unless you hold these as Knowledge and use them. You must cast all these things out. Do not use things that are Impure.

605. Would you eat a Poison Apple? You must not use impure Emotions either, impure Thoughts, impure Knowledge, impure Ideas, impure images or impure sources of Life. That will bring you to your Meditation with God quicker.

606. When you have practiced enough of those 15 Minutes, Half Hours and then 2.4 Hours of Meditation every day, at the same time, you create a Rhythm of coming back to yourself, the Soul, the Self, and you let go. What you do inside is increased a Hundred Times when you pass the Octave of Non-Decision. Make the Decision! God will increase you a Hundred Times, a Thousand Times if need be, to free you. But you must Surrender.

607. This Surrender takes Reverent Submission, Ernest Inquiry and Service to the Teacher. The Teacher is the Teacher within you too. What has taught you something in Life? Your Knowledge teaches you things, and it teaches how to Expand. The Truth then is, see yourself not dropping into the Subconscious Mind or the Sub of the Subconscious Mind or the Instinctive Mind, but do what you know to do. You Live by Experiential Knowledge.

608. Knowing does not always have a lot of Words, and you do not have to Associate it with what you have done in this Lifetime. Words Limits the knowing to yourself. When Intuition comes to you of your own Experience, do it. Do not Question it, or you will drop the Energies into the Navel Chakra. You will lose the Awareness of Intuition if you think it over. This knowing is the First Dynamic Power that comes in Consciousness. When you do what you know to do, the things you know come to you. Alike attracts Alike. Everything returns to the Source.

609. All Experiences of Thousands of Lives, endless Experiences come to you. When it is expanded beyond your own Individual Soul Experience, you go into the Spirit of Humanity, into the Soul of Humanity and experience what all Humans have experienced. Then you qualify this experience, so you can have what you want in the World. Desire for your Upliftment. Want means to lack and we have to overcome the Illusion of lacking. We are sons and daughters of God, and God says, "Here's the Universe. You can use it, but don't try to keep it."

610. God is in Heaven. God realized Self. God created the Dual Image and then He started making things. Oh, how much fun God must have had putting little kiddies on Her/His lap, bouncing little babies on the knee - little baby things in the Elemental Kingdoms! Just think, God was making all the Flowers, Trees, Elements and the Earth! God was having so much fun!

611. But what did the Chemicals and Elements do? Exactly what He told them to. They didn't think for themselves, they just did what He said. Well, that is boring. So God Decided, "I'll make the Vegetable Kingdom." But what did it do? Exactly what He told it to. An apple is always an Apple, a Tomato Seed always brought a Tomato Plant, and all things kept doing the same thing over and over again.

612. God said, "I want something in my Image, for I am a Creator, a Sustainer and a Transcender." God created the Animals so they were a little freer. The Minerals were bound, and God said, "Well, they were too bind. I'll make something a little more flexible." God got the Vegetable Kingdom from a mutation out of the Elemental Kingdom and then out of the Elemental Kingdom another mutation became the Animal Life upon the Planet. The little Kitty never said, "I'd like to be a Dog today." He just stayed a Kitty. The Dog did not say, "I want to be a Horse today." He just stayed a Dog all the time. God said, "I will make Somebody in my Image who can Create and Do these things too. Then I can enjoy through them. If I make a lot of them, there will be a lot of Creators."

613. Thus came the Law of the Smaller Creator. God gave us the Free Will Choice to you to choose what you wish to Create. God gave you all the Elements to use. God has given you everything. That God can experience this Plane through you. Merging with God is God experiencing in you as you.

614. When the Soul draws that Essence together, it must have some way, some Point of View, to say what type of intuition it is going to use. You can attune your Intuition and Create within your Heart the Three Fold Flame of Love, Truth and Wisdom. Then you know to do. You may have Intuitional Flashes and erroneous Images, but you know the Truth and you do what you know. You know Wisdom by your experienced Knowledge and you know Love by Divine Merging, so you experience these.

615. In your Heart you put Love, Truth and Wisdom on the Altar of Purity and Perfection. That is the Flame you're Blazing, the way you look at the World. Why do things you don't know about and bind yourself in Problems? Don't listen to that Old Descriptive Mind. The Three-Fold Flame of the Heart is the Radiation of Life that is Penetrating the World of Experience.

616. The Three-Fold Flame is the Three Basic Powers coming from the White Light. Every Moment the Three Basic Rays, - Red, Yellow and Blue -, emanate through us. Love Unconditioned, Truth Unconditioned, Wisdom Unconditioned attune you to God's Love, God's Truth and God's Wisdom flowing in you as you to all you meet, to all you see this day and all days, when you attune to it. This is a matter of Attunement again, just as we talked about our attention attuning to things.

617. The Attunements to the Rays for Thursday, the Light and Energy predominant for that day, are to the highest and best. It is attuning to the Monopoly of Consciousness. Many are attuned to the Monopoly of Mass Consciousness- they watch Television, listen to the Radio, read Newspapers, read Mass Consciousness Magazines filled with Glamour. They are filled with Maya, made of Illusion. All of that is Transitory.

618. A silk stocking was glamour a hundred years ago. Now most women have stockings on. The majority of women wear stockings because they are Mass Consciousness Oriented. They shave their legs, poor things. Why do an Unnatural thing? Do Men have to cut the hair off their armpits. Why? All of these things are Maya and Glamour, and we get caught in it.

619. What has happened to our natural selves? "Oh, I have to make a good impression on the World because this is the way the World is qualifying me." Are you doing it because you really desire to do it? Then it is okay. It is okay to put on the airs, so to speak, to wear nice clothes or clothes you feel most comfortable to express you. It is good to fix your hair or your face or those things the way you as an Individual accept do. Are you doing it out of Tradition, Glamor or because the Mass is saying, "This is the pressure of our consciousness and you must do this? You go to one city and they are dressed one way; you go to another city and they have on another style.

620. Maya and Glamour have nothing to do with Knowledge. It is a Creative effort predicated upon glorification of the Physical. God is Perfect. God has always been Perfect. The Universe is Perfect. God made Man and Man is seeking to make it better. To make the Perfect better, what an Illusion! Let it go! Merge with the Beauty of what God has created.

621. The Tree Exercise
All the Lower things are Non-Acceptances when you don't let yourself merge with the Environment or other things. Here is an Exercise. Go out and for Fifteen Minutes merge with a Tree. Sit next to it, look at it. Merge with it and feel yourself in it. Touch it, smell it. If you want to, taste it. Feel yourself going into it. Let the Spirit flow that's in the Tree; it will teach you.

622. You will not lose You; You can never lose You. That's Fear to think or feel so. It is like the Illusion of being Separate from God. We are never separate from God only unconscious of the truth of Oneness. God is in all persons, places and things as all persons, places and things. The ultimate reality is there can only be One in whom we all live, move and have are Being.

623. One time I had a Divine Experience merging with a rock. It told me so many things. I used to merge with Streams and Trees, Birds, Bees and all forms of Life on different dimensions and planes of conscious awareness. I would lie still and merge. Well, I didn't know about merging as that word. But my Grandma used to teach me things about merging. You must give up the limited you.

624. My Grandma taught me how to go out of my body Astrally and in Light and things like that. When I was about eight years old, I wanted to fly on this dimension. I kept saying, "I want to fly." One day I went to see a movie. It cost a dime, and it was a Captain Marvel movie. He said, "Shazam" and he flew. He had a cape with a streak of lightening on it, and I knew that was the power. So I went home and said to my mother, "Make me a cape like Captain Marvel's."

625. She gave me the cape a couple a days later, and I went to show my best friend Johnny I could fly. I said, "I know the magic word, Shazam, but I'd better not say it right now because I'll take off."I knocked on Johnny's door. "Johnny, I'm going to fly. I have a cape like Captain Marvel's. He says the magic word and then he flies. Is it okay if I jump out of your window?"

626. So I went up to his bedroom on the second story. I said, "Sha-" and before I got "-zam" out, I hit the ground. Boom! I was lying there gasping. I could hardly get my breath.
Johnny said, "You didn't fly."
I said, "I didn't say the word yet."

627. So I went up the stairs again. As I went across the room, I said, "Shazam, Shazam, Shazam!" and I jumped out the window again. Boom! I hit the ground. This time I became White Light looking down, and a Voice said, "Go back!" Then I was back in the body, and was lying there gasping for breath.

628. Johnny's mother came out. "What are you doing?"
Johnny said, "He's flying. But he doesn't do it very well. He falls down a lot."
So I went home very disappointed. I went to Grandma and said, "Why can't I fly?"
She said, "Your body is too heavy with the type of Awareness you have in it. There are men who can lift their bodies from the Earth and fly. But when you fly, it's better to fly without your body because you can go so much faster and go to so many more Places."

How to Fly Exercise

629. Grandma said, "Go lie on the side of the hill and watch for a bird. When it comes along, imagine and feel what it would be like looking from it down to Earth." So I went out there and flew day after day with a lot of birds. It was beautiful because the more I did it, the more vivid it got.

630. At first it was like I was pretending or imagining, which I was doing. But each day I kept feeling it more, seeing more and being able to stay there longer. The first time I was a little frightened that I would fall and get hurt. But I didn't have my body, so what was falling? That's how I learned to fly, seeing the bird fly, flying in the bird's body. I merged, but I didn't take the bird away from the bird. I didn't control his body; I just flowed along with it. He was flying better than I could have. When I jumped out of the window, my cape didn't take me anyplace. But the bird had a lot of practice. So I wasn't afraid after awhile.

631. Sometimes I'd fly away from my body. Then I'd say, "I have to get back." As soon as I would say that, I was there. It's that fast. Sometimes it was like Dreaming. But isn't this all a Dream? Isn't this God's Dream - the Dream of Life?

632. God gave us this beautiful Dream, and a lot of us have turned it into a Nightmare, because we are not merged in Love, Truth and Wisdom. We merge in the great old one, the Devil or Satan - they call him the great old one in some places. We merge with that Illusion - Oh, he's the Master of Illusion. To be in Reality is to be a Son or Daughter of God. To fall into false pride, ego and illusion is to fall to the Negative Forces. They are Negative because they are not letting the Positive Action take place that will take you back to God. They are Negative because they create Inert Energy.

633. The Powers of Darkness cannot receive Life from the Godhead or the Angelic Realm; they feed off Human Life. They create Inert Energies in your Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies. You get lazy and lie around. You get lazy in your Emotions, in your Mind, in all those things that hold you out of Meditation, because you must be here now to be in Meditation.

634. You can become Spiritually Lazy. You may have been creating some type of Experience which takes you to Unconscious Awareness. Now you must create the Circumstances that will bring you to the merging of Consciousness. We have so many Beautiful Tools. The Rainbow Bridge is a Systematic Movement from one Dimension to another, one Octave to another, by the Density of its Colors. Let's give you a little Knowledge about the Rainbow.

635. We have Vibrations in the Universe. We have been talking about Vibrations for awhile, and all of you are familiar with this term. We will relate Abstract and Conceptual Knowledge into Dimensional Awareness that each one of us can understand. Black has no Frequency; it stops all Frequencies. White Expands and Heightens the Vibrations. White is an uplifting Vibration, and the dark or black is the Grounding or Stopping of Vibration.

636. You can see the Colors on the Vibrational Color Chart. First is Red, Red-Orange and Orangish Red; these Vibrate in the Key of G. Orange Vibrates in the Key of A. Yellow Vibrates in the Key of B Flat. Green Vibrates in the Key of B. Sky Blue - the Blue of a Summer Day Sky, which vibrates in the Key of C. Indigo Vibrates in the Key of D, Violet in the Key of E, and Ultra-Violet in the Key of F.

637. This is the Type of Knowledge you can put into a Computer- the Subconscious Mind. The Subconscious Mind will help you because you give it Knowledge to do that. To have this Knowledge, you would read over all the charts three or four times or more. First, you get acquainted with what the words are saying, so you can pronounce them. Second, the Programming gets deeper, it gets into the Subconscious Mind. Third, it gets into the Sub of the Subconscious Mind and sends energies to the Soul. So when you repeat things three times or more, you get them in Knowledge. That is why the Law of Three is Powerful.

638. The Law of Seven is to change anything that has been Programmed in, by repeating the new thing Seven Times. Nine completes a Cycle. Thirteen attunes you to the Christ Consciousness, and if you do something 108 times, you have the Power all the way to the Sun. That is the reason the Yogis use 108 beads on their Rosary - you could put 108 Earth's inside the Sun. Satchidananda told us about that when we were up on Haleakala on the Island of Maui.

639. It's so beautiful - Natural Science. Man has realized so many things without the Proof of Telescopes and such and has written it down. They knew these things and used them before Modern Science; they are called Ancient Wisdom. But somebody wanted proof of that Knowledge. That is how we got into Scientific Mind and started dropping Vibrations, fell back into Oblivion. Out of Oblivion, we were rescued by Christ and given the opportunity of Life. We involuted because He exalted us to the Throne of God and poured us through His Being into the Universe of Experience. Now we are going back to the Godhead.

640. We are either going to Higher Vibrations, or we are falling back into darkness - Black. We can wear Black Robes to draw darkness and turn it into Light. We are the Light to the Blind. We are the Light. a little Candle can Light a room, and you, as a spark of God's Light, can Light the Whole World. Jesus lit the World with His Light. The Spiritual Masters lit the World with their Light. The Light Masters have been doing it for a long, long time - 2,000 years, 5,000 years, since the beginning of Time.

641. Time goes by in Eons and Epics. Look at all the things we have gone through in the Human Epic, the Life we are now playing to Transcend to Spiritual Being. It is Upliftment, for our Vibrations have already Ascended. You are Systematically raising your Vibrations as you go over the Rainbow Bridge Meditation Process. As you Visualize a Particular Color, you draw that Energy. If you're not able to Visualize the Color, imagine it and Imagination will turn on Visualization. There are Four Stages of seeing Color: 1) Remember it, 2) See it in Mind, 3) See it as Light, 4) See and Be Living Light.

642. Ages 21 to 28 for Men (18 to 24 for Women) is a very important Time for Heart and Knowledge, because here is where you get out into the World and Really Experience the Knowledge you've gained. You've been going to School, listening to your Parents and Teachers. Now you are out in the World. Did you know that in Lemuria there were Practicing Doctors of age 14? How did they get their Knowledge? By Intuition. They did what they knew to do and passed Knowledge from one another by Vibrations. They were Conscious of their Etheric Energies too, more than today's Human.

643. You can get a lot by Osmosis when you are in Intuition. When you are trying to figure it out and think it over, down in the Lower Track, you don't get it. I have sat next to Teachers and gotten all this Beautiful Knowledge, and they did not even say anything. All they did was chant and I got the awareness by Osmosis of the Heart. It is because I am open in Meditation to them, merging with them. What you merge with, you will know. You will perceive according to your Vibrations while you are merged.

644. The Soul must Vibrate High Vibrations in Mind; it must experience your thinking. There can not be just a bunch of Thoughts or a bunch of Emotions bothering you. They bother you because you are not merged with them or you have not merged with something that would draw them. You have White Light around you, no matter what People think of you. That White Light will transmute action, emotions and thoughts into Purity and all you will see is the Love coming from them. That is why we raise our Vibrations to the Higher Ones.

645. If you put Light around and think maybe it is there, but you keep getting hit, you may say, "Well, I put White Light around it, but nothing happened." Have you really put it around with Mergence-Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually? Have you felt it around you Physically? Have you felt it in your Emotional Body? Have you thought it in your Mind? Are you merged with it in Spirit? That's how the Protection comes. Not by saying, "Well, I imagined it was there."

646. You have all the Programs of Imagination and Emotions, but you must put your Emotions into what you are doing. Then you are Merged with the Prayer. Say, "God, thank you for this Life!" You feel that Energy coming around you like something caressing your skin. That is what I feel - God caressing me, touching me, Loving me. I put everything there.

647. I put Body Posture into it and Spirit gives me a closing of my circuits so I can whirl within to send the Energy upwards. You know why Christians Pray on their knees? So their feet will point to Heaven. Why do Yogis and Buddhists sit in their Posture? Because their Foot Chakras are pointing to Heaven too. They can get the Divine Essence because the Foot Chakras pull in Energy and when you point them to Heaven, they pull in Heavenly Energy. God puts Energy in there and gives you a flushing out with Light and Energy.

648. Get on your Knees and Pray, close those Circuits, re-energize that Energy. You can re-energize yourself by kneeling with Hands Touching. Just put your Hands together and notice how the Energy around your head and body changes. Put your hands about a half inch apart. Feel the Energy between them! Now turn your hands over. Do you feel that Energy? You're recycling Energy and bringing it in.

649. It is so Subtle. You can sit there and Concentrate the Energy. It becomes a Manna or Prana charge, or a charge of Life Force - whatever word you want to use. You can build it up - turn it to Violet pouring from the hands. Do you see the Violet Flame raising the Vibration? Do you feel it? It's very Subtle. How do you sense it? It's because you get supporting Knowledge of your Vibrations. You open up to sense them. If you are thinking of what you are Reading or such, you have lost it. By the Degree you pay Attention, that is how much Energy you receive.

650. When you are open to the Energy, you get the whole thing. When you want to feel or are reaching out to feel, you may grab it before it ever gets to the sensing of your body and then you do not get all of it. We all have this Power, but how many know how to use it? You use it every moment of your Life and you know how to do it. You think my Words or my Emotions were telling you how to do that? It is what I know that is telling you how to do that.

651. My knowing is strong enough to break most Fields, but I only press so far. I could penetrate to the Depth of your Soul, the Depth of your Spirit, by concentration of Energy and make the Mergence. That is the Energy that goes from you into something. When I touch you, I know you. When my Consciousness goes into your Aura, I get all kinds of Information - it just pours into my conscious awareness.

652. People wonder how I answer their questions before they ask, how I answer their Prayers, when they are Praying to God for certain Wisdom, and they get it from this Teaching. It is because I became a Channel for God's Light, to bring that Energy here to all of us to experience that we may be uplifted in the Light, that you may know that you can do these things.

653. Jesus says you can do these things. He said, "You will do greater things than I, because I go unto my Father." If you say that to a Christian, he might say, "But there's nobody greater than Jesus." Well, Jesus said, I'll add my overcoming to your overcoming." Jesus said, "You can command the Spirits of the Air." Do you want to feel a cool breeze? You can do that.

654. You are commanding this Atmosphere all the Time. It is a Demonstration of unseen Powers, and you do it by Vibration. I command the Spirits of the Air. How do I do it? By Intuition - I do what I know to do. How do I Know? Because God has given me the experience, because I have had Faith that He would teach me, Faith that He would uplift me.

655. There is a Law which says As Above, So Below. As you do in your Heart, so shall you Think. As you Think, so shall you Feel. As you Feel, so shall you take Action. Interesting. What is in your Consciousness comes through this Chain. What you know will affect your thinking. It is so simple. Did you ever put it together this Way? It is knowing to thinking, to emoting, and what you are emoting will be the Action you take in the World of Form.

656. The World of Form is not limited to your Body. It is not actions in that Little Field of Energy about you, or in the Room. It is Action in the World of Form - the Earth and all that is on it, the Sea and Sky and all in Them. You are not Limited by this Planet. The World of form is the Whole of Form. You have the Power of 'that' and your Soul has the Freedom to Reign throughout Eternity.

657. You have been given this Divine Right because you have come this far and have won the Battle of Individuality. Have you? Have you got the Victory yet? If not, get it before you leave this Chapter. If you do not know what it is, if you do not know how to get it, ask God in Prayer. Do not sit with unasked questions because you are afraid of the Power, the Presence of Light, the Spirit of God.

658. You can get an open and direct answer. Maybe you will get the answer through a person and someone might shake you up a bit when they give the answer. Be courageous to go forth and ask if you want to receive. Ask and you shall receive Knowledge. When you do what you know to do, you will have a Perfect Description, Perfect Feelings and Perfect Action. It is a Beautiful thing.

659. I am a Spiritual Teacher, but I do not say, "Be my Slave." No, I am telling you to find you, yourself. If a Teacher says, "I am the only way; my way is the only way to do it," he would be taking away your Individuality. Jesus said, "Be One with Me in Christ." He said, "I Am the Way." Did He say, "I Am the only Way?" He said, "I Am the Way, the Truth and the Light, an Open Door that cannot be closed." What a wonderful invitation to accept into Consciousness.

660. You do not want to lose you, through Fear, because Victory is in the Soul. When you have redeemed your Energies through the Grace of the your Higher Energies, the Best that is in you, how do you get that Grace? By attuning to it, by asking for it.

661. Then you know. You only have to do 51% of the Monopoly of Consciousness and the Momentum will take you the rest of the way. God will do the rest for you, Christ and the Spiritual Masters will lead you. The Holy Spirit will lift you the rest of the way, but you have to take that 51% Control. 51% is the start of Mastery, Master.

662. People think they must Control the Physical Body 100% and then complain that their Physical Body is not Perfect. All they need is 51%. How about 51% of your Emotions. That does not seem so hard, does it? When you think you have to go for the whole thing, you forget there are steps along the Way - the Rainbow Steps, the Golden Stairs, the White and Crystal Staircase.

663. There are Steps along the Way. There are vibrations to Attune to all along the Way. A Doctor attunes to Doctor Vibrations, a Lawyer attunes to Lawyer Vibrations, a Mother attunes to Mother Vibrations. A Spiritual Being attunes to Spiritual Vibrations. A Free Person attunes to Free Vibrations. This is the Law of Vibrations - Vibrations are acting; in all created things, we have these Beautiful Vibrations in Action.


You can combine Keys on the Vibration Color Chart. If you wish to bring a Person to Bluish Green, you can play C and B to get Bluish Green, unless you have an Instrument that plays C Flat.

665. This is transition between the Heart and the Throat- to bring together the Ideas that the Person Knows. To take the energies up you concentrate your attention up the Spine and over the Back of the Head, down the front of the fore head and out the Brow. This is the energy of Ascension. The Key of E and the Sound of the Letter E opens the Crown Chakra.

666. The Color Red has the Properties of Earth and Heat, the Powers of the Heart and Love. Many of the things we discuss in the First Chapter about Red, we are now talking about Green. By putting the Musical Scale and Energy in the subconscious you can use them to be uplifted in a particular Vibration. A friend of mine does Massage to Music. He plays Music in different keys to different People and the Key he uses is for the Center he wants to open up in the Body. For instance, he might put on a Record for Healing a Person by moving him up in Indigo, Violet and these areas. While he Massages, he also energizes the Color coming through him.

667. You can do the same by Chanting a particular Key. Chanting or playing Music in a Key will open up your Consciousness. It brings you to that Vibration. You can not spend 20 or 30 minutes in an environment without starting to merge with it, unless you are very Self-Centered. Some people are very Self Centered. You have to pop them out of their fixation, open up their closed umbrellas, aura.

668. Everything in this Dimension is the opposite of the Spiritual Realm, and everything in the Spiritual Realm is the opposite of the Third Dimension. I said earlier that the Form Universe is Created and has Material Substance, but the Spiritual Universe is Formless and Boundless. In this Dimension, we have Emoting Energies; in Spiritual Dimensions we have Calm Seas of Tranquility. Here we have Thoughts and there we have Pure Mind. See the Difference! Here we have our Knowledge and there we have God's Knowledge; the Omniscience, the Golden Rays of Wisdom. Here we have our Creativity, there God's Infinite Creative Power. Here we have our Individuality, there Eternal Omnipresence.

669. By the Aura and by God's Knowledge pouring out, you can see the acting out of the energies. The more you know about a particular Color and its energy, the more clearly you can read that Color. By paying attention to it, you are stimulating it in your Aura, because everything you pay attention to, turns into a Color in your Aura. Color has a vibration and if you pay attention to it, you are feeling, thinking and doing certain things in Consciousness, whatever will fill your Aura. That is why we say, do not read phony things, things that are not true, things that are destructive, because then you are putting that in your Aura. Do not do it until you learn how to make the necessary Polarity Shifts to work with that kind of Energy and Light.

670. Each Chakra gives you information on an area of Consciousness associated with that Chakra. The degree of Energy and Light controls the Attributes and Vices. When you have clear Awareness in a Chakra, then you have knowledge in that area. When you look at somebody, your knowledge in that Chakra will give you awareness in that Area.

671. Your knowledge will fulfill you, the Universe will run to fulfill the Image you hold. You are like a Tip of a Pen on the Page of Light. You are just a Tip of the Pen and "That which is in you is greater than that which is in the World." You are like a Tip of the Iceberg and your Greatest Self is still below the Surface, still coming out. You are like the Land rising from the ocean. You are rising up to become more and more solid in Who you are - Who, What and Why. You are becoming more and more Enlightened. Your Knowledge is growing more and more.

672. You can never lose anything. It may get far off in your Aura and hard to recall, but everything you have directly experienced is there in the life experiences in your Soul. Do not beat around the bush and let Ego stop you from getting Awareness to tell you, "You would not know that." You would not know it unless you accept it. The Heart Center is acceptance. When you read these things, accept them. Then you will have them in your Soul. Your Soul with experiential knowledge will guide your Intuition.

673. When you go to do something, what do you do? You start Praying to God with Love and Devotion in your Heart. Say, "Thank You, God. I Love You, I Love You." Then it starts glowing through you. By just Praising God and Praying, your Heart will touch God's Heart. That is how you get to the Heart of God.

674. When someone says, "I like you; you are a beautiful Person and Fun to be around," is that a Magnetic Charge? You like to be around that kind of Person. But! Someone says, "You are Rotten, I do not like you," you are not going to come around. If I ignore you, you will go someplace else where you can get attention. In the same way, the Spirit will come immediately, as you start giving the Spirit attention.

675. Spirit is right here, touching you right now. It is all of those little Sparks of Light you see out of the corner of your eye or floating in the air. If you look closer, you will see they all have Colors. They are almost all white ones, some are Darker. Some are black, some Light Red, Light Yellow, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Violet, Gold and White. Some are just on the edge between White and Color - that is the Master Light bringing Master Consciousness.

676. When you draw that Light, invite the Master in. Say, "Come in, Enlighten Me." What he does is Radiate on your Atman and then your Soul. Realize that He comes in the same Atmosphere as your Atman, and releases the Energy into your Aura. He is Experiencing you, and you Experience Him, or Her or God.

677. What if it is a Lady Master? What if it's a Male Master? It is Passive Power or Aggressive Power or it can be a balance of those two, plus the Neutral Power. You can have any combination of the three, by degree. That is what the frequencies do- they give you combinations by degree. When we play three different notes - for instance, G-B-C (42 to 52 beats per minute), there is a Harmonious Vibration, Physical, Mental and Spiritual, as one body together. That is the way you Sound in the Universe.





678. To bring the Sound and Light Energy in, listen to the Sound inside your Ears or Head. Bring it to the Center of your Head, concentrate deeply. That Sound is you, a Sound of the Universe. Are you making that Sound, or just Hearing it?



679. I am going to relate to you a conversation between myself and some students at the retreat called; Opening the Rainbow Eye. A student found a baby bird and brought it over to me. He said, 'I am going to put it in a Tree." "It can't live in another bird's nest." another student said. "Once you touch it, the Mother will not come back to it." I told them, "That is it; that is the end of it. You took it from its environmental factor and now it is no longer in its protection." Even two rights can not over come a wrong. In this case , curiosity killed the bird.

680. Another student remarked, "Someone picked up a Rock and took it. He took the Rock away from all its friends." I told him, "Even a Rock has a Spirit and an evolution place. The arrogance of Man- he comes into the World and changes it. When I was working with the North American Indians, if someone took a Rock from the Desert, my Teacher would make him return it back to its place. He would say, "What is your Purpose in taking things? There is no purpose in what you do."

681. "I would not take one of God's possessions and claim it for my own. People who are emotionally attached think they are doing good and a lot of misguided good has brought the World to what it is right now. People say, "Do not give these People Knowledge, do not give them the Teachings, because I want to tell them what to do." Others have maligned the Master, saying "Come down off the Cross, Jesus. Oh, He's so Great. He'll take care of Himself!" They do not see what is going on in the World. It is their Ignorance.

682. "This may sound Firm and Stern. We are going to straighten out some thinking here about God's Property. This is the opening of Rainbow Light Meditation that gives Awareness as Environmental Consciousness. The Environment is really Screwed Up. Mankind is a Slob; a Pig - and a lot of you are participating as Pigs and Slobs. You're Rotten. You think you are smart, but you are ignorant. You know nothing. You have been called and called, and you have been going in other Directions. You might say that I am not giving you Love right now. I am giving you more Love than you are giving yourself!"

683. "Some do things in the World and think they make your own Laws. The Environmental Laws have been operating on this Planet long before you came here and they will be operating on this Platform of Experience, for other Beings, after you have left. This is your transitory stop for you to meet your Life. Life on Earth is but a Twinkling of the Eye in Eternity. Are you going to feel guilty because you did things in the past, because nobody accepted your way? That is a prejudiced way of saying that you are right and the others are wrong."

684. "There have been Thousands of Years of passing the Wisdom on from one Master to another. Every Master I have talked to has said, "Leave the World better than you find it." That does not mean going and changing the World, but lots of People would like to do that. Some cry, "If only People would do it the way I want." Very Willful! The Environmental Laws were not made to be broken and we keep breaking them. Humans keep breaking the Laws of Consciousness because they are ignorant."

685. "We do have Salvation, I do Love you. You see, I am channeling now what is in the Air, synergic field. I can feel tightness in my Throat. I can feel tightness in my Stomach. I can feel Emotions twirling around. What has happened? Are you feeling sorry for yourselves?"

686. (Addressing several Students who had their arms crossed over their chests.) "Do you close your Heart off? You tell me you are open and you close your Heart off to me, because I raise my Voice and tell you something.

687. "Some might say, "I am going to do it this way because it works for me! or 'You have to do it this way because I am doing it.' Who is telling you to live that way? Who is the Master living there? Why do you have resentments? Am I building a little resentment now?"

688. "Say something! You intimidate yourself the same way I just did to you. You overpower your Will, you overpower your Knowledge, you overpower your Love, you overpower your own Consciousness. There are many Teachers who would tell you, "Touching the Nest was the wrong thing to do." You did not know. So now are you going to feel sorry for yourself, or resent it, because now it is wrong in your mind?"

689. (To the student with the Rock.) "You took that rock. Are you going to carry it around with you all the time? Do you know what that Master did to me? I brought some things to show him, saying "Look, is this Beautiful?" He said, "I want you to carry those things every day for the next month." I said, "Okay," and put them in a bag. Pretty soon I started realizing what it was to carry all that stuff around."

690. At the end of the month he said, "I want you to put these back." I could not remember where some of them came from. When I went to him again he said, "You did not put them all back where they belong. You threw some in the Water, and I had. "I asked, "How do you know that?" "He said, "I told you not to ask me any questions." I was very willful. I was so frustrated at that point I almost jumped up and hit him. I could not, because he was the Master. Anyhow, knowing him, he probably would have hit me back! "I have seen him throw tea in students' faces and hit them with sticks."

691. There are a lot of things that may not make sense to you, especially when you get into the High Realms of Consciousness. You get trapped in the Lower Realms by thinking you are doing the right thing. "Oh, I thought it was the right thing, the save the Whales and kill the Cows." That is Humanity, Men do low things for a high purpose, but it does not make it right.

692. I know a man who an Occultist. He eats sugar all the time and all kinds of junk food. He has a good Body, very Healthy and Vibrant. He is strong and has lots of Power. There was a time when I drank coffee like mad, if I drink it now, it Poisons me. When you raise this Ordinary Force, you are not fooling around with lower thing anymore.

691. When you get to a certain point, you can not turn around and go back, to do the old things again. It is the same with emotions; when you come to a certain point in your emotional Body, you can not turn around and go back. That is a Universal Law - the Point of No Return. You can not go back in anything. You are progressing forward. Just look in what direction your nose, feet and hands are pointing. We are built to go forward.

692. You may want to defend your position. I say, "God, whichever of the students' Chakras have a Block, lead me to these" You know why? I like to watch those Auras opening up. I like to see them turn White and Crystal. I Love that because I know you're going to be saved. I know you're not going to lose your Soul by having erroneous knowledge and living out of ignorance. I care about every one of you. I care more about you than I care about this body I am in.

693. I cared about you before this Lifetime. This isn't the first time you've been here. This isn't the first time I have been teaching you. Maybe my voice has come through another Body, in Egypt, India and China - North, South, East and West. Again and Again we teach the same things. Over and Over we come in Every Age. I am God's Teacher. I chose to be God's Teacher.

694. I'm going to read to you from a little book, a Manual for Teachers and for People who want to know who God's Teachers are. "Who are those People, and what are the Levels of Teaching of Consciousness? Trust, Honesty, Tolerance, Gentleness, Joy, the Wisdom of Defenselessness, Non - Resistance." A Teacher is anyone who chooses to be One. His (or Her) qualifications consist solely of this: Somewhere he or she has made a deliberate choice in which he or she does not see his interest apart from anyone else's. That is a a Spiritual Teacher.

695. Once they have done this, the road is established and their direction assured. The Light has entered the Darkness. It may be a single Light, but that is enough. They have entered into an Agreement with God. Even if they do not believe in God at first, they have become Bringers of Salvation, Teachers of God. They come from all over the world. They come from all Religions and from no Religion. They are the Ones who have answered the Call. The Universe goes on.

696. All the time everywhere the Universe calls for Teachers to speak through it, to Redeem the World. Many hear the call, but few will Answer. Yet it is all a matter of Time. Everyone will answer in the end, but the end can be a long way off. It is because of this that the plan of the Teachers was established. Their function is to save time. Everyone brings and begins as a Single Light. With the Call at its Center it is the Light that cannot be limited. Each Teacher saves a Thousand Years of Time, as the World judges Time. To the call itself, Time has no meaning.

697. There is a Course for every Teacher of God. The Form of the Course varies greatly, as do the Teaching Aids involved, but the content never changes. The Central Theme is always the same - the Sons and Daughters of God are guiltless and innocent; this is their Salvation.

698. You are already Redeemed. Every Master has said it from the beginning of Time. If the Children of God are Guiltless and Ascending into greater expressions in higher realities, they are One with God. That is the Salvation, being One with God.

699. God's Sons and Daughters are Guiltless and in the Innocence of Christ is their Salvation. It can be taught by Action or Words or Soundlessly, in any Language or No Language, in any place, time or manner. It does not matter who the Teacher was before he or she heard the Call. One has become the Savior by answering; One has someone else for Oneself. He has therefore found Salvation and the Salvation of the World. In the Sons' and Daughters' rebirth is the World's rebirth.

700. We are working with a Universal Consciousness. We are working toward the Universal Beings. Without the Knowledge in your Heart that you are a Universal Being, you will say, other People should not do this or that. You will form Prejudices, Guilt, Resentments, until you come to the Awareness of your True Nature and your True Reason for Being.

701. (At the retreat: TAT confronts a Student who is reading a book during Class.) That is the changing of Attention. You are taking attention away from what we are teaching to selfishly have Information for yourself. Do you see that, how Subtle that is? I am not going to let you get away with that. I will put the brakes on.

702. We have been taking you back and forth in the Fields and now we must flip your Polarity. This is the Point where it changes; the Heart must be open. You are having Open Heart Surgery right now! The Scalpel is like an Eagle's Feather. It has Strength and Power; it is the Sword of Truth. What you receive is what you use in your Life.

703. Know that you cannot stop the rest of the World from experiencing by putting blocks in the Universal Mind Power- making decisions for God, making decisions for other People. You can take Positions, but in this area you can take No Position. Know that the environment is a Teacher, an Ancient Teacher. The Tree we talked about can teach you a lot. You will never be the same when you apply these Teachings. You cannot be that Person again, the World has turned since you began. The World keeps turning, and it does not wait for you. It does what it has always done; it keeps on turning.

704. A lot of People will say, "Wait a Minute. I wasn't in the World back then." somewhere inside you are saying, "This Guy is taking my Attention. Let's divert it." I have Attention because I spent long hours to get it. It is going to take you whatever it takes to get Attention, Concentration, Observation, Meditation. It is going to take you to take the action, have the sensation, describe it and be open to the World. If you do not do it in this Life, you will do it in the next one or the one after that. If you do not graduate from the third dimension, you will repeat the third dimension somewhere else.

705. We are talking about the splitting of the Soul of Humanity. That is what the fight is about on this Planet. What kind of Energy and Light is going to be used? What Energy and Light is going to survive the Shift into Fourth Dimensional Consciousness? Is Christ going to Reign for a Thousand Years? Would you like to participate in this Consciousness with the Masters of Light walking and talking with us again? Would you like a close union with God again? Then that must be the awareness, the Goal in your Life.

706. We are bringing you into the Future. We are going to push your Buttons. You decide in your Life where you are going and what you are going to do. We are going to give you Information, to break up crystallization in yourself. It is subtle. God knows I am doing it and a lot of People are not ready for it. There was a time I would not sit and have a Teacher tell me things in this manner. I would say, "You have to give me Love." If he was nice to me all the Time, then I would go to him. Is that the kind of Future you want?

707. How do you get the right kind of Teacher? Find the One inside you First. You are making transitions, and I have the thankless Job many times of helping you through transitions. This is the Reason I came to this Planet and the Reason I went through the things I did here. Even though I participated in this World, I know where I came from. I know what I am doing here and why I am Powerful in what I am doing. I know in my Heart; God has told me Open and Direct.

708. I have had People half way up the spine say, "no, do not do that, do it this way." Psychic Powers are charges of Energy. An operation on the leg can save your Life. The operation of Death is a Fantastic Operation; it removes Old Age, Suffering and Illusion, unless you are stuck.

709. Every Person comes from God. Do you think God wants everybody to talk to God and be Uplifted? Is not that a Fulfillment, to be uplifted and giving to God? If you were more giving, you would have less problems in the World. Everybody has the 'give me's.' It really gets me because I am not that way. I have seen it, and it's very Subtle. It says, "Give me this, give me that, give me, give me. I want more to eat, more to see, more to hear, more to taste, more to smell, more to feel. I want more Sensations, more emotional energy, more thought, more, more, more."

710. If you have what you need, Praise God that He has Mercy and Compassion. Praise God that God does not give you everything you ask for. If you had no Trials in your Life, you would not know the Good Life. You would not grow if you did not have difficulties. Those very conditions are stepping Stones; the opening up. The reason you have these difficulties is that you have guilt, you suffer from Regret, Resentment and Prejudicial Feelings. They have to be taken out of your Knowledge. You cannot know those things any longer. That is how you save your Soul.

711. Your Soul is your accumulated experiential knowledge. Will your experiences bind or free your Soul? Is it okay for me to say what my Teachers have said? "Not unless I have Direct Knowledge." You have no right to say what some other person says unless you have experienced it. You rob your Soul of Evolution by heresay or gossip. You do not believe in your Heart. If you do not know it as a Fact and Truth within your Heart, as Wisdom and Love in your Heart, then you are breaking God's will for you. You are binding your Soul and keeping bound in the Lower Realm.

712. (At the retreat: TAT continues to produce the Polarity Shift by changing subject in random order.) I listened to how you guys related to that poor Tree out there. Some of the things you did to that Tree, you ought to be ashamed. Some of you were trying to put Human things on that Tree. Human description - sounds like you were trying to talk about yourself. Then what did you do? I had started to build some Power, and you can't wait to run it out by talking about it. You know your experience with the Tree was something Sacred and Beautiful. But when you run it out, you lose the Power. You should experience the Tree for it's own sake, as Love, not for telling somebody else what you did.

713. That Tree is a great Teacher and he was telling you many things, and the Bird told you something. It will never come back to that nest, another Bird will never Live in that Nest, because someone broke the Law of Nature without even realizing it. These Laws are broken all the Time. We do things against our nature, our True Nature.

714. A couple of years ago, some of you would have liked to hit me. It is pushing that button. I could have played with your Mind. I saw many hit in their Emotions. You need to be as gentle with your Mind and Emotions as you are with your Hands and Body. It all has to be together. If it's not, then you live in contradiction of yourself.

715. There is a Paradox that keeps you from realizing environmental consciousness and that is what the Polarity Shift has to go through. That is the Illusion, for there is only One. The Paradox throws the energies back into the Will Center. When the Navel and the Spleen are crossed off, you stop reception.

716. This is a Course for every Teacher of God. The forms may vary, but they all have the same underlying Vibration - Oneness. There are thousands of forms, all with the same outcome. They merely save Time, yet it is Time alone that wins. Onward! The World is very tired now, old and worn, without hope in many ways. There was never any question of the outcome, for what can change the Will of God?

717. There is no question about where you are going. There is no question that you are going to die from the Third Dimension. Every one of you share that same Reality and you share so many other Realities. Yet you think you are all alone, all by yourself, your own poor individual self. Well, let us start the upward move. You are better than you think. all the foregoing was to Open your Heart, not to think or be bound in the Past. I Love you, I truly Love you, with all my Heart.

718. I will tell you what happens on this Path. What is waiting for you at the top of the Mountain is - the bottom of another Mountain. That is your Eternal Experience. God is like a Mountain. We climb it and when we think we are at the top, God gives us another Mountain. Because if we reached the end, we would stop living. God does not take us back right now, because God Loves us. Say, "God, take me right now, all of me!" Then, no more you. No name. No form. You would be part of the Essence that is supporting all other Beings. You would not have anymore experience. You would go to Oblivion, where you came from. God in Divine Mercy has given you an Infinite Reality to experience. But the Heart must be open.

719. You must Love me when I'm firm and Stern with you. I Love you, Soul! You must Love me more each Time, because I'm pushing your Will and Breaking a Law. But I have Authority to do that. Either I do it now, or if you leave right now, you leave the same as you are. Whatever you have made, whatever you have right now, that's it. Do you think you go on to something else? Not unless you have created within yourself an opening, an ever expanding, ever accepting Vibration. You have whatever you created.

720. You'll never do it, unless you do it. There are no Free Rides and no Free Silver Platters. Nothing is handed to you; you have to work for it. You know why? You must have done something to come to this Planet. We are all Prisoners here, except for the 10% of the Leaders of the Higher Realm, who have Sacrificed Freedom to be bound here with you. Jesus Christ bound Himself to this Earth. He must have Great Love for you, to give up His Ascension, to lead this Planet. As long as you call on Him, He will be here. The Spiritual Masters have not left this Planet. They are Bound in Love here too.

721. Christ says, "I will always be with you." Has He ever left? We have not stopped talking about Him since He was here. That holds Him here. What will you do here? Answer the Call. You are reading this Book to learn the Sacred Art of Light Healing, how to answer the Call, how to be Harmonious, how to network in Light and how to retrieve your Human and Spiritual Heritage. The Call was made. This is how these other Beings Ascended.

722. If you are in the Sixth Root Race, you are supposed to be here. If you are in the Fourth or Fifth Root Race, you are suppose to have already Ascended. You are suppose to spend 14,000 years on the Planet and then Ascend. But you are still here. You have heard the Call. You all have the Plan.

723. Passion and sense gratification hold us to the things we are doing. You have to open the Heart up. Do you still love me? Is it as strong as the strongest time you loved me? I love you with all my Heart and Soul, with all my Life and Light. I have never stopped loving you and I will never stop loving you. I Loved you from Time Immortal and I will love you until there is no more Time, because that is when my Mission will be done on this Planet. I have committed myself here. I have been coming back for Thousands of Years, over and over again. What is this doing to your Mind? Who is this Guy? A while ago he was Tat (Rev. Harrison Roy Hesketh). Now who is he talking about?

724. Time with it is Illusion of change wears out the World and all things in it. Yet Time has an Ending and it is this that the Teachers of God are appointed to bring about. In the Book of Revelation: "And Time will be no more." This has been given to those who choose it.

725. When you choose in your life to work for God, you have Power all the time. You can save Time for Thousands of Beings and you do not even know it yet. Every person reading this book is a very important person or you would not be reading this book.

726. There is a Prayer I have Prayed ever since I began Astral Physics Teachings. "God, do not send me People that are going to Malign this Energy and Light. Do not send me People that are not on the Path or not really in the knowledge that they are Sons and Daughters of God. Let it be within them that their True Nature is revealed. Send me those People that you want to Channel your Highest Teachings to, for the Salvation of the Human Race.

727. I know that everyone of you is a very Important Person, Important in this Time and Space. You may not have even thought of this in this Lifetime, if it did not mean something to the evolution of you and the rest of Humanity. You can not hide away.

728. How do you work for God? When you get up in the morning, dress for God. Wash your face for God. Cleanse your body for God. Eat for God, Imagine for God. God says, "You are my Instrument in the World. You Experience that I may Experience."

729. When you give all to God, what is God going to do for you? Does alike attract alike? That is your free Will. When you are doing all for God and know that in your Heart, you have saved your Soul and are coming to Grace. Praise God!

730. I have heard a lot of men say, "I am out saving Souls." I could take Credit for that too, but I can not take Credit for something that is not True. I do not save anyone's Soul; they save their own Souls.

731. Have an open Heart. That saves Souls. God has never condemned you, so God will never forgive you. You must forgive you. You must forgive the Trespasses. Why do you think People's lives flash before their eyes before they die or come close to death? Because God wants to be mean to you and make you feel guilty, full of Regret? Because of things you did to the World, especially when you see what was supposed to have been done and how many times you did not get it done?

732. Certain People have an assignment to one of God's Teachers and they will begin to look for that Teacher as soon as they answer the Call. God has so much Spiritual Work for every one of you when you answer the Call. You will never get bored. You will be busy all through Time. You will be busy Meditating, enjoying Life, accepting all of God's Love and Gifts. God will take care of you. When God Guides, God Provides.

733. When I started the Astral Physics Teachings, I did not worry about needing to work in the World. I left my job in the world to Work for God. God gives me what I need, my Daily Bread - not what I think I need. If God did that, I would have a couple of Million Dollars in the Bank.

734. There was a Time when I thought I had to have a lot of money and do some impressive job. I took hits so many times, over and over again, before I learned how not to get hit. As long as I had a Shield in my hand, I had some thing to defend. When you are defenseless, God will take care of you. If you are Willful, God will let you be Willful. God Loves you and God will let you do whatever you want to do. You have Free Will Choice.

735. There are People who are waiting and depending on you- all the Brothers and Sisters on the Path below you are looking to you to help them. If you are on the Green Ray, you have Brothers and Sisters that are Yellow, Orange and Red who need your help. If you are in the Blue Ray, you have those in the Green Ray too. If you're Violet Fire, you have those in the Blue plus all the colors allow Blue. The Higher you get, the more Responsibility you have.

736. When you start on the Path, you think, "When I get there, everything will be easy." This Planet is not easy. The more Light you have, the more threat you will be to more People on this Planet. The closer you are to God, the more threat you will be to two-thirds of Humanity. Many of them would kill you if they knew what you were trying to have in the World. You would like Freedom for all your Brothers and Sisters. You would like the World United. You would have to fight a lot of People who are defending Borders. We can not even travel in the World without getting an Okay from somebody we do not even know. Your Life depends on decisions from some other Person.

737. Every time you get Brighter you show up Guilt, Resentments, Negative Energies, because where the Light is, Darkness has to run away. If it is in some Person, that Person feels like running. If he does not want to move, he will defend his position. The Brighter your Light gets, the more People you can save, by shining that Light; being the example.

738. Are you doing everything for God? That is selfless. do you say it, think it? Did you ever think "Go hug a Tree?" Why did you hug a Tree. when I told you to? You are looking for a direction to go in. I look for direction every moment of my Life and I receive it from God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Masters of Light who are my Brothers and Sisters.

739. When you are One with the Masters of Light, the Power of 10,000 Suns is with you. When you are doing the Work of God and are One with Christ and the Masters of Light, you have the Power of 10,000 X 10,000 Suns. Look at the Consciousness of just One Sun in the Heavens. You have a lot going for you, when you open to it.

740. The Heart needs to have acceptance constantly to overcome darkness and maintain the Victory. You can walk down through Town, get on a Bus and get your Aura polluted. You women, when men have thoughts of laying you down in bed and doing perverted things to you, you're getting hit, whether you know it or not. Men are being threatened because other men want to hold their Position. So many things can be hitting you. That is why Attunement is so important and it is important to be open and let the wind blow. When you are open, it is like a gentle breeze blowing. When there is a closed door, the wind will pound and pound on it, until it blows it down.

741. If you have a door closed inside you, I will keep banging on it, Christ will keep banging on it, the Spiritual Masters will keep banging on it until you open it. We do not like closed doors because they are Limiting. We do not like the Devil's actions and we make no bones about it! We will cast those Demons out, even if they are self created. Many People have Demons they have created and give Power by their erroneous Beliefs. You can command the Spirits of the Air, God said to you.

742. That Willful, Emotional, Impulsive Vibration of the Lower Triad can keep you so caught in its attention that you become a Slave. The Self, the True Nature, becomes a Slave to the Personality, which says, "I do not know what I am doing. I do not know where I am going. I do not know if I should go there. I am going to Select what I know."

743. You live by Intuition. You are guided by Divine Direction. Clairvoyance and Intuition are the Powers the Master lives by. He (or She) who is a Master walks this Earth with Clear Vision. Their Heart is open and their Brow is open. They stand Objective and Detached. They stand in the Knowledge that we are all One. They stand in the Reality of Knowing and Accepting what they are doing.

744. (At the Retreat.) My job here is to put pressure on any Block you have, whatever it may be. Just my walking by you is intimidating if you have a Block. Just my looking at you can cause it to come awake. You are being purified. Almost everyone of you has had some purification in Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit, because the Power of Perfection is running in my Being. "But he's overweight,"some of you are thinking. So What! That's the world of appearances. Are you caught in the World of appearances?

745. My Grandma was a 527 pound lady. A man came to her who was dying; bleeding to death. She Prayed and the blood stopped; the man was saved. He didn't say to her, "You need Health Foods." They brought Grandma a little girl who had not talked to anybody in two years. She had not walked, had not fed herself, did not move, just laid there. Her parents had taken her all over the World. When they brought her to my Grandmother, they did not have any prejudices.

746. People are Hypocrites who look down on others for the way they look or what they do. That is like saying a Tree is ugly, or a Tree is Beautiful. The Tree is a Tree. It is your opinion that it is Beautiful or Ugly. We told you, do not hold Opinions. Opinions will blow you apart every time.

747. (At the Retreat.) Over the last two hours I made you all take positions to reveal yourself. There was a Purpose, a good Purpose, because I Love you. I want you to know that. It is good to look at a Beautiful Tree and say it is Beautiful; it is bad to say it is ugly. There we are, caught back in the Paradox.

748. There are a lot of things that we can joke to ourselves about, but we do not laugh, we take them seriously. The next thing you know we have a problem with our Sense of Humor. On the Path, you need to develop a good Sense of Humor. Every Master has had a good Sense of Humor. Without that this Age would crumble; your Aura could not take the Hits. I would not drink Poison to cure Poison. If I am dying from Arsenic, I would not want anyone to give me more Arsenic. In this Physical Universe, alike attracts alike. That is the Truth throughout the Universe. It is Illusion that says opposites attract.

749. I tell what I see in Nature, in the Cosmic Laws and what the Masters have told me. Some say, "Do it this way, like the others are doing it." Be free, be open, stand on your Spine, be Master of yourself. Make your own decisions, stick to them, be persistent. All of you are free; you do not even have to stay where you are at.

750. At about two and a half months into the Astral Physics classes I say, "If it is heavy, get out! If you are looking for Power, Goodbye!" I do not want any Power Seekers, because if you are seeking Power, you will never find it. The only way you will get it is to accept it. If you want Powers, accept them and God will give them to you, through the Grace of the Holy Spirit. You have to accept without doubting, without description, without trying to qualify them.

751. Here they are, ready to do exactly what they do. If I had a screw, I would not try to take it out of the wall with a hammer. I would get a screwdriver. The same is true in our lives. Sometimes we use instruments, thinking they are right and the instruments are binding. Whatever is serving you, you are serving it.

752. You are not to worship books or men or graven images. Are you worshiping these? Christ did not say to worship the man. He said to worship the Father in Heaven. He said to worship God with all your Heart and all your Mind. He knew that if you give your Reverent Submission there, your Earnest Inquiry and Service, that is where you will go. Wherever you give your Service, your Energies and Attention, that is where you will go. There are no if's, but's or maybe's. It is done in Acceptance. Sometimes we get weary of accepting some of the stuff that goes on. That is our test to open even wider. Let it happen, let the Highest come.

753. (At the Retreat.) I was realizing today how much faster, since this Retreat, my Clairvoyant Sight, Intuition and Precognition are working. All my Powers are increasing because I am putting myself on the Line, standing in front of you People. I had not realized I had slowed down in some of what I was seeing, because it was a gradual dropping of energy. That is the Law of Casual Diminishing.

754. A lot of us do not know how we got into the situations we have, because there is such a Paradoxical Knowledge to work through before we can get to the Reality. If you want the Truth and want to stay in your Heart, give Truth. If you want Freedom, give Freedom. If you want Love, give Love. When you want Healing, give Healing. When you want Upliftment, give Upliftment. Alike Attracts Alike.

755. The Lower Triad is "give me, give me, give me." When you go to the Heart, it's "give," the Reverse Polarity. You must give, let it flow, to let it grow. Love must flow through you to grow through you.

756. If you want to hear the Truth, don't deceive yourself and don't Lie to someone else. An exaggeration is a Lie. I was so caught up in exaggeration at one time that I thought I was telling the Truth. When I cooled down a little, I went for three months without saying anything. I had to regain myself because of my big mouth, defending my position and ripping people emotionally apart for spite. I had created suffering, self imposed and to others.

757. When I choose to be a God Man, I was put through a lot of things. At first I blamed everyone else for them. Then I realized that I am the Creator living in this Universe. You are the Creator living in the Universe, the Creator of everything you have ever gotten in your Life. You created your Parents, your environments, everything you have experienced. Here is how it works: If something is going on, it will continue until you change it, in this Dimension or some other one. It keeps on until you accept it as gone or accept it as there.

758. When you let something go, you have to accept it as gone. When you leave an old Pattern, you must accept that. Say, "I accept it as gone, God. I null it, I void it, I no longer need it. It's gone, and I'm not going to let it come creeping back. If words start from my mouth, I will stop them. I will use God as my Shield and start talking with God. Whatever is not of God will go away, because it can not stand the Reality of God." That is the Truth.

759. The Teachers and God Men were chosen by God, each with a form of the Universal Curriculum which is best for that Time and Place. The Pupils have been waiting, the coming is certain again. It is only a matter of Time. Once you have chosen to fulfill your Role, the Powers of the Godhead are ready to fulfill your Reason for Being, to be a Child and Teacher of God.

760. I was working for United Airlines when I started Astral Physics. I was almost afraid to leave the Airline. You know what one of my considerations was? Would I make enough to Live? "Oh, ye of little Faith," the Voice came to me, "Don't you know that when God Guides, God Provides? You're doing God's Work. God will take care of you. Don't you know that in your Heart?" Then I decided to trust God. It only took me a couple of days after I heard that Voice to make the Decision. You must make a Decision. You must see that what everyone else is doing and seeking is the same thing you are seeking. How else can Alike Attract Alike?

761. I had 40 Students on one end of Maui and 17 on the other end of Maui, and went over once a week to Teach. One Time I went over, and One of the Students said, "You just lost eight Students to another Teacher." She could not wait to tell me. I said, "I didn't lose any students. I am the student, and I lost eight teachers. Besides, I couldn't have lost them because they are Free Will Beings, and they choose to go to Santa Cruz withanother teacher, all my student are still with me."

762. She thought she was going to get me and she did not come back to the class for a long time, because I told her the Truth. She was not ready to hear the Truth; she wanted to battle me. She liked to fight with and debate people all the time.

763. At certain Points in the teachings pressures are felt and sometimes students leave. In the early days my little ego would say, "What about Money? How are we going to Live?" My Higher Self would answer, "God is taking care of you. Are you less than the Birds of the Field? The Beasts? The Lilies?" When the Higher Self said that, I took the words in. Then it could flow to the I Am That I Am.

764. I read Truth, I read the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Koran, the Vedic Scriptures and lots of other Mystic Spiritual Teachings. I have studied the Mystery Schools for decades. I put the Information in that I need to support myself as a Teacher of God. I had to put the Information in to support my Higher Self and its reflection into the world on Earth.

765. Glory to God, the day came when I said to my students, "I just realized that I am more my Higher Self than my Lower Self. Thank you, God!" I knew my intentions in the World were good. I knew my acts and deeds were good; that I wasn't trying to hurt anybody or command anybody. Nobody could make me feel guilty anymore, not even myself.

766. I had gotten 51% control of my Life and that was better than 49%, which had been my life until then.
You all can change, because that is the Law. As soon as you stop changing, you start dying. As soon as you stop giving to Life, you start losing it. As soon as you stop giving to whatever you attune to at the highest, you lose it because you have made a free will choice, whether you are conscious of it or not.

767. How many times have you been in a beautiful, happy position, saying "It's Heaven on Earth?" I remember saying that. I was walking up the steps at Unity Church. I said, "This is so Beautiful, God is everywhere. He is in us all, He loves us all so much. Can't they see that God? Let them see it, let them know it in their Hearts." Then I said, "It's so Beautiful - God doesn't let me see death, disease and suffering." About two months later a student from the classes hung himself. His wife came and asked me to bury him. I had said, "I do not have to look at Death." So I saw it.

768. I saw what it did to a Family and I tell you, there was never a Funeral like that Funeral. I said, "Here he lies." I looked over at the Family and said, "Let him go. Let all your guilt go. Do not beat yourself and say it is your fault. This man had a choice; he was a free will being, an Individual, and he choose to go out this way.'

769. His Mother and Father were feeling guilty because they did not do certain things for him when he was alive. Why? Because that was the stuck attention that young Man had, the entanglements with Life he had to face.

770. Sometimes People say, "TAT pushes my buttons," and all I am doing is telling them the beautiful freedom that the Master demonstrated for them to experience. The Teachings push buttons in peoples emotion and mind. You are going to have People not believe you, even when you are perfectly right. They will stab you in the Heart with words and deeds, and if you are not open, the knife will cut. If you are open, it will go right through. Do you know who is on the other side to catch you? God is there, waiting. God is always here, holding you up and protecting you. He will never let anything happen to you if you give up your Soul to Him, if you give up the Knowledge you now have.

771. When I was 14, I thought I knew a lot. Nobody could tell me anything. When I was 16, I didn't know anything. I felt so stupid and dumb. When I was 17, I was smart again, but when I was 19 to 21, I did not know again. What happened? There was so much I did not know, after all those years when I knew everything. Ever been that way? "I have got it all set up. It is going to work. Everything is going to be fine." Then all of a sudden something comes along and kicks it out from under you.

772. Nothing will be taken away from you if you are supposed to have it, if it is for your soul evolution and experience. The only things taken away from you are the things that will harm your Soul. That is what God is doing for you every moment, when you surrender through God's Holy Spirit. You can be like the little Kid with the Sucker. The Mother say, "It is time to eat." So she takes the Sucker. "Waaah," the child cries. "I want that Sucker!" "It feels good. I want to keep this feeling," or, "I want to keep this thought; it supports my Position," or "I want to keep this Knowledge, it is mine. I earned it." Mine, Me, I! That is what the conditioned sense does. You will never lose anything God desires you to experience and have.

773. Our House was burned down on Oahu. Six years before, it would have ruined my Life. I might have killed myself. Three weeks before I came to Oahu, I held a .38 to my head and pulled the trigger. I put the shell in the chamber and when I pulled the trigger, it changed to the next chamber, which was empty. How stupid! But who let me do that? I was ready to blow my brains out. I was caught in the World of Appearances.

774. I was in a house where one guy was shooting up Smack and sniffing Cocaine. There were People running in and out with dope, stealing, lying, cheating. I was in a Den of Iniquity. I thought I was rotten, stinking, filthy, lousy person and deserved it. Bang! I had five bullets and I used up four of them so I would not be scared of the sound when I pulled the trigger. Stupid, huh?

775. I looked at that bullet and said, "This is it!" As I loaded it in, I said, "you are going to come back again, if you do it. I pulled the trigger anyway. But I could not do it again. I said, "God, you must want me to be here for something. It must be important, or you would have let me do it. I know you directed this whole thing. I know you brought me to the Edge of the Universe for some Reason." That was over seventeen years ago.

776. God said, "You are going to help a lot of People." I did not believe that. God was telling me in my Heart, and I did not believe it - not until I came to Hawaii. There I was, living on $263. a Month, paying my rent and supporting my Son. God said, "Build a Center for me; open a Wisdom School." I obey.

777. The Tree Experience at the Retreat "Open the Rainbow Eye of Light"
TAT: This is an informal discussion in the afternoon of the fourth day of the Retreat, Open the Rainbow Eye of Light. We have all been merging with the Tree. We are in inner Environmental Consciousness and we have been dealing with outer Environmental Consciousness and the Tree. I would like each of you to relate your experience with the Tree - if you felt anything. If it told you anything or taught you anything. Even if it was a silly thought, do share it as it may have a Key in it. What you say in words my reveal a deeper awareness of what you experienced. This is a way to come to deeper Realizations. Open your hearts.

778. Let us start with Christine. She was already getting back in the Tree. I saw the images of limbs and leaves coming out of her.

779. Christine: The first thing that crossed my mind was the way in which the Tree and I came together. I was feeling out the Space I felt in Harmony with, and when I came upon this Tree, I knew it was on One because it stood out. It had two Arms this way and two arms this way . . . it formed a Perfect Inner realm of North, South, East, West, or the Balance of Nature. I felt it had a lot. The Tree itself was Beautiful in a deeper Sense, in the way it Developed. In the Middle of the Limbs was a Center so I jumped up and stood in it, which immediately put me into Bliss and leaving my Space. I didn't feel anything else, just the feeling of emptiness.

TAT: In what way did you feel an emptiness?
Christine: I didn't feel my body.

TAT: You were merged with the Tree to the Point of not feeling your body or Emotions but experiencing the space.
Christine: The Space within the Tree.

TAT: Beautiful!
Christine: Immediately, because the Tree was open.

TAT: What kind of Energy did you give it?
Christine: A lot of Energy. It had an Eastern feeling to me and . . . .

TAT: Maybe that's because it's very common Zen training exercise. You were Zening out on the Tree, so to speak.
Christine: The Sunlight came out and came through the Tree, so I imagined being in the Womb with the Light, merging with the Sun at the same time, and then being inside of the Limb and the Trunk.

TAT: Did the Tree tell you how old it was?
Christine: It was Ancient because of where it came from.

TAT: Did you select a particular type of Tree?
Christine: No, I just put out my Vibrations to see what was right for me to experience.

TAT: Did you touch the Tree Physically as well as Metaphysically?
Christine: Oh, yes!

TAT: Did you hold the Tree?
Christine: Yes, I hugged it.

TAT: What did you feel when you were hugging the Tree? (Giggles from the class.) There is nothing wrong with hugging a Tree. If you are taking a long hike or something like that and you get tired, lean your back against a Tree. It will release energy into your Spine and rejuvenate you because it is a Dynamic Pranic Force field. It collects Pranic Energy.
Christine: It was formed in a Bow - this way and this way. So I leaned my back against one side and put my legs up, so my body was shaped like this . .

TAT: Like a "U".
Christine: So my Centers were opened, and I just hung out like that. page #
Then I hugged it and Om-ed with it.

TAT: The Tree is like a Mantra, a Mantra of Nature. It keeps saying the same Mantra over and over, the same kind of Tree over and over. Did you have any insights into solving anything in your Life?
Christine: Not to have set ways or thoughts, but just be open to what is Natural because it was so Natural for me to see the Tree and say, "Oh, yes, you were made for me. Come and stand with me this Moment." And yet I'm sure that every moment it had with its surroundings were as magical for it. So that was a good lesson.

TAT: What do you think the Tree received from you, as a Human Being giving to an Elemental Force?
Christine: Love, Warmth, and I heard it talking to me, so I'm sure it heard me talking to it.

780. TAT: Beautiful, a nice experience with the Tree. Jane, did you go out and hug a Tree? Would you like to share your experience?
Jane: I was jogging along and looking for the Right Tree that I could get in, sort of like Christine. But my Tree kind went up one way and up other so it was like a little hammock, and I just lay in it. I closed my eyes and felt like I was floating in a cloud. The whole tree was up in the air and I felt One with it. I didn't feel like I was on the Earth any more.

TAT: You got into the energies of the Tree. The Tree emanates a Pranic Force field. When you are out of the Body and need some Energy, you can fly over Trees and they will give you energy and uplift you. If you Fly a Plane over Trees, there are currents drawn up from them. It is a very powerful energy and when you are in Tune with that, it can be an arising experience to the degree you are merged with the Tree. Tell us more about this Tree. What made you pick this particular one? Did it glow differently, or did it look like a Comfortable Tree?
Jane: It looked comfortable and I wanted to be Comfortable with it.

TAT: Did you have any past Flashbacks with it, like you may have lived in a Tree, at one Time?
Jane: Oh, yes, that was my dream as a child, to live in a Tree house and have a lot of food. I used to make a lot of little Tree houses when I was a kid. I've seen Beautiful ones that have been made into Homes. I love Trees.

TAT: I know, I picked that out of your Aura. Did the experience awaken any Latent Powers you may have had as a child or something you have not had for a while?
Jane: It brought me back in the Past a little bit, playing in the trees. I remember falling out of a Tree and having the wind knocked out of me. I had that Flash.

TAT: Did you hug the Tree?
Jane: I massaged it. I had some big knots where my arms are and I rubbed it.

TAT: The Healing done where the Knots were. That is good. Did the Tree teach you something, did you get some impressions?
Jane: No, I just got a nice Vibration from it. My Whole Body kind of Vibrated.

TAT: You were receiving back the Energies. Plants have a degree of Emotional Strata and can give back an Emotional Response. In fact, some times the response is so strong, when you are in a High Vibration, as you walk along, the Plants will reach for your Aura, as they did for the Aura of Jesus and the other Masters. Sometimes I would be in deep States of Concentration on God and the Masters when I was walking in the Gardens in the Valley of the Temples. As I was walking along, the Bushes, Grass, Trees and Leaves would reach and Draw towards me.
Plants have a certain flexibility and you can see this with your own Plant. Just very gently caress the outside of it. It will become so sensitive that the outside will move with your Energies. Don't touch it, but keep your Hand about 1/4 inch away. Feel it, watch it, and it will reach towards you. It has a Loving Power, especially if you are reaching in Love.
Jane: Did you read The Findhorn Garden?

TAT: Oh, yes. What are some of your other experiences with the Tree? Did you feel closer to God?
Jane: I talked to it and told it how Beautiful it was. Yes, I felt One with God?

TAT: If someone had come along and heard you talking to a Tree, what would your response have been?
Jane: I would have started Laughing.

TAT: Beautiful. What are some of these things you said to this Tree?
Jane: I looked up into the Branches and said, "You are Beautiful, and you look so Strong." It looked like arms reaching out towards God.

781. TAT: Beautiful. Now, let's have Julie.
Julie: When I heard you talking about the Trees, I knew immediately which Tree it would be.

TAT: You were already aware, so it came right away.
Julie: I wanted to merge with it.

TAT: Your Heart was open.
Julie: I've been looking at the Papaya Tree that is so high. It goes way past the Roof. Well, I didn't touch the Tree at all. First I stood in front of it, and then I lay down in front of it. I couldn't get into it until I got into the bottom part.

TAT: You had to come in through the Roots.
Julie: I had to come in through the bottom of the Tree. Then I felt myself going like a Telescope getting higher and higher, and It's amazing - that Tree sees 360 Degrees at one Time, everything. That was hard for me because I was trying to focus on only one thing, but the Tree was all around - it wasn't just looking in one direction. Mostly I felt being pulled towards the Sun. I got a really strong feeling that the Tree was constantly expanding up, reaching for the Sun.

TAT: Did you perceive from the top of the Tree?
Julie: I certainly did, and I was wondering if I could bend over and put my head in the Water while I was in the Tree. I felt like I was being pulled in all directions, and yet I did not move anywhere. It was like the Tree being pulled everywhere and yet not moving at all.

TAT: You got into the Electromagnetic Energy about the Tree, reaching everywhere. I have Experienced that 360 Degree sight and quite frequently go into it. Maybe you could share with us what you experienced. Was it disorienting or more Centering? Did you feel expanded from the experience?
Julie: I felt like I was expanding because the Tree was always expanding slowly. But as far as having the 360 Degree Vision, it was confusing because I was used to looking in one Direction. I kept seeing all around and through the Tree, but it was fuzzy for me. But I know it was not fuzzy for the Tree. I did not know that Trees could see like that.

TAT: There is a Spirit in the Tree, and it perceives. It is the energy of the Tree experiencing. Did it tell you how long it has been experiencing and giving its Fruit?
Julie: No, but not that long.

TAT: Did you get any awareness of how it gives Fruit or of the Energy that runs it?
Julie: Yes, there was a feel in that part. I felt I was coming up and . . . it's hard to explain these things in words . . . coming up and around about, sort of like Papayas do, but it all came from the bottom; I could feel my feet on the Ground. I could feel that what grows out of the Tree comes from the very bottom and comes up this really long Tree and then goes out like that.

782. TAT: Expands out into the Fruit. Beautiful. Now let's ask Sunomi. Sunomi, tell us how you selected your Tree and what you Experienced.
Sunomi: I walked over the Grass area and there was a Tree that said, "Take me, take me, take me."

TAT: It was excited and waiting. You see, we put thought forms out. They were all excited and waiting for us to experience them and them to experience us.
Sumoni: I went over there, and there was a Branch in just the right shape to sit in. Every little branch came out so that I could step right up there. I gave the Tree a Big Hug and I was One with it. While I was holding it, it felt like there was no space around at all.

TAT: You would think that the Tree would be heavy, but see how Light it is. It is even Lighter than your Body.
Sunomi: And sound. When I had my eyes closed and was hugging the Tree, the Ocean sounds came and all the other plants came around and said, "We're here too, we're here."

TAT: So you were becoming aware of them all wanting attention and being aware of People being aware of them. You know, we - Humanity has had a falling out of the Elemental Kingdom, just like we have had with our Subconscious Minds. Here is this Beautiful Kingdom without which we would not even be supported on this Planet. It gives the Oxygen to the Air, feeds our bodies and gives us so much and all we do is take away and think nothing of it. It is excited and wanting to have that experience again. Everything is seeking Unity - the Plants and the Angelic Kingdom, the Trees and the Humans. Everything is seeking that. Tell us more about the Tree. It liked you. That's Beautiful.
Sunomi: After that I sat at the bottom and looked up. All the Leaves had different Colors - Red, Orange and Green. As soon as I looked at the Leaves, all the veins opened up. The Leaves have veins on them, and under the veins there are more veins, and there's a Light that shoots through all of them.

TAT: That's the way it collects the Light, by spreading its Leaves. You have a Beautiful Leaf. That's why Buddha sometimes looks like He has a Flame behind Him, and other times a Big Leaf. Sometimes He sits in a Circle.
Sunomi: I drew myself with a Leaf behind me, a Big Green Leaf.

TAT: Did you have any memories when you were in the Tree, any past experiences of having lived in a Tree, or maybe you had an Orchard?
Sunomi: No.

TAT: So it was pretty much a "Now" experience, that surging of uplifting feeling when you were lying in the Tree against your Back.
Sunomi: No, this was in the Front.

TAT: Oh, in the Front. That's good. It gives you the Chakras and the Bells.
Sunomi: And the Colors. Everything is very alive, everything has a Pattern to it, a really alive Pattern. It just jumps up at you and goes around in Circles.

TAT: Do you draw? Are you an Artist?
Sunomi: Yes.

TAT: Now you have a lot of Material for Art.
Sunomi: I also saw something another Time. What are those - Split Leaves, the big ones that go around the Tree? I saw this Green Snake come up and Pop out. It has this One Eye, and it kept going up. This was about a month ago, and I kept looking at him.

TAT: That wasn't here?
Sunomi: No, I didn't believe he was really there, but I'd turn around and go back, and he'd still be there. A day later I went back to look for him, and he was gone. He had a Bright Yellow Eye, like a Cat's Eye.

783. TAT: Interesting. So you saw a lot more Color in the Tree. Good. Now, I've forgotten your Name.
Kay: Kay.

TAT: Oh, you're Kay. Okay, Kay.
Kay: I didn't touch the Tree, but I lay next to it. I stared at it and came inside, and I felt more like I was the Tree. I felt Sap coming up from the Roots and felt a New Sprout coming up through me.

TAT: A Sprout coming out from the Tree, Fantastic.
Kay: I felt the Weight of the Branches and Needles, the Heat from the Sun, the Comfort of the Roots in the Ground holding me down, and the Wind rushing through my Leaves and Branches.

TAT: How did you pick your Tree?
Kay: Just walking and feeling Magnetic to it.

TAT: What kind of Energies did you get? Did you get any Energy in your Body? Or do you remember anything from when you were a Child with Trees?
Kay: No, just the Tree.

TAT: Did you get any energies in your Body?
Kay: Calmness and the Coolness. The feeling of the Roots and the heavy feel of the Branches.

784. TAT: Beautiful. Thank You. Now let's go to Debbie.
Debbie: I probably would have picked another Tree, had I been here this afternoon. I just went out and picked a Tree and sat down beside it and started talking to it.

TAT: What did you say to it?
Debbie: I said, "Hello, Mr. Tree."

TAT: Did it say anything back?
Debbie: No, but I felt that he was listening, and that I was getting to know him. I just started talking to him like a Person and then I laid on him and looked up at this Big Tree; got the Whole Concept of it. I felt like I had more Communication there. It was more like a God-like Communication because it was up high; it seemed more strong. I was telling him how pretty he was, in the Sand out there by the Ocean, having People like me come and sit in him and talk to him, and all the things he must see.

TAT: Did you get any awareness as to what the Tree was seeing or perceiving?
Debbie: Well, I was telling him and seeing People coming to meet him. I didn't feel like I was the Tree, I just Communicated with him.

TAT: Did you feel like you were Channeling what the Tree was experiencing, when you were telling the Tree, "I Love You," and, "You can See," and all these things?
Debbie: I did not feel any heavy . . . .

TAT: It's not heavy, It's Subtle.
Debbie: Then, yes, I did.

TAT: And in that experience could you sense yourself perceiving, even at a very Subtle Level, the same perception, the same radius that the Tree was experiencing?
Debbie: I was saying to him that we were One. "You're living and I'm living, and you are just like me."

TAT: You were lifting the Tree up.
Debbie: Yes, I was kind of lifting the Tree up.

TAT: How did that make you feel?
Debbie: It made me feel good.

TAT: Did it bring any new Knowledge to You?
Debbie: Yes, it made me feel like I should do that more often because it's really not that easy to get to know a Tree, to really feel it.

TAT: Just let go and get inside. What do you think is the barrier? Is it a Physical thing like the Bark, or something unknown, or did you know enough about it to get into it? What kept you from experiencing the Depth of it?
Debbie: I would probably have had to hold it for awhile, hug it or something, and I didn't do that. I kissed it though, I kissed it Goodbye.

TAT: How did that feel?
Debbie: It felt Okay.

TAT: How did that feel on your lips? Was it rough and kind of nice?
Debbie: Kind of nice.

TAT: Do you think, if you went back, that Tree would remember you? Would it have any awareness?
Debbie: Sure, it's friendly.

TAT: It seems that all the Trees that are friendly just stand up there and get chopped down. Interesting.
Debbie: Yes, I was thinking all those things. Then I touched it and a piece of Bark fell down, and I said I was sorry - you know, because it's alive.

785. TAT: Beautiful. How about Roland?
Roland: I merged with Two Trees.

TAT: How did you pick them?
Roland: The first one I picked because it was nice and Green. There was lots of Life around it, and I wanted to be with that. I first felt it, almost hugged it, caressing it and patting it. I just kept looking at it and trying to be with it more.

TAT: Did you sense getting inside of it or touching it with your Mind or imaging going through some of the things that it was?
Roland: No, but the second Tree I did. I was going to get into it, so that was the Tree I leaned back against. I felt calm and good.

TAT: That was kind of Instinctive, to lean back against the Tree?
Roland: Yes. I pictured the Sun coming down on my Head; I was up on the Tree Branches, feeling the Breeze go by and coolness of the Bark. It was really nice, really calming, and I liked it. I had Realizations like, the Tree is just there - it's there to serve God.

TAT: How do you think the Tree is serving God - the making of Oxygen?
Roland: That, and just being there and being beautiful. It doesn't move; it is Stable. Birds and insects come and live in it, and the Tree doesn't mind.

TAT: It shares in that which is around it - the Environment. Beautiful.
Roland: And it just keeps reaching out for more. It doesn't bend down.

TAT: It stands up straight and reaches for the Light. It was getting that warmth, you felt that warmth. When you were in the Tree or Touching the Tree, did you remember when you were a Child, touching Trees? Did you ever talk with a Tree before, did any of that awareness come to you from your Sub-Conscious Mind?
Roland: Yes, it did. Yes, I got in touch with how easy it was to merge with the Tree.

TAT: What do you think you added to the Tree, and what lesson do you think you learned from it?
Roland: It kind of was like a Big Brother to me. It was like, "We are always here, all around you. Feel free to come . . . ."

TAT: . . . share. Good! Do you think People should be more like the Trees in that Way?
Roland: Well, People are People. Yes, People should be more like Trees in a Way.

TAT: Did you feel an Openness and Love in that Tree?
Roland: Yes.

786. TAT: Good Aestherae, did you have the experience with the Tree?
Aestherae: I went out on the steps and looked under a bush and I saw Little People.

Another Student: Just now, when Julie mentioned the Bark having no feeling, I was flashing on the Ants crawling up my Leg. I noticed the ants going on the Tree and I was wondering how come the Tree does not Mind, just kind of comparing.

TAT: And just kind of sharing. Aestherae, did you have any more awareness about your bush? Did the little Menehunes* say anything or look at you? Were they aware of you too?
Aestherae: They were just going about their Business.

787. TAT: Dancing around and singing to the Tree. Some of them play little Flutes and Dance around the Tree and send Energy. To experience them, in your Imagination you find something you can relate to them in form. What happens is that there is Energy around the Tree, and it has an awareness, an experience, to it. How we Describe it can be Colorful or Scientific. There are many different ways to give Description to what we are doing.
How did you do with the Tree, Carol?
Carol: I looked at the Tree and started to have a Conversation with it. It was down there on the Beach, and it had White Flowers on it and Berries. I asked it how it liked being a Tree, and it said that God put it there. It said that the Bees come and tickle the Flowers, and the ants crawl all over it. It like being by the Ocean and hearing the Waves.

TAT: How did you Select your Tree?
Carol: I don't know. I was just walking around and looking at different Trees, and I settled by that one.

TAT: Did you get any Energy in your Body or anything like that? Did you lie on the Tree?
Carol: I touched it and looked at its' Trunk. It was different Colors - some parts a Rusty Orange and some a Mossy Green, and it was a really friendly looking Tree. It had a Trunk that looked like this . . . It was in the sand covered with stuff, and it looked like you could crawl under it.

TAT: Did you have any past experiences, or that you had done it when you were a little Child?
Carol: No, not really.

TAT: Anything else you can share about the Tree?
Carol: It said that Children crawl on it and sit on it sometimes, and that it looks out at the Pasture and Horses out there.

788. TAT: So these Trees do have Perception, or how else would they see these things? Did anyone come to any more awareness as we have been going around the Table?

789. Student: I remember the rest of one thing. I saw a Replica of its shape like a piece of Coral in the Ocean and then another Replica of its shape as Light on a much Higher Dimension than the Physical. It was in all places, repeating itself. I was also seeing the Root system. Most of the Roots were Solid, and a part of them were on a Cliff that went down to the Beach, going all over, stabilizing it.

TAT: I notice, in listening, that everyone's experiences are similar, and yet they are all unique, like everybody is.

TAT: Beautiful. Now move the mike down this way.
Student: I came to a couple of realizations. I realized that I was in a talkative mood when I went out to see the Tree, and I should have gotten more Calm first, relaxed a little bit or Meditated, rather then trying to Communicate outwardly.

TAT: Do you know what Chakras you used to do the Tree?
Student: I think the Navel. I went through the Bridge when I first sat down, so I was attuning all of the Being to that. Oh, and I was in the Heart of the Tree, I located that Point.

790. TAT: Carol, do you know what Chakras you used in experiencing the Tree?
Carol: I'm not sure.
Aestherae: I used the Heart Chakra, the Throat Chakra and the Brow Chakra.
Roland: I would say, the Spleen Chakra, Heart and Throat.
Kay: The Navel.
Julie: I never thought about it. I think probably everything because I went right through that Tree - right from the bottom to the top - and the last Sensation was reaching for the Sun through the top.
Sunomi: The Heart. I also remember saying, "We are One," as I was going up.
TAT: What Chakra is that?
Sunomi: The Crown.

791. Student: All of them My first impulse was the Spleen. When I first found the Tree, I said, "Oh, joy," and when I jumped in the middle of the Tree, it was the Brow and then the Crown. It was a very Heartful Experience.
Another Student: The Heart and the Crown Chakra,

TAT: Beautiful. Now, how you experienced the Tree is how you look at Life, how you experience the meeting of any person, place or thing. You just gave yourself a Reading.
* * *

792. These are the experiences of a few of the People at the Retreat in Hawaii. Sometime soon you should experience a Tree.