Creative Power

Blessing of Light!

In this Chapter we will study Contemplation, which gives awareness as Depth, the Sub of the Superconscious Mind

The Meditation for Friday is:
Today I make Intelligent use of my Mind, knowing it is an Individualization of Universal Mind. After receiving Universal Guidance I think clearly, believing what is Good and True, paying no attention to distorted outer appearances. In this way Universal Intelligence as me flows into expression to bless the World.

793. The Chakra for Friday is the Root Chakra. The Ray of the Day is Golden Ruby. The New Age Ray is White. The Pranic Ray is Yellow. the Esoteric Ray is Blue and Rose. The Rainbow Bridge Ray is Red. The Sound Ray is Blue-Violet.

794. First we were getting Information about the Physical, Emotional, and Lower Mental, then the Environmental and now we are at the Contemplative Energy or Higher Abstract Mind. The Energies are at the Throat Chakra. This Center is very Dynamic.

795. (At the Retreat.) I would like some Incense this Morning. I am going to give Sai Baba some Incense, Jesus, Buddha and the Spiritual Masters and Thank Them for Being with us.

796. (Question from the Class.) Does Incense have a kind of Power?
All Spirit has a Vibrational Body. Good Spirits smell good. Incense gives off a vibratory rate and causes you to vibrate. The Incense we are working with here comes from the Kwan Yin Temple in Honolulu. Right behind this Temple is a Bo Tree that grew from a Sprig of the Tree Buddha sat under. The Incense in this Temple is very blessed and has a high vibratory rate for Compassion, Mercy and Divine Wisdom.

797. (Said while Lighting the Incense.) I start a whirling Vortex of the Energy and Light upward and expanding and Thank God for the Source of all Life. I Light one stick to receive the Wisdom, I Light the second stick to Understand the Wisdom and I Light the third stick to pass on the Wisdom. (Added in explanation.) This Wisdom is God's Wisdom.

798. The ages associated with each Chakra go by seven's for men, and by six's for women. The ages associated with the Throat Chakra are ages 28 to 35 for men and 24 to 30 for women. There is an age change for each Level of Consciousness and their is a natural movement of consciousness which brings People into their Natural Cycle of Unfoldment. Every seven years you are a Brand New Being. Every cell, all the Blood, Bones everything in your Body, is changed and reproduced in that Cycle. Each Cycle carries with it an expansion of Conscious Vibration when you become open and free. This can be speeded up by Spiritual, Mystical and Metaphysical Methods so that you are not bound by Time and Space. If you are advanced Being, the awareness of how to spin the Atoms will be given to you.

799. The Mind of Contemplation draws upon the Power of the Ethers. Remember, the Physical draws the Earth, the Emotional draws Water, the Lower Mental draws Fire, the Heart draws Air, and the Throat draws Ethers. You are drawing on Etheric and Creative Power at this Center. The Ethers are the four top Vibrations out of the Seven of the Physical Plane. These Energies are Heat Ethers, Chemical Ethers, Light Ethers and Life Ethers. They are finer than the Elemental Forces of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, and are the fifth Elemental Level. In the Ancient Wisdom, they talked about the five Elemental Forces that we worked on the Planet. In this Age we work with Seven. In the Science of Life we work with Nine. In the Science of Immortality we work with Ten, Eleven and Twelve. In the Science of Eternal Life we work with 24 Powers of the Godhead. In the various Sciences of Consciousness you work with different Elements.

800. In this New Age we work with the Science of Life, breaking Life and Death Cycles and Transcending off the Earth Plane. You have to work with Nine Elements or Nine within the Nine. Maybe you are still looking at the Fourth Element; you should look into the Fifth one, Ethers, very closely. It is the Power to form Ectoplasm, sending it from the Body as an extension of substance. You can also send it from the Physical Eyes, through Concentration.

801. Some Spirit Mediums are so Powerful that they can Manifest a Whole Person out of this Ectoplasm, that other People can see. There was a Beautiful Lady here named Georgina who went to see a man in New Zealand. He was a Spiritualist who could produce Ectoplasm. They turned all the lights down and he produced 25 different Images with Ectoplasm. They stood right in the room like People, just like we would. That was Visualization on the Ectoplasm as it came from the Body.

802. (At the Retreat.) I was giving you a light dose of Ectoplasm Energy when I was touching you with my finger yesterday, standing across the room. That's an Ectoplasm Vibration as well as an Electromagnetic Field sending the Energy out. You didn't see it because I didn't solidify it to the Point of Physical Perception, because I didn't put that much concentration in it. I did not Contemplate the Power.

803. The First Chakra is controlled by the Yogic Sciences known as Hatha and Laya. The Yogic Science known as Hatha has to do with the movements of the Physical Body, Asanas and Postures. Laya has to do with the Chakras, the Energy Vortexes or Psychic Centers of the Body. In the Emotional Body or Spleen Chakra we learn Bhakti, Love and Devotion to God. In the next Chakra, the Navel, we have Raja Yoga, the study of Mind. It begins at the Navel and rises up into the Higher Mind and the Cosmic Mind. It's the study of Mind Force as it moves in the Ki and all Eternity. In the Heart Chakra we have Jnana Yoga. This is a Meditative Yoga of Self Analysis and Study. It is the Yoga of Wisdom.

804. In this Throat Chakra we will study Japa and Mantra Yogas. Japa is a repetition of an Mantram or Chant: Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. . . The steady intoning of a single tone gives Rhythm and Vibration of a steady vibration in your consciousness.

805. The area of Mind at this Chakra is called the Sub of the Super Conscious Mind. In this area you become aware of Cycles. These are not habit patterns, which don't have to be Harmonious. Cycles are always Harmonious. Habit patterns in the Emotional Body can especially be Inharmonious. A Creative can lose his power if he gets emotional problems. To shift energies from an inharmonious vibration and steady the emotions, you can do Japa.

806. We say a Mantra over and over again to bring a Pattern of Rhythm and Vibration. Then when we look through to the World, we look with Rhythm and Vibration. When you do Japa, you create Rhythm and Vibration in the Mind. Then when you see something not in Harmony, not in Rhythm and Vibration, you are immediately aware of that. The Truth is always in Harmony.

807. If you are seeking a particular type of Energy, that would be your Mantra. "Om Mani Padme Hum" is a Tibetan Mantra that not only brings Mystical Energy and Power, but also draws White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Black. This is the Spectrum of "Om Mani Padme Hum". White is the "Om", "Mani Padme" brings you Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue, "Hum' brings the Black. God, White, is manifesting, Red, as a Crystal, Yellow, in the Lotus Flower, Green, of my Heart. Blue, is Peace and Calm, and Black is a complete letting go.

808. The Throat Chakra draws Blue Ray Beings - Krishna, Rama, Shiva. The Holy Spirit's voice talks in this Chakra through Clairaudio. It is Truth, Reality, Will of God, Breath, Power and Protection, Rhythm and Vibration, Past Life Experience, Music, Creative Powers, Inspiration. It is the Cornucopia Center, Opulence.

809. There are sixteen petals to the Chakra, sixteen separate Vibrations. They are; Mercy, Gentleness, Composure, Dispassion, Constancy, Prosperity, Cheerfulness, Thrill, Humility, Contemplation, Quietude, Gravity, Effort, Non-Agitation, Magnanimity, and One-Pointedness.

810. This is the Science of Rhythm and Vibration, and using the Science of the Spoken Word here is very important. Language has a Duality - there are good words and bad words, words to describe what we hold as good and words to describe that we hold as bad. There are Neutral words. You give to one of these three when you talk, write or think.

811. (At the Retreat.) TAT is silent for a few minutes. Om. . . . Now let us discuss "Time Tracking". You can go back in time along your track, your Life Stream, and read it. Your impressions will come from that.

812. Christine: Why can I not see before this Life? I am afraid.
TAT: (to the students): She stopped at the Point of Conception. She's afraid of death and she would have had to see her death in order to get past that Point. (To Christine.) You would have to go past that point, because you have a fear there. If you didn't have the fear, you wouldn't have to see it. It is an attachment to death, and that's a morbid attachment to darkness. That's why it's Gray.

813. When you go back along the track, you may reach a fear that you had in that particular Life Time, and you can clear your past record by saying, "I'm Okay right now. Everything is all right now." Are you okay right now? "I'm okay right now." is from Subramuniym; that is one of his Favorite Statements.

814. (TAT takes the class through a five minute Time Tracking after which Tat ask questions of some of the students.)

815. TAT: How did you do, Christine?
Christine: Fine. I got back to childhood. Five years ago and five years previous to that, I was in very emotional phases in my Life. I observed myself going through that and worked hard at being the Observer so I could tune into what was happening. But that took me some time, so I didn't even get back to my Birth Date. It took me some time to work through that, but I did it.

816. TAT: Yes, but you must stay detached. Remember, that was the Point, staying detached. You can get tangled up, subjected to past experiences very easily. That's why Time Tracking is hard for some People, because it is easy to get caught. Well, I only let you go about five minutes. Fifteen to twenty minutes when you first start is best. But there are people outside pounding on something. These are distractions; every time they do that, they send those Vibrations into your Aura.

817. When you do Time Tracking, you should pick a place that's nice and quiet, where you will not be disturbed. Not too hot and not too cold, and where the room feels good and comfortable. Sit in a position where you will not fall if you go out of body Consciousness, because you might get so absorbed that you will forget this Dimension completely. You will not lose it because you made a commitment to be here.
Christine: It's incredible, though, those things came through very easily, the Sound and Feeling of being there. . .

818. TAT: Now, you don't want to activate the Sound, Sight and Feelings until you are at the life you want to experience. Then you turn all that on and it will be just like experiencing it again. The Past is still going on. Do not involve yourself with it, stay the witness when you go back to past lives. That is the Danger of Subjecting yourself to them; you can bring yourself back and think it just happened.

819. I came out one Time because a Tiger was after me. I felt its claws go into me. It jumped on my back, got on my shoulders and ripped right down my back. It knocked me down and started disassembling me - it started chewing my legs, then it got me in the neck, and I died. I was killed in that life. When I came back I was shaking and crying. I was nervous and shaky for about three days, because I kept remembering being killed by this Tiger. It was really "Heavy."

820. Every Time I traveled by that, I kept getting Subjected to it because I had stopped the first Time and Looked. You see, I Stopped and Subjected myself to it. Be Objective and Detached. Being detached is very important so you don't go through it again. An experience is given to you through Image and Imagination. If you put today's feelings and emotions on it, it could be very traumatic for you, where you might not previously have had those fears. You could have been braver then. If you are Subjective and Detached, you'll go through it, because you can't go through it any differently than you already did there. You can even watch the whole series of Energies, the Cycle of Energies of it.

821. It is easy to get involved, especially if the content is emotional, because it takes the emoting of Energies to get involved in things - feeling, seeing and sensing. When you go back to your feelings, you can get into it easily, if you do not have self control.

822. Another Block is thinking a lot about the Experience and what you would have done differently. That is really erroneous, because it puts up a Fictitious Block and you will have to blow it away. Don't put up any Blocks in your Time Tracking.

823. TAT: What happened to you, Sunomi, when you went back?
Sunomi: I got stuck at ten years ago.
TAT: How old were you then?
Sunomi: Seventeen.

824. TAT: Sixteen or Seventeen, Right! It was that transition in the first years of relationships, Right? Emotional involvement, a young man with Dark Hair. I could read it, its all right there.
Sunomi: I kept trying to visualize it instead of just letting it just . . .

825. TAT: Yes, let it go and the Pictures will just flow. You will have to let it go to keep going back. It's easier for a person who is a Blue Ray Being to get to Past Lives because he or she is able to let go of things quickly. My Students who have been with me for some time learn to let go quickly.

826. Student: How do you know what Ray you are?
TAT: It's the Predominant Ray you use, the way you Predominately look at the World. You can go to someone who can see what your Rays are; I can usually pick that up in a Reading. I do a different type of Reading on the Inner Aura than I'm doing here. I do one where I merge and am no longer me. I just become you and talk to you.

827. Student: The Ray can change?
TAT: Your Basic Ray never changes, when you came pouring out of the White Light into Creation and started Actions. The White Light is a Sustaining Force, but it was Unmanifest, and when you poured out, you poured out of One of the Rays.

828. Student: Is that the Color you see at the end of Meditation when you rub your hands together and cover your eyes?
TAT: When you put your hands over your eyes, you usually see consistently the same Color, yes. That is usually your Predominant Ray.

829. TAT: What happened to you, Kay?
Kay: I thought I saw some Lights . . . I went back to wearing diapers . . . I was coming into No Man's Land . . .
TAT: Like a limbo State of Consciousness.
Kay; Then I saw myself in a gathering of People Chanting. Then I thought I saw myself preparing for a fire, like an Indian in a Teepee. Then I saw myself from very far away.
TAT: You just described a Life in India, I would say in about the early 1700's. You then described a Life around the early 1600's and then a Life around the early 1400's. You were picking up those Lives as you were going back. The Life in India was - let's see - I get near the Nepal area and close to the Himalaya Mountains. Did you notice mountains in the background and a kind a Plains area in front of you?
Kay: With the Big Crowd? Yes.

830. TAT: The one before that was on the Plains; the one before that was a ship - you were a Male. You were a Male in the Indian Life too, but you were a Female in India. (To the students.) She saw three of her past Lives. She saw them very quickly because she kept letting go and going back. She got associations of what she is experiencing now and brought back the wisdom of those time periods.

831. Now Kay, if you concentrate on those three scenes, you'll expand your awareness in those lives and they will expand out. You will see where you came from and where you went in that Life from that Point. What you saw was probably a High in that Life. You will catch the Highs - the most Active, or Prominent Energies in each Life. That is why you picked up the Chanting. That's why you picked the Plains, because it was a High to be out in the Plains - free, riding and roaming. Fantastic! Good Experience.

832. TAT: (To another Student): What did you Experience? You see, what I'm doing is confirming, so you can check on your Past Lives.
Student: I went back to about five years ago and stopped there and thought about it.

833. TAT: Macho. (Laughter) Kind of Aggressive, right? I'm not going to read anymore.
Another Student: You've come a long way, Baby!

834. TAT: In five minutes you only covered Five Years. You'd have to do that for several days at that rate to get back a few Thousand Years. I have gone back to when I came in as a God Individualization, right out of the Heart of God. I was aware of when God Realized us - Humanity - and released Humanity, as an Individualized Spirit. I went all the way back to that Cycle of Creation.

835. Student: Is Time Tracking like when you suggest it?
TAT: Keep going back, suggest the next step back. Something will come up because you were there. How could nothing come, unless you're not listening to the Sound. Did you lose the Sound? [The sound is called the nadem and it is like the ringing in your ears but centered in the middle of your head.]
Student: Yeah, I guess I did.

836. TAT: You didn't actually lose the Sound; it was very Subtle, Right? Because you could still see everything, it was like it was in the Background. That is what usually happens - the Sound goes into the Background. It is the Sound that holds you steady. If you lose it, you're thinking about what you did then and you're still there.

837. Don't get hung up. You see how easy it is to get hung up in it and lose going any further, especially when you have very Emotional Energies. But when you go up an Octave and use the Mind and Spirit Body, Perception is different.
When Christine is in the World, she is a Joyous, Creative Being, and her Main Ray is Orange-Blue. There is an Orange and a Blue Aspect, with a Predominant Blue coming in.

838. Student: Can the Inner Sound change?
TAT: Yes. It can go up or down in frequency, especially when the Right Ear Sound and the Left Ear Sound come together. When they come together in the center, it sounds right in the middle of the head.

839. TAT: How did you do, Carol?
Carol: Well, I went back to the time of my birth, and I guess I was born. Then I went back to . . .
TAT: You guess it? Well, I'm sure of it!
Carol: I know, I know. I was born . . .

840. TAT: Always know, do not guess. Knowing is the heart, guessing is the thinking mind.
Carol: Then I went back to the time of Conception and felt myself in my Mother's Womb and that's about all, It was Time to come back.

841. TAT: Did you feel the Love when your Mother and Father were together, when you were first being conceived?
Carol: No, not really.

842. TAT: Ah. Get in touch with that, because you have a hang-up there. They did Love you, and they did want you when you came in. They had to have Love to draw the Spirit, to draw a Spirit like you. Even when People say, "It was an Accident," they were in Love when they were having the Accident. They were in Love when they were having an Accident. They had both to be in Love to draw the Third Party. It takes One and One to make Three; it takes Two Beings to draw another Being. When a Man and Wife get together, they make another Being, not only on this Octave - the Physical - but also on the Spiritual Octave. It takes Two to get One.

843. Your Conception is not an Accident, because without that Energy, that Love at that Moment, the merging of the Egg and Sperm would never take place. That is the Magnetic Attraction. If you think the Sperm or the Egg is dying when you're having Sex, then you won't have any Children. You can stop the Egg or Sperm right there. If you think they are dying, you're commanding it, so you're killing them off.
Student: That's Great Birth Control.

844. TAT: That is Mind. Just turn them off. They are inactive, so will not Conceive. But that can be used Wrongly. The reason it's not taught to everybody is because People may start satisfying their Senses and using the Black Diamond. That's the Death Ray, and it's very dangerous to use the Black Diamond. I just channel what's coming out, so somebody must want to know that Information.

845. The Sound that you were listening to is the Blue Ray. Just listening to the Sound will increase your Clairaudio, your stability of Mind and your ability to Contemplate; it will increase your ability to see the Truth, and to have Rhythm and Vibration. The Inner sound activates the Blue Ray because of its Configuration image in the Head. There is a line going from the Center of the Crown to the Throat, a Line going between the Ears and another Line going from the Brow to the Base of the Skull in the back of the Head. It's like a Three Dimensional Cross, and if you look from the top, you see the other Cross going down through the Middle in Equal Portions.

846. This Configuration is Diamond Consciousness, a Diamond Cross. It is very Powerful Energy.
There it is, from the Top it looks like a Fixed Cross. Here is another Triangle, the Primary in the Back Part of the Brain. The back area of the Head. To find the Center, find the lines going through the Center of the Crown to the center of the Throat and between the Ears Chakras. When you are where the line cross you are in the Spirit Body. Here you have these Two Configurations to Concentrate on the Sound. This is a very Powerful Exercise. In the Hindu Teachings they call it listening to the Nadam.

847. Student: Nadam or Nada?
TAT: Nadam moves inward in sound. Lady Nada is the Lady of the Sound, the Sound of Movement Outwards. She is Master of the Golden-Ruby Ray, as well as Christ. She also has Blue in her. She is a Whole Rainbow, because she comes out of the White Light as a Rainbow, just like Christ comes out of the White Light as a Rainbow. However, they are different expressions.

848. This Sound will increase the Higher Parts of your Consciousness and Clairaudio. We will teach you how to activate Clairvoyance later on, how to bring this down. We will also teach you "Touch of Light" healing, and show how to do the laying on of hands and Aligning of Auras. When the Aura is Aligned, the Energies are given direction. There is a different flow of Light in the Body.

849. There is so much in this Center, I could spend a whole week on it. There is Rhythm and Vibration, Music, Creative Energies. That is why we have a particular Key and a particular sound, because the Throat Center has Seven Levels and Sixteen Vibrations. When I am studying Nine Levels, each Center has Nine Levels and Sixteen Vibrations. When I am studying Sixteen Levels, it has Sixteen Levels and Sixteen Vibrations.

850. You see, there are Sixteen Levels to Consciousness. There are Seven Levels in the Body, Seven Levels out of the Body, One that moves through all of that, and One that is Unmanifest - the Nameless One without a Second in whom we all live and move and have our being, which is beyond all of these. When you become One with The One without the Second, that's very Powerful Magic - Dynamic Energies. The more Peaceful you are and the more you Attune yourself with the Truth, the more you reach to here.

851. Remember, you are doing the Exercises, if you do not tell the Truth to yourself, you are in delusion. Be Fair, be Truthful with yourself, and you'll get the Energy and the Awareness of the Higher Mind of Creativity. Detach yourself so you can have the Power of it. Detachment is at the Brow, and if you don't Detach, you won't have the Power.

852. The Throat Center is also for Creative Powers. Just by listening to the Inner Sound your Creative Powers will increase. Whatever kind of work you do, you will get more Efficient. Whatever kind of Creative Energies you use, you will get more Creative. Everything will increase, because there is Centering in the Higher Triad.

853. You see, there is a Will Center in the Navel, the Emotional Center in the Spleen, and the Physical Center in the Root Chakra. That is the Lower Triad. In the Upper Triad you Center in God's Desire instead of your own Desires. Your own Desire is at the Spleen, and the Brow is God's Desire. Down at the Navel Center is your own Will, and up in the Throat is God's Will. When you study this Blue Ray Energy of the Throat, you will see what God's Will is.

854. The Cycles are also the Cycles of Cosmic Law. You will start seeing the Cycles of Nature as you Contemplate in this Area of Consciousness. All the Cycles will start coming on when you attune to the Throat, through having Rhythm and Vibration

855. You create Little Cycles when you sit down for a half hour and Chant. I have various Chants which will give me various Types of Cycles. Sometimes I Chant the same Chant, over and over again until I am lost in it. I Chant it outside and inside at the same Time. Remember, you must get those Two together. You can't be Chanting outside and thinking something else. Get your Feelings into it, get your Thoughts into it, get yourself into it and do it over and over again - the Mantra. Rhythm and Vibration, Rhythm and Vibration, Repetition to increase your Persistence, you will become more Persistent in what you're doing. "I will persist until I Succeed, I will persist till I Succeed."

856. You are getting aware of where we are leading you all the Time - towards yourself, the best Self, the God Self that is in you, towards the Christ Spirit, the Master Light. That's how we do it. The Rainbow Bridge, which Changes the Vibrations of the Various Energies. The Musical Scale: Red - G, Orange - A, Yellow - B Flat, Green - B, Blue - C, Indigo - D, Violet - E, Rose Violet - F. Each Musical Note has a Color.

857. The Throat Chakra is the Higher Abstract Mind, as I said, which has to do with Inner Peace. By concentrating on the Inner Sound and opening Ideas, there can be Two Thousand Ideas a minute coming through your Consciousness. Out of that Two Thousand, there is an average of One Original Idea a Week, until you rise to the Highest. Then you'll start getting the Avatar Energies, the New Age Energies.

858. When you think of some place and are Emotionally attached to it and listen to the Sound, you will start sensing what is going on there. I do not want to get too much into that because some people eavesdrop on others when I teach them that. They invade the other person's Privacy, and then they get invaded in their own Privacy and don't know why. Alike Attracts Alike. There are ways of projecting your Inner Ear to anywhere on Earth, anywhere in the Universe, because it is a matter of sending out the perception of hearing.

859. Student: Is it Negative to do that if you want to Tune into some Spiritual Teaching somewhere?
TAT: No, it is not Negative unless you use that Power for Selfish Purposes. Realization or Awareness is Power. Awareness of something gives you the Power of it. If you know how it works, you have the Cycle of it and you see as you have the Cycle of it. Everything has a Cycle, Everything.

860. At this Point we start getting into the Magician's Consciousness and the Realm of Manifestation. There is a Point in Consciousness at which we can start Manifesting, because there is no Right or Wrong and these Pure Powers come through. It is how you use them that is Right or Wrong. You use Creative Powers not only in Art and Music, but to Create anything. Whatever you have Created, you have drawn from the Idea Realm.

861. One of the Petals of the Throat Chakra is Ideas, and it is very Powerful. When you get Ideas Flashing, God is revealing to you. I do not get Ideas in books, not exclusively. A lot is received through Meditation with the Master, and I receive some from the teachings of the Masters I sat in front of.

862. This is a very Dynamic Law, and you must keep to the Highest. Otherwise, you'll pop into the Astral Realm and have some Beastie chase you around. You do not want that, and that is why you should be Objective. If you get emotional, you will go popping out of the Creative Oneness.

863. Maybe in some Life you got stuck in this Dimension or the Astral Plane. That is why you had to come back to the experience. You might have been in Hell, what they call Hell, but you do not want to go to Hell again. Hell is Disruptive, Void, Downward Thrust, Boredom, a losing of Self-Identity type of experience and you do not need that. That is when the Devil tries to take it all away, driven by the Negative Force which you Created. The Black Diamond is not bad you see!

864. Your Life Line takes your experiences all the way back to the Godhead. Now some frown upon using the energy and light of this Chakra to check out Past Lives, because People can get the habit of doing it too much. They can start looking at things, and those things happen again because they were looking back too much, instead of being here now. Do not overdo Time Tracking to the Point where you are always caught up in the Past. You must be detached when you use this Method.

865. The Throat Chakra will bring you from the Universal Self to the Individual Self, when you Concentrate on the Focum at the Center of the Brain. Then you will have the Awareness of your Past Life Experiences. A lot of People would like to know about their Past Lives, and there are probably thousands of methods, depending on the Teachers, the Teachings, the Culture and the Interests of the Culture.

866. The technique I use is, First, to Attune. Ask for the Spiritual Lives and the Lives that will help you in this Lifetime. That's what I asked for, so when I went to the Akashic Record, I had a Purpose. You should have a Purpose, otherwise you would not stop, you will just whirl out for awhile. You can whirl right back into nothing.

867. Remember, The Last is First, and the First is Last. The Last thing you experienced is the First thing you see when you start going back. Whether you go back over your Subconscious Mind or your Life Stream, the Last is First. You start the Action when you sit down and direct your awareness to past Lives. Then start the Contemplation to go back.

868. Remember, the Art of Contemplation is to Create an Action through a Seed Thought, then to be Passive and Receptive to receive the Impressions from the Higher Mind. You have the Sound or Nadam to Concentrate on to receive. As you learn to use this Sound, it will help move you through the Universe.

869. To start Time Tracking, lie down and see what you did just before then, because that is the last thing that happened. See your last action, not when you were inert and not doing anything. Get the part of your Record that has Action in it. Then look back to when you awoke on this day and came into the Awareness of this Dimension. Then look at Yesterday. Start with last night, go to noon and then to Morning. You are Creating a Cycle to take you Backwards. You can Create Cycles to take you Forward, or to any area of Consciousness you want to go.

870. Now you are going Backwards. You have to get the Mind going in that Direction to get the Information. After recalling yesterday, go two or three days back, then skip a week, then a month. What you are doing is Creating the Action by asking what you were doing at that particular Time. You are becoming Open and Receptive to what you did.

871. It is not Memory. If it were Memory - what your senses bring you awareness of - you would be going all the way to the Root Chakra and Grounding yourself out. You have to stay Abstract in this Area of Consciousness. That means you're not Bound - no Time, no Spatial Confinement, Free Floating. You don't have Limitations. Past Life comes in the Throat Chakra. Stay Abstract in the Blue.

872. You're Listening to your Sound - the Nadam. You have always had your Sound, and Listening to it will keep you Tuned to your Life Stream. If you want to Listen to somebody else's Life Stream, you have to Listen to their Sound. That lets you transfer your Inner Ear to them, by merging with them. Use the Power of Mergence at the Heart and the Power of Mergence at the Mind - the Doctrine of the Eye, merging at that Point. The Doctrine of the Eye means, be Open in your heart and be Open to See. As you are open there, gazing upon a Person, your Direction is towards Listening to his Sound. Hearing the Sound is the way to read Past Lives.

873. When I read Past Lives, I listen to the Person's Sound and follow it back wherever they want to hear. Usually I ask to go to an Important Life for that Person, rather then just read the whole record. You can spend hours in fascination watching this Whole Movie. It looks like you're standing there and the whole thing is moving past. It moves faster than this Dimension moves. You can see a Whole Lifetime just like that, just as fast as you can snap your fingers.

874. You may just get Impressions of the Life. When the Clairvoyance is not open when you are listening to the Sound, you would not see, but you can get impressions of the vibrations.
When you are listening to your sound, your centering in your Focum, a Point at the Center of the Brain that controls the Pituitary and Pineal Glands.The Pituitary gives Clairaudio, the Pineal gives Clairvoyance. Seeing is of the Universe and Universal Consciousness. If you want

875. Clairvoyance predicated on the World, you do that out of the Pineal Gland itself. That is where the Siddhis or Mystic Spiritual Powers come from. That is where Individual Application of the Energies, the Cosmic Forces, comes from.

876. Continuing with your Time Track Cycle: See what you did a month ago. Then see what you did a year ago and then go by Five Year Cycles. I go back Five Years at a time until One gets to where One was a little child. I see where I lived and things like that. You might get impressions of what your Parents or somebody else told you, of where you lived or what you were doing. Keep contemplating over and over again what happened, what you experienced. You have experienced your Life - know that. You are the greatest authority on your Life, because you were the One that experienced it.

877. When you get back to the Past, to childhood, go as close to the day of Birth as possible, to experience that day. You can concentrate on your Birthdays back through time. That gives the span between Now and the Point you came into this Universe on the Physical.

878. When you reach the Day of your Birth your Contemplation is: Where was I just before I was Born? Now Birth is not only the day you were Born; your Birth started at the moment of Conception. Ask before your Conception in the Physical Universe. You want to know where you were before you became Physical.

879. At this point you will flash into the Akasha. That is where you see all your lives at once on the Akashic Record. You would not have any one Life, they all keep flashing very quickly. You will lose this consciousness unless you control your attention with the Inner Sound.

880. Keep listening to it because the Nadam is on your whole Life Stream and it may change. It may change to a higher pitch, it may change to a lower pitch, it may change to a whirling noise or a vibration. When you are going backwards in Time, you might feel like you are twirling or whirling around.

881. The Earth, even as it moves around the Sun, is wobbling on its axis and moving in its Orbit. So when you go back over your Record, you are going over a wobbling, whirling and moving vibration of qualified light. To keep from getting disoriented, concentrate on the Inner Sound - The Nadam - and follow it back in time. The nadam is the stablizer.

882. This is the First Time I have given Past Life Teachings to any of my classes. For One Reason, a Person could get Subjected to the Past Life Experience, see something negative, come back with that awareness and think he did it now or that it could happen again. This can happen because there is No Time. All those things are still going on.

883. Everything you have done is still impressions in Akashic Light. That is your Recording Angel, so to speak, who has stayed with you so long. The Light Ark of Creations information is stretched from the very Heart of God to all Eternity, touching you and touching me. It comes through Spirit, Mind, Lifeforce, Energy and Light touching the Physical Plane.

884. When you are moving through Time, you may feel like you are whirling Counter Clockwise for going Backward and Clockwise for going Forward. A few years back, there was a TV program called Time Tunnel and these guys would run into a whirling Time Tunnel. A lot of Hidden Knowledge and Teachings can come out of those things. They showed somebody walking into a Physical or Metaphysical Tunnel which was whirling back and forth, Black and White. You may see Black and White flashing energy as you are whirling back in your Life too. Someone on that show had esoteric knowledge.

885. At first the Past Life Images are like Ghosts in the Mind, just impressions and you may not be quite sure. The only thing you will see when you are listening to your Sound is on your Lifestream and what you experienced. Your Sound will be continuous even if it changes octaves and it may do that. It will not be a separate sound, because that would not be your own sound. The only other sound you would hear is the Sound of God or some Master or Power you are attuned to.

886. It may take you three or four months to get the experience of Time Tracking, if you are serious about it and concentrate. Before that you just get impressions. When I started, I had an impression that I had done a certain thing before. Every time I went back I got the same more impressions. Then it started getting clearer and clearer. My Clairaudio was there and I opened my Spiritual Eyes on the Record and could see.

887. I asked God for help, and I was helped by the Great and Holy Spirit through the Ascended Masters of Light. St Germain, El Morya and Archangel Michael could take me into the Past because they are Blue Ray Beings. Shiva, Rama and Krishna took me into the Past because they are Blue Ray Beings. They would show me different Lifetimes and Light and Energy I was in.

888. This is how you do it. You are following back the actions in your Life Stream. You know what you did because you did it and you follow these back. Do not follow the inert part; there may be Times when you were caught in Limbo or trying to get off the Earth Plane. Times when you got stuck in one of the Lower Planes. Times when you forgot God and went into Darkness. You can start falling back in that Darkness again if you pay attention to that. What you want is Action. You should desire a particular type of Positive Action in your Past Life.

889. Always go with a Purpose. That is the Wisdom of it, the Gold of it. What ever the Purpose is, that will be the information. If the Purpose is to find out where you were on a particular Time and Date, you'll find out. If you attune to the highest and best in you, you will be a Witness to what you did. If you just let yourself go to the experiential level, you will end up getting darkness and bad lives and all these sorts of things. Attune to the Highest and the Best. Know that the only thing to be afraid of is Fear itself. Fear eats upon Fear. It is an Illusion creating more Illusion. Love is Reality and Love is. Be Love.

890. Here is an Exercise to clear the Head Centers after traveling over your Record.

Put your Hands over the Brow and Crown. Now do deep breathing, pulling energy off with your hands and throwing it out of your aura. You will be more in the Present, feel more Calm as you do this exercise.

891. Doing the Time Tracking Exercise will take you back and back. Each time you will get a System, Patterns and Action to the things you saw. There are Keys along the way to tell you more. If you want to know what day it is, or what your name was, ask yourself when you are in that Time Period, because your Record is there. It is just like opening up that Chapter in your Book of Life. In fact, in some Teachings they call that; opening the Chapters of the Book of Life.

892. You can find out what Heaven you were in by asking that, as you are going back and listening to the Inner Sound. You can find out what you have accomplished in your Lifetimes. It will reveal everything that you have experienced because it is you. Who else did it but you? You are not looking for what somebody else did.

893. You can Read for somebody else by Listening to their Sound and doing the same thing that you just did for yourself. This is done in a selfless state of consciousness. The more you practice the easier it becomes.

894. Now let us create a Past Life Vortex so you can go in again and again. Take your thumbs and put them in your Ears. Take the Two Index Fingers and put them over the Eyes. You are holding a Prana Yama Yoga Mudra for Past Life Energies and to increase the Hearing or Clairaudio and Seeing or Clairvoyance.








895. Tat; (At the Retreat, to a Student.) Yes, the Thumb in the Ear. There is a Nerve in your Thumb that goes to the Pineal Gland. You will be Etherical when you're doing the Mudra. You will be Reading in that Energy.

896. Student; How can you tell which One is you if you are looking at a group of people?
Tat; You will be able to see through your Eyes. Now you may have been a Spirit Being at some time, helping many on Earth and so you may see through a whole group of Eyes all at once, because you were performing that service. Mainly you will experience your Individualization. You have to be an advanced Being to get the Group Consciousness and work with the Spiritual Light.

897. Occasionally when you come back into this Time Period you will see some body that you saw in your Past Life. Maybe they would not even look the same, but you will know them. You will just look and all of a sudden BOOM! "I have not seen you for awhile. How have you been all these Lifetimes?

898. The People that keep coming around you usually are your Monadic Family. Humanity is broken up into Monadic Structures. It is into Family Consciousness. Maybe there will be a hundred in that family or thousands, Tens of Thousands or Millions. It depends on the Structure in the Universal Consciousness.

899. You started in the Monadic Structure. Then you became an Individual Soul at some point. You did not lose all the Rest; you just disconnected from them so you could get experience as an Individual. That is what we are doing on this Planet - we came to get our experiences as Individuals and then merge with the Universal Consciousness.

900. If you reverse the polarity of orange, by doing Spiritual things, it becomes blue. When you are more aware Spiritually down in the Spleen, you will be more aware of the idea of emotional things. You will hear more clearly too, on the Physical. Your Inner Sight is your main perception, and the Physical Eyes are secondary. Your Inner Hearing is your Main Hearing and the Two Ears are secondary.

901. Sound and Mantra increase the Inner Hearing in the blue or increases the Outer Hearing in the orange. As the blue increases, you get Extra- Sensory perception with it. The Reason I had you feeling yourselves is so that you would Sensitize your Body.

902. Now we are going to start Time Tracking. First, remember what you did this morning when you got up. You brushed your teeth, see yourself doing that. Then go to yesterday and the day before. Then a week, then a month, a year and five years back until you have reached your Childhood.

903. Follow the System right back. Make sure you have a Purpose when you ask to go to a particular life. Ask for the most important Life to you right now. It might be the most Powerful Life, the most Sensitive Life, what ever it is. Now relax and do the Practice.

904. To hold your Concentration, I am going to hold one steady note on the Bell. It is the small Bell. I will not do the heavy Bell; that would close a lot of People up. The heavy Bell is a Tibetan Bell for initiation and is very loud.

905. (To the Reader. Close your Eyes, Hear the Inner Sound and do the Exercise for 20 Minutes.)
Okay, bring yourself back. Put your hands over your Eyes until you come back and hold them there. Notice whatever you see. (Pause.) Now just let your hands drift slowly down to your lap.

906. How far did you get? Did you get any impressions? Subtle impressions? What happened when you started going back? Did you follow the sequence I told you? You did go someplace. Be sure not to null out your experience. Do not say you did not do anything because you did something. Do not let yourself be willful down at the Navel Chakra or Emotional level at the Spleen Chakra; you will be reversing the Polarity of your energy and would not remember your experience. With practice you will succeed.

907. Lets continue our talk on the Consciousness of Contemplation and then we will bring in the Rays of the Day. We have been talking about the Sub of the Superconscious Mind, which controls cycles, rhythm and vibration and the Areas the Superconscious draws upon.

Here is another Meditation for Friday; it is in the way of a Prayer.
Today I Pray the Highest and Best Prayer of all. Father, Glorify
Thou me in the Glory of thine own Self, with the Glory which
was mine before the World was. I know as I Pray that doors of
Perception will be opened and darkness will fly away, new insights
will be gained and my real Destiny will be Clearly Revealed.

908. When we move from the Heart Charka to the Throat Chakra, we move from your Knowledge and Soul Energies to the first full Spiritual Chakra. This movement takes place usually between ages 28 to 35 in Men, 24 to 30 in Women, unless there is stuck energy in the lower triad. This is where one start's thinking more seriously about God and the Higher Realities. It is here that a Creative Person can come into a dynamic expression and pour forth his Creative energies upon the World. Many Prominent Singers attain popularity before this, but during this Time they become polished and bring forth a finer expression of their Art. An Artist may be in training and bringing Abstract Consciousness through this Realm of Energy.

909. The Ray for Friday is Golden Ruby and Jesus Christ is the Master of this Ray. The Golden Ruby Ray is for Ministering Power and for Mastery of the Elements of the Physical Universe. Plants, Flowers and Trees, Birds, Animals and People, all this is upon the Earth, all amoung the Stars and Planets. The Love of this Physical Universe is the Golden Ruby Energy.

910. This Powerful Energy can heal because it has the Wisdom of the Physical. The Blind can See, the Lame can Walk, the Leper is Cleansed, the Dead is Raised. All of these conditions are very heavy vibrations. With the Golden Ruby rays, that are light vibrations, are examples of some of the Healings this particular Ray can do.

911. The Ray of the Throat Chakra is the Blue Flame of Contemplation and its energies are peaceful vibrations. The New Age Ray is Purity and Perfection; it is a White Ray. The Pranic Ray is Yellow, the pulling out of Pranic force from the atmosphere. It is the Intellectual or Mind Force at the Calculation and Systems Level of mind. The Esoteric Ray tunes us to the Earth; it is Blue and Rose. This energy also attunes you again to the Rhythm and Vibration of the Earth Plane through the Rose Ray, or Love. It is the Vibration bringing you closer to Love through Truth. The Rainbow Bridge Ray is Red. It represents the Root Chakra at the Base of the Spine. A Rose colored Red Heals by a transfer of Vitality.

912. The Sound Ray is Blue Violet, taking us to Higher Spiritual Consciousness, uplifting us from the Lower Triad. There is always a saving vibration which extends into the Spiritual Realms. When sounding this emanation of Consciousness you are giving out the Truth and the Transmutation Powers. You are vibrating outwardly of the Golden Ruby Ray as you take the Sound Ray in. You are Mastering the Physical Universe and giving out the Truth and the Transmutation Fire.

913. What we are teaching you is the different Rays to get an Alchemy of Consciousness, the ability to mix together the Areas of Consciousness that are most predominant that day to work with. When you look at the colors, you see what is most predominant that day to work with. It is a way of looking at the Universe. Color Awareness is a way of seeing every other Science in the Universe, whether it's Music, Metaphysical Science, Natural Science or Mystical and Spiritual Science. All those things have colors to them and color those areas of Consciousness.

914. All of the Sciences are due to the Rhythm and Vibration of Repeating Cycles. That is what Reincarnation is, the repeating of a Cycle of Life in this Dimension, until you change the cycle and reach Ascension. When you are on the other side, you have no power to change the cycle, unless you have something on this side to work through. Many have not ascended strongly enough to have Consciousness of the Earth while being on the other side in the Light.

915. In the last chapter I did not give you the Therapeutic or Healing energies for the Green, so I will give you both Green and Blue now. The Green Ray has the general characteristics of Harmony, Balance and Adaptability. This power penetrates Nature and shines through it for all to see. How harmonious a Balance it is? Even though a Tree may have 50,000 leaves, every one of them is different, still we see the Balance of the Tree and the Adaptability of that pattern to repeat itself in variation indefinitely.

916. Along with Balance and Adaptability in the Green is also Stability, Practicality, Compassion and Sympathy. This is why you see a Green Ray around the Healing Buddha. The Green Ray Harmony through conflict, can stabilize energy. It has the powers of refreshing Constructivity, Fertility and Growth. It is also a Grounding to the Earth because it brings you to Earth Balance. Red is a Grounding to the Earth in the Physical sense while Green is more of an Environmental Grounding.

917. When you are sending someone the Healing Ray of Green, you give stable, practical energy which can ground him or her, to help in Mind, Emotions and Body. We suggest using the Healing Flames of Green. It is also good for clearing blocks in the Etheric Energies.

918. The Personality of a person in the Green Ray would be stable and practical, with common sense. Green also gives Balance in a business sense. It is the Color of the Materialist and is sometimes slow moving in its Vibrations. Its study is Nature. It is as unmovable as Nature when it gets fixed, too.

919. Green has Self Confidence and Cooperative Leadership ability on account of its merging powers. It works through the Heart Center to merge as Green does in Nature. In Green you can learn the Higher Metaphysical Mergings as well and come into a Cooperative Leadership by merging with the People you work with, to bring a more Balanced and Harmonious Vibration. Green is Diplomatic, Helpful and Honest.

920. People on the Green Ray who fall to Negative energy would be Hypochondriac, lacking in Imagination, Insecure, Selfish, Deceitful, Greedy and very Possessive. In the Negative it is the things that take away from the Balance rather then give to the Balance. It is Green becoming Self-Centered in its energies.

921. For Healing and Recovering, Green is very Powerful Color to send because it encourages the Body's own Self Healing Mechanism. You consume the Elements of Nature in your food, the Green encourages the Healing Mechanism by simulation towards Nature. A person might be sick in an enclosed Environment and not get out enough in the World. He or she may need to go out and run in the Grass or swing in a Tree, get closer to the Green of Nature.

922. I noticed how beautiful it was when I was in Hana, on the Island of Maui. We camped out in a very Green Area which reached out all around to the Blue Ocean. It was a very balancing vibration to walk through. We would run through the grass in our bare feet. How long has it been since you did that? It Balances the Physical Energies and is like a General tonic because it satisfies the Soul. The Soul vibrates with the Green Ray.

923. Poise and Balance flow through the color Green and bring Healing into a situation. Green also loosens the Etheric Body. The Etheric Energies are often tight when there is poor Self Image. A poor Self Image will eventually affect the outer body if it is not corrected.

924. Green helps the growth of the Cellular Structure because it brings it closer to the Natural World. It brings more harmonious vibrations into Environmental Consciousness.

925. Green is good for Hemorrhages and for the stopping of Bleeding. The sending of Green Ray Balances the Blood and brings it back to Nature's Energies. The Psalms of the Bible have the Green Ray of Healing in them.

926. Green is for Non Organic Heart Trouble. The Heart Chakra emanates in the Green. Through the vibration of the Blood, from the Heart, Healing can be carried to other parts of the Body. Healing through the Heart with Green is one of the most powerful ways to get Healing Light to the whole Body.

927. Many forget the Rainbow Bridge and do other Bridges. Yet the Yogis have held this Power for many thousands of years. We have this Energy, this Light and Power, this Green, here at the Heart. It is very important that Green come into the Heart Center.

928. Love is Fantastic. Love is a very giving thing, but you must come with Poise and Balance of your Environment and Nature in order to keep the Love Flowing from your Heart. Love flows from the Higher Energies in the Higher Bridges of Consciousness. You must have that Green to keep the Balance.

929. You can have a Heart problem when you are not giving or getting enough Love. Did you ever hear someone say, "My Heart is Broken!" We have these expressions in our Language. Remember how we talked about the Science of the Spoken Word and how words have Duality - Positive and Negative? You have to watch those statements. When you say those things, you are programming. It can go to the Physical.

930. Green is also good for those that are Overstimulated. You can Visualize a Green Blanket of Etherical Energies flowing over them and that will Calm them. Green is also good for Hypertension, Thyroid, Liver Problems and Overweight.

931. Green is for Nerve Restoration, especially in the Head. Neurological Headaches, Head colds and Hay Fever also respond to its Healing and Balancing. Green is good for Boils and Ulcers.

932. When you get this type of Information, you should read it and read it then study it so you have it within you. When you are working on yourself or another, you should not have to look at a Chart. At the Point of Healing you do not want to know what someone else has done. You have Energy and Light within you - just read it openly and go ahead.

933. Use the sound Ah; Ah is opening of the Heart. When you are in a state of Ah, you are opening in the Green with Gold in or around it. Did you ever hear someone say, "Ah, that is interesting?" It creates Enthusiastic Vibrations in the Heart that will take hold of that Energy and Light, that Knowledge. You can use Green Intuitionally. Do what you know to do. Claim it and Grasp it more than one way. Instead of just reading it as a bunch of words Intellectually, capture it, surround that Intellectual Knowledge with your Emotions and Environmental Mind.

934. Now for the Blue at the Throat Chakra. Blue is Cooling, Sedating and Relaxing and a person on the Blue Ray would be a Cooling, Relaxing Sedative type of Person. Blue balances excesses of Energy. If a Person is overindulging in the Lower Energies, using excesses of too much thought or too much emotion, Blue cools them off. It balances the excess energies and normalizes the Consciousness with Peace.

935. Blue brings Intelligence and Poetry, Rhythm and Vibration. What is Poetry but a Rhythm and Vibration of Words? When you have Rhythm and Vibration, you will be poetically living in the World. Blue is the Color of Prosperity, Higher Mind, Music, Artistry and Creativity. It gives Inspiration in the Higher Mind, the Mental Inspiration of Creativity, and Creative Powers start to flow through you.

936. Blue is also the Power of Contemplation and your Abstract Mind. It gives you the Idealism of the perfect situation because Blue is the perfect energy. Why do we call it perfect? Because it is perfect in Truth and Devotion.

937. When Blue is the Darkest Shade, it is devoted to Ego Energies, but still at a Universal Level. Blue moves to the Highest Aspirations, Inspirations for all Mankind. Blue is Loyalty and Truth. If you want more Loyalty around you, use Blue. When you use Blue, Healing Power will stay with the Individual. You Anchor it there, Magnetize it, with the Blue Ray of Truth.

938. Blue is Confidence, Religion and Devotion. Blue tends to be Passive in its Application, more Passive than Aggressive. The Personality on the Blue Ray is Quiet, Reserved, Receptive and Powerful. This is the Power of Passivity. A person can be very Passive and Calm, but have a Great Power in the Blue. Blue gives Focus and draws you above the Materialistic energy. It is a Spiritual, Non-Materialistic Color.

939. The Negative side of Blue is Moodiness, Melancholy, Emotional Instability. The Negative side of this Color may lack the Blue or may be Orange Reversing the Polarity of the Blue. Mixing an Orange Ray with it makes Moodiness and Emotional Instability. It is also Weakness and Rigidity, Coldness and Frigidity, These Negatives will kill your Blue Ray Energy and take you to dark Orange.

940. In the Blue you are ascending and reducing your aggressive energy. The Blue energy is not found too much in the World because of Mankind's aggressive and emotional nature. Blue is for overactivity and excesses in whatever a person is doing - whether in the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Psychic, Creative or Spiritual Realms. If a person is overactive in some realm, if he is too much bound in that area, Blue pulls him to a more perfect vibration.

941. Blue is also for "High" conditions, from Overstimulation or Drugs. It draws People back to a more Calm and Truthful Consciousness. Drugs usually produce some kind of Non-Reality and Blue brings them back to Reality. It is for all "High" conditions or persons who have overstimulated themselves in any way. It brings them to a normal condition.

942. Blue is a cooling and can bring down Inflammation and Fever. If there is an inflamed area of the Body, get a focus of Blue on it. Blue cools down the Red in a Person. When someone is Red and you lay the Truth on him, he will cool down his vibrations, unless he gets mad by a build up of Red. Give a Person Reality and some Rhythm and Vibration, he will cool down the hot side of his Nature. Blue is very powerful and will cool down the Red Ray in all the Planes. When Red gets together with Blue, it becomes a Violet Transmutation Fire.

943. You can use Blue as an Anesthetic. If you want to Anesthetize your Body, Emotions or Mind while you are doing some Spiritual Practice. Get yourself a 25 watt Blue Light Bulb. Gaze at the Blue Bulb and after about Five to fifteen minutes it will Anesthetize the Body. The Body will start going to Sleep.

944. If you have a Person on the Blue Ray, you can operate on him. Using the blue Ray will often knock out the lower Senses. Cooling down the Red transforms it into a Higher Energy. One of the Astral Physics Students, Mary Granny, had her nose operated on and all she used was the Blue Ray. She had to sign a release form for the Doctor before he would operate.

945. In Health conditions, Blue helps overweight and overactive glands. Here again it brings you back to Reality and Reality is the way you are, Perfect. It is also good for an overactive Thyroid Gland, which can cause underweight and overstimulation of the Adrenal Glands, and for Nervous Conditions.

946. When a Person is in Severe Pain or has Sore Muscles, the Blue Ray is Dynamic for Healing. It is also good for Headaches. It aids High Blood Pressure, Burns, Cuts and Bleeding, and such. Now you can see what the Alchemy of Blue is, how it can change the vibratory rate of Light.

947. If a Person has fits of Insanity in which they do not know what they are doing, Blue brings them back to Reality. You bring them back to Truth, Rhythm and Vibration and get them back to Harmony. All of these are Powers of the Blue Ray. It is good for Rheumatism and Sciatica. The Sciatic Nerve represents Truth and when you have Sciatica, there is some Non-Reality, some Truth that is not being faced properly.

948. Blue is also good for Throat Problems and all Glands and Nerve Ganglia at the Throat Chakra. If a Person has that Problem, get the Blue Ray and put it on him and keep giving the Blue.

949. If you give yourself Red, you will Stimulate a condition; with Blue you will Calm it. Blue is for Mouth Sores and Boils, the Larynx, and any Problems with the Teeth. It is also for Earaches.

950. Blue, with the other Rays, is used for Cancer. It brings the Balancing of the Elemental Forces, with the Green and Blue Rays flashing back and forth. You do not want to stimulate the cells because they are already overstimulated and are taking away the Life Force from the Cells around them. What happens is that a Cell starts dropping Energy and its Life Force starts drawing off the Cells around it. The Negative Cell is disrupting the other Cells. The Live Cells are trying to Reproduce and the Death Cells are hanging on to the live cells. The next thing you know you have a Cancerous vibration. People that hang on to things tend to have Cancer. Dead Emotions, Thoughts, Beliefs take Life from Live Emotions, Thoughts and Beliefs. Do not let Yesterday destroy Today.

951. The Scale of Vibrations is a Scientific Scale. You could probably get it out of any World Almanac or Scientific Reference Book. I am using it to show how the parallels work in Consciousness. The Visible Electromagnetic Energy is the Rainbow Color. The Chart shows the Frequencies and Wave lengths of the Colors. The Colors we are working with have vibrations, and are seen with the Eye of Perception.

952. The Frequency Scale goes from 10.2 to 10.14. You have the Radio Waves- AM, Short Wave, and FM. Then there is the TV Band, the Microwaves and the Infrared. Frequencies for Vision run from 10.14 to 10.15, and from 10.15 to 10.17 we have the Ultraviolet Rays. You can see why we are sending you deeper and deeper into the Ultraviolet Flame. "Blaze, Violet Fire, Blaze." We use the Violet Fire a lot.

953. You have X-Ray Vision just past Physical Vision; it starts at about 10.15 and goes all the way to 10.21. X-Ray Vision is a raising of the Vibration. If you are Healing, it's important to come to this X-Ray Vision. You start seeing through things as you get to the Higher Frequencies.

954. At First you start seeing through the Outer Personality, the Facade or Mask a Person is Wearing, but you can see past that. You can look into the Body and see the Bones, the Vein Structure, the Organs and Energy. You can go deeper in. You can see the Cellular Structure, Atomic Structure and Sub-Atomic Structure by Depth of Perception.

955. Whatever you want to see, just X-Ray your Vision in. Raise the Vibratory Level of Sight. Clairvoyance comes as you rise up to the Ultraviolet Ray, and then X-Ray Vision comes. They come in the Mind as you start doing the Exercise; they come from the inside out.

956. Remember that what we are Teaching you is from the Inside out. Our Method is to work from the Center outwardly; to start where the Calm Energies are and then work out to see where the disruptive Energies are.

957. You can picture the Concept like this: Here is the God Self looking at all the Bodies of Consciousness. As it looks down this Line of Consciousness, the Godself is Perfectly Calm, Perfectly Giving and everything is flowing through. The Godself looks down through the Holy Spirit and the Christ Self, then to the Master Self and the Cosmic Universal Self. The Godself looks through the Imagination, through Ideas into Knowledge. Let us suppose the Godself then sees that the thinking mind is out of Synchronization with the rest of the Bodies.

958. The Channel would not be all the way clear and the God Self does not see all the way down to Action, because the thinking mind is working off Center. Get the Intellect Calm and bring it back in line. You may see that the emotional energies are a little out, so you bring your emotions back in line and that will Balance the Physical.

959. You can not take something from the outside and go over and put it on immediately. But you can calm everything from the inside out immediately. That is where the Healing really starts. Do you see Patients in the Hospital running around? No, they are lying still. They should be calm Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually. We say, start with Spiritual Calm. It is already there; let it influence the rest of the Bodies.

960. Let the Center of Calm influence all the rest of you. Let your Neutral energies influence the rest of you. Go to the Center in your Calm and start bringing that out. If you try to get the calm from the outside, you have too much action. There is always action outside in the Transitory World. If you try to fight it on the outside, you are trying to stop all that action. If you go to the God Center, then you are not seeking to stop the action, because the action of calm is calm. That is a passive action.

961. We are deepening the Clairvoyant Powers which extend from the God Center. You can see this on the vibration chart. There is a little part where we have Vision. This is how we see physically. Do you see the Radio Waves as they go through the Air? After you get Sensitive, if you fall way down towards inertia, you start picking up these things. That is why Radio Waves can bother people. It is a lower vibration than seeing or experiencing at the higher levels. The Infrared is where your actions are taken. Then the whole Spectrum between the Red and Violet comes in. That is where you are seeing Physically.

962. It can be a heavy vibration to realize that this little bit of the whole Spectrum is all you perceive physically. That can be expanded. I know a person who can tell you what pictures are coming in on the Television, just by Concentration. He can sense the T.V. Rays in the Air. I know other People who can tell you, from perceiving in the Ultraviolet, the fine energies of Mind coming through the Air. What pictures do you want to see? Earth pictures or heavenly pictures?

963. When you expand towards the Ultraviolet Flame, it kills Bacteria and all the inharmonious vibrations of things that are trying to destroy something else - it takes them away. The more you stay in the Violet Flame, the higher the Power and Energy that comes through you. The Light is coming from the inside out. You are reversing the polarity of how you see the World. You see it from a Spiritual Point of View in the Violet Ray.

964. There are many methods in Healing. You can look from the Earth Point of View to the Spiritual, It is good to get Information in the whole range of waves and frequencies, Infrared to Ultraviolet and expand yourself in both Directions. How are you going to conduct yourself in the World? Are you going to try to go from the outside in, when the inside is everything? The inner pours into the outer and the substance adheres to form.

965. Your Thoughts affect the World. As you think, so shall you be. As you think, that is what will happen to you. By expanding yourself, you raise the vibratory rate of sight. If you want to expand any other Sense, it is the same thing. My sensitivity of touching is won by sensitizing my feeling nature. By being able to feel, I do not have to touch you to feel you Physically. I can touch you with my Mind.

966. Tat; (At the Retreat.) You feel the vibration go up the Body! I just scanned the whole Body. I did a Mind Probe on it to see if there is anything that needed assistance. Using these vibrations is like learning how to use X-Ray Vision, because that is what I was doing. In X-Ray Vision, you see through the games people play.

967. What does it mean to raise the vibrations to the Speed of Light? This is illumination of that Light and Energy. We are taking people from Darkness into Light, Right! We bring them close to the Speed of Light in their Light Energies, in their Consciousness and that lightens up their vibrations, Speeds them up.

968. The Higher Frequency Colors are speedy. The more speed and momentum a person has, the further he or she will go in Life, and the deeper he or she will go into the experience of Life. Speed up the vibrations, bring up he Vibratory Rate. I am vibrating your perceptions to Areas of Consciousness you have not gone to before. It is very Abstract, is it? I am showing you a way of relating to the World as a Spiritual Being of Light.

969. Let us look again at the Metaphysical interpretation of vibration. Vision maybe divided into two types. It is Objective of Material Objects in accordance with the Optical Laws for a definite point in Space and Subject. Clairvoyance or Etherical Vision is Perceptive - it is the Law of Vibration. We live under different Light and Energy vibrations. By the awareness of Cycles we perceive the rhythm of vibrations. Vibration is alternating and recurring in a particular span of Time.

970. Say a Woman has a rhythm and vibration of a Menstrual Period that happens at a particular time each month. At a particular time she transfers from Childhood into Adolescent State and from there into the Adult State. There is a change in the way vibrations take place at these age changes.

971. When you were a Child you did things very quickly because you did not have anything to worry about. You were not spread out in the other Areas of Consciousness and where slowed down in your Vibrations. As a Child your vibrations were not slowed down by a bunch of possessions either. When you do not have a lot of attachments or possessions, you can be higher in Light and Energy, that is Present, you can move quicker.

972. How about heavy Emotions, heavy Thoughts or heavy Knowledge? They will slow down your vibrations. Light Emotions, light Thoughts and light Knowledge will bring up vibrations. Be Light Hearted! We are talking about the play of Darkness and Light. We are seeing the two alternating energies of Black and White and how you use them in the Rainbow.

973. You will find that what I have been saying is Abstract. I am sending you awareness and symbols as well - Circles, Squares, Patterns, Fluctuations. Tat;(At the Retreat.) Look at this one -Tat projects a Black and White Symbol.

974. Tat; We had a Black and White Symbol going on in Inner Sight, with an Energy going back and forth in it. Did you see it? Over half the students affirmed 'seeing' the Symbol.

975. Tat continues the lesson; As We talk like that, you see that Energy within as well. You are getting those Symbols through the Power of Vibration. Vibrations are regular recurring Units of Frequency in any given time. They can be the Repetition of a worry over and over again, or the same old sickness coming back.

976. A few years ago I had a recurring Cycle that came every November. It would start in the last part of October and every November I would get sick. These Cycles happened for eight years, until I came to the Hawaiian Islands. It started to happen the first year I was on the Islands; I could see the cycles of the Past and I had to fight it and change it. I thank God for giving me the Vision to see the whole Cycle of Life Eternal - how I had been making it happen. It had become a Cycle I was playing.

977. I was saying, "I am just going to relax and let whatever happens, happen." Well, if you say, Whatever, you will get Whatever. It is how you Qualify the Vibrations, Source gives image and image gives beliefs and beliefs give knowledge and knowledge gives thoughts and thoughts give desire and desire gives you actions. This is the pattern of stepping down Light and Energy vibrations and stabilizing them. This is also called the Route of Manifestation.

978. Remember that you are the Qualifier of the Fields. The Fields of Consciousness, the Fields of Energy, the Fields of Light, you are the Qualifier of these. You have the idea of how to do it. You have the Rhythm and Vibration to do it. You must transcend the Physical, Emotional and Mental, and even your Knowledge.

979. Your Knowledge is Limited; you do not have all Knowledge yet. To have all Knowledge you only need to know how to access the Banks of Infinite Intelligence. That is the Truth. When you come to that Realization, you have transcended your own Knowledge.

980. We think we have Knowledge. "Think" - well, that's going down in the Chakras. "Well, I feel" - that's even further down in Vibration. You can not Feel it, you can not Think it, you can not Know it. You have to have Faith in that which is not seen, but is expected. You Qualify the Field by what you expect to come into vibration. You have Faith in that Vibration. Hold that Vibration, and Alike Attracts Alike. The Energy will come to you. Become Magnetic with it by holding that Alike vibration.

981. These are Abstract energies coming out here! To continue with the Metaphysical interpretation: the term Vibration is sometimes used by Spiritualists or Psychics to denote a Phase of Mental Attunement. Sometimes they will say, "Get the Vibrations to this or that!" Vibrations are for Phases of Mental Attunement. You would be breaking the Universal Law if you said it is just for one thing.

982. We have talked about Electromagnetic Waves that act through Material Laws and then we have gone to another Octave and Concept of then. What is the Abstract Essence that will work in other Realms? That is what we are looking for. Do not get fixed on Words. Words come from the thinking mind. Abstractions give you the Symbols and show how the Energy comes through the Patterns and Forms of Consciousness.

983. To reduce the Spirit World to Time and Space Consciousness is to make it the same order of existence as the Physical World. Many people, when they say "Feel the Vibrations," are trying to physicalize something that is not perceived with the Eyes, or any of the Physical Senses. What is perceived through the Physical Senses are the Lower Vibratory Objects of Perception. Perception can act in Different Octaves.

984. How do you perceive something with a Higher Vibration? Your energies must be raised to the Higher Octive. You can see what is below you, but when you look up above you, either you are blinded by the Light or you have all this heaviness pulling you down. The lower energies are heavier and slower. They draw your attention downward. They will drain your attention. When you are raising your consciousness, you are lifting yourself, freeing yourself from the heavy vibrations. Tell your Subconscious, "I do not want those heavy slow vibrations. Let us receive and apply the fast and higher vibrations."

985. When you raise your vibrations, you have more Life, a higher vibrational Life Force flowing through you. That is what our Daily Attunements, in our Astral Physics Handbook, do. That is why we do the "Breath of Fire." Have you felt how stimulating the Light and Energy are to the Body and Consciousness? The Light and Energy frees everything and when you are done with the attunement, bring everything good back more solid than before.

986. Some People talk about vibrations and try to physicalize things that are not in the Physical Universe. It is a misconcept of energy and sometimes Spiritualists or the Masses use that common term "Vibes." "Get them Vibes," or some kind of Language like that. That is not Spiritual; it does not incorporate the vibrations of God. God is all vibrations and God has no vibrations; God is beyond. Para Maha.

987. There we are again, the Trinity- different only in degree and still operating in Time and Space. That is the definition of vibrations - they are different in degree and operate in Time and Space. Now does that tell you something about Spirit? If it is beyond Time and Space there must be a State of Being that does not fall under Physical or Mental Law, which is bound in Time and Space.

988. The Spirit Beings tell us constantly that we have no limitation of Time and Space; therefore the World is of a different Order. As we are Spirits now, we already know of this Non-Time / Space order. It is the World of Ideas, Creative Vision, Being and Sleep States; these are not bound by Time or Space. The very idea of Being a Son of God has moved, and yet is constant. Time will pass, Space will pass, but the I AM THAT I AM is the Glory before the World was.

989. Spirit Beings that contact an environment do not have to do anything Mysteriously Physical like lowering their Vibrations. They contact us as Spirit behind our Sense impressions of Time and Space. They contact us in the Subtle Fields. God's Holy Spirit contacts our Spirit. Remember when you were doing that Past Life? It is Subtle, it is not bound by Time or Space, it is a State of Being. It is always there at hand. The Holy Spirit will always be there, in that State of Being.

990. What you have done, you have done. You can not take it back. The only thing you can do is keep yourself free from it, by turning around and going forward. Do not look Backwards. If you walk through life looking back, you will fall over. Somebody, just for fun, will throw something in your path, to see if you will fall. There are a lot of pranksters in the World. They will throw an Idea in your path and if you are going backwards, you will fall. I hope I have knocked you over backwards a few times; now I am picking you up and turning you around.

991. When you are looking backwards, turn around. That is switching Polarities. That is what we have been doing. Your Whole Body is changing. It will not be the same. You are getting a dose of this consciousness so that you can overcome the lower vibrations and the consciousness of that.

992. The Spirit World is not bound by vibrations and those in it do not have to lower their vibrations to touch you. Jesus doe not have to come down to your level of physical existence to touch you. He touches you in a place beyond Time and Space. The Masters of Light touch you, the Holy Spirit touches you, the Angels touch you, beyond Time and Space. They are not bound by spiritual senses, but are free in God.

993. The physical Order of Existence is perhaps erroneous, a partial view of Reality, maybe a Limitation imposed upon us for our Instruction and Development. The Hindus, Moslems, Buddhists and Christians have said this is a School for us, to learn of Self and God. The Egyptians said the same thing. This is the School Room right here. That is why we are bound in Time and Space as Self Conscious Life, to transcend falling, to return to God. We are trying to not even want to be in the lower types of consciousness. Would not it be nice to be Eternally Free?

994. Clairvoyance or Extra Sensory Perception is described as a form of seeing in which Paranormal Images are formed in the Mind's Eye. We can call it the Third Eye, the Divine Eye, the Mystic's Eye, the Rainbow Eye of Light. Clairvoyance comes from the Brow Chakra. In my Mind's Eye, in my Mystic Eye, I See.

995. (At the Retreat.) Close your eyes. See a Golden Numeral One. How many can see it? (Some raised their hands.) Look at all these Clairvoyants! Come on, go inside there! Look! How many can see it? How many can Imagine it? Image it - same thing. (Everybody raised their hands.) See how simple that is!

996. Now close your eyes. Do not see a White Polar Bear . . . Now when you start to Meditate and you tell yourself not to see things, what will happen? This same thing that happens now. When I told you not to do something, you did it, Right! How many saw the White Polar Bear in their Mind's Eye? Ah, now you are starting to get the Truth of Perception and Clairvoyant Energy. You see how simple it is?

997. The term Clairvoyance or "Clear Seeing," is used to describe Spirit Communication by a Medium. It is a step down transformer. This Definition does not say that something is Abnormal or Supernormal. It simply tells us to See, to have Communication.

998. With the Mystic's Eye you are looking into the Normal, seeing things Normally, at the Neutral Place. You perceive, past the games, past the Persona. It is not how the Person is acting, but how they are Normally, when nobody else is around. You see past all the Fictitious Energies that he is trying to throw up.

999. In Psychical Research, Clairvoyance means, "Paranormal perception of objects beyond the range of Normal Senses". It is seeing beyond the range of the Normal Senses. It is seeing an Octave above Sight and Feeling.

1000. Tat; (At the Retreat.) Like this. (TAT gazes at the Students, one at a time, and each acknowledges the Touch of His Eyes.) When we were demonstrating in our Advanced Classes, we had people go out and eat at a Restaurant without Physical Senses. We were all at the table and we came back and were satisfied. We had a Good Meal.

1001. Tat; (At the Retreat.) Have you eaten Grapes? Do you remember how they tasted? Taste them now. Is the suggestion of tasting a grape giving you a taste more vivid than memory? That is because the energies in consciousness can reach out anywhere. It is Extra Sensory Perception. Just say to yourself, "Grapes, Grapes."

1002. Tat; How many had the sense of Grapes? (The majority of Students raised their hands.) You see! Extra-Sensory Perception. Taste an Apple. You can have the same experience back, you know.

1003. One time a friend of mine, Eric Rolf, who is a Psychic, was doing a 40 day Fast. I was at this Christmas Party and he came and sat down next to me. As I was eating, he was enjoying the food. When I finished, he said, "That was good." He ate with us Psychically. When you do that, you do not get the Physical Aspect, but you satisfy another part of you. Do you see how much Illusion that is? Even food is an Illusion.

1004. The Science of Parapsychology defines Clairvoyance as an Extra-Sensory Correspondence between the present Mental Patterns of a Person and a Past, Present or Future Object or Event in the Physical World. Clairvoyance is seeing the Past, Present and Future of an Object or Event. That is also called Psychometry of Perception. When you Psychometrize something, you touch and feel it through the body, with the Mind or Spirit.

1005. When you go into a room and become open, you will Clairvoyantly see if there is anything going on there. You can go through what is there and react to it. Then something is acting on you. When you are not doing anything, when you are Neutral, when you go into a room and just stand there, then you are not having any thoughts or feelings. When any thoughts or feelings come, you know it is from the Room.

1006. When you are standing next to somebody, you can Psychometrize what they are thinking. It is Mind Reading. You let your Mind open and receptive and pay attention to them. Then if any thoughts come, they must be the ones this person is emoting or magnetizing. I have stood next to Teachers and could understand the impressions of the thoughts as they were coming.

1007. They seemed strange when I was trying to qualify them with my own thoughts. When I went to Abstract Mind, I saw Them as Patterns and started seeing them Clairvoyantly. Then I saw how they were creating Form from those Thoughts, how they were describing things, how they were putting things into Manifestation using that Area of Consciousness. It was by standing there being open and receptive. When they are not your thoughts, they must be somebody else's.

1008. You have to learn to stop the World to be Clairvoyant. When you can not stop You from Functioning, you are never going to merge with anyone else. You can not merge with anybody else unless you have that Power of stopping your own Actions, Emotions and Mind. That takes Faith; letting go. Well, let it go. Stop whatever you are doing. You can start up again when you will.

1009. When you have not been successful, then do not continue what you are doing until you are Clear. When what you are doing has not brought you happiness, if it has not brought you things you want, you are doing the wrong thing. Stop it! Become Neutral. You may not have to give up what you have just stopped. What will happen is that you will see how it is formed. That is Clairvoyant Energy, Clairvoyant Sight!

1010. Para Psychological means beyond the Psychological; Para means Beyond, so it is beyond, Para-Psyche. Go deeper and deeper within, deeper than ever before. Let yourself go.
You have understood everything that I have said. Are you going to recognize, realize, assimilate and demonstrate the same words that I said, or are you going to use your own Normal and Natural Energies to articulate the Abstraction? Do not try to use my words, use your own words. Who else's words could you use? See the Pattern, describe the Pattern. You will get across to the Person, Place, Situation or Thing.

1011. The person experiencing the Clairvoyance is not controlling; the person is perceiving. That is the Truth of Clairvoyance. Clairvoyant energies are Passive. Being Passive is what controls how your Rhythm and Vibration, your Clairaudio, your Powers from the Throat, flow - how Clear you can see. Your ideas will be muddles if you can not See clearly, Hear clearly, Communicate clearly.

1012. These are just some things to bring us closer to the awareness of vibrations and what the difference is between Spirit and Vibration. Spirits are not bound by Time, Space or Circumstance. Spirit is in a State of Being. Spirit is not bound by vibrations. When you keep relating Spirit to vibrations, you will not get it.

1013. Watch your Consciousness. What you see inside, you will see everywhere. Whatever is in you, that is the way you are looking at the World. Look at your Description of the Tree. I could have sent each of you to the same Tree and each one would have told me something different. That is Perfect. One's description does not change the Tree. The Tree is.

1014. You can use things because they are in a State of Being and it is not going to change them. These Powers will not change. You will change. It is because they have Eternity behind them and so do you. It is merging, Alike Attracting Alike in Consciousness.

1015. The rhythm and vibration of the Throat Chakra is the first full level of Spiritual Awareness, but to get to True Spirit, you must go to the Brow. At the Throat you have Spiritual Awareness, but now you need Spirit Consciousness. That is why I gave you the exercise to center, so you can draw Powers that are above the Five Lower Kingdoms.

1016. There are 48 Petals of the Brow Chakra for Outward Thrust of Alpha and 48 for the of Omega. It has a Total of 96 Petals. The 48 seeing outwardly have a Pink and Yellow hue, the 48 seeing inwardly have a Violet-Indigo hue.

1017. There are Two Snakes on the Headpiece of the Egyptians. One is a very deadly snake, a Cobra, if it strikes you, it will send you to a higher reality! The other snake looks big but it is harmless. See how they do what they do! One will send you In; the other will send you out.

1018. Ask for Knowledge, ask for Understanding. I know God will answer your call because God gave me information before I ever was confirmed by People. I called and Meditated on the Spiritual Masters. They gave me awareness and I started teaching it out of Faith. I gave the teachings that God and the Masters gave me, then I was confirmed. I was tapping the Universal Mind Bank. I did not need to read the Books.

1019. You can get this same awareness by Meditation upon the Master and He or She will touch you with His or Her Light Essence. Do you have Faith that they will do that in your Heart? Have you given up your Will and Soul to the Master? Can you give your will and soul to the Master in your Self? If you can not, if you can not Master your own Self, you are not going to give it to any other Master or God.

1020. In the Vision of the Christ is the protection of the hierarchical traits carried in the Seed and Egg of Man and Woman. In the Vision of the Christ are the Attributes which the Lord God impressed upon the image and likeness of God, in Male and Female. Each petal in the Third Eye Chakra focuses the Guardian Action of the Law and the Blueprint of Life which is in the Chromosomes and Genes of the Body. The 48 pairs of Petals anchor the Twelve Aspects of God Consciousness in each of the Four Lower Bodies. This is how the Male and Female hold the seed of divine direction through the alchemy of consciousness, the Male and Female Polarity within you.

1021. The same Male and Female Polarity is the aggressive outer energies and the passive Inner Sight. When I shoot a Healing Ray out, I am using the outer energy. When I send you pictures, I am using the inner energy.

1022. You can raise the your energies from the Soul and the Intellectual Mind to the Atman or Superconscious Mind. This is mastery from the Truth in the Throat Chakra. Every Soul that would be set free must accept the challenge to be the fullness of the Law, the Balance of the God Flame and the Christ-Like Manifestation in each of the four lower bodies, the physical, emotional, mental and the psyche bodies.

1023. When the Twelve Godly Attributes have been Magnetized in the Heart Chakra, they can be squared through the Vision of the All-Seeing Eye, God, in the Third Eye or Brow Chakra. When the Three-Fold Flame and the Twelve Virtues are balanced in the four lower bodies, there is a conversion of energies spiraling into the Third Eye.

1024. Christ Jesus gave the Key to the Control of Auric Light in his Teachings on the All-Seeing Eye. He said, "The Light of the Body is the Eye, If the Eye be single the whole Body will be filled with Light". Jesus explained to his disciples that the Light of the Aura is focused through the Eye. The Inner Eye of the Soul perceives Light in the All-Seeing Vision of the Mind of God. The Eye of mankind observes the passing scenes, the movements in Life, in Time and Space. The Eye of the Soul continuously witnesses Patterns of Light and Energy in Creation through the multifold angles of Perception.

1025. Light and Energy are the very Building Blocks of Creation; they underline all experience in the Plane of Matter. Thus while the outer man takes Life at face value, the Soul is evaluating the flow of Light and Energy in the Cycles of Life. The Soul perceives from the standpoint of the Inner Reality.

1026. This training was given by the Virgin Mary as she prepared the Temple of her Body for the coming of the Christed One. The One who is carrying on of the Father's Business in the Womb of Time and Space. Christ is the Exercise of the Faculty of God Vision through the Power of Concentration. Within the Third Eye are the Powers of the Immaculate Conception.

1027. Concentration is a focusing of the Light and Energies of the Heart in the Third Eye as a Concentrated Beam. This Light Beam penetrates Atomic Particles, Molecules of Being and Cells of Consciousness and draws them into Alignment with the Original Blueprint of Creation, the God-Given Plan.

1028. Consistency is another attribute of the overcoming which Mary learned to apply. Consistency is a Ritual of applying the Blue Ray energies, putting the Power to the task at hand, in order that every deed done, every service rendered, is fulfilled according to the Lines of Light. This identity governs the Manifestation of the Christed Man or Woman through Concentration. Then in the concentrated flow of Light through the 96 pairs of Petals of the Third Eye, Humanity may Master the Plane of Matter in the God controlled release of Light and Energy from the Planes of Spirit.

1029. "If therefore thy Eye be Single, thy whole Body shall be filled with Light." The Single Eye Vision of which Jesus spoke is the Conversion of Christed awareness in the Third Eye. It is the Balance of the Higher and Lower Bodies seeing within the Third Eye. When this is accomplished, Man and Woman are aware of Reality. Through this awareness Life in the Three Worlds of Self is ever Consecrated to the Holy Spirit. The Three Worlds of the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Worlds.

1030. This flow of Light and Energy is through the Root, Heart and Crown Chakras. Light and Energy passage through the grids and force fields of the Twelve Godly Attributes and makes the whole Body Vibrate into the Plane of God Consciousness. God's Spirit is in the Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and the Ethers, full of Life. You have Knowledge and Perception of God. In order to be Perfection, you must see Perfection.

1031. The Physical Ethers are the Physically unseen side of the Body. The Etheric Body is made of: Chemical Ethers - Inner Body Balance, Warmth Ethers - Heat Radiations of the Body, Light Ethers - Light and Energy Radiations of the Body, Life Ethers - Life and Health Radiations of the Body. All the Ethers can be perceived Clairvoyantly.

1032. There are Three Main Functions of the Chakras. The First Function is to Vitalize the Physical Body. The Second Function is to bring about Development of Consciousness. The Third Function is to transmit Spiritual Light and Energy to bring you to the State of a Spiritual Being. The Chakras have the nature of distributing Centers providing Dynamic Force, Light and Energy to you. They produce definite effects upon the outer physical appearance. These continuous activities of the Chakras are Characteristic Tendencies and through their Functions your tendencies or attributes are formed outwardly.

1033. Always remember that Energy Follows Thought. This is a very Dynamic Principle. Without Energy following Thought you would never have any Healing. It is the Mind that controls the flow of the Light and Energies. Light and Energy follows where your Attention is leading them.

1034. The Clearly Visualized Picture taken via the Chakras to the Organs of the Body will increase the beneficial action of your Healing Work. When you Lace the Chakras, there is more benefit than when you send General Healing, like wishing a Person would be okay. You are being more Specific. In whatever you do, you should picture the Immaculate Conception. The Conception of what you are picturing will come, so you should hold the picture to the Highest- The Immaculate Conception.

1035. The Healing Power from God reverses Negative Polarities. God's Healing Light has Power because it has Purpose; it is not going off on other things. The Power is directed and will go where you send it. The Healing Colors enter the Chakra, stimulating the Etheric Body. God's Healing is transmitted through differentiation into the Holy Spirit Light of the Christ Light. This happens spontaneously, for God is Presence.

1036. The effect and speed of Healing upon the Physical Being is determined by the condition of the Chakra and the Self Determination of the Individual. If a Person is open to be Healed, the person will be Healed, because that is God's will for us all. When the Subconscious Mind is blocked, One will not get the Healing. It is that simple.

1037. Sometimes a Person will get partial Healing. You might have to work several times on a person like that, to open up the Chakras so he or she will get it. All the different things I have been telling you about are how to open up the Chakras and open the reception of Energy and let it flow. It is very important to know all this.

1038. This transmission takes place automatically when there are no Blocks. The Person who is open says, "Open up, just let go and let God." Instruct the person the Thank God, Praise God and Love God and stay in tune with Crystal Light of the Holy Spirit.

1039. When a person is in need, the person has to come and ask. We can not do anything unless somebody asks us to do it. We are an outpouring for God, a Channel; we can open up and let the Power work through us. It takes two to draw the third one. It takes the agreement of Two, the Practitioner and the Patient, to draw the Healing Power from the Holy Spirit. If just the Healer has the Power and the Patient does not believe it, there is not going to be a completion of the Trinity.

1040. In the Triangle, the Trinity Cycle, One and One make Three and the Three are One. The Third Power is Marriage, or Merging. Remember when we talked about that. It is a part of the Healing Art. The Patient and the Doctor have to merge, to come together, for a moment to transfer God's Energy, the Holy Spirit. There must be this coming together, whether it is a Metaphysical Doctor, Medical Doctor or a Surgeon. When the Mind and Emotions come together, it brings that Third Aspect to Healing Power. Then you can direct it, but it takes the Three.

1041. The transformation takes place when the Chakras are open and you are sending the Healing Light and Energy. When a Person is open to it, then the Healing will take effect immediately. That is why you see People Healed immediately.

1042. I listen to the Healers and watch how they do it with Natural and Spiritual Sight. All they do is open themselves up and make the Patient Receptive, which is Faith. Here is a Patient who has been in the Hospital and is now in a wheel chair. The Healer says, "Do you believe that God will heal you?"
The Patient says, "Yes."

1043. The Healer says, "By your Faith you are Healed. Through Christ you are Healed." The Healer brings down the charge of Light and Energy, to start the Energy flowing from God into the individual.

1044. Then the Healer says; "Do you accept your Healing Now?"
The Patient says,"Yes!"

1045. The Patient gets up out of that chair, walks and moves around. There was agreement, the Patient and the Healer had the Light and Energy come through the Two of them.

1046. When Two get together in the Spirit, it opens Light and Energy. Christ says, "When two or more come together in my Name, there will I be." I Love God and I live to bring out this Knowledge because it is so simple in how it works. It looks complicated when we look at things from the Earth point of View, instead of looking at them from the Heavens. God is the same yesterday, today and always.

1047. The same God came to all the Persons, Places and Things of the World. The same God came to Jesus. The same God came to Moses on the Mountain. The same God came to Krishna. The same God came to Buddha, to Mohammed, to all the Masters, Saints and Holy Beings. It does not matter about Time and Space. The same God is still here emanating Life and Light, God is the Sustaining Power.

1048. The Holy Spirit moving through the Healer to the Chakras causes the Nervous System to respond. The Nervous System has receptors that analyze the Light and Energy to give the Patterns to the Brain. That is the Picture to hold while you think, "Thank you, God." When you do that, you pass the impulse into the Endocrine Glands associated with those Chakras. The Glands are stimulated, causing an excretion of their chemicals, changing the Chemical composition in the Body. That way you draw the Biomagnetic Current. You are drawing Spiritual Light and Energy every day of your Life; you are changing it into the things you express.

1049. Most of the earlier Westernized literature concerning the Chakras pays little attention to their relationship with the Individual. This important factor can not be overlooked if we are to gain a clear and practical picture of our Etheric Mechanism. The Etheric Body is the First Body above the Physical, but is still apart of the Physical. When you do not know how the Etheric works, you will not know how to project perfect health to the Physical. You pull Life Force in through the Chakras and send it out of the Chakras to build your Aura. When they are open and you keep the Chakras open, you will be Healthy. When you get Blocks or Disease in the Chakras, you will get sick.

1050. We are concerned with energy flow and distribution. We seek to bring into balance the distribution of Light and Energy as it enters from the Etheric and circulates throughout the Physical Body. When you have this Right Distribution, you will have a balanced flow of emotional energy into the Physical, a Flow of Knowledge, Ideas, Creative Power and of Perfect Image. You should be increasing your Creative Power and manifesting it on the Physical.

1051. You can go out and have Prosperity, Opulence and the Good Things. You will know how to Magnetize things to you because you will know how to hold the Immaculate Conception of your final outcome. You will not be caught in the World of Appearances. You will not be brow beaten by anyone because they tell you something or you think maybe they know more.

1052. Simulate the Perfect Picture on your Nervous System through your Perception. Then you will be standing on your Individual Spine. You will be going out and having success. We are Success Oriented people, we are a Goal Motivated people. Our Goal is to see our sisters and brothers free and to know how to use this Light and Energy. It is the Light Energy of the Age, and you are in it.

1053. In Christ Jesus all the Major Chakras were Perfectly Balanced, Correctly Awakened and Energized, making Jesus the Christ an expression of Human Perfection and God Being. This is the Divine Expression and the Example, the promise that the Christ holds out to us, That each one of us may become the Divine Expression of Self and God experiencing. The Perfect Light and Energy is always here. The Perfect Master is always here within you, holding the Divine Expression. Jesus is holding it, Buddha is holding it, Krishna is holding it, all the Spiritual Masters are holding the power of the Divine Expression. This has been going on from the beginning of time to the present. Which Master are you going to choose? Can you see the Holy Spirit in them all?

1054. You choose the Master closest to your Ray. All true Masters lead you to the God Self. Remember the Christ Consciousness was taught 5,000 years before Jesus came and manifested it. It was taught in the Mystery Schools. It was taught by Jews, who foretold the Christ Child. They foretold that some man would come along and be the Image of God made manifest in Humanity.

1055. The Masters kept telling us of the Divine Expression, in Race after Race. The People of the World had their Great Masters come and present this Christed Perfect Image of God Consciousness to them. That is Fantastic! Now a days we have God as such an Abstract Concept. It is hard to get God down to Earth in a Miracle, until you bring God into your Heart. When your Heart is Loving, you take action in God, take action in the Masters.

1056. You are learning, to be a Spiritual Mystic, the Astral Physics School teachings of how to go up and down the Chakras. You do not have to open a drawer or look through a book. God is right here all the Time, just as you have your body with you all the Time. There is Light for you. God's Light and Energy is right here, right now.

1057. Student: Should you leave all the Chakras open all the time? Or is it beneficial at times to close some down?
TAT: When people are throwing things at you, let these go through you. Be an open door. If I was lying along the road with my leg stretched out on it and a car was coming, would I leave my leg on the road? If somebody is trying to hit a Chakra, do not say, "Okay, just throw it at me." Until you are completely free and open, do not get hit there. Go to another Center, another Chakra, go to the next Octave up. If you are not there where they are pointing the hits, they can not hit you.

1058. When a person comes to me who is Emotional, I go Intellectual. If they become Intellectual, I go to what I Know. If they go to what I Know, I go to Ideas. I take them up, go to the next Chakra, because As Above, So Below.

1059. I am always in Control. When a person starts hitting me, I just take the Light and Energy up to the next Chakra. Then they go there. I am not hurting them, I am uplifting them. I say, "Come on, let us get out of the mud. Let us not have this all muddled up," My students have watched me use this method many, many times. Supreme Consciousness overcomes any lesser consciousness. God Consciousness overcomes all other Levels.

1060. At one time I liked to tease Psychics. Some are so serious about all the teachings. They try to build up all this Power, when all you have to do is be open and direct and it will flow through you. Psychic Powers are not as powerful as Spiritual Conscious Awareness and Knowledge.

1061. When I heard some speakers who were heavy and dominating, I would go to the Chakra below them. I would reflect to them. Then, when I asked a Question, I would go to the next Chakra above them. They would have to come up to answer me and would wonder what happened. They would think, "Where is Tat at?"

1062. One guy used to follow me around in Meditation, so I moved to Higher Centers, to some Heavens where he had not been. He said, "Don't go there. I can't find you there." He could not get in because he did not know those Spiritual areas. You have to know to get into some Areas of Consciousness. You have to go through the Doorway into the Light.