Blessings of Light!

1063. We are now at the Third Eye, the Mystic's Eye, where everything is coming together. It seems like everything comes together on Saturday. The Violet Flame is Blazing for the Ray of the Day. The Violet Ray corresponds to the Brow Chakra, the Energy Vortex which deals with Aura Perception, Imagination, Perception, Insight and many other facets of Inner and Outer Seeing. It is Superconscious Mind that gives Awareness as Perception.

The Meditation for Saturday is:
Today I am established in the Clear Awareness of my Soul Nature.
I know that I am God expressing in the World, and therefore I am
free, healthy, happy, prosperous and productive. I am alive with
renewed strength. I give Thanks and Rejoice. Praise God for Life
Individualized. To God be the Glory.

1064. The ages that a person ordinarily goes to this Chakra are 35 to 42 for Males and 30 to 36 for Females. That is when they move into the predominant outlook of Life from this Chakra; they become more detached and free.

1065. The Root Chakra controls the Earth; the Spleen Chakra, Water; the Navel Chakra, Fire; the Heart Chakra, Air; and the Throat, the Ethers. The Brow Chakra perceives and controls the Akasha. We may speak of Akashic Light, Akashic Record or Akashic Realm of Being. Some call this part of the Etheric Energies, but in Truth it is all Energy and Light.

1066. We have spoken of the Physical Etheric (Root), Emotional (Spleen), Mental (Navel) levels, the Intuitive level (Heart) and the Creative level (Throat). The Brow level is next beyond the Abstract Creative Mind. It is Mind of Awareness that is Superconscious of all things.

1067. The Akasha is established this way. It begins with the first movement, the movement of any object, person, place, situation or circumstance. It is the Beginning and the End; the Alpha and Omega, right here and now. It is every thing that has ever happened, on the universal, an individual, atomic or subatomic level. It comes from the smallest and is the movement of Light and Energy of the Universe and Creation.

1068. All of the actions of Creation is recorded in the Akasha. Man has been aware of it for thousands of years, and he knows that his experiences do not become undone, that everything that happens Vibrates in the Universe for Infinity. Everything you have done, every word you have said, is still Vibrating; every leaf that falls is still falling. All of it - every movement of an eyelash, every breath is recorded. Even the Hairs of your Head are counted. There is not one thing in the Universe that does not make an impression upon the Akashic Light. We are Radiate Beings of Light drawing upon these higher areas of Ethers, Mind and Akasha.

1069. Let us bring this down to Physical Awareness and see the Earth turning in the Universe. It is Spinning upon an Axis with Degrees of Variance; this is called Notation and means it is wobbling back and forth. The Earth is also Rotating and Orbiting the Sun. You are on Earth, so every cell in your body is doing the same thing. Every cell, every object in the Universe is Spinning, Notating and Orbiting, they are leaving their Vibrational impressions.

1070. This Planet is moving at fifty miles per hour in it's Rotation, at eighteen hundred miles an hour around the Sun, at 640,000 miles per second in the Galactic Nebula, into the Unmanifest. The Unmanifest becomes the structure of what we are now. We are being reproduced over and over again, at 88,000 times per second according to Tibetan Mystical Teachings. Here our Vibration is going out into the Universe from the Earth. As we move through the Light, all is leaving impressions of Light and Energy movement and the impressions are called Akasha.

1071. The Akashic Record is said to be a cosmic picture and record of every thought, feeling and action since the beginning of time. It is the substance of clairvoyant and psychometric perception. In it is the idea of Cosmic Consciousness. Yogis believe that this record can be contacted when in certain psychic and spiritual states of consciousness.

1072. You are now at the end of your Lifestream and at the beginning of Infinity. We learned about Past Life in the last chapter and how you can follow your past back from the point where you are. When you Psychometrize an object, you are reading the Akashic Record. When you are looking at a person's Aura, you are looking at the Akashic Record. When you are communicating with someone that has left us, you are communicating with the Akashic Record. When you are doing Spiritual / Metaphysical things, predicated upon the past, you are using the Akashic Record.

1073. The Akasha has no Time; it is not bound by Space. It is within itself a vibrating, emanating Light that can be read. As we perceive clearly, in the Now, we are freed from Reading a lot of Energies that have passed.

1074. Akasha appears in the room as a Bluish-White Light. It turns into a Yellowish Haze when you are gazing into the Atmosphere around an Individual or Object. In that Golden Yellow Haze is the Reading of Akashic Light. Here is where the Images and Visions will come when the Third Eye is open. You are drawing perception for the Now, so it is as solid as the actual experience. However, the perception is what really happened, not the Memory through the Senses. It may look like a dream - a waking dream in the air - when you are perceiving it.

1075. You can see Colors, Lights, Sound, Images, Spirits and more. Whole Scenes passing before your Eyes as the Opening of your Rainbow Eye takes effect. You see these Scenes in the Air, and their Energies and Light or just behind your Brow between your eyes. When you let yourself go, detach and not be bound by any of the lower bodies, you will read the Akashic Record clearly. You will be able to read it at any Place, Time or Circumstance. When you want to read a specific event, hold that time, space and circumstance in your Awareness; detach into the Light and feel yourself flowing into it.

1076. You are connected to your body by a Silver Cord that is an Elastic vibration of Light not bound by Time or Space. The Silver Cord can reach to Infinity. The Silver cord keeps reproducing as you move away from the Physical Body. When you tug on it or think of it, you will be drawn back into the body at the Speed of Thought.

1077. As soon as you think you are at a Place, you are there. You can travel through Time and Space reading the Akashic Record without losing your Body. As you return from the Record to the clearness of the Lower Kingdoms, the Lower Channels or the Lower Chakras, you will be able to bring this Awareness back with you. When you have blocks against Belief or Faith in it, when you do not know in your Heart, when you do not feel it as a Reality, then you will not bring back the information you received.

1078. The Masters are waiting to take you anywhere you want to go. When you leave your Body Consciousness after contacting a Master, an Angel guards your Body so that nothing can enter or harm it. You can free your Attention completely from the Body. When your Clairvoyant Power is open, you will see the Light around your Body.

1079. I have seen Saint Germain place the Light around me many times. He has taken me through the Akashic Light, into the Records of the Past. There is one thing about the Akashic Record when you are asking to see something, you must be Specific and Direct. One time I said, "Saint Germain, I would like to see the Books of Prophesy that David gazed upon, that gave him the Wisdom to see the Future." My Grandmother saw the Books of David so I also wanted to see them.

1080. Saint Germain put a Light around my Body and took me by the hand, and we ascended through the ceiling of my room, up through the Atmosphere and into the Light. I could feel movement as I traveled in the Light. Soon I found myself descending in the Area of Jerusalem, and going down into Caves far below the Ground. The cave was illumined by Saint Germain's Aura. There I saw a Book in a Cavern. I walked over and opened it - it was in a Foreign Language. I said, "I can not read this."

1081. Saint Germain replied, "You asked to see the Book of Prophesy. You did not ask to read it. We must go back now." With that statement Saint Germain took my hand and returned me to my Body. I have learned from experience how to read the Record. You can ask what you want to see, and when you get there, you will Perceive that. God fulfills your Desire, but you must be very specific in your request. This applies to your prays and science of the spoken word also.

1082. When I was being Guided out of my Body, I had no fear because I had been doing this exercise for some time. I have been taken to the Grand Tetons, to Mount Shasta, Lake Titicaca, and many of the Great Ancient Retreats. These experiences were so Fantastic! Whenever I found that there was a Retreat anywhere, I asked the Masters to take me. I said, "Take me that I may have the Perception and direct Awareness of this experience."

1083. One time I was taken to Shamballa, a Powerful City of Light above the Himalaya Mountains. It is so Brilliant! It has Four Great Archangels, one at each corner, protecting it. The only way you can enter it, is with a Master of Light or being a Master of Light. They will take you to this City of Glorious Spiritual Beingness, and there you will meet Beautiful Enlightened and Exalted Beings who live in the awareness of Christ and the Higher Realities, in Perfect Spiritual Awareness; Shamballa. This was one of the initiation for the Clairvoyant State of Consciousness.

1084. Our Guides are the Spiritual and Earth Masters who have come through our Physical Existence, Ascended and gained the right to enter this Great City. Not all who come to its Gates my enter because your Light vibrations must be at that Height of Light and Energy. Only through the Grace of a Master can you gain that Height.

1085. We are all touching one another at one time or another. When you want to gain Master Consciousness, you must touch the Masters of Light. How do you go about meeting a Master, especially the One who is most important to your Life, the One who will give you Realizations, Enlightenment, Illumination, God Consciousness? I will tell you how I went about it.

1086. When I was in Lake Tahoe, many years ago, I knew about the Spiritual Masters, very Subtly. They came in and out of my attention and I wanted to contact them, but I did not know how. I thought everyone knew about the Master's Light, but most People I asked did not even understand what I was talking about.

1087. Then I found some People who knew about some of the Masters, but they did not know about the Great Unity of God Conscious Beings, Males and Females who have raised into their Spirit White Fire Being. These Beings now need neither Male or Female Sex to be the Pure Life and Essence that they are.

1088. They reproduce themselves over and over in Divine Intercourse with God, in Love and Devotion, in the Wisdom, Truth, Purity and Perfection of the Divine Energy and Light of the Sacred Flame at the Godhead.

1089. I knew that there must be a way to meet them because so many talked about it. I had these flashes over and over again. At first I dreamed I was there. Then the Dream became more vivid and repeated itself and the vision became more complete. When I came to the Hawaiian Islands, the Dream became so vivid that I was having flashes in the Akashic Light. I did not know yet what the Akasha was.

1090. My Grandmother had just told me to look into the atmosphere and see things. I thought everybody knew how to do those things and that this is what they were doing when they gazed off. Then I found out most of them were just looking in their own Auras. They never looked into the Auric Vibration of another Person or Place, never looked into the Light.

1092. I wanted to be clear in seeing this Light, and I Prayed. God's Holy Spirit guided me on. I would sit in front of my Altar daily and surrender to God. I would surrender to the Spiritual Masters to teach me. I would feel myself leaving all my troubles and sorrows, all my entanglements and depressions, all my misgivings and misunderstandings, all my mis-loves and mis-concepts behind to be cleansed in the Crystal White Light. I wondered how to let things go, but all I had to do was think of them and let them go. Let them go as soon as they come - you transmute by Detachment.

1093. At first a Diamond Crystal Light appeared and I was getting more and more of the Violet Flame in my Inner Vision. The First Guides were People who had gone beyond - my Grandmother, my Aunt, Edgar Cayce, some people like this who has died not too long before. Then I saw an Ancient Master, Zorresto, a Galactic Being with an Interdimensional Time-Space Unit. I kept probing deeper, deeper; I wanted the Spiritual Masters.

1094. I knew I was in the Spiritual Realm and all of a sudden I came upon Powers and Guardians to Doorways into Higher Realities of Light and Energy. Many of them looked Fierce and Ugly. I found they were my own mis-concepts and misunderstandings facing me in the forms of Demons and Monsters. They were all Illusion, Guardians to the Doorways of the Consciousness of God Awareness, Christ and the Masters of Light.

1095. Deeper and deeper I went into Meditation, seeking in my Heart to know, seeking in my Mind to see and simulate, seeking to Be. I understood that if I wanted to experience these Great Beings, I must Raise my vibrations.

1096. I did Spiritual exercise after exercise to raise the vibrations in the DNA, in the atomic Structure of my Physical and Mental Bodies.I did Spiritual exercises to increase my Perception, to increase my Depth of Conscious Awareness, until I could see clearly, until I could see all things without being hindered by my own Emotions, Thinking Mind, Knowledge, Ideas, and Imagination.

1097. I practiced until I could surrender to the Imagination, Ideas, Knowledge, Thinking, Feelings and Actions of the Spiritual Masters. I did everything to be like them, act like them, talk like them, give forth the Energy and Light from God to Humanity.

1098. I have known Christ since I was a small child. One day Christ came in Light, showed Himself to me as a Beautiful Being. He stood in the Violet Fire Robe. He was a Violet Fire Being with His hands outspread, floating there in the Air. I was eight years old when it first happened and my Grandmother had me draw a picture of the vision on cloth. I saw that Vision many times while in Hawaii and Christ Blessed me with the Holy Spirit for Healing.

1099. To renew the Vision I would see Clear Crystal Light Rolling over me, cleansing me, uplifting me in the Holy Spirit to the innocence of a child. I do this in the shower and I wash my Body in a System that gives me Conscious Awareness from my Toes to the Top of my Head.

1100. As I clean the Body, from the top of my Head to my toes, I chant, "Clear Crystal Fire Light" and Visualize this Energy and Light of the Holy Spirit of God flowing like the water over me. Soon it becomes a Vibrant Energy about me; it is like a Crystal Cloak of Energy and Light upon me. I can feel it touching Me, my Spirit, my Mind, my Senses and my Body.

1101. I continued to Pray and Chant for Three and One Half Years. I asked for more Guidance and Understanding, more depth. Systematically, they raised my Vibrations within the very center of my Being. Every cell, every part of my molecules and every atom of my Body, Mind and Being. Freeing me from my Physical entanglements, my Emotional Discoordinated energies, my Thinking Mind, freed me from my Soul and Heart.

1102. I kept striving to see and understand, to be closer and closer to God and the Spiritual Masters. I did not want the lower Guides. I did not want Guides that were not in God. I accept Guides that are God Men and God Women, Brothers and Sisters in the Light.

1103. One day I was traveling into the Higher Realms of Light, I passed through my White Light Door and into a Golden Room of Light. I could feel and see myself standing there. I was in a Saffron Robe and my skin was dark. I realized a Tibetan Life. I had gained this Center of Light in a Ritual of Tibetan Mysticism.

1104. Within this Light Center was released Great Wisdom, Compassion, Mercy and Conscious Awareness and I was within it. Soon I floated across the Room. I was both the Witness and the Experiencer of this Vision. I seemed to know there was another Life there Greater than either the Witness or the Experiencer, the I AM THAT I AM.

1105. I moved instinctively to the Center of this Great Golden Room of Light, in an Oval of Light. I sat in front of a Pool of Clear Blue Water and gazed into he pool. I saw my face, the face of an Old Man, wrinkled with age and brown with the effects of the Elements and Sun, thick in the skin but warm and soft in the Heart. I looked into those Eyes, Knowing and Realizing the Energy and Light of the Moment.

1106. As I gazed into the pool, I saw a Light Descending. A Pink Ray came down on my left side in front of me. Out of the Pink Ray stepped an Ebony Man. He looked like me as I am now. I looked back in the pool and down came a Blue Ray on my right side in front of me. Stepping out of it was an Alabaster Man, he also looked like me. Then both the Ebony and Alabaster Beings and the I AM THAT I AM came together, Three into One, in a Flash of Light. I saw it in the Pool and experienced it a the same time.

1107. A voice said, "There are no more Games to Play. Do you want to go or stay?"
I said, 'What if I go?'

The Voice said; ' You will go to the Golden Light from whence you came.
I then said; 'What if I stay?'

The Voice said; 'You can go back to Earth and work to gain the Ascension of Crystal White Light of the Godhead.
I said; 'How do I do this?'

The Voice said; 'You can work with the Angels, Elementals or Humans on Earth.
I said; 'Which one needs the greatest help?'

The Voice said; 'The Humans.' I said; 'That is where I will do the work of God, in humanity'

1108. I was returned to my Body. My Body was Vibrating so high when I came back into Physical Awareness that I could not even feel my Body. There was no sense of the Body for Six Hours, no feeling, no touching. Every part of the Body was stunned by the Light and asleep. It was being transmuted and uplifted. My Etheric Body turned to Gold. My Light Body turned to White and Crystal Light. Many people gave me witness to the Light about me without any asking.

1109. My Body and my Being were Purified. I was radiating the Gold, White and Crystal Light. I could not talk and when I finally could, I could not even say anything without my eyes welling up with tears. All I could feel was this Love and Bliss in my Throat, Brow and Crown and Pouring out Light to everyone.

1110. I looked at the People in a Spiritual Training Class - there were 70 of them. I could not say anything, but they all felt that Love that was flowing in me. It was Dynamic feeling. The Priest that ran the class said it took over an hour to bring me back. He said I was in a suspended state of consciousness as he stood over me in protection and prayer. He would not let anyone touch me.

1111. You have many Guides with you. You have the Guides of your most Sensitive and most Powerful Lives. You have the true you here and now, touching you. You are like the Nine-Pointed Star in the Astral Physics Logos. The Four Infinity Signs on the right represent the Four Greatest Lives of Power. The four Infinity Signs on the Left represent the Four Greatest Lives of Sensitivity. The Infinity Sign at the top represents the Present Life.

1112. When you ascend into the Tenth Radiation of the Ascension Star, it becomes the Soul Star. This is the Cosmic Star of Humanity and you Ascend into the Reality of your Divine Self. You command the Five Elemental Forces and look into the Akasha to see the Future and the Past. Unhindered, a Witness to all Consciousness. The Astral Physics Logos came to me in a Vision; it was given to me as a Guide and solidification in the Light for our School and Church.

1113. I was guided by Intuition when I first reached into the Heart. When the Spiritual Masters opened my Heart, they started giving me Intuitional Flashes. "Oh," I thought I was Spiritually Guided and Oriented then. I felt so High. Then I met a Teacher who said, "You must listen to this tape." It was by an Englishman named William Judd. He was a Scientist of Spiritual Awareness who was studying Alchemy and the Science of the Chakras. He said that many People get only Halfway up the Spine and he described exactly what I was going through. I thought I had raised up so high. I was only halfway there in winning the battle and Victory of the Soul.

1114. Deeper and deeper, I knew I had to go deeper within. When you think you are there, you are not, you need to go deeper. It is a never ending Unfoldment and Expansion until you have experienced all things. You have Breathed the Air on the Planet, Drunk the Water, Consumed the Vegetation over and over again, in Lifetime after Lifetime, in Millions of Years of experience.

1115. In the Akashic Record this experience stands for you to draw upon, as well as your most Powerful and most Sensitive Lives. That is the First Guide, your very Life and it will teach you. I thought Intuition was it and then I realized it was the very Life I was leading that was guiding me into the Future. What I was doing, what I was coming up against, Guided me.

1116. I asked for Inner Guidance. I did not want to be conditioned any longer by the Outer World of Experience, the reflection of Life. When I saw a sad face, I wanted to be sad with them. When I saw a tragedy, I felt heavy, sad, lonely inside, to see that it could happen. I cursed the devil and praised God for these terrible things that can happen to us all. I asked God to help these People. I Prayed time after time.

1117. One day God said, "You must help them because you are here. I will sustain you. Know that I am all of that and none of that. Within Me, like the Dream within you, is all Creation." God spoke to me and these words came. I did not know how they came, but I had Faith and I believed that God was guiding me. I Surrendered to the Mercy of God. I made a covenant with God.

1118. I realized that I had raised from my Intuitional, Individual Knowledge and Experience to something beyond myself. I held the Image in my Consciousness, there is something greater than I am now. I sought the I Am That I Truly Am in God Conscious Awareness.

1119. Deeper and Deeper within I probed the Consciousness, seeking Enlightenment. I had a Purpose. Then I started to see the Cycles of my Life. I became aware of my past experiences, not just in this Lifetime, but in other Lifetimes; the Veils between lives were lifted.

1120. I was following God by Faith and Belief. Now, I had won the Power of Detachment. I can look at my past without reacting to it, unless I sought to relive an experience. I can see without using my emotions. I can see because I Am That I Am.

1121. By identification, I became what I wanted to be. I identified with those things, rather than merging with everything. I identified with the Path and the Spiritual Masters. They appeared many times in my room. I saw visions of them standing there. Sometimes they would talk to me and teach me things. Sometimes they would stand there and emanate feelings, mental waves and radiations of Light. I had never in my whole life had such an experience. I had never heard of some of them before they appeared.

1122. I can not explain the Glory, Majesty and Power of realizing God and being One with God. It has to be an Experience of Self. I wanted to know this Self, deeper and deeper. I studied many teachings, but I still wanted to experience the Individual Self that I was, apart from the all other Selves. Still I did not want the loneliness or isolation of being apart. I needed to stay in Unity. I sought the Self and I looked to God.

1123. I would raise my Energies to the Brow. God showed me so many things and I thought I had won the Victory. God said, "To win this Victory you must come back to the Oneness. You must not stay in detachment; you must not leave the World completely. You have a job to do, you have a Mission."

1124. I said, "What is this Mission?" Everything faded into the now and I kept looking for the Mission. I wondered what it was. Every time I would ask, I would just be here right now. Nothing was happening. It was so Calm, Peaceful and Beautiful.

1125. If someone came around and I Prayed to God to reveal my Mission, I would find myself just here. I would be so free, able to talk to the Person, be with him and feel at one such as I had never felt before. I was still looking for the Mission, and here it was - just to be here with other Human Beings, to be here with the Plants and Trees, to be here now and be in God Conscious Awareness, to be a Living Sacrifice to God. It was to know that God is here right now. That was my Reason and Mission and my Life and what I am supposed to be.

1126. I knew I had to be in Being. Oh, I had studied the teachings of the Spiritual Masters. I knew them Intellectually. I had experienced them vaguely through Imagination, but to be in Being - I had not been it. I did not know what it was, even though I knew what it was. It was only half there because I had not had the experience. Until you have that experience, you feel like part of you is missing, like something is gone, and it is God.

1127. The Holy Spirit, the Spiritual Masters and the Ascended Kingdom of God is your connection. When you lose that connection, you feel alone. You are not going somewhere strange; you are going home. It is Peaceful and Blissful, no matter where you are. You are always home, because your home is in your Heart, your Life and your Being. You find that Oneness of God and how it flows into you. Home is with God.

1128. I wanted to share this Love, Life and Oneness with God. I Received the Impulse that I must Teach more. At first I had one student at a time. When I started classes, I realized I had already been teaching for a long time and had not realized it. I had been guided to give the things I desired to the the Holy Spirit of God.

1129. My teachings started at Lake Tahoe, about January of 1974. A young man I was working with wanted to know more about God and the Spiritual Brotherhood. I told him everything I knew. When I would tell him something, something new would come into our conversation, a new Realization. I would share it, but I did not know it was teaching. At first I was experiencing mainly for myself; I was not seeking to share with anybody else. That is how it starts.

1130. I was asking, who am I? What Power can I wield in the World? That was my first seeking. As I went deeper and deeper, I found that all Powers already are. I found I could not make anything, that I could only put it all together, correlate it, bring it into One thing within my self.

1131. I needed guidance, so I Prayed to God and the Spiritual Masters. I Prayed over and over again and they came, one after another; they never failed me. They came like a Parade of Light and they gave me their Love, Truth, Wisdom, Purity and Perfection. They Shone into my Life and said, "Here, drink of the Water of my Being until you are full." I could consume all I wanted. I drank of Eternal Life.

1132. I began to Recognize, Realize, Assimilate and Demonstrate. Some Realizations were difficult. Some took days; some took weeks; some of the disciplines and practices were taking years to assimilate, to bring out as a Life I am Living, to be Guided by Christ and the Spiritual Masters, through God's Holy Spirit.

1133. They are giving Beings. You must be open to receive. When you are trying to give, you have no opening to Receive. They are pouring forth their Light and Life to you at all times for they stand within the Presence of God. They receive from God and they give to us. They are stepping down and Impacting Light and Energy in Time and Space so that we can use that Light of God, here and now, to be free from Illusion, uplifted from the World of Appearances and seeing through the Transitory World.

1134. They will show us in the Light that we are all Sons and Daughters of God, that all things come from God. That this very Platform Earth we are on is God's Schoolroom for us to learn Individuality and Unity.

1135. We need to be of Service because God, Christ and the Spiritual Masters are of Service. They give and give. It is the opposite of the Physical Universe where we try to get and get. It is an outpouring of Light that comes through your being.

1136. I practiced everything to Ascend, to Transcend. I Chanted over and over: "God guide me, Protect me, Illuminate the Lamp of my Heart. Make me a Brilliant Star. Thou art the Almighty and the Powerful." I said my Prayer over and over again. Every time I went to sleep, every time I went into Meditation, when I was walking down the Street, I would say a Prayer or chant a Chant or do a Mantra.

1137. This Prayer 'God guide me' is from the Bahai. I found many Prayers in all Faiths, and I found that God was talking to me through all the Spiritual Masters because I opened up my Heart and said they could come in. They could see that I had nothing to hide. They could help me and purify me.

1138. The Masters were not condemning or judgmental. They were not comparing me to anyone or anything else. They were saying, "Come, Brother, walk and talk with us. Do not suffer any longer in the Illusion that you are Separate."

1139. I kept merging and going deeper within, seeking detachment from the World of Illusion, seeking the Reality of the Truth of God. Soon the World looked like a Dream, and the Reality was the Being of the Masters. They are with me constantly. I see them now. They stand in the room when I am Teaching. They are always there when we are talking of them.

1140. As soon as you put your Mind upon them, you are touching them with your Presence. When you put your Emotions into it, you are touching them with your Emotions. Soon you will feel them touching you Physically, being with you Physically. You will feel them enter into your Aura and a Glorious thing will happen. They are not acting in Personality and that is the only thing that may feel threatened. Your Soul will feel uplifted; they will not take it from you. They will give you such Light and Glory. It opens and opens.

1141. You can ask them to help you give your Soul to God. They will guide you to the Holy Spirit and God. They help show you the way. I have chanted to free myself from the bondage of the Lower Realities. First the Trinities I have Chanted them over and over again:

1142. Hare Brahma, Hare Brahma, Brahma Brahma, Hare Hare.
Hare Vishnu, Hare Vishnu, Vishnu Vishnu, Hare Hare.
Hare Shiva, Hare Shiva, Shiva Shiva, Hare Hare.

1143. I am One with the Father. I am One with the Son.
I am One with the Spirit. I am One with the One.

1144. I wanted to know more Spiritual Masters. I wanted to see, deeper and deeper into my Conscious Awareness, to Perceive them. Time after Time I was given Rituals to raise my Energy. I drew Fourteen Lines of Energy up my Spine, one by one - Seven in Body and Seven out of Body. Unconditioned Love has been the hardest, just to open my Heart to all people.

1145. It took me Three years of Rituals to draw up the Lines of Light within my Body, constantly attuning, finding every mode to attune. We began with the Full Moon Ceremonies and I kept with the Attunement. I knew the Energies would become Light. It was revealed to me since I have been here at this Retreat that these Fourteen Lines of Energy are now entering my Heart.

1146. As we talked at the Retreat and are now writing this book the Lines of Light are now entering the Center of the Crown Chakra.

1147. What a Beautiful Experience the Masters have given me! They have been guiding me for such a long time. I realized when Buddha guides me. I realized when Christ guides me. I realized when Krishna guides me. I realized when the Holy Spirit of God first touched this Planet, the I Am That I Am. We realized the Holy Spirit within. We realized that in the Spirit of God I am before the World began.

1148. We read the Bible and studied the teachings of Jesus. I read the Bhagavad Gita. We read the World Scriptures to understand the History, I Am. We understood more of our Universal Self as a Being of Humanity. We understood a Cosmic Form of I Am, a form not bound by my Individual Self-Seeking Awareness; it is my Universal Energies Manifested in Union with all Beings - the Cosmic Forces, the Earth and all that is on it. We found Dominion over the Earth, Waters and Sky. We feel this Awareness and Being. We are no longer the Limited Being that we have been.

1149. This Great Wisdom and Light was given to me by the Holy Spirit, the Crystal Fire Light, flowing through all the Spiritual Masters that have walked the Earth. We will share it with the World. We knew that if they could just see this Crystal Fire Light, soon it would be in them. The Wisdom and the Powers of God would be in all that see.

1150. Our Spiritual Powers came on. We have learned Psychic Powers. We then learned from Theosophy Teachings. We studied with a Red-Headed Woman for two-weeks and she said, "I am telling you things you already know. You must have a Teacher Greater than I." She gave me some books on Theosophy and I began to search. We went to Theosophy meetings and heard of a book called, The Secret Doctrine. We looked everywhere for it.

1151. Finally we found it in the Main Library at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. Wow, we were so thrilled! When we were home, we read the first couple of pages and we had to stop. We had the book out for two weeks and we were going to read it in that time. We did not even get through the first chapter in two weeks.

1152. Every time we read some lines, they were so full and deep - we wanted to go to the depth of them. Scenes and teachings on other Dimensions were revealed. We found out the book was just the Key. A key to Universal Mind and Infinite Intelligence.

1153. The Masters guided us over and over again - be bound only to God, not to people. All these beautiful teachings and Beings came, when we asked for guidance from God. It all started when we decided to ask. It has taken years to unfold. We have been impatient all the way. We want to know all of God, right now! That is our Goal - that is what draws us forward in Life - to know God everywhere, in everything, in everyone; in all that we see and all that we do not see; in all that is, was and always will be.

1154. How can One ascend? Be of service. How can One give the greatest service? What is the greatest need upon this Planet? One ask. One always is looking to fulfill needs. We have always been a service oriented person.

1155. We found out that sickness, by separation from God, is the greatest need. We saw it Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Psychically - we saw it everywhere. Oh, it was an experience. We saw death, disease and suffering as the Masters see it. As a child and a young man, we were kept from seeing death, disease and suffering. We think we are all kept from seeing it, in a way. We asked to see it and our Heart was heavy. Life is so insignificant compared to the Glory of God.

1156. We asked for a way to help the need. We wanted to help everyone that we could, by being open to God as a Channel. We see that it is ever necessary. Christ and the Masters have taught us so much. They give you all the Wisdom you need to reach God's Omniscience.

1157. Many times we did not even know what we were going to say in class or lecture. We would Pray before we went. We would say, "God guide me, protect me and illuminate the Light of my Heart. Make me a Brilliant Star. Thou art the Almighty and Powerful. Let your Sons of Light live in me. Let Christ and the Masters walk the Earth in me."

1158. In class sometimes we would be standing just outside our Body in a Golden Body, watching while the Master Channeled through us. It was a beautiful experience. We experienced it all, witnessing it all, seeing the Guardians coming and uplifting in vibrations of Light and Energy.

1159. We saw some Students that could not take the Upliftment because they held on to that which is Illusion. At first that hurt us over and over. We could not understand why people use sickness. When somebody has an opportunity to be free, why not be free? We did the best we could and we found that is all anyone can do. Individuals become free and healed when they are willing. All make a Free Will Choice, even if the Free Will Chose is the suggestion of others.

1160. The Masters started showing us the simplicity of Healing. It is not a complicated thing. It is a matter of just letting go, cutting it free and moving on to God right now.

1161. We vowed to bring People into the movement of Consciousness. If we could just transfer some of this Energy into People, they would become aware of God Consciousness. We would send Love and Healing to everybody, just constantly sending it out to everybody I saw.

1162. There was a Ritual we did when we was walking on the Street. We would see a Pink Heart of Love come out of our Heart and go into a person walking down the street. When there was a group of them, we would have all these little Hearts come out and go to all of them. The majority of times, they would look at us right in the eye and smile. We became aware that we had hardly ever looked people in the eye. We were always looking somewhere else.

1163. Healing, the transfer of Healing Light and Energy, is a Science. For years, we have been studying and working with this Science, the Art of Healing, bringing it to a clear understanding in our own Consciousness. We watch other Healers and how they Channel Healing. We watch how they are guided by their Healing Angels, Healing Guardians, Healing Buddha, Healing Masters, Healing Christ - finding out how anyone can be an open Channel.

1164. The First Step is seeking and Earnest Inquiry. That is the Decision. We remember the day we decided to be a Mystic. We wanted to unveil the Mystery of Life. We did not want to be old in our Consciousness. We knew our Body would age, but we wanted to be young in our Being.

1165. We were standing at a table in Tahoe. A woman had just said to us, "You need more Maturity," We said something to the effect, "I do not ever want to be Mature because Mature means being done, and I never want to be done. I do not want to fall into that Consciousness. I want to be Childlike all the time I am here."

1166. She said; "Oh, you can not be a Child all the time."
We said; "There must be a Mysterious Way to be that. We seek to be a Mystic." The very words came through us, through the Commitment. We started looking at things differently somehow. It was very, very Subtle.

1167. We were reading the Teachings of Buddha at the time, the Christian Bible and some other Spiritual Material, seeking to understand how Healing could take place. Sickness takes the place of Reality and Healing is Reality. You are bringing the person to Reality, to the True Color, the True Vibration, Centering the person back, bringing the person out of the Fantasy and Illusion that seem Real to the Point of Death.

1168. Healing is bringing a Person back to Reality, right here, right now. That is the Mission, to be here now. If you were to be in Heaven, you would be there. If you were to be on another Planet, you would be there. You are where you are supposed to be, right here, right now.

1169. We bring the person to now and sometimes they have Past Energy that is stuck, holding them back from being here now. You have all experienced how Light and Energy can be free. Do you see how Subtle it is? We started right at the Base of the Spine. We have been working up to the Brow, to Detachment. We have systematically moved up the Chakras and raised the Energy and Light.


Start at feet and work up the Body to the Head.
First the Back of the Body, than the Front of the Body

1170. That is exactly what we do in Touch of Light Healing. We raise the Energy of the Body. Here we use the Spleen Chakra, in the School of Master Consciousness, instead of the Sacral Center. For Healers and those on the Masters Path, it is very important to use the Spleen Chakra. The Spleen draws in Vitality, Vital Force Energies, and distributes them to all the other Chakras. It is very important to have the Vital Force going over the Nervous System constantly.

1171. We do many exercises. We live in Hawaii, every time we go to the beach, we lie with our Spleen Chakra facing the Sun. We imagine all the Sunlight coming into my Spleen and all the Light and Energy absorbed into the Spleen Chakra. We draw Light and Energy from the Atmosphere and send it to revitalize all the other Chakras. The process is to open all the Chakras. The Spleen Chakra and the Brow Chakra is a very strong Key to opening the other Chakras.

1172. You need the Root Chakra to draw the Forces up from the Earth. You need each one of the Chakras because they draw the Light and Energy of different Planes of Consciousness and Light. All the Nerves of your Body, Organs and everything are touching the Earth by way of the feet. You draw Power via the Root Chakra up both legs.

1173. When you are doing Healing, you want that Earth Energy coming up, because you want the Person to be stabilized here and now. If you give them only Cosmic Energy and Spiritual Light, you will Space the person out. You direct the person, get the person focused. Realize that you have to do it for the patient. Those who come for Healing have to be open to you.

1174. In Healing for others or yourself, feel the Energies coming up through both legs equally, right up the Nerves and into the Root Chakra at the Base of the Spine. The Etheric body has a great deal to do with the Nervous System because it transfers Energy into the Glands so they produce the right Chemical Compounds for your Body and Organs, for your Fire, Air, Water, and Earth Elements.

1175. As you pull Earth Power and Energy up the Spine, it is revitalized again with Cosmic Light and Energy you are pulling from the Sun into the Spleen Chakra. You pull the Energy from the Physical Sun and it Vitalizes you in the Physical Universe.

1176. We Meditate upon the Color of Sunshine - a Golden Yellow Light. Sunshine Yellow is a Purifier for the Mind. We steadily hold to the Sunshine Yellow and my Mind would not think about other things. We put our Mind on the Light and draw the Sunshine Yellow Light into the Body. We know in our Heart and I accepted the Light and Energy into Consciousness.

1177. At the Navel Chakra you pull in a Chi Force which comes from Mind and in the Golden Yellow Light. Notice that each day has an Aspect and what that Aspect does. That is what that Chakra does as well. By paying attention to the Aspect, you will have more Power of the Aspect that day.

1178. In the Heart, when you draw in Acceptance, you are now giving. You take things into your Soul and give things out of your Soul. The Heart is a Dual Chakra that takes Spirit into Matter and Matter into Spirit. Its a Transitional Chakra. It relates to Earth as well as Heaven. The Brow Chakra is another higher Transitional Chakra. The Brow takes Individual Light and Merges Universal Light. The Individual Spirit merging with the Supreme Consciousness that created uncountable Stars, Planes and Planets.

1179. The Soul is your connection between Heaven and Earth Experiences. You are pulling the Energies of Heaven and Earth and you will find the energies clear as Black and White when you are centered in the center of the Heart. When you are balanced in the Heart Chakra, you will see Black and White Consciousness. Many people wear Black and White clothes.

1180. The Heart gives Poise and Balance, and draws from Environmental and Intuitional Consciousness. Let us get it clearer. You put food, herbs and spices in your body and draw air from your environment. The Essence of all of these is drawn through the Chakras. Energy as it comes from Heaven is in a Wave of Intuitional Awareness reflected on your Knowledge. What is known to you to do, you do. That is the Light in the Heart of God's Love and your Experience and Knowledge.

1181. When you work from intuition on a person, you even find the Aura turning a Vivid Green. When One is in Environmental Consciousness, their Aura will get Greener. When a person needs more Earth Energy, a Healer may tell them to get out and work in the Garden, walk on the Grass, to bring in the Green. Use your Intuition on the subject and problem and let it tell you where to send the Light and Energy of Healing

1182. In the Throat a very Powerful Spiritual Ray comes in. This is where you get the Light of Inspiration. Inspiration is seen as perfect. One should hold perfectly the Idea of a person in perfect Health. To bring a person there, ask, "Do you remember when you were in perfect Health?" Remember when you were really feeling good and were out doing these things? Then you are giving them Inspirational Light and Energies. As you are giving out Light and Energy, you are drawing Inspiring Energies in this way.

1183. In the Throat Chakra you have to start giving. In the Lower Chakras you are taking in at the personality level. In the Heart you are taking in and giving out from Heaven and Earth. At the Throat is giving. You have to give to do the Art of Healing for someone. You should give Inspiration to that person. The Healer also gets Blessed because the One doing the healing is running Light and Energy through their body. Healing Power keeps you Healed when you are out working with People. It is through Faith and Inspiration that you are in the perfect Light and Energy of God, which is the Holy Spirit's Crystal Clear Ray.

1184. The Brow Chakra is where you have Spirit Individualized as Light and Energy. Did you ever hear the statement, "Rise above the Five Lower Kingdoms?" Christ says it in the Bible and it is said in every Great Religion. It is the opening of the Third Eye and seeing with the Mind's Eye instead of the Physical Eyes. "If thy Eye be Single, the Whole Body will be filled with Light."

1185. Now you have the Key into the Third Eye. Naturally, developing it takes Time. It takes Time and Space to develop because you are bound in Time and Space. When you have it, you never lose anything. Everything you have ever had, you still have. You have never lost anything. Do you want to carry it all around with you consciously all the Time?

1186. Imagine that everything you are attached to is on your Back, or hanging around your Throat. That is what attachment does to you - Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually. When you let go and let everything flow, you have Faith that God will free you, God is going to make sure that you are taken care of.

1187. How many people are starving to death in your Community? We are pretty fortunate. We have to bring this Faith to the rest of the World. Realize that you have always been taken care of. Isn't that Perfect? You have always had enough to eat. You have always had a place to stay - you can lie on the Ground and Sleep. God gives you the Earth. God carpets the earth for you so you can lie on it. Isn't God nice? But no, we want to change it, so then things get into description and the thinking Mind and your Creative Power.

1188. When you raise the energies of the Soul and the Solar Plexus to the Plane of the All-Seeing Eye, you have the Balance of Love and Wisdom converging at the Point of Reality, the Throat Center. You become an Alchemist of Spirit in the Plane of Matter. Oh, what a Fantastic Lacing of the Chakras!

1189. You who are the handiwork of God, by Self Discipline, Self-Sacrifice, can come into the inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven and behold the Tabernacle of Being. When you have the Tabernacle, you have the Spiritual Realization of God Consciousness and live in that Awareness. In the All-Seeing Eye of God, the Great Silent Watcher beholds the Immaculate Conception of the Inheritance of the Sons and Daughters of God.

1190. Seven Lines of Power come to the Brow Chakra. Here are some Crowns of Power; the Rainbow Bridge across the Brow from the left to the right side. This exercise will open perception of an Alchemy of Colors; Red, Orange, Yellow are on the Left, Green in the Middle. The Green Flame is in the Middle for Healing, Poise and Balance. Then, Blue, Indigo, and Violet are on the Right. The Energies of Heaven are on the right; the Energies toward the Earth are on the Left.

1191. Now you are directing Divine Intuition out of the Left Side of the Brain because you are Visualizing. On the Left side of the Brain you are getting Spiritual Awareness about Earth Consciousness and on the Right side you are getting Earth consciousness in Spiritual Awareness. That is the way the Two Lines of Energy come out of the two sides of the Brow Center.

1192. Another Bridge across the Brow Chakra comes from the Solar Spectrum. The Solar Rainbow starts with Blue, Gold, Pink and on the right side of the Brow. The Three Basic Rays are Blue, Yellow and Red, but we are qualifying them as Blue, Gold and Pink. In the Center of the Solar Rainbow is White, which is the Purity of Seeing. Then we have Green, Golden Ruby and Violet on the Left side of the Brow Chakra.

1193. In the olden days they used to put Jewels across the front of a Crown and put the Crown on the Head. They would leave the back of the jewels open so the jewels were open for the Light to shine through; the Light would shine on the Forehead at the Point of each Jewel. You can look at the kind of Crown the Individual had on to tell what kind of Power he or she was using in the Brow. Some had just one Jewel there - maybe a Big Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald. Some had a Diamond to bring all the Powers to one Power, or they may have had many Powers displayed.

1194. In Astral Physics we have 44 Crowns of Power. The second one I gave you is called the "Solar Crown", "Crown of Elohim" or the "Crown of the Masters." The Crowns go across the Brow, and you should practice putting on these Crowns. When you imagine a Spectrum across the Brow, it will bring you to the Frontal Lobes of the Brain. The practice starts qualifying each part of the Frontal Lobes of the Brain with the color Ray of Light that is visualized at that point.

1195. Each Color Ray gives you perception in that area of Light and Consciousness. You can also do the visualization of lacing the Rainbow Bridges up the Chakras. You can also see a Cross which brings the line up to the Brow, across the Brow and up through the top of the Head Centers to the Holy God Self.

1196. The Crown Chakra is very important for Healing Powers because here is where Energy comes in from the Cosmic Forces as Unity with all. You come to your Master Self, and Mastery of your Self, at the Center of the Crown.

1197. One First step practices to win Attention which gives power over the Physical. Second the Practice begins to enter the depth when One learns to Concentrate with out wavering. Concentration gives One power over emotions. Third step One practices the power of Observation which gives One power over the Intellectual Mind of thinking and thoughts. In the First three steps One must be assertive and build will power to have Victory over the senses, sensations and words.

1198. In the Fourth step One must be passive and learn to merge using the power of Meditation.
Meditation gives One access to One's Soul, Knowledge and Intuition. One does not work to conquer the Soul. The Soul is the experiences of the Spirit because the Spirit has no time, no space, no body or anything that can limit the eternal immortal Self, that is God expressing.

1199. At the Throat Chakra One enters the Fifth step and the art of surrender begins. One must learn to control from a natural awareness both the passive and aggressive. You must be passive to Creative powers and assertive with One's Talents. One is learning to turn off and on from a point of Peace.

1200. I Am is the Sixth step at the Brow Chakra. One is learning the Power of Identity; to be an Individual becoming One with God in Unity and Freedom; the balance of the Inner and Outer comes to consciousness as an equal perception. All the Powers of 'Seeing' the Past, Present and Future begin to unfold when One enters the Brow Chakra. One, from a neutral point of view exercises the Spiritual Powers.

1201. The Seventh step is the Crown Chakra of Oneness and Being, of All Knowing and All Wise. The Victory of Individuality and Cosmic Consciousness is won by the balance of the Subjective and Objective Mind. One has the power of Mind over Matter.

1202. Then you surrender, once you gain the Mastery over the Lower Kingdoms. You surrender to God, the Holy Spirit or to the Christ or Christos, or the White Light Chakra, which is six inches above the top of your Head. Then Light and Energy of Life flow into the Seventh Chakra and down into the Pineal Gland.

1203. There they start activating the Pituarity and go down the Spine to the Base. You should feel the Subtle Light going down through the Head, down to the Base of the Spine as the other Line of Energy is coming up. The Line coming down is White, and the other Line of Energy coming up is Red. They join together and then come up the Spine through the Chakras. These are the Lines of Light which tune you to Earthly and Heavenly Light and Energy.

1204. Some People just use Earth Energies; some People just use Heavenly Energies. I asked for a complete Key chain; I asked for Heaven and Earth. I could see Heaven coming on Earth by drawing this Energy from the Cosmic Forces. This is the way your Healing Angel will come in and the Healing Forces and Powers will come into your Body through that Crown.

1205. The Earth Force is more of a Stabilizing Force, and the Healing really comes from the Spiritual Powers through the Holy Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is Eternal Life. Healing comes this way whether a Person is using Earth Methods or Spiritual Methods of Healing. All Healing Powers come from God. Health is the return of the flow of Eternal Life.

1206. Above the White Light or Christos Chakra, flowing into White Light Chakra, is the God Self, your Individualized Conscious Manifestation of God. The God Self in the Light of the Casual Body is Transcendent, but still is you as Subjective Objective Awareness. God is always Separate, but never separate.

1207. God is in you as you. Your God-Self Center, also known as the I AM Presence, is about 60 feet over your Head. The Godself sends the Life Energy down or calls forth the Archangel that is emanating out of the 12 Powers of God.

1208. The God Self is your Individual Oversoul. Christ called it the Father; Buddhists and Hindus call it the Oversoul; Catholics call it the Guardian Presence; Esoteric Christian Teachings call it the "I Am Presence", in Theosophy it is the "Causal Body"; the Taoists call it Tao. All the Great Religions have it Identified.

1209. In the Crown you are Universal Consciousness. You are pulling or drawing Light through the Christos or White Light Chakra, from the God Self. The God Self will not manifest directly until you give it action. The Casual Body of Light is a Manifestation of all your experiences going up to God. The God Self in Essence is an Unmanifested Energy and Light that is brought together from the beginning of Creation by you as a Spirit.

1210. You have comes, in the beginning, through the Holy Spirit, which is a Crystal River flowing from the Heart of the God Self. The Light and Energies of all Eternity emanate through the Crown of the God Self and pour from the Heart of the God Self into the Crown of the Christ Self. From the Heart of the Christ Self into the Crown of the Body. The Light continues to the Heart of you, the Conscious Self. That is the way God works. Each one of the aspects is a stepping down of the Light and Energy.

1211. The Pure Life Energies are stepped down so they can be used upon the Earth. You are drawing Light and Energy from the God Self. The Energies that come through the God Self are the Guides and Angels you are attuning to; they will appear right over your head. Christ is a giver, the Holy spirit is a giver, the Father is a giver, the Mother is a giver, all these Energies are giving. All this Power is in you. The Brow and the Throat are giving, the Heart is a Two-Way Energy, and the Lower Chakras take the Energies. This is the way a Healer sets up Chakras to Heal a Person.

1212. We practice making Mana Charges. We practice holding my hands several inches apart and feel the Energy increasing between the Palms. We do this over and over again. We feel the Energy from a table and other things. The Energy from each object is a little different and these feel differently than the Energy from a Person. The sensing of Light and Energy is very subtle and take Conscious practice to perceive.

1213. We feel people that are really healthy and then practice having that feeling. When there were people that had Wisdom, we would get up next to them and have that feeling. This way of feeling is like a sensing, a perceiving. We can walk down a hallway and tell if someone had walked down it just by impressions in the Akasha. If someone came to the door, we can touch the door knob and know who is there.

1214. We can pick up a piece of fruit and tell how much moisture is inside. We can pick up a vegetable and tell how much Life Force it has. The more vibrant it is, the more Life Force is in it. Can you see the difference? A table is almost a dull feeling, not vibrating as fast, but a person is Vibrant.
* * *

1215. Here are twelve rules for the Touch of Light Healing System. It's good to write them out yourself, even though you can read them, as the writing impresses them deeper into the Subconscious Mind

1. Use the correct Etheric Center, Chakra. This is done by intuition and feeling the Light and Energy of each center. The weak Chakras will feel dull or take energy.

2. Use the proper direction of stroke. Thought follows Energy; Energy follows Thought. Up to increase, down to decrease, left for passive, right for assertive, out to draw out, in to put in, clockwise to expand, counterclockwise to contract and still to calm.

3. Have proper breathing control. The Pattern is; in, hold, out, hold. With this pattern you can control your Intuitional Awareness. The intuition perception is increased when you are holding your breath.
You can do this breath pattern in any Rhythm you feel comfortable with; however, the "in" and "out" should be equal because you are balancing the breath energies.
When you hold, you stop your energy for a moment. Then when you start up again, your energies are predominant because they are Mastered and Controlled, so the other individual will follow you.

4. Take into account the age of the patient. As you can see on the Chakra Chart, a person tends to reach certain Levels of Awareness at certain ages. The patient may have stuck Awareness at an age level. The age level can be ascertained by the dull feeling in the Chakra. When you are holding your breath and let your intuition perception flow over the Akashic Record. With the faculty of Clairvoyance you can also 'See' the events that took place at the time of the block. This is because the Light and Energy will be increased at that point in the person's life on the Akashic Record. You can help draw the patient up to the proper Chakra so the patient can have power above and over the block.

It is important to know the Seven Year Cycles. Every Seven years (Six in women) a person moves up a Chakra in the Level of Awareness unless the person is blocked.
Also, an older person may have Programmed some things over and over in the Cellular Structure of the Physical Body. It is important to find out how long they have had this happening or problem. It is also important to find out how long the person has had a particular Health Condition.

5. Male/Female Polarity and Physical Balance. When a person is Aggressive, you will have to approach him/her differently than one who is Passive. In a Passive person the Energy will work quicker; with an aggressive person you have to get them to work along with you.

When a person has a predominant Male Polarity, they want to take action, and even if they are just lying there, they are still doing something - thinking or perhaps trying to feel what you are doing. When they have an Aggressive Nature, you need to teach them.
When the person has a Passive Nature, you should bring in the healing passively. When you are too aggressive with a Passive Energy, you will start switching the Polarity, and then you will have an Aggressive Energy to deal with.

6. Degree and Power of the stroke and the Ray. This has to do with how much of a Ray you use, and how much Power you give it. You should not overpower somebody, unless that is your intention.

On a Retreat, we might overpower you the first part of the week. We overwhelm you and take you over. Then we give the Energies back to you Systematically. It's the same in a book - we overwhelm with information and then Systematically give it back. We do it with Wisdom, Truth and Love.

7. The Number of Treatments necessary. There is only one factor that really determines the number of treatments necessary and that is the Faith and Acceptance of the patient. What you are doing in the Treatments is finding the Degree of Faith the person has and whether the patient is accepting and open to what you are giving. When a patient calls a Medicine Man who starts using his charms, dancing and invoking and the patient is not open to it, the patient will not get the Healing. A person has to be open to it. When you are doing Touch of Light and a person is not open to that Light, the person will not get Healed or only partially Healed.

8. Laying on of Hands. You can lay hands on the Physical Body, the Etheric Body, the Emotional Body or the Mental Body. You may find Hot Spots on the Body, which mean obstruction of Energy, or Cold Spots, which mean lack of Energy, The Healer is bringing Balance back. When you are laying on hands, be open to God in silence.

9. The Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual structure of the Patient. See how Physical a person is, and whether aggressive or passive. He may be aggressive Physically, passive Emotionally, and aggressive Mentally -
a person can be aggressive or passive in different levels of Consciousness. You have to find the structure of Consciousness in each level.

10. The Weather and the Time. We have the list of Times and Temperatures that shows when the Chakras are more susceptible to receiving the Healing Light and Energy. A person may have defenses at a particular time of day when you cannot get the Healing in. The chart gives the times when they are most accessible in a particular location on the body or in a Chakra. Study the chart until you do not have to look at it doing the time of healing.

11. The Preparation Time before Healing and the Cleansing Time afterwards. You should build up the Light and Energy for Healing before the patient ever gets there and cleanse after they are gone. Most Healers do not know about these two points. They do the Praying, but forget to Cleanse themselves. We will give cleansing techniques later in the Book.

12. The Coordinational ability of the patient. How a patient can coordinate the Healing depends on how many Chakras the patient has open. The more Chakras that are open the easer One can cooperate with the Light and Energy. The balance of the Chakras is also important to how effective the Healing will be.

1216. Study the Charts and Tables until you can visualize them in your Mind. Study the information until you know it by heart. As you work with the twelve rules of the Touch of Light Healing System they will become natural to you. It is good to form healing habits.

1217. For Inspiration and Attunement to the Cosmic Force we recommend a little book by Paramahansa Yogananda called Metaphysical Meditations. We were singing out of it other night and have made a audio tape of it. What a Beautiful experience. It attunes you to the Universe of your Godly Being.

1218. You should also use Decrees to attune to Christ and the Ascended Masters so you will have a good atmosphere for people to come into. Affirm your own prosperity. Christ and the Masters want you to be free in your Mind and not have to worry about money. Then you can be more of a Healing Channel, you will have no tension and your energies will glow through you.

1219. You should have the abundance of all good things, but do not let these things be the Master. Then you will have to get rid of them and Self Sacrifice for a while until you find out how to handle these things. That is what we did. We Self Sacrificed everything for God.

1220. In Astral Physics Teachings we also Visualize White Light flowing from the God Self, which is the Casual Body of Light and Eternity. This Light flows through the Holy Spirit and then we draw it from the Christos. Then you visualize a Three Foot Shield of Violet Fire about you, a Nine Foot Shield of Translucent Golden Light and a Fifty foot shield of Clear White Light. The colors are Spheres shapes. One should see a Radiation of Clear Crystal Fire Light radiating from the Heart Center to Infinity. One is seeing all this in the Center of a Circle going to Infinity in all Directions.

1221. We also do Integral Chanting each morning to go up all the Chakras, up through the White Fire Body and the Holy Spirit, which is the Radiation of the Christ, then the White Light, the Crystal Fire Light, and the God Self.

1222. We Chant: I Am My Mighty I Am, I Am and I Am Light and Energy Emanating in Eternity. You are right here, right now. All this is always going on because there is no Time, no Space to Change it. Then we Chant, Om Mani Dom Mani, which means the Energies of God Manifesting, both Impersonal and Personal.

1223. You should also get acquainted with the Ascended Masters. Jesus the Christ, Jesus means the Healer, Christ means the Anointed. There are so many beautiful Masters of Light- El Morya, St. Germain, Lord Kuthumi, Lord Krishna, Mohammed, Buddha, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Dwal Kuhl, Confucius, Enoch, Moses, St. John, Zoroaster, Patanjali, St. Paul, Lao-tse and there are many more. When you read about a Master, it puts you in that Thought Form and you draw their Energy. Then you will get Messages from that Light and Energy.

1224. It is also good to read books about Color, as these will give you more Color Awareness. You may wish to read about Auras. Books on the Aura have Pictures, but the color portraits are very dull compared with what they really look like. The Colors actually look like Subtle Colored Light in the Aura.

1225. People who are not together in the various areas of Consciousness have little blotches here and there in their Auras. When they "get it together", they start Correlating their Aura into Levels. When you look at the Aura about Tat, you see Rings of Light and different Radiations of color coming from the Aura.

1226. We gazed at our Aura and asked for it to be that way, instead of blotches or levels. We can change our Aura; we can adapt it. When you learn to be Adaptable in your Light and Energies, you can have Rings too. The Rings are a sign of a Master. When you become Ascended into the Adepts Consciousness, you have an Aura that looks like a 50 foot Sphere.

1227. It is good to do read about Auras and Colors, because the more you know, the more Powerful you will be. Knowledge is Power, Power is Freedom and Freedom is Responsibility. It is good to read Scriptures. We recommend the Bible as the Word of God. We recommend the Bhagavad Gita, the Teachings of Buddha, the Kabbalah, the Koran, the Vedanta, the Yoga Sutras and other World Scriptures. Read from a God Consciousness Point of View and look for the similarities instead of the differences.

1228. Once a Fire burned our House down. We had lost Everything. We wanted to hear from God, to feel a strong connection with God. We could not hear God because our Inner Peace was disturbed. After the fire we found Books of Scripture which had been next to our altar; they had not burned even thought every thing else in the room was burnt. We opened one of these Holy Books called the Golden Scripts and read, "We yet have Miracles to do together." It was the first word God brought back, when we had to have something to Inspire us.
* * *

1229. We will now discuss the Subtle Moon Chakras, the Soul Star, the Planetary Logos and the Universal Logos. The Physical Etherical operates from the Root Chakra and part of the Sacral Chakra and down through the Knee Chakras and Feet Chakras. Part of the Sacral Chakra is in the Physical Etherical and to do Magicians's work, like Manifestation, you must operate this Chakra.

1230. The Astral Force goes through the Sacral Chakra, Spleen Chakra, Navel Chakra, the Gonad Chakras, the Moon Chakra, the Sun Chakra Stomach Chakra and Liver Chakra. As Ministers, Teachers and Healers we then move up to the Head and Heart Centers which has the Major Chakras; the Throat Chakra, Brow Chakra, Crown Chakra and the Subtle Moon Chakras; the Palm Chakras, Elbow Chakras, Heart Blood Chakras, Breast Chakras, Mouth Chakra, Nose Chakra, Ear Chakras and Eye Chakras. The Center of the Crown reaches up into the Buddhic Plane, into the White Light, which brings Energy down from the Spirit and God Self.

1231. 22 Moon Chakras

Light and Energy flow










1232. Realize the Energy goes in a Circle. You bring it up and it pours out through the Buddhic Plane into Universal Mind and then back into the Crown Chakra, into your Individualization at the Brow Chakra. Then Consciousness connects to Cycles in the Throat Chakra, which sends the Patterns into the Experience and Knowledge of the Individual or Soul Energies.

1233. Next it goes into the Heart Chakra, the Heart Blood Chakras, down the Arms with their Chakras and to the Palm Chakras for the Touch of Light or Laying on of Hands. Thinking Mind, the Mind that divides thought, to Emotional Energies and Intellectual Energies as well as the other lower Chakras are Silent.

1234. From the Spirit and God Self, above Manas or Mind Force, Energy is pouring from the Heart of the Christ Self down into the Atman or White Light Energies and the Gold Ray called the Buddhic Flame, and into the Center of the Crown. The God Self is a Monadic Archetype Triad; Creative Power, Sustaining Power and Transcendental Power. The Third Powers give you the ability to disassemble old things and transcend them and Create a New. It pulls upon your Individual Archetype or God Self or Oversoul or I Am Presence. That is what you are calling upon, the Monadic Energy you are pulling on.

1235. Flowing through this whole line of Energies is the Holy Spirit; it flows through the whole route of Manifestation. The Planetary Logos has the Power Triad of the Angelic, the Elemental Forces and the Human Kingdom, which is all experiencing on this Planet. They are all One, and you are One with all that when you reach the Planetary Logos.

1236. Then you reach out into the Solar System and Galaxy. Here you have the Sun, the Moon, the Planets and the Stars. The latter are Subtle Forces for your use, and you pull directly from the Sun. That is where we get Life, Light, Energy and everything for this Dimension. Until we Transcend, we need that Type of Vibration. As a Light Being you can travel on the Electro-Magnetic Spiritual Lines of Energy. But to get to that point, we must consider the Subtle Moon Chakras.

1237. There are Twelve Major or Sun, Chakras in the Body. The Seven Chakra we have been dealing with the Root, Spleen, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown Chakras; which are all Sun, Major or Primary Chakras. The Sacral Center is also a Sun Chakra, a Fire Center. There is one other Major Chakra, called the Alta Center. It is at the back of the Head and deals with Psychic Powers and Magic. However, we will not elaborate on that Chakra in this text. Also in the Body are Nine Spiritual Chakras and Nine Psychic Chakras. We will not cover these either in this book.

1238. There are 22 Subtle Moon Chakras. (See Chart.) These Centers are at subtler perception than the Sun Chakras, and they respond to Subtle Forces. By becoming Conscious of these Centers, you will be aware of such things as what steps people will take, the way they handle things, how low they will stoop, the way they look and listen and their motivations and appetites.

1239. The First Two Moon Chakra are in the Soles of the Feet. These bring Male Earth Energies up through the Right Side and Female Energies on the Left.

1240. Next are Two Knee Chakras - the Right Knee gives Father (Parental) support and the Left Knee gives Mother (Parental) support. Trouble with the Knees represents trouble with Mom or Dad.

1241. Next are the Chakras for the right and left Gonads, (Male) right and left Testicles or Right and Left Ovaries (Female). The Right side is Active Energy, the Left side is Passive Energy. These Six Centers all deal with Support and Understanding.

1242. The Four Subtle Centers on the Abdomen have to do with the Drive and Motivation of the Personality. The Lower Right deals with Appetites and the Lower Left with Motivations. The Two in Front of the Kidneys work along the Lines of Drives - the Right is Aggressive and the Left Passive.

1243. The Mammary or Breast Chakras also are Subtle Forces. There is one over each Breast, right under the Nipples. There is also a Chakra at each Palm and Elbow, and One at each Shoulder; these have to do with handling, bending and lifting.

1244. There is a Chakra at each Eye - the Left Eye for incoming Energy and Perception, the Right Eye for outgoing Energy and Perception. The Chakras at the Ears deal with hearing, listening and the intoning of Sound. The Month and Nose Chakra have to do with the production of Ectoplasm. In working with these Chakras you are dealing with a Deeper Level of Consciousness.

1245. There are four kinks of Magic; Black Magic is the conscious misuse of Light and Life. The Black Magicians's Motto is "Might makes Right" - the survival of the fittest. White Magic is the conscious use of Light and Life. The White Magicians's Motto is "Right makes Might" - survival of all. Gray Magic is the Perversion of Power, with the misuse of Forces at an Unconscious or Subconscious Level. Yellow Magic is the Failure to learn how to prevent the perversion of Power.

1246. I am going to give you the Musical Notes for the Colors of the Rainbow. If you play the Key or Note for a Chakra when you are working with it, you will have more Power and Direction to the Channeling of the Light. For Red we have Sa (Sanskrit) and Do (Italian). (I am giving you names in two cultural energies - East and West.) Orange is Ri (Sanskrit) and Re (Italian) Yellow is Ga (Sanskrit) and Me (Italian). Green is Ma and Fa; Blue is Pa and Sol; Indigo is Da and La; and violet is Si and Ti, in Sanskrit and Italian respectively. Sa-Ri-Ga-Ma-Pa-Da-Si-Sa, and Do-Re-Me-Fa-Sol-La-Ti-Do. The keys are G - Red. A - Orange, B-Flat - Yellow, B - Green, C - Blue, D - Indigo, E - Violet, F - Ultra Violet.

1247. There are Times and Temperatures at which a person is receptive to Healing. (See Time and Temperature Chart.) If a person has a disease, you can not heal him as well at all times. Say to him, "When you go to bed, think of this particular Color before you go to sleep. Let it stay in your Sub Consciousness all through the Night." Whatever is put in the Mind will work on the Subtle Fields until the person wakes in the morning.

1248. You can not always treat in person at the particular times on the Chart. Sometimes the time is 3:00 a.m. and you would not want to get up and go over to somebody's house then unless it was a very serious case. You can have them concentrating on a Color at that Time or you can be at home and send the Color to that part of their Body at that particular time. You can heal by Mind Projection as well as through the Laying on of Hands.

1249. You should memorize the Numbers on the Chart for the Times and Temperatures you usually work in. In Hawaii, most of it would beat 75 to 90 Degrees. You can see by the Chart when the Body needs Healing Energy.

1250. Tat; (At the Retreat.) Tomorrow we will talk about how the Energy goes into the Particular Chakras and then we will take it into an alignment of the Auras. Then we will have groups of three, with two people working on one person. That way each person gets twice the Healing Energies at the Retreat. (Note: If you, the Reader, ever hear of an Astral Physics Retreat, you should consider going. Your Life will never be the same again.)

1251. Usually one person works on a patient. The best for this system is Female working on a Male, or a Male on a Female; an Active person working on a Passive one, or a Passive one working on an Active one. As the Healer, you need to be a Neutral Being and let whatever Power the Patient needs come through you, direct from the Holy Spirit.

1252. If you know what the person needs, your Soul Intuition will let that Energy come through without you having to think about it. That is why you should study the chart in advance and know what the columns mean, so you do not block the Healing. You will act from what you know and pretty soon it will become Knowledge through Experience. You will become aware of the various Points of your Body at those Particular Times and you will see how the Light and Energy works.

1253. To know the System closely, look at the Times and Points in the Body as you are going through the day. Experience gives Knowledge; Experienced Knowledge gives Wisdom.

1254. During many hours the Points will be Vulnerable. The Centers will also be most susceptible to Healing when they are at their lowest Resistance. The Healing can come in that Chakra and do the most for a Person. You can come in and lift a person up when they are at the Low Point. Then they can make it through the next time that Time Period comes, the next day.

1255. When you study the teachings, go in sequence; do not jump around the text or charts. That way you will get Correlation. Number One is the Brow Chakra Area. In the cold weather it's vulnerable all night long. It is also susceptible to Healing all night long, you see! At 60 - 70 degrees, it is two hours less and finally you have only two hours.

1256. We do our studying in Hawaii from Midnight till Three o'clock. The Masters told us to study then and concentrate on our Third Eye. We did not even know the Time and Temperature Chart until 1977. When we first started getting this System, the Masters gave me the times and such and then they would send us information and things from all over the World to confirm it.

1257. That is how we have been taught by Christ and the Masters through the Holy Spirit. We get the experience because I am open to experience and then they confirm us. It is a constant Confirmation.

1258. When something does not get confirmed, we drop it. First I say, "Am I supposed to drop this?" and let our awareness let us know. WE will know because we know everything in our Heart from our own Light, just as you know everything in your Heart from your own Light. You are with you all the time. Your Soul is with you. You can not be alone. You should realize that and if you have not, ask God to give you that Realization.
* * *

1259. First we learned about the Root Chakra, the Color Red and how to pay Attention. Without Attention you will not Succeed in your Life, in Healing, or in anything you do. With Attention you bring your scattered Light and Energies together. You bring together the Attention Units scattered over the senses and the various Points of Mind. The Instinctive Mind is predicated on the Earth Senses and is controlled by the Root Chakra.

1260. Second we studied Concentration and the Color Orange. Concentration means to focus your Attention and absorb yourself to the point of Focus. Be focused and absorbed. Concentration controls the Emotional Body, the Subconscious Mind and the Element of Water. When you have people who are Emotionally disturbed, get them next to Water. Tell them to go swimming, put their feet in Water, take a lot of baths, drink a lot of water or something like that, to get Water moving inward or outward.

1261. Once when we were having an Emotional upset when we first enter the Path, a Teacher told us to take a lot of Cold Showers. He said to run Hot Water up and down our Spine and just before we got out of the shower, to use cold water. We were all loose emotionally and when that cold water hit us, it tightened us up. It tightened us up Physically and it tightened us up emotionally at the same time.

1262. Third we studied Observation, which is the awareness as Witness. That means to Witness what you are paying attention to and concentrating on. Just watch what you are doing. This is the Sub of the Subconscious Mind. This area of Consciousness is also the Lower Mental Body, the Thinking Mind.

1263. The Color for the Thinking Mind is Yellow and its Energies are similar to Fire, which is its Element. Study the way Fire acts, that is the way your Thinking Mind acts. It can consume things and it keeps changing things, taking them into a different State. It keeps burning things; it can burn all day with thoughts. Then you do not have anything at the end of the day but a weary Mind. Learn to control the Fire in the Mind.

1264. Forth we learned Meditation, which gives awareness of Merging. Not only can we pay attention, concentrate and observe, we can Merge into things. We are putting a Rainbow to work every time we do something. We are putting all our Bodies of Consciousness into action. Meditation controls the Heart Center, the Environmental Consciousness.

1265. We all went out and hugged a Tree. Then I sent you out a second time to hug a Tree and said, "Do not share it with anybody." The reason was for you to have the Power of that Experience. Whenever you run something out, you lose the Power of it.

1266. Do you still want to tell somebody? You are holding it back and that is the way you impact Energy to the Power Level. You really feel God and when you are by yourself, you get that excitement. Then when the time is right, you can let that Energy out and it will do some Good, but if you just run it out and a person is not open to it, you lose your Power. They can Null it and then you feel drained instead of there being an upliftment for both of you.

1267. In the Heart Center you have to keep your Heart Open. You have to accept the World. God accepts the Whole World. Are you better than God? Are you taking some Positions in Consciousness? God is all Positions.

1268. The Color for the Heart Center is Green and the Element is Air. The soul is liken to Air and its movements.

1269. Fifth we learned the Power of Contemplation and go deeper and deeper into Consciousness by Repetition and Vibration. You do this by repeating the cycle over and over again. To stay in this Level you must be in Truth and Reality. Be real at Peace. What are you playing the act for? Give it up. The only one you are fooling is yourself. The next time you go someplace, subtly you know that they know, so you do not feel comfortable.

1270. What if you tell a lie and then forget and tell them the Truth? If you always tell the Truth, you never have to think of what you said last. When I was a teenager, I would lie a lot, because I did not want certain people to know what I was like. I had a whole lie story for them. But then I started to get contradicted. Finally I had to get away from there, because I told them all those lies and I knew that they knew.

1271. When I was that age, I was playing a game, telling people what I wanted them to think I was. There were two gangs the Pachooks and the Rouges. The Pachooks were mostly Latin American guys, and the Rouges were all Caucasian guys. I could not get into the bloods, because I had the wrong color skin. They were the "cool cats". They would talk cool, act cool. There was Big Daddy Cool, he would go around and beat up everybody. I wanted to be like the other guys. I went to the Pachooks and told them how I beat guys up and all that stuff. Thank God the We Consciousness awakened within the I Am That I Am.

1272. You can get a habit of doing something. We all have a choice, every moment. Maybe you want to quit and tell them the whole thing, but you hesitate and do not do it. The next thing you know you are not getting the whole truth either.

1273. In learning Contemplation we learn the Cycles, Vibrations and Rhythms, the Sub of the Super Conscious Mind. Have a goal in your life. What are you doing with your life? Many of your goals may have changed since beginning this book. Some of the old goals may not seem important any more; some of the new ones may have become important.

1274. You should have an evaluation every so often to see how you are doing with your goals. Make it a point to check all the time, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly or monthly it depends what the goal is. Every Full Moon Check certain things to see how you are doing Spiritually, see if you properly used the energies that are coming to you and so forth.

1275. You can make a goal, but if you do not keep in touch with it, you can go off and be side tracked for years and years.When you are trying to get rid of something in yourself, you see it everywhere.

1276. Sixth we are learning about the Super Conscious Mind, the Power of Perception and are working in the Brow Chakra. You can bring your energy up by consciously moving your Soul from the Heart to the Center of the Brain, over the Vegus Nerve with a Spiritual Ritual and Mind.

1277. Tat; (At the retreat.) Remember Christ and Dwal Kuhl last night telling you how to bring the energy up to the Brow? Christ and the masters have been directing this retreat through the Holy Spirit. I have been doing nothing of myself. I am nothing. All this has been a Channel. They have been answering your prayers and releasing Light through us. You have been praying and asking God and I am a God-man, so God's Holy Spirit talks through the I am That I Am. They use our voice and actions and they are coming through to you because God Loves you.

1278. With the Super Conscious Mind at the Brow Chakra we have the next State of Consciousness and you have to make a transition up to this point. You see? (I say "You see?" so you will see. Seeing is perception at the Brow Chakra.) You are an individual.

1279. There is nobody like you and there will never be anyone like you. You are incomparable. Nobody else can do the things you do. You are the only one in the Universe who can fulfill the pattern you have, that part of the Plan of God. You are part of God in Humanity .

1280. You are part of the structure of this planet. You are important to all of Creation. We want all of the Souls on this planet to be free Individual Conscious Manifestations of God in full Realization, giving up all the Illusions, all the Games. You do not need them any more. You have to give up all those "I feel sorry for myself," "hiding in the dark," "poor self image" and "I did wrong in the past".

1281. What can you do about the past? Show us the past! You can not, because you are right here, right now. You can not be any other place. The Sun sees you, the Air sees you, we see you, God sees you right here, right now. Before you were born you have made a commitment to come into this Time and Place and Circumstance, this area of experience, as a Spirit Being and now you are experiencing that.

1282. Seventh you will transcend back to the Source, God. You are all going to die, so realize that. Everyone dies to this dimension, but that is only being born in another dimension. That is rebirth and rebirth is realizing you are God experiencing in this form.

1283. We asked our Guru Satchidananda about death. He said, "The Womb is the Tomb of the Spirit. The Tomb is the Womb of Spirit" I had never looked at it that way'. He says things so simply with no complications. He said, "What you call death is an illusion; it is transition."

1284. When you enter this dimension, you can take away from all the things you did that were against everything. You are put in circumstances to best receive the highest learning, to receive an Ascension or to transcend.You do not have to go through all those past things again. You see? Once you did it, why keep putting yourself through it over and over again?

1285. Tat; (At the retreat.) Tat turns to a student in need of Light. We are going to work on your Aura. Everybody look at her Aura, look at her face. Now it is a little brighter. When we were not looking at her, it was dark. Let go of those old negative thoughts about yourself. You are looking off into the past and do not need that any more. We accept you right now. Do you have to prove anything to us? We are all going to hug you and love you. We do a lot of that here, hugging in circles, holding hands, laughing and smiling.

1286. In the Crown Chakra, Cosmic Conscious Awareness is the power of Universal Mind. You lose individuality as a Single Unit and you gain individuality as a Universal Unit. Is that nice? You are still an individual, but you experience Universal Light. You can experience what anyone around you experiences and relate to that in Unity.

1287. We can be one with a woman, women are one with other women, men are one with other men and we are all one with the Human Race. You can see that it is very simple, we are all One.

1288. We are all using the same Mind, God's Mind. Did you ever get so attuned in Unity with someone that you started saying the same things? When we were kids if we did that, we would say, "Back, back. No take back. You owe me a Coke." Remember that one or something like that? Sometimes you would have the same thought. Maybe you would fight over whose thought it was or who had it first. "That was my thought." "No, that was my thought. I had it in my head!"

1289. Eighth The Universal Mind gives you awareness as Unity. This is the true merging; it is a State of Being. You can see how you are one with all other persons, places and things. That is really nice to get in to. In the Universal Mind Banks, wherever you draw energy, it will come; there is a Mystic side to this.

1290. This is how we realized all our knowledge, by merging with the Universal Mind, even if it was standing next to someone and picked it up. We did not get it from books. Books are only keys. We did not get it from men, men or women are the Doorway into Light. We merged with Universal Mind and realized the knowledge and gained Wisdom.

1291. Most of the teachers we went to would not tell us much. They kept telling us to go deeper in. We went in deeper and deeper. After a while we got tired of hearing "deeper and deeper". We did not want to go back to them. Then we decided that to know we would go in as deep as we could. We would do whatever we had to do.

1292. We would go inward and ask and sometimes we would suddenly get information that was not in words. We knew. Did you ever experience that? You get an impression when you are walking to the store, driving down the road or something like that. Sometimes a book would fall off the shelf in front of us. We would pick it up and it would be something we had been thinking about or an experience we had wanted to put into words.

1293. We were being taught from the inside out. We kept attuning to be taught that way, bringing knowledge from the Universal Mind. In Cosmic Consciousness you have Conscious Awareness of the Universal Mind, of the Cosmic Forces, the Light and Energy that are coming from the Sun, Planets and Powers of the Earth; from Cosmic Beings, Archangels and the Masters of Light.

1294. At the Center of the Crown is Master Consciousness. Universal Consciousness is the outer rim, the 960-petal Lotus which goes around the Crown. Master Consciousness is the 12-petal Lotus in the Center of the Crown, the 12 powers of Realization and Mastery. The Twelve Powers of Creation are, Love, Harmony, Will, Wisdom, Movement, Form, Personality, Fire and Light.

1295. At the Center of the Crown is where we reach the Golden Buddhic Flame, which Buddha taught us how to Meditate and go into. In the Golden Flame is the Wisdom of God and the Divine Intuitions emanating to you. The Power of Self Mastery and access to the Omniscience Power comes when you enter the Center of the Crown.

1296. The Crown Chakra comes in Universal Form and you must bring it into the Brow Chakra to get the individual form. Then it must go into the Heart Chakra for you to know. The Center of the Crown is connected to the Pineal Gland. You individualize Light in the Pituitary Gland. You take action in your Heart. The Light comes through your Creative Powers at your Throat Chakra. Whatever patterns, beliefs or ideas you have will qualify the Light further. We stay open and clear at the Throat Chakra. We are open to all of God's Creative Power. We are open to the Truth. When you have any hang ups or are not open to something in a level of Consciousness, that Chakra is closed.

1297. Some people are not open to the whole World. Some people we have talked to think they are yogis - they are just studying yoga and do not want to hear anything else? You see? They are not open in all their Chakras; they are not open Universal Beings.

1298. Remember that your Spiritual Individual Forms at the Center of the Brow Chakra.
Concentrate, focus here and you will get your individuality. You know who you are, you are Spirit, so bring Spirit into you. You have a Spirit Body. The Soul is in the Heart Chakra and now you raise your Soul to the Brow Chakra.

1299. In the Mystic teachings, the teachings of Alchemy, the Soul is lifted to the Brow Chakra and now has its seed is in the Spirit.

1300. When you give Love and Devotion to God, you give your heart to your higher self, to the best that is in you. You direct yourself to the best and not sluff off. When you do less than your best, that is what you will get. When you sluff off when somebody goes to work for you, they will sluff off and not do their best for you.

1301. Alike attracts alike. Whatever you do is what you are going to get. So give it up! You do not have to keep doing the old games. You do not have to keep relating in the same way. Are you afraid people will not know you? If you were that rotten, it might be better if they did not. Ha! You thought you were some beautiful Angel that is just a animal.

1302. The predominant color of the Universal Consciousness at the Brow Chakra at the Master level is Violet. I am talking about the undulations of the Chakras, the vibratory rate and how they appear in consciousness due to that rate. This is different from the Rainbow Bridge, the Esoteric Bridge, the Buddhic Bridge or any of the other bridges.

1303. The outer edge of the Crown Chakra has to do with Universal Mind and the 12 petaled Lotus in the center has to do with Spiritual Mind. You can see on a statue of Buddha that in the Center of his Crown is a flame. There is a Tip of fire within it, this represents Illumination. In most cases this is Gold, but it may be Blue, which brings Peace and Healing, Vital Force Energy and Wisdom. The color of each Buddha tells what powers he possesses, what he is giving to the World, what he is Channeling through.

1304. Master Consciousness is the main witness of the body and is master of all the things Spirit is doing with respect to the Earth and the Body. This area of consciousness is also master over all you do in Universal Realms of Consciousness. The Law is: As Above, So Below. The Chakra at the Center of the Crown controls your Mastery over Universal Mind. The center of the 12-petaled Lotus controls the Universal Oneness with all things. It is his Spiritual Mind which controls the Universal Mind.

1305. Ninth. The Chakra six inches above the Crown is the White Light Chakra. This is Pure Mind Force and is called the Christ Consciousness or the Mind of Light. The White Light Chakra gives awareness as substance. At this level you are aware that you are a Child of God, filled with Purity and Perfection. You are a Master in heavenly fields and have Dominion over the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Physiological, Creative, Individual and Spiritual Planes. As Christ in action, Master and Sustainer of Creation, you are "about the Father's business". You are Resurrected and Ascended.

1306. The Tenth level is the Holy Spirit. It gives you awareness as Eternal Life Energy. It is Crystal Light. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit to go on, the Spirit to move. It gives you energy of the Transcendental Mind and Inner Dimensional Consciousness to move from Plane to Plane. Through the Holy Spirit you open all the doors of your Channel to flow back and forth, as much as you know or are open to.

1307. Eleventh. God Consciousness is Pure, the Diamond Vehicle. At this level you are Absolute Consciousness. It is Awareness of Light, Awareness as Light. The Holy Spirit is Awareness of the Energy. God Conscious Awareness is Awareness of Light as Life Eternal. You see? That is the power of the One Mind. The God Self is unconditioned Love, Truth and Wisdom. You are the Witness, Creator and Doer (Enjoyer) of all Life.

1308. God Consciousness is the Mind of Power. God Consciousness is the Creative Power and the only Mind and Spirit of Power. God Consciousness is also known as the Mind of Clear, Pure Light and Life. When you are God conscious, you are in the Mind of Life, the Diamond Mind of Pure Light. At this level you are the individualization of God made manifest, unconditioned Omnibeing.

1309. Twelveth. When you are in the Mother/Father God, that is awareness as Life, with a Play of Consciousness that gives Free Will. That is the Manifest/Unmanifest Mind, the Black and White Mind. This energy gives the Light that supplies energy of a Transcendental or Inner-Dimensional Nature. It is everything that is, was and ever will be.

1310. The Thirteenth level is the One Without a Second and is awareness as Love. It is not limited by anything perceivable or known. All things describe it, and nothing can describe it. It is No-Mind, Un-Mind. It has application and has no application. It does whatever it is doing and is beyond the beyonds. We are the Awareness of the One Without a Second in all, in everything that lives and moves and has Being. God is all Name's and no Name and beyond, without Beginning or End. No matter what you say of It, that is not it and it is it.

1311. We have now given you thirteen levels of Conscious Manifestation. There are a couple of levels we did not give you, so that you can get your curiosity going. Ask God what those other two levels are. They are only supposed to be revealed initially by God at a certain level of consciousness and they would not even make sense to you before that. They are an abstraction.

1312. You are drawing Life-giving energy from the Nameless One Without a Second and it comes through all the Planes, Shifts and Dimensions until it comes down and makes itself apparent in our perception, in our individuality. It makes itself apparent by direct perception of Being as it is coming down. In some States it is not apparent to us, if we are not awakened there yet. It is right here, moving through us, around us, touching us every moment.

1313. How many people are awakened to their Intuitional Powers and Environmental Minds? How many people are awakened to their Contemplative Abstract Consciousness? How many people are awakened to their Individuality and Imagination? How many people are awakened to their Universal Body and Self in consciousness or to their Master Self, their Christ Self, their Holy Spirit Self, their God Self?

1314. How many are awakened to their connection to the Mother/Father God and the Nameless One Without a Second in whom we all live and move and have our Being? In how many areas have you awakened? Your answer should be I am because you are reading this Book.

1315. Some people are asleep or part asleep. They may be part asleep emotionally that means they are holding back part of their emotional energy. You must experience everything and experience it from a God Conscious Point of View until you are the at that Point of View.

1316. Tat; (At the Retreat.) Tonight we say to practice Silence. In the silence tonight we do not want you reading anything. Just be silent. Reading books is not being silent, the mind is operating and being directed. Silence is no reading, no talking no thinking, just be Silent on all Levels. It is being with yourself, being with God. Just Be.

1317. See if you can be with yourself. Do not say anything from 7:00 tonight until tomorrow morning after Breakfast. You might go to sleep in the silence. While you are being quiet, you might hear the Voice of the Silence.

1318. It is an opportunity to see if you will be able to Channel. When you can not be silent, you are not able to Channel. You have the Channel and a picture of how the Channel works when Pure Life energy comes into Consciousness. Light comes down like an inverted cone.

1319. As we talk about the Rainbow Bridge, we are recognizing that the Earth is becoming a Spiritual Planet. That is what the Earth is doing through the end of this Century. That is what the Earth is doing through the Powers of Coalition and Rejuvenation; it is overcoming its chaotic energies. It is becoming the New World Order, Heaven on Earth of the Divine Civilization. People are usually unaware in the lower area of consciousness of the Divine Plan of Creation unfolding today.

1320. In the Physical Etherical level is the Animal Human absorbed in personality. People who use only the Root and Spleen Chakras are in Animal Consciousness and some of them have very little emotional energy. Such people are very cold and hard and they are physical sense oriented. A person like that might be a soldier who goes out to kill people. He loses all his energy, he does not want to be one with God or one with anything. He just feels the lowest he can be. Such a person has deadened his emotions and he does not think about his actions - he just goes out and does them.

1321. There have been a lot of Animal Humans on the planet and there are still a lot on the planet. They gratify their senses like animals, regardless of anybody else. They have no heart and none of the higher energy going. They would kill you if you threatened them. They will protect their security, their food, their home, their work, any way they can. They would destroy you, just like an animal would destroy something that is taking over its environment. When you corner an animal, it may not mean to hurt you, but it will use all of its force to protect itself. They think of self preservation, and that is it.

1322. The next type is called the Human Human. This type is still absorbed in personality and is also in Animal Consciousness. They use only the Physical, Astral Forces and Lower Mind. They are trying to get into the Heart. Unlike Animal Man they have a Conscience, but they do not always pay attention to it. They are using Lower Mind and have Consumed the Soul.They can use their talents from Creative Power, but they do not live in it. Although they may appear to have a Conscience, that does not mean they are going to be kind to their neighbors or their friends.

1323. Human Humans can take defensive action and can hurt somebody and not even be conscious they are hurting. Impulsive energy comes into play in the Spleen and they are bound in that line of energy. Human Humans are bound in their actions; they are programmed and they can not control what they do a lot of the time.

1324. When a Being rises to the higher areas of Soul, Creative Mind, Individuality and Spirituality, the Being becomes a Spiritual Human. A Spiritual Human is in the Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown Chakras. These people have Compassion and Mercy; they do not have to use their right or wrong consciousness. They are not always trying to figure it out because they see all things as perfect; to them God can do no evil. They are raised above that level and are not caught up in the lower energy of duality. That is the point of what we have been talking about, mastering the Lower Kingdoms. You see?

1325. How high of a level have you mastered? Where are you on this scale? Whatever Chakras you have mastered, you are able to open and use consciously, not subconsciously, not instinctively, but what you can do in consciousness at will.

1326. Spiritual Beings are Conscious Beings, Super Conscious Beings and are becoming more Super Conscious. They are Individual and Universal at the same time. A Spiritual Being is expanding Consciousness. That means they are more conscious than the average person walking around and their Soul is being guided and given its information from the Hierarchical Light and Energy, the Twelve Powers of God. There is no longer a pull from the World of Appearances, but a lifting by the Heaven of God.

1327. Spiritual Humans get their awareness by Divine Intuition, Visions and Impressions from God. They live in peace and direct themselves by insight, perception and visualization. They stand one with all Beings and ask for Wisdom direct from God. The Spiritual Triad energies are the Gold, White and Crystal Light, the Monad Self, Atman and Spirit Body.

1328. These are levels of Spiritual Mind and Being. The Spiritual Body can be brought down and superimposed over the personality. That person becomes a Saint or like an Avatar. An Avatar comes as God in Human Form directly from the Godhead. Humans may become Saints by working through the Human Race, but an Avatar comes directly from the Godhead.

1329. Avatars are Divine Beings. Their Light comes from the higher realms of Heaven. The Avatars become manifested to lead us. When you are ready, you can make a quantum leap to Spiritual Being. They are already in the lower body, but as Spiritual Essence. The Avatars do not relate to the World the way we do.

1330. Compared to them we would be like cockroaches running around. They do not treat us like that. They uplift us, help us, pick us up, teach us to raise Love. They know, because they have come through this area of experience and ascended back to God. They have the experience of it but have transcended the whole world with a God Conscious point of view.

1331. Your Godself is your Transcendental Fire Being. When that Light and Energy is stepped down and transformed you no longer are a male/female polarity; you are a total Being, complete within yourself. Your Soul has merged both its male and female polarities. It is now where we are talking about God as the Soul Mate, about you, the individual you. The Soul Mate can also be part of the Spiritual Body.

1332. You could have a Soul Mate incarnation, where the male and female is incarnated at the same time. It could be that you are incarnated in a body, and you have a Soul Mate is on another dimension, up in the Spirit Realm sending you Light and Energy.

1333. The balanced Soul merges with the personality and there is the first Mystical Marriage. Next they are the Soul and Spirit Body and that is the second Mystical Marriage. Then this Spiritual Essence of the higher Spiritual Triad supersedes all of those and can change into another type of Being. You have transcended the Animal Human, the Human Human and the Spiritual Human Being. One's Spirit Soul is Merged with God and that is the Mystical Union.

1334. One is now a totally Spiritual Being. One may be walking the Earth in what looks like a Physical Body, but it is not the same type of Physical body as other Humans. It has different types of substance and currents of Light and Energy moving through it.

1335. There are different types of bodies upon the Earth depending on the Root Races. The First Root Race is not from another planet; God created us supernaturally in a Spiritual Body that was eventually covered with skin. The Polarian (Adamic) was the first Root Race, with a Male Female Spirit Body of Humanity. The Hyperborean was the Second Root Race, with Etheric Bodies. The Third Root Race was the Lemurian, with Black and Brown Physical Bodies. The Fourth Root Race was the Atlantian, with Yellow and Red Physical Bodies.

1336. The Fifth Root Race was the Aryan, with the White Physical Bodies. In the Sixth Root Race is now manifesting, with the Mixed Physical Bodies. Their Minds are quicker and they have a more developed Nervous System. The Seventh Root Race, which my Light Body shows is yet to manifest. This race will be in there White Fire Bodies of Light. Christ showed this Body to St. John who recorded it in the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

1337. The Human came into manifestation and each body was the prototype of man that developed a different Chakra. The Polarian race was pure Spirit and the Holy Godself was made manifest as God Individualized. The Hyperborean Race created the Base Chakra system. It was they that created the Primal Gland and work from it.

1338. The Lemurian Root Race developed the Root Chakra and partially the Sacral Chakra. The Atlantian Root Race continued to develop the Sacral and developed the Spleen Chakras. The Atlantian's started the development of the Navel Chakra. It was the Ayran Root Race that continued to develop the Navel Chakra and started the Heart Chakra development.

1339. The Sixth Root Race will finish the Heart Chakra development and will develop the Throat Chakra. The Sixth Root Race have the Development of the Brow Chakra started. The Seventh Root Race will Develop the Brow and the Crown. The Human Race as a whole Spiritual Being will Finish the Crown Chakra.

1340. Each of the Bodies and Chakras was developed by a particular Root Race for a particular type of Light and Energy and they draw their energies from different areas of consciousness. The Black Human draws more from the Earth. The Brown and Olive Human draws more from Emotions and Emotional Mind mix. The yellow Human draws more from the Mind. The Red draws from the Psychic and Higher Mind. The White Human draws from the Higher Mind and Individual Spirit. The Sixth Root Race draw more from Individual Spirit and Universal Spirit. The Seventh Root Race will draw from the Universal and Transcendent Spiritual Levels. All the different Humans used bodies that draw on all areas of consciousness, but each has a predominant focus.

1341. A person in a certain Root Race may often focus down in the Earth or in some other area of consciousness, but that does not mean that he or she is bound to that. When they do not know how to draw the higher energies, they will draw the others automatically because that is in their cellular structure. The consciousness is in the DNA molecules within the cells of the body which carry the information about the heredity of that individual manifestation of Humanity.

1342. We are all Humanity and we all came out of the same Human Structure. But the bodies came at different time periods and over a long period of time they developed differently to adapt to different climates, food, environment and cultures.

1343. The first five Root Races are now operating. A new body is coming in the new children coming into birth in the New Age of God. In the sixth Root Race the Forehead is bigger and they are taller. The forehead is different and they have deeper perception and more Light and Energy in the forehead. They know how their parents operate and know more with less effort. The sixth Root Race has been manifesting of the Earth since 1967.

1344. The Root Races of the Human Spirit, as a whole, is experiencing through seven Root Races, manifesting at different times. We are now in the fifth Root Race predominately.

1345. Actually, the first Beings that came to this planet are not here any more. They had Purple bodies and Blue Bodies. The head was affixed at the shoulders on the Purple Bodies and did not swivel on the body. They have some of these Purple mummified Beings in a cave in Tibet. They also have a male and female who are 14 feet tall and have huge bodies with a lot of hair on them. The Bible tells us of "giants in the land". The Blue Being have also Ascended.

1346. The Humans came in those bodies so as to have those energies. We as Humans, not races or bodies, have tried different bodies. We are still trying different bodies to adapt to the environment. The environment keeps changing. There was a time when it was hard for a person who lived in one part of the World to come and live in another part of the World. Some people could not live in a very hot climate or a very cold climate.

1347. If they had light skin, they had to protect it because the sun was too overwhelming. They were too conditioned to the area they came from. Now it is easier to move, because we 'See" it that way. We have certain clothes and things that adapt us to an area. In the New Age the thought and the current is that anybody can live anywhere.

1348. The law was different 5000 years ago. Consciousness was different. There were more tribal energies of Group Spirit then and the pools of Light and Energy were universal. People did not know what was going on in other parts of the World. Now, through international communication, we know what everybody is doing. They are going to all these places, taking pictures, making recordings and broadcasting live and direct.

1349. Pretty soon Humanity will not have a body like any of the Physical Bodies now on Earth. The Seventh Root Race will have a more advanced body like Christ and the Masters of Light. We will break the body cycle and have Light bodies and that is what Astral Physics is all about. You will see a Body of Light because everything is accelerating to a quantum leap. We are not really a body shape, but we ourselves give that picture so we can identify with it.

1350. Then you will move completely out of your physical body consciousness and become a free Spiritual Being. You will move in the Planetary Logos, just as Christ has spread Himself over the whole Planet and beyond, just as Buddha, Krishna and the Spiritual Masters have spread themselves over the whole Planet.

1351. Whenever you think of Christ, Buddha or Krishna, they are right there, right now, touching you. We can think of Jesus and someone on the other side of the world can think of Him at the same time; He is touching both of us because He is in the Planetary Logos as well as the Solar Logos and beyond. He is in all Creation as the sustainer of the "Father's works". He is the energy; his consciousness is in the Holy Spirit now.

1352. Do you see what that awareness is? Did you ever think of it that way before? But that is what you will be doing. You will not be standing there with arms and legs and a body like this one is now. You will be in Spirit Essence as Oneness of Spirit and it is that Essence that surrounds the whole planet.

1353. When Christ or a Master of Light comes to you, they can create an Image for you to see, so you can identify with the Light and Energy they now are. Why do you think they are called Masters of Energy and Light? It is because they are now Energy and Light. Their Conscious Awareness as individuals is now impregnated into that Field of Awareness, God Consciousness.

1354. Christ thought it not robbery to be One with God. Let the Mind that was in Christ be in you! Tens of Thousands, Millions, or Billions of people can individually experience Christ or the Masters.

1356. In a Buddhist monastery in Mongolia there were 330,000 men and every day at sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight they all chant together. In Fact every two hours around the clock they are praying for all Humanity and the Self of Humanity. They have many Spiritual Chants and they send that Light and Energy into the Universal Mind Bank.

1357. Here are all these monks sitting there, saying the same thing together. Can you imagine coming upon them? Suppose you were traveling. You would hear this rumble off in the distance and wonder what it was. It sounds like many waters and sounds in the wind. As you get closer, the chant becomes clearer. All of a sudden you are there and here are all these monks doing their Spiritual Discipline.

1358. Now imagine that you are in the middle of the Sound. What vibrations you would have! It would be fantastic because they are all of One Mind, all getting the uplift of the vibrations and all getting the same awareness. Everyone in such an experience can ascend into the monadic structure of oneness. You do not lose your individual awareness. You remain as an individual even when in your universal body.

1359. Christ holds the solidity of his Life. He did not have any other thing. He is, was and ever will be That. He was an individual and He is an individual. Everybody is going for the individual and the whole right now. We are all going for the right thing eternal life in God.

1360. Look at the different levels we are at. Some of us are individuals physically, some are individuals emotionally or mentally. To truly be an individual, you have to be an individual conscious manifestation of God, one with and in the whole. Then you are not an emotional, mental or physical individual, but a solid individual in the awareness of the Soul and the Godself that you are.

1361. That is how you have to be so that when you spring into the Body of Light Universal and Victorious, you do not lose yourself to your other selves. Some people just get conceited and that is darkness. You cannot get into the higher realms unless you are an individual contained in Spirit. You have to first learn your individuality; that is what you came to this planet for. Then you have to learn your Universal Being to get off the planet. It is so simple.

1362. What a plan! All the rest is Maya and Glamour. Maya is Mind's entanglement with Matter. Glamour is Emotion's entanglement with Matter. God's plan is for you to individualize and then be a complete Spiritual Being. "God is everything, but God is only one thing." God is the greatest individual. "As you do to the smallest, you do to Me." You are built in God's image and that means you are an individual too. There is only One God, in whom we move and have our Being, One Individual God. Then we are individual too.

1363. Most people do not realize that; they think that somebody else is controlling them. That is not being individual. You also lose your individuality by trying to control someone else. You have to merge with that person, to do what they are doing, to control them. You have to get into their body, mind and spirit. You lose what you are to control someone else. First you have to learn individuality and then you can merge, to experience with another person. We can all experience unity.

1364. Tat; (At the retreat.) A little boy sitting at the dinner table last night said "You have got a lot of Unity going on here." What a perceptive statement! Out of the mouth of a little child.

1365. We have been chanting together, eating together, living together as individuals. This is what a Spiritual Retreat brings to light and life. You have your individuality. Do you see that? You might have lost it for a while, thinking that sortie body else could control you. Now you realize that you are an individual. That is what Superconscious Awareness is about, perceiving from your individual Super Conscious manifestation of God and Universal energies, perceiving the Universal Oneness of all things.

1366. To be a Cosmic Being you have to spread your Spiritual Essence into the Cosmic Forces. Can you imagine what it is like to be Archangel Michael and be spread over Creation, experiencing the whole Universe, having millions of experiences, at the same time? What Dimensional Consciousness it is to have that perception.

1367. (Speaking from Tattenaiananda, Rev. Harrison Roy Hesketh's transcended God self.) "I am a Cosmic Being. We see ourself as a Cosmic Being. I am touching the Sun. I am touching all the Planets. I am radiating out. We realize I AM is a Cosmic Being. What a divine fantastic experience that is. I am merged into the Energy and Light. We explain it, but no words can express, I Am That I Am. Only direct Experiential Knowledge has Power. When we explain it, it can not live up to all I Am, somehow."

1368. "We feel every atom move, we know every individual manifestation, we can feel every movement of every Being's Body, Sensation, Perception and Life. We know everything they are thinking and feeling, before they have the experience, We are what every Dimension is Being and Doing. We are experiencing all Life. We are sustaining all Life."

1369. "We are the Light of all Life filled with Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence with Omnibeing and Omnibus. Life as God Conscious Energy and Light. I am all the Physical to Infinity. We can feel every atom, every piece of substance on this planet and all planets. We can sense all of the Beings moving in us, sense the Sun and Stars radiating out. It is all of that, all at the same time, everything you see and everything you do not see - I Am That."

1370. We come down and talk to people. Some humans look like animals and some look like Robots. A lot of them look like Humans and a lot of them look like Spirit. They are all moving around. I Am Creator, Witness and Doer. I Am All in All. (Tattenaiananda stops, and there is a long silence.)

1371. Tat says; We will show you. We cannot tell a lie. Just think about what you desire and it is yours. It is all possibility. You can expand your Consciousness you are not limited here. Oh, you have such a great experience to look forward to. You can see and be that now. You have to watch what you identify with. Visualize now I am a wonderful fulfilled person, a Spiritual Human Being. Spirit manifests right here where I Am.

1372. We are transcending, transcending in consciousness. Are you now looking at the world the same way? Most of you never looked at the world before through the Rainbow Eye. We are learning about the Law of Identification, and you should be totally aware of the Law. You direct your life by identification. Spirit is free and you stand free and detached unless you want to identify with something.

1373. Spirit is Formless, Boundless and Infinite. When you stand free and detached, you are in Spirit and you live by identification.

1374. One day we were in a group of people with Satchidananda. A lovely lady in a orange outfit was walking past us looking some what unhappy. He took her by the arm and he said, "Are you a Swami like me?" They stood there and had a nice experience. He said,"You are beautiful." She reached up and touched his hair and said, "You are beautiful too."

1375. There was a lovely love affair going on between these two strangers over an orange outfit. He looked at everyone and said, "Is she beautiful?" Everyone said "yes" and smiled and off she went. She did not know how her Life had been Blessed by the Swami. She did not even ask his name. But when she left, He knew her and she knew him, just by his asking "Are you a Swami like me?

1376. There are a lot of steps between Human Consciousness and God Consciousness. Take them. It is such a beautiful experience. You can be one with Earth not just the geography, but the whole thing. Your consciousness will perceives it.

1377. I Am That I Am. I am merged with it; that is identification. Super Conscious Awareness gives awareness as perception; it gives experience through identification. I am that whenever we say I am that. It is that simple. That is the Law of Identification.

1378. Some people have the false Mantram, "I am sick and tired." "I am a doctor," "I am a woman," "I am a man," "I am a healer." These are all false Mantra. You would do better to say, "I am Light," "I am Energy," "I am one with God."

1379. Yesterday I was rotten, but in the Holy we look to how we can bring God alive in our body. You identify yourself by making affirmations. "I will persist until I succeed." This will give you the power of persisting until you succeed. Another good affirmation to use is "I am a success." You say it over and over and a little voice may say, "No, you are not." This is the voice of doubt and failure. Repeat "I am a success" until "I am a success" comes back to support you.

1380. What you put in your consciousness is what you will get out. It comes through repetition of vibration. Look in the mirror, look yourself in the eye, and then repeat, "I am a success." There is no hesitation. You will feel it, and that is how you get the programming with that subtle little movement.

1381. The affirmation moves into the Astral Body, where it is held and sent inward to reflect outward into the World of Form. When you program in information, it sends a psychic discharge up the center of the spine through the nervous system and impresses that in your brain. The more you say it, the more you feel it because you are giving yourself the feeling.

1382. It works at a subtle level. How many times have you subtly said something like "That is dumb," or "What a stupid thing to do"? What kind of programming is that? That is not positive mental attitude or positive emotional energy.

1383. That is pessimistic animal intelligence. What kind of person is running around criticizing and condemning himself or herself? Shame! You have right and wrong caught in the paradox. Be at peace with yourself, respect and love yourself. If you do not have self love, you do not love any other self. If you do not love yourself, you are not going to shine that to anyone else. You can not get love that way; it is impossible to do. When you are really giving love, it will return to the Sender. When you do not think you can be loved, you have an illusion to overcome, because that is not the truth.

1384. You can not give love without being loved. You can not give hate without being hated. If you are angry with anyone, that energy is running right through your Mind first. You send the energy to your own Aura first. You can not run that energy through you and not experience it. You can not send healing energy and uplifting vibrations to somebody without experiencing this healing energy and upliftment.

1385. If you want to cure yourself, love everybody, especially the Ones you did not love. Do a ritual now and sit down and send them love. When anybody or anything offends you, send love immediately so that you will be free.

1386. The Touch of Light Healing; Let us begin by talking about how to approach the body and how to move the energies up through the body. We begin by attunement to God's Holy Spirit, the Bestower of all Gifts of Spirit. (The Gifts of Spirit are in Corinthians, Chapter 12 of the Bible.) God does the Healing. You get agreement from the person you are working on to that Truth.

1387. The person is face down on the table. First you come into the top part of the head energies, about 3 feet from the subject's Physical Body. Work your way down through the bodies of the Aura until you are down to the Etheric body, which is about 1/4 inch to 3 inches from the Physical Body. (In some cases this is as close as you can get, as noted below.) Then get acquainted with the physical body. Say "Hello, Physical Body, how are you?" Then start your Touch of Light.

1388. Start on the base of the feet with the color red and work that color all the way up the spine through the body. Hold at each Chakra and at the other points indicated in the Touch of Light diagram. Do this for each color of the Rainbow consecutively red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, gold and white. To do this whole treatment properly, going over the body and touching all the points for each color, will take about an hour.

1389. We would not recommend working on any person more than an hour unless that person is spiritually very high. After that time you start dropping your own energies and if that person is still holding on to things, they will start affecting you. It gets very critical after an hour.

1390. It is important to do this. You might say, "I am such a giving person, I can work with someone for three or four hours." After the first hour, the first thing you know you are thinking about things they were hung up on or worrying about in the Physical Body. In some states of the U.S.A. and in some countries it is illegal to touch the physical body without special training and a license. Holding your channel open to that person for more than one hour is quite a feat.

1391. Student(at the Retreat) What if you work for eight hours with different people?
Tat: That is different because there are different energies with each person. Exchange happens between two individuals after a while. First you are coming on, then you are draining out. Any time you are doing a reading for that long, you start dropping energies and you can be vulnerable. The next thing you know, you are carrying their "things" around.

1392. We can do ten Readings or Touch of Lights in a row and not be affected. We do it spiritually; We merge with each person. You are merging with energy and with that person because you have to be the intermediary between them and God. The life force does not back up when you start, but when you are not powerful enough to keep sending it through, you start losing your energies. You may think or feel that you are not, but there is a law taking place called balance.

1393. Two individuals, after a certain period of merging, start getting more individual. They will submit for a certain period. How long would you submit to someone else? You would start trying to pull your Life Force back. In fact, some of them submit and then pull back a little bit during that hour. That is why you have to treat them maybe three or four times before they get the healing. That is why it depends on the number of treatments. It is how much Faith they have, meaning how much they are able to let go and be open to God and what you are doing.

1394. Do each treatment with the person face down to start with. Work slowly and with purpose. Then turn him over and work up the front of the Chakra (called the bell of the Chakra). Tomorrow we will have a Touch of Light Healing session. It is really simple and you will see just how simple it is. You will get a healing too you will feel better, lighter.

1395. (At the retreat.) Tonight study the Chakra and Touch Points of the Body. These are what you will be working with. After that do not read anything. Do not go to sleep. Be silent and walk around. If you want to, you can experience by sitting across from each other and looking at each other. You can smile or touch each other. (For you that are reading this book, look at bodies, but no verbal communication at all. If you have to communicate, do it some other way (not in writing).

1396. Most of you are familiar with what rays are running during the day. You can schedule the healings during the time that you have the most powerful ray for that day. However much of the system you put into effect, that is how powerful it will be during that time.

1397. The planets in the sky give you power. You can tune into them. The stellar constellations are even in tune with the rays. If you think of a stellar system while you are thinking of a particular area of the body, you will be attuned to that vibration and draw that energy. See how powerful it is that you can attune to all these things. Whatever you perceive is what you have energies to draw from. Do not forget, God does it all, through the Holy Spirit. Surrender to God!