Chapter One

Blessings of Light!

1. In this book we are going to talk about; The Path to Enlightenment, and God Conscious Awareness, Healing Powers using the Path to Enlightenment, the Color Rays, the Rays of the Day which attune you to special Rays for each Day of the Week and the Ray Spectra that comes from the Areas of Consciousness. Each chapter corresponds to a Day of the Week and will have a Meditation giving an attunement into Higher States of Consciousness.

The Meditation for Monday is:
In this solemn affirmation I identify my real nature as I AM THAT I AM. I express Life Consciously as God expressing. My complete mind is an individualization of God's Infinite Intelligence and is transforming at this moment to its Highest State. All of the Actions, Emotions, Thoughts, Heart Desires, Creative Powers, Super Conscious Images, Cosmic Consciousness, Self Mastery and Spiritual Beingness is the Holy Spirit flowing through my God Self into greater fulfillment of God's Life expressing itself in me as me.

2. Each Chapter will cover a Step on the Path to Enlightenment as we cover various methods of healing. Each Step of the Way will unfold the healing from particular Centers of the Body, Mind and Spirit. In this chapter we will discuss the Heart Center and the First Step to Enlightenment, Attention.

3. The 12 steps in the Path to Enlightenment as we teach them in Astral Physics School:

God Consciousness

Mother/Father Consciousness

Spirit Consciousness

Christ Consciousness

Master Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness

Super Consciousness









4. Before we can understand the Healing Powers and call upon the Higher Realms of Power to work with, we must start with the First Step on the Path to Enlightenment, Attention. Attention is a very powerful Application of Mind, but in order to bring it into a usable part of Life and everyday awareness, we must understand it in a basic way. Attention is energy.

5. Attention is the First Step to your success in Healing, Enlightenment and Fulfillment. These are Higher Attributes of your Consciousness transcended above the Physical, Emotional and Lower Mental Senses and Perceptions. These Three primarily deal with the Physical Universe.

6. To control Attention we use Rainbow Bridge Meditation. The Rainbow Bridge Meditation brings your Mind, Emotions, Physical Body and Spirit Body to One-pointedness or to Attention. One-pointedness is the Director of Attention. One-pointedness means your Mind is completely absorbed in one area, not scattered in many areas. One-pointedness brings Power.

7. The Rainbow Bridge Meditation Correlates your Consciousness by a simple visualization process by opening your Imagination and the Higher Mind in Light. Attention is the bringing together all the scattered Attention Units. Understand your Mind as having Awareness, and within the Awareness are Attention Units. You have Attention Units on your Physical Body. You have Attention Units on your food, your home, your job, your relationships - so many of of these Attention Units are going out in different directions. Some may have Attention divided into hundreds of Attention Units; it depends on how scattered the awareness is.

8.There will be no success in anything you are doing without getting this energy, that is Attention together. It is Consciousness coming together. Attention will control One's Physical Universe. Another power which comes through Attention is the awakening of Instinctive Vibrations of Consciousness. When you bring together your Attention Units, you also free Attention from Subconscious Fields and stand open; you then move to a Super Conscious Awareness. So Attention can bring you the One-pointed Super Conscious Awareness you need to drive home the facts in a situation, to send a Thought Form, send Energy and Light for Healing, to create the Creative Thought Vibration and to express Emotional Energy. You can build a Power of Light about yourself with freed Concentrated Attention to do Touch of Light Healing, on the Physical Emotional, Mental, Soul, Creative and Spiritually Fields. So the Power of Attention cannot be over emphasized.

9. Attention also brings you to the here and now. When you pay Attention, you are here right now. I say "pay Attention" because you pay Attention out, and wherever you pay Attention outward, that is where Attention is going to return to you. As you pay Attention to an Area of Consciousness, you will get awareness, thoughts and feelings back from it to sustain you in what you are doing at that moment. Attention can be utilized once Attention is clear, once it is no longer Scattered. With Attention you are also centering your Consciousness. Without a Center to work from you are some where out in the field. Attention is Centering, whether you are working, relating to someone, or just developing your Feeling Powers. You are developing greater awareness in any subject, Area of Consciousness or Life.

10. Attention, this Energy of Light, this centering in the Here and Now, is how you begin. You cannot begin in the Past because you have never been in the Past, only Here and Now. So you might as well not even look at the Past any longer. The Past is limited by your Perception of it. You are the sum total of the Past Now! Attention for many people get caught in the Past. Their Associations are upon what they did yesterday. Yesterday can never live up to the Here and Now, no matter how great it was, to what it is when you are free in the Here and Now.

11. It is the same with the Future. What you do in the Here and Now gives you your Future. So, no more worrying about what is going to happen next Month. In the Here and Now you are doing everything you need to bring the Momentum of next Month, next Year and next Millennium. It may take you awhile to get your Attention Units together. Many people are scattered over Months, Years, or their Lifetime. But as you bring together the Attention Units of your Lifetime, you also bring together the Attention of the Lifestreams of those about you.

12. With the Instinctive Mind Conscious to you, you have the Power over your Lifestreams. Not only your own Lifestream but every Human Lifestream that has lived, because in the deepest part of your Instinctive Mind, you have Instincts of all Humanity, at the Collective Consciousness Level. At the Deepest Level you have the Instinctive vibration of everything that has been done when you get to the Area of your Consciousness, being Centered Within. We will teach you to go deeper and deeper Within, but first is Attention of right now, what is Here and Now.

13. How will you do this? You can't do anything that is more than an arm's Length away. You can't do anything except where you are right now. A lot of people are trying to do things in two different Places. Their Body is here and their Mind is somewhere else. Their Body is here and their Emotions are somewhere else. Their Body is here and their Spirit is asleep. You can do what you want to do when your Attention is awakened on all Planes of Consciousness.

14. We have known people who wanted to go to Hawaii, and it took them Years to get there. They had attachments. When you have attachments, you do not have free Attention; you have stuck Attention. Attention is stuck on whatever Attention is attached to.

15. So to have the Power of Attention you must let go, you must detach, you must renounce without rejection. If you only become free for a moment, it is a Victory in your Consciousness. If you can sit for just a few moments in Meditation, freed in Attention, you will begin to Awaken the part of your Soul and Being which is seeking to have this experience of Here and Now, the True Nature of your Soul and Spirit.

16. Here is what will happen when you sit for a period of time during the day with freed Attention. What ever you are doing inside, thinking about, feeling about, will come outside. You may hide things away in your Emotional Body, but there are no secrets in your Aura. There are more people who can perceive your Aura than you may realize. But you can realize it if you stop and see how much you realize when you see someone else.

17. We all act in the Law of Identification. You identify with something every moment; you identify by paying Attention. Wherever your Attention is, that is where you are and will go. If you see Success, think Success, feel Success and believe Success, you will be Successful.

18. There is a Passage in the Bible where Jesus says, "Don't store your Treasures up on Earth where they can become Corrupted and gather dust; but store your Treasures in Heaven where they are everlasting." Wherever your Mind is, that is where you will be. This Principle was and is taught by every Great Teacher.

19. Now Attention Concentrates energy in a particular Area. You give direction to your awareness with Attention. This means that wherever you are paying Attention, that is where the Consciousness will go to and come back from, that is where your Reward will come back from. If you are paying Attention to worries and grief inside yourself, you will see worries and grief inside others. If you are paying attention to the Good Self, the God Self within you, then you will see the Good Self, the God Self in others. You see through your Aura.

20. Coming to Attention opens a channel into the Physical Universe for the Energy and Light to flow. We know a lady named Christine who is a Healer on Maui in Hawaii. Christine, doing her Massages, pays complete Attention to the Massage and opens to the Healing Powers of God to flow through her: The energies flow because she is paying Attention to God's Healing. Wherever you are paying Attention, that is where your Energy is going and returning from. This is where you are going.

21. We could have ten thousand questions and ask them and not remember the answers. Remember, we used to ask the same question over and over again. Or we would ask a question, then later ask the same one over again, and often got different answers. So we learned to do these things with Attention to survive.

22. Attention caught up in survival may get preoccupied because it has been diverted so many times with basic necessities. If you had a family that was always complaining that they didn't have enough money and you moved around a lot, you might feel insecure about moving because this has been programmed. So in the subtle fields of your consciousness, even though you are not thinking about the way you lived as a child, you are still being affected by it.

23. The Root Chakra and the Instinctive Mind, also deals with Time and Memory. If you are forgetting things, if you are not always on time, too late or too early, it is because you are not paying enough Attention to this Area of Consciousness. The Root Chakra and the Instinctive Mind deals with the Earth and our Earth senses of touch and temperature, tasting, smelling, hearing and seeing. Generally the feeling perception of all the five senses.

24. The Root Chakra and the Instinctive Mind are also the Seat of Power in the Physical Body. In this Area of the Body are the Reproductive or Generative Organs. The Root Chakra is the seat of the Kundalini, the Serpentine Power and the Elixir of Life in the Central Nervous System where it begins to rise and cause an awakening in Consciousness. Many times the Power is trapped in the Sex Organs by Preoccupation of Consciousness with this Area.


25. In the Base Chakra we work with the Color Red, which is a Vital Force Energy in the Physical Body. Now this is different than Vital Force Energy running through Emotional, Mental or Spiritual Realms. This is the Vital Force Energy which has the Life in the Physical Body. Without this grounding, you would float around in other realms of Consciousness in a Separate Reality. You would lose the Security you are seeking on the Physical Dimension.

26. It's either complete Mastery, you taking complete Responsibility and Mastering all things or you completely Renounce all. There can not be a half way measure. If you Renounce all completely, you get the Gold Light of the Red Ray, the Golden Ruby Ray. You come under Divine Grace and the God Self directs you.

27. If you are not ready for this Renunciation, you must come to the Point of Complete Mastery. You must take charge of your Senses. If your eyes are getting out of hand, you must take charge of where you are looking and what you are seeing. If your taste gets out of hand, you must take charge of what you are tasting. If your feeling of touch and temperature gets out of hand, you must take charge of touch and temperature.

28. Part of the Energy in this first area of consciousness is Etheric Energy, which is the Chemical, Heat, Light and Life Radiations of the Body. It is not seen Physically, but can be Perceived when you reach a certain point of Perception. It will manifest as follows. You will see a small Aura Vibration around a person, about a quarter of an inch to two or three inches away from the Body, a little hazy, a little fuzzy. You might have been gazing off, not thinking and noticed it. When you looked, it was gone because you looked through it back into the Physical. You then loose sight of the Etheric Aura.

29. When you fix your Consciousness in a Gaze at one steady Point for five minutes, you will begin to see Auras. If you fix your Gaze without fluttering your eyes in Mind or Body you will start seeing Light, the room will start getting lighter. But most people do not fix their gaze. They are always looking around and there is a lot of Eye Batting going on. Every time you bat your Eyes you refocus in the Physical Dimension. The batting of the Eyes keeps you focused in the Physical Dimension.

The Right side of the Body - the Left side of the Brain are Positive polarity.
The Left side of the Body - the Right side of the Brain are Negative polarity.

30. The Colors for the Root Chakra, when seen Etherically, are Red and Orange alternating on Four Petals of the Root Chakra. (Orange also activates the Spleen Chakra.) The Root Chakra seat of Kundalini Power. The Kundalini Power is drawn up the Spine in two lines of Energy from the Earth through the Foot Chakras.

31. The Main Nine Chakras are called the Sun Chakras. There are also the Twenty Two Moon, subtle, Chakras which the Feet Chakras are part of and the Physic Chakras.

32. If you are Sitting in a Yoga Lotus or Crossed Legged Position on the Ground, you are drawing Primal Energy directly into the Root Chakra at the base of the Spine. If your feet are on the ground, as in walking or standing around, you are drawing Primal Energy up through both Legs.

33. Your aggressive Leg is the Right Leg which is drawing up the Masculine Polarity of Primal Energy. Your Left Leg is drawing the Passive Energy of the Feminine Polarity of Primal Energy.

34. If a person is having problems with the foot, knee or leg on the Right Side of the Body, he or she is dealing with an Aggressive Energy, a Masculine Primal Energy. If the problem is with the foot or feet, what is the problem with the support of One's understanding or One's foundation? Or it could be a problem with understanding One's foundation. Or a problem with understanding, Support or Foundation might give One ankle or knee trouble.

35. If a person is having trouble with the Father or Male Problems, it would be the Right Knee. With the Mother or Female Problems it would be the Left Knee. A Passive Problem would be the Left Foot. An Aggressive Problem would be the Right Foot. We have Positive and Negative Energy coming up the Legs and joining in the Root Chakra.

36. Now every nerve ending that goes to every part of your Body has an ending in your Feet. You are pulling the Primal Energy from the Earth. Primal Energy is the Vital Force known as the Red Snake. Without this power of being grounded, you will not bring the Healing Energies into the Physical Dimension. You must be Grounded, make a Connection, in this Dimension.

37. If you want to bring out Emotional Energy, you would have to ground yourself out in the Emotional Plane. If you want to bring out Mental Energy, you would have to ground yourself in the Mental Plane. If you want to bring out Psychic Power, Creative Power or Spiritual Power you would have to be grounded in that Psychic, Creative or Spiritual Plane. So it is wherever you are bringing this Energy out of, know that you must be Grounded.


Right Foot ---------------------- Left Foot

NOTE: Right Foot- Right Side of the Body. Left Foot- Left Side of the Body.
Apply Pressure to the various Points on the Foot for 30 Seconds or until the pain subsides. Push thumb along the Achilles Tendon for Sexual Organs, Anus and Eliminative Organs, and to attune the Root Chakra.

38. Here in the Physical Plane we have the Red Snake coming from the Earth, pulling from the Electromagnetic Fields in the Earth, the Power and the Energy in the Earth. The Earth is a Negative Polarity. The Sky and Air are Positive Polarity. You are walking on Negative Polarity your Body moves in through Positive Polarity. The earth is called Negative Polarity because it's Passive. It is not changing very fast.

39. But the Weather and the Air about us can change quickly, so they are called Positive Polarity. It does not mean that the Earth is bad and the Air is good. It simply means that one is Passive and the other Aggressive. When we say you are pulling up Negative Energy that means that you are pulling up a Passive Force, Passive Energy.

40. The side of the Brain you predominantly use determines how you will use this Life Energy once it gets into the Brain and on the Nervous System. Most right handed people use the left side of their Brain predominantly. Left-handed people use the right side of the Brain predominantly. The Left side of the Brain is pretty much concerned with the outer Physical Universe but, as soon as you start arcing to the other side, the Creative Mind awakens. There is no time, there is no space limits on the Right side of the Brain.

41. Imagination can have endless expression in Reality by seeing Images clearly. We are not writing about Fantasy, predicated upon Emotional Impulsing Vibrations bound in Illusion. We are all built in the image of God, in God's Imagination. So to see clearly, you must be in Imagination, the Imaging part of the Mind where your Vision must be clear. Not fantasy, predicated upon Emotional Impulsing Vibrations, but reality by clear seeing unhindered by actions, emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas and images. Unhindered by manipulation of the Mind or the Physical Universe.

42. There is another Power coming into the Root Chakra. It comes through the Crown Chakra, down the spine into the Root Chakra. It is called the White Snake. The White Snake is Cosmic or Spiritual Energy and it comes from Infinite Energies of the Manifest Universe as emanated from the Godhead. This Power is sometimes called Melodic which means all possibilities or God Power.

43. The Physical Body has a limitation of the Manifest Universe. The Manifest Universe has a border, but we can call it an Infinite Body because we do not know the border of the Physical Manifestation here on Planet Earth. On Planet Earth we are drawing Cosmic Energy.

44. Where does the Cosmic Energy come from? The easiest description is that it's not having to stick your Consciousness somewhere out in Space, in a different octave - it comes into this octave through the Sun. Consciousness is pouring constantly into the Universe through the Sun Electromagnetic Fields of pure Consciousness. The Solar Winds blow on the Poles of the Earth and create billions of volts of Electricity. The Cosmic Pure Consciousness comes unqualified from God. It has no personality. It only has a purpose.

45. In order to gain the Power of the Root Chakra over the Instinctive Mind, over time, space, memory, the senses and sensations, you must have a connection with this Spiritual Energy flowing within you. It brings together the two snake like energies. Why do we call them Snakes? Because they have a Snake like motion as they go up the Spine. It does not go like a Thermometer, zip and you are there. It kind of wiggles back and forth as you are going up the spine in energy or light.

46. You might have seen them as Mercury's Scepter in the Mythological teachings of Greece. The Scepter has two White Wings and a Golden Ball on a Staff and the two Snakes coiled around it, a White one and a Black one and sometimes the Black is Red. Our barber poles represent the same thing, the Red Power and the White Power, the Earth Power and God Power, because the Barbers used to be Doctors. They used to pull teeth, fix wounds and everything else like that. The American Medical Association now uses the Symbol of these two Powers flowing back and forth.

47. What does Mercury's Scepter mean? The Staff is your Spine. When you reach the Golden Ball, your Crown Chakra, you take Flight. You do it by moving the Energies three and a half times up the Spine and kissing at the Brow Chakra. It means that you Energy flows through and is open at the Root Chakra, that is the Snake's tails at the sides.

48. The three tips represent the ends of three lines of Energy, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; the Ida, Sushumna and the Pingala; Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva; the Positive, Neutral and Negative Forces. Male right side, neutral in the middle and Female on the left side. All of these Trinities are taught in different teachings. These three lines of Light are the basic Energies coming into the Spine.

49. The Third Energy is not a Snake, it is an Energy Flowing in the Neutral Universe, the Master Consciousness. It is Freedom through the power of elimination because the other Two Energies stop when they get to the top. When you reach that Golden Ball you are in a State of Being, you are not then in either Male or Female Polarity, you are in a Consciousness of Being. It is the Power of One.

50. You are moving to the One, you are moving to that calm place where you are Centered, where you can pay attention clearly, your Channel is opening to God. The Channel is the Neutral Universe; the Straight and Narrow, the Middle Way, the Sushumna. The Channel is the point where you can witness what is going on.

51. The Witness in Consciousness is always there and so is the Doer of Consciousness. Most of the time the Doer takes over. The Doer is doing things and says, "I don't have time to pay attention to that. I am doing this." That is what the old Doer will say to the Witness. But the Witness sees all things going on. You could be over here working and still be aware of what someone is taking about over there.

52. Even if you were not paying attention to it at the time, it would still go into your awareness. You record a lot of information in your memory that you do not pull out because you only pull out where you have been paying attention. Where the gross attention has been when you look in memory, this is what you will see. All the rest of the information is subtler.

53. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus gave the principle when he said, "The first is last and the last is first." It is a Metaphysical teaching as well as a teaching of Consciousness. It means when you look into the Past or the Subconscious Mind, the first thing you see is the last thing you have done because you are looking into the Past from the Present.

54. If you start moving back in the past, you will see what you did yesterday, than the day before yesterday and so forth. You must create enough energy in open awareness over a period of time. Open awareness gives you momentum to go through the Past in the Witness State, without getting involved with the Past. If you are doing a Reading for someone, what you start seeing when you go into their Past is the last things they have done. If you raise your gaze you will 'See' the peek experiences of the Past.

55. To have this instinctive vibration flow through you is not just something that turns off and on. All of the Powers we are talking about are Eternal Powers. They have always been going on, they are going on right now, and they will always be going on. Attention has been going on since the Beginning of Creation. God was first doing nothing, and He said, "Gee, I'm bored being God because I'm everything. I want to have some expression." God started paying Attention.

56. This is the symbol the dot in the circle. God started creating at this point from the great Elohims (Eternal Powers) that disappeared into Creation. When we go back to look for the Beginning, where is it? We can't seem to find it, because the beginning is right now where time and space turn or fold back into its self. This is the beginning of your Life right now, the first day of the Rest of your Life.

57. Whatever Life you have lived is gone. You can not go back and live it again, you can only see it from the Present. Even if you repeat a similar cycle, it will not be the same. It will be a different day, a different time, a different space. You can not do the same thing twice. A tree may have fifty thousand leaves, but there will be no two leaves alike. There maybe hundreds of trees, but there will still not be two leaves alike. Some leaves will be older, some younger, some fatter, some skinnier. They are all different. You are just like the leaves in the Tree of Humanity, and there are no two Humans the same.

58. There will be no two people who will respond in the same way in the Root Chakra. You will be taught generalizations, that is when people do a certain thing, a certain thing happens, action reaction. That only happens by degrees. If a person is not in an area of consciousness, then the Laws of that Area will not apply to that person, place or thing. There are a lot of Physical Beings on this Planet. Over Five Billion Human Beings.

59. A Physical Being at the Root Chakra does not have a conscience, does not have Emotions or the Mind as a whole. That Person is like a machine using only the Instinctive Mind. The Physical Body act like a machine that the Spirit lives in. That might sound a little cold, but the Human is the most complex, the most beautiful thing on the whole Planet.

60. You have learned to move in your Body over a your Lifetime of experience, and your Lifetime of experience is still there in your Instinctive Mind. If you worry about things, when you get the power of the Instinctive Mind of Humanity, you will get all the worry that anybody ever worried, because you have worry. You see, when you get deeper and deeper into it, you start getting more and more of that.

61. If you are successful, you have the Success of Humanity within you. You are not alone. You are not an island unto yourself. Every thought, every feeling, everything you do has a continuous, eternal vibration; it affects the whole of Humanity for all Times. Everything is! It was here before you came along and used it.

62. You should think of yourself as a Diamond in the respective Chakra. You are a Diamond manifesting in the Physical Universe, a Diamond of the Animal Kingdom and Mental Kingdom. A Diamond is the impaction and clarity of Light. You are the impaction of the clarity of Light on this Planet in the Animal Kingdom and Mental Kingdom. A Diamond is clear. Look around you at the reflections of Light. What does it look like? It looks clear. Go out and run water through your hands. You will see that it is clear like a Diamond.

63. You can be Attuned in Consciousness. This is not atone or alone, it is being attuned with something, to sing along with it or vibrate the same as it. Atonement or At-one-ment means you have come back to the realization that you are a Child of God, as Jesus and the Masters, Saints and Holy Beings showed us.

64. You can see that you are an individualization of God experiencing Self, a son or daughter of God. That is Atonement. That is the only Atonement there is. The rest is attuning to particular vibrations. When you are At-One or atoned, you can Attune with anything. This is the greatest Power, being atoned, realizing that there is One and nothing is outside of the One.

65. The One manifests as Mother Father God, dual polarity. Out of the Mother Father comes the sons and daughters of Light, the children of the Mother/Father God. There are no nephews, nieces, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandfathers or grandmothers. There is the Father Mother and the Sons and Daughters that are Eternal. You are atoned, but you may have attuned to something other than that Truth.

66. Attuning must be purified, meaning you have to select the vibration of that you are going to attune to and eliminate everything else. Attention gives direction and you must set a goal of where your attention is going. What is your goal? Where are you going? Where have you been? Who has that information? Where do you go to get it? Where is the unbroken line? You the Self knows where it is.

67. How can anybody else experience this? They have not lived your life, any of your lives in this Dimension or other Dimensions. You must go to the You in you. You must know the Self knows where it is. How can anybody else experience this? They have not lived your life, any of your lives in this Dimension or other Dimensions. You must go to the You in you. You must know the Self to realize the answer to all these Questions.

68. Realize, You must be something beyond attention. You must go to the Self in you that is at-one with the Mother Father. "The Father and I are One," was Jesus' statement. We are One, there are no separations. When we say the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we are still talking about the One. When we talk about you and me, we are talking about the One.

69. When we talk about the sun, the stars, the moon and the planets, we are still talking about the One, applications of the One into many. This is where all the Powers are coming from, you are right there with the One because you are the One experiencing this individual conscious manifestation of the One.

70. That is something because no other Beings upon this planet have self-conscious awareness but Humans. The Human Beings are the only ones. Humans are the only Ones that think. Humans are the only Ones who can talk to God. The plants, the birds, the bees, the animals can not do it. But you can because you have the one factor God gave you, free will choice, because you are at-One and all the rest is illusion.

71. If you think you are not at-one, if you feel that you are not at-one, if you know that you are not at-one, if you have the idea that you are not at-one, these are all illusions passing. That is the negative side, the reverse of Reality.

72. Why are we saying all this, and how is it going to help you be healed or preform the Art of Healing on somebody? Unless you know yourself, you will not be able to heal anybody else. You will be looking through your own Aura at a person, unless you can put you aside, what you imagine you are. You are the greatest Healer, the greatest Spiritual Being that ever existed on this Planet. It is all right there in you now.

73. Every Master that ever lived is in you now, in your instinctive vibrations of consciousness, and you are adding to the sum total of all experiences every moment. Every thought is reinforcing an energy. You are using Energy and Light, focusing it upon the planet Earth. Energy and Light existed before you were here, even every worry you ever had existed before you used it. You come from the One that Created all the Light and Energy.

74. How did you get here in this physical body? Plane by plane the impaction of the Consciousness of the One took and is taking place. It becomes denser and denser until there is the solidity we now call the Physical Dimension. You as God experiencing God, came through all these realms.

75. Existing in your own Body of Light, in your own DNA molecules, in the center of your atoms, is the information of what you are doing here and what your purpose is, and how you fit in with all the rest of Creation. You have it because you are one with the One, and all the separation is illusion. An illusion that is changing, ever changing, and never changing. You cannot be anything else but God experiencing Self.

76. What about the devil? You mean the illusion, because it is all illusion, the reverse of life and the so called opposite of God. You see that the only Reality is that God is everything, when you are completely atoned. Atonement is when you can believe and know that right here in the Physical Universe.

77. Moving up in consciousness, getting higher awareness, is the returning home. You are incorporating consciousness, not changing your Consciousness and you have many Lifetimes to do this. Some Beings spend their whole Lifetime repeating a Mantram over and over again.

78. There was a Tibetan monk who all his waking life said, "Om Mani Padme Hum." He started when he was six years old and he was ninety six years old when he died. For Ninety years he said, "Om Mani Padme Hum,." You mean he never went to a movie, he never got married and had kids? He never tried for the American Dream? What happened to him? He became "Om Mani Padme Hum." God is manifesting as a Crystal in the Lotus Flower of the Heart. That is what he was saying translated into English, "God is manifesting as a Crystal in the Lotus Flower of my Heart." So now he is a Diamond in the heart of God.

79. Wherever you are paying attention when you leave this planet, that is where you will be. You are everything you have ever been right now. When you leave, you will be that. If you are expanding, when you leave you will be expanding. If you are in the Love of Christ, you will be in the Love of Christ. You go to who or what you worship. If you are consciously in God you will be consciousness in God. If you worship nothing you go to nothing. So, whatever you left at the end of your Last Life, those are the circumstances of your Present Life, now on the stage of the World as it evolves.

80. When you open your Healing Channel you will help others never to go through those things you have overcome. You can free that attention because you freed it in you. If it is not free in you, you cannot tell or share that with anybody else, how to free it. You can not heal anybody else unless the healing is in you because this healing power has a particular vibration to atone to.

81. If your cup is full, you will have no room for new awareness. Most people are so full and over-flowing with themselves that they have no room. If you want to become at-one, you must dump it all out to fill your cup with the One. You must get over that stuck attention - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You must transcend the stuck attention, the bound consciousness in anything less than the all of God. You must have the power of ascending.

82. Now, this must sound almost impossible. How are we going to ascend? There is stuck attention even in subtle fields. We think all the things we are looking at are It, when It has had Its cause back in the beginning and everything else is a reaction of the First Cause.

83. The way to get rid of stuck attention is wherever it was First Caused. If you eliminate the first cause, you'll eliminate every erroneous concept, thought, feeling, idea, knowledge and emotion that is built upon the false foundation. When you remove that doubt, fear, negative part, everything else that was feeding upon and being reflected from it will collapse and disappear. It will not have any energy to hold it any more.

84. You are not looking at what you have done, you must see what you have experienced. You must find out why your attention is acting in the way it is acting or is bound in the way it is bound. You must find out what direction your awareness is flowing and if it is free or bound. You must make a free will choice. Are you bound or are you boundless? Are you in tune with the infinite or the finite? Are you in tune with the form that is changing, ever changing, but never changing?

85. Total freedom, total healing energies are constantly being poured out every moment of your existence, by God the font of all Power. It is the Holy Spirit that carries that Power all all powers into Creation. The Masters have and are focusing that Light, that consciousness upon the planet for you to use. You can do anything that any Master has done upon the planet if you atone and attune to the One and that One. If you come back to the realization that you are a Child of God, then you are atoning and saying, "Jesus Christ is my brother."

86. You are realizing that you are one with the Spiritual Brothers and Sisters in the Consciousness of Humanity, past, present and future. Your individual soul manifestation has Light and Energy come to it as soon as you seek to attune and to let this Light and Energy flow.

Before we get into the Color Rays, let us talk a little more about the energies at the Base or Root Chakra and how they manifests. The Base Chakra is the physical, etherical lower self of animal nature and Instinctive Mind. It is the Root Chakra at the end of the spine and is represented by the five piece coccyx bone. The Root Chakra connects at the top end of the Coccyx Bone.

88. The nervous system in the Base or Root Chakra and the radiation off the Base or Root Chakra represents your connection with transitional energy between your physical and etherical bodies. The fluid running in the nerve ganglia is the physical manifestation, while the Electromagnetic energy running through the fluid is the Mental manifestation and the Light is the Spiritual manifestation.

89. The adrenals and kidneys work off the Root Chakra and they can stimulate other organs. The adrenals are right at the top of the kidneys. Energies flow down into a woman's ovaries or into a man's testicles from this adrenal energy. This part of the body controls the amount of Electromagnetic energy present by stimulation of the adrenals. This energy travels from the solar plexus to the soles of the feet.

90. The energy flowing into this area of the body is Red with Orange overtones. It is the energy of physical vitality, power, energy, and stamina. The heating of the body comes from the Root Chakra and this vortex works through the Nerves System at the Autonomic Level.

91. The Base or Root Chakra Chakra is the seat of passion and stimulation. It is love and friendship in a cardinal aspect. It is influence and creativity in the physical universe. It is the seat of courage and action. If a person is caught in this area of consciousness, he or she can have anemic emotions. The emotions will not be fully operable, the energies will be drawn down out of them.

92. Red is a positive vibration and has a long wave length in its vibratory rate. We will be getting into wave lengths and Electromagnetic currents in a later chapter. Red also has to do with time and temperature. Using the color Red in a person's environment, putting a red light on the person or sending Red to the person by mind force will have the same effect.

93. The color Red in the Root Chakra increases blood pressure and circulation, and it increases and strengthens red blood cells. The Nervous System and reproductive system are stimulated by the Red color and by the centering and using of your energies through the root Chakra.

94. When you are using Red and sending energy through the Base Chakra, you will get stimulated too. Red can be used independently in each of the Chakras, but basically it is used in the Root Chakra. It is used for physical manifestation and for stamina and energies on this plane. Red increases the Memory.

95. If someone has too much red, you can reverse the polarity by sending the color Green. Just reverse the polarity of the energies that are causing any particular color. Say the person has stuck attention, too physical or too much power. To raise them up in vibration you can send the color Green. The color Green is poise, balance and healing energies, and it brings balance to the mind. This is the an important part of the Art of color healing.

96. For exhaustion or anemia you would mix with Red a stimulating energy from the Spleen Chakra, the color Orange. Stimulate the energy and start it to rise; raise it above being stuck in the lower center. The Red flame you are sending will give them power to raise above the condition. You are raising vibrations.

97. When a person has under active glands, they can be stimulated by sending the color Red into them. Visualization and massage or visualization and mind transference, however you are projecting the energies, the color Red will stimulate the gland you send it to.

98. Realize that anything you can send for someone else, you can send it to yourself also. It will manifest at your belief level and to the degree of your faith and belief in it. When you are completely open and giving, it will be spontaneous. It can be instantaneous healing because God is Present.

99. Healing does not have to take a long time. God heal instantly. If the person you are healing is not in faith and full agreement, it may take several times to get through his or her consciousness. We will talk about times and temperatures later on. A specific area of the body can be healed better at a particular time and under particular temperatures; the times vary on different parts of the body.

100. Red is also good for low blood sugar because it stimulates and activates its regulation, and for chills and blood poisoning because it is for heat. When you send warmth with the Red Ray, it has even more dynamic power; feeling the warmth projects emotional energy and stimulates the vibration. The emanation of the color Red can also help a weak heart, poor circulation or liver problems.

101. Now there are negative attributes to the color Red. If you use too much Red Ray, there can be short temper, anger, uncontrollable passions and such. If the Red Ray gets over stimulated, a person can be overly impulsive or nervous. There is too much stimulating power in the nervous system. The negative side of the Red Ray can also be associated with intolerance and cruelty.

102. The cruelty can be very physical too, such as hitting, banging and all those things. Another negative side of the Red Ray is domination or being egotistical. The personality of a person who is a Red Ray individual will be dynamic. He or she will have great passions, be creative and stimulating. He or she can also be forceful and initiate action.

103. When sending this color in healing, you have to be careful because when you increase the Red Energy, whatever the person has his attention on, that attention will be increased. When a person has stuck attention, that which is subtle becomes very obvious and it may get caught in emotional energy and cause exaggeration or uncontrolled action.

104. You also have to be careful because a person may be using and identifying with some condition, and if you start taking the red away, they may turn on you. Say a woman has been using physical illness to hold attention. "Oh, honey it's my time of the month." If she uses that, the next thing you know she has problems in her uterus; there are tumors, hysterectomy, yeast infections, all these operations and trouble with the female organs when there is to much Red Ray. She did not really have anything wrong. She had been doing it as a pretense. But the next thing you know, she has it.

105. Maybe this woman is not a Red Ray individual, but is married to one who is very forceful and has been forcing himself upon her. She may have taken it so long and then acquires some condition to protect herself. She cannot stop it one way, so she stops it another way. So some women have actually hurt themselves in this way.

106. Now let's discuss electromagnetic currents flowing from the Sun to the Earth. As the Earth rotates upon it's axis, wobbling back and forth, it is orbiting the Sun at over eighteen hundred miles an hour. The whole nebula, all the stars, planets that you see are moving at 640,000 miles per second into unconditioned space, an unconditioned part of Heaven. All this carries an innate power in it. It also carries conditioned Light and Energy.

107. As the planet moves, so also does every atom in your body notate, rotate and orbit in its own vibration, leaving impressions in Light behind you. This is called your Akashic Record or your Light Records. The vibrations in Light record everything you are doing, feeling and thinking. Your body is also revivifying and reproducing itself 88,000 times per second through the Electromagnetic impulses of life in the nervous system from your Light Body. That is called the Darshan of your Light Being. These Electromagnetic impulses in the Light Body reproject the Physical Body.

108. In the Pineal gland is the seed atom which commands all the other atoms in the Body. It commands the DNA, the code for your genetic structure, your conscious awareness, your instinctive impulses, and where you came from as a Divine Being of God. When you die, the Seed Atom is released from the Body. It can leave speck in a 'dot' or it can leave in a 'cloud', depending how developed the individual is.

109. The Seed Atom is also called the Atman or Spirit Body. It leaves the Physical Body when it no longer can be maintained on the physical dimension or when it has finished its cycle here. You will finish your cycle in this time and space, in limited awareness and go back to your infinite Cosmic Being .

Note; 84,000 times per second is taught in Tibetan Buddhism as a rate of physical manifestation.

110. The Christ, the Cosmic Christ, is the infinite radiation of White Light throughout this whole manifestation of Creation and is the emanation of White Light from all Spheres of Creation. When you are in concentration with a Being who is pulling that Light, like gazing upon him or her, everything will turn white and there will be an almost complete Whiteout, instead of a Blackout.

111. We were demonstrating one evening when I sent a woman named Julie a Cosmic Christ Ray and everything started Whiting out in the room. Other people in the room might not have seen the same thing unless they were in tune with the vibratory shifts; Julie and I were in unison in the octave changes. I was changing vibrations systematically in my consciousness and she was gazing at me openly, so she got the same experience.

112. Christ Light or the White Light is the sustaining power of all Creation. The Crystal Fire Light we work with, is the Transcendental Power of the Holy Spirit. This gives the ability to move through the planes without getting stuck because it is clear and pure; it does not sustain but instead it gives unconditioned Life. The first solidification of the Power comes in the White Light and is the Sustainer; that is why Christ is called the Anointed and the Sustainer.

113. Jesus represented an open Doorway into the White Light that can never be closed, because He lived his life manifesting that particular Purity and Perfection, the White Ray, the White Light. He is the Son of God or the active principle of White Light. He gave an example for all of us to follow. He is alive today as He was 2,000 years ago because Life is Eternal, Ever Existing. Christ consciousness is not trapped in the Physical Manifestation or attached to it, so he ascended and expanded within the Cosmic Christ Crystal White Fire Light. Christ is a Sacred Flame of the Godhead.

114. Through this awareness, expanded within the Cosmic Christ Crystal White Fire Light, every time you think of Christ, Jesus of Nazareth has that experience as well by being the Christ. This awareness can give you the experience of the Christ if you are open and receptive to that outpouring of Light and Energy. You atone to that, to the sustaining power of the Universe, the pure White Crystal Light.This is not the Crystal Light. That is the Great and Holy Spirit that flows into the White Light from the Godhead. This is where they are One.

115. We can pull Healing Power from Mother Father God in a transitional energy. The Holy Spirit flows through both the Son and the Father active Principles of the Godhead.

116. This was one of the questions that split the Eastern and Western Churches in the year 580 A.D. in Constantinople (now Istanbul). There was an argument as to whether the Holy Spirit flowed through the Son or through the Father Aspect. The Eastern Churches believed that it flowed through the Father, and the Western Churches believed it flowed through the Son. They are both right because the Holy Spirit flows through both from the Godhead.

117. In that time they had such an argument. Now in the East you see Baba, Father, being represented everywhere, and in the West you see the Son being represented everywhere. In the West we talk about the Son of God, the Sustainer. In the East we hear of Baba, the Creator.

118. There is a Hindu Godman who manifests things out of the air, such as vibuthi, watches, whatever it takes to convince an individual of the power of instant manifestation. He uses Brahma Shiva, the Holy Spirit through the Father, which is the Creative Principle of the Universe.

119. The Holy Spirit manifests and projects in the Universe as a Transcendental Consciousness or Ascension Crystal Light and Energy. In the West we call it Ascension, and in the East we call this power Transcendence. It is the same power and we are just looking at it from two of its aspects. The Holy Spirit is in all things, just as the Sustainer sustains all things and the Father creates all things. It is the Mother that holds all Creation within Her womb as each Creations are evolving into Eternal Spiritual Life.

120. The power that is released on Monday (Monday's Ray so to speak) attunes you to the Christ aspect, the Cosmic Christ. The energies from the Cosmic Realms are the Cosmic Christ Rays penetrating the Earth's atmosphere at a higher vibration, or at a monopoly of all the other Rays that would penetrate because of the way the Earth is vibrating due to the light from our Sun and from the Great Central Sun Rays are shining on the Earth.

121. The Great Central Sun is the accumulation of all the Light that is radiating in the Center of Creation. Some people think the Great Central Sun is somewhere else, and some will teach you that there is a Sun separate from this Sun. But in the center of all Galaxies, there is a great Light.

122. The Light in the center of the Universe that all galaxies rotate around is the Great Center Sun we are relating to you.

123. Such a Light is not visible to the physical eyes, because we are looking at illusions and transitory things. You will see that Light when you go inward centered in meditation and suddenly think someone shined a bright light in your eyes. When it gets brighter and brighter, so bright it is all consuming, then you will know you are reaching this Christ Light and are on your way to realizing the brilliance of the Great Central Sun.

124. Everything came from the Void, not black, but darkness, the Void. There was God, God was everything. God was and there was nothing happening but God. God was everywhere and God wanted to reflect upon God. So God separated the darkness from the light; the first step to Creation is to separate your darkness from your light, your Dark side from your Light side.

125. The Light from the Great Central Sun, the Cosmic Christ and all the great powers manifest from that one application of White Light. We are all Light Beings changing darkness into light, changing that which is inert, not in motion, and nothing, into something. The Illusion is separation because there is only God. God is the Word we use to describe the Everything that is, was or ever will be.

126. We are to take nothing into something. But if we are caught in something, then we are taking something into something. A lot of people are taking something into something. They take something that somebody else has done and do that too. That is not the expression of free will. One cannot copy someone else, so that One suffers from illusion.

127. You can not do what somebody else has done. You can not do what Jesus did, you can not do what Buddha did, you cannot do what any other Being has done, because you are you here right now. But you can do what Jesus did, and you can do what Buddha did - whoops, a contradiction. These are the old paradoxical energies until you realize that as the lower self you can not do it. When you reach into the higher self and in your Universal Being, where you are one with Christ, then you can do it, you can do anything the way you do.

128. There are not a lot of different Christs or a lot of different Buddhas. There is only one Christ and many Beings attune to that. There is Krishna, Mohammed, Zoroaster, Osiris, Buddha, any of the other Spiritual leaders upon the Earth; there is a man for all seasons and times. When we start forgetting about the higher energies and the gifts of Spirit, God in God's Mercy and Compassion sends someone here to represent God so we can realize our self, the Self. The search for the Self always goes on until you find yourself, because you cannot find anything else, You are you. You are not something else. You are God expressing.

129. As these different angles of energy hit the Earth, some days are more receptive to reaching an energy, more acceptable in your consciousness and more susceptible to manifestation through you because they are more predominant. The Rays of Light and Energy are in a higher manifestation or in the Monopoly of Consciousness on the planet that day.

130. In the Cosmic Consciousness, the Cosmic Christ is the aspect of Monday. Cosmic Consciousness gives you Wisdom, Illumination, Peace, Love. The Virtues of the Rays are Calmness, Strength, Patience, Endurance, Love of Truth, Faithfulness, Intuition, Clear Intelligence and Serene Temper.

131. The Vices of the Rays are Over Exuberance in Study, Coldness, Indifference to Others, Contempt of Mental Limitations in yourself and others. If you are negative and you are getting this energy, you will produce in a negative way. If you are positive, you will produce in a positive way.

132. The Virtues to attune to today are Love, Compassion, Unselfishness and Energy. The Precious Stone for Monday is a Diamond or Rock Crystal. When you hold the Precious Stone, it will attune you to the Ray of the Cosmic Christ, for its vibration is at the Cosmic Christ vibration. The vibration of a Diamond is the strongest, most sustaining force in the Mineral Kingdom. The Diamond and the Crystal represents Jesus Christ, the most sustaining, powerful force in the Human Kingdom.

133. The Color for Monday, using Piscean energies, is Gold. Piscean energies are bombarding the planet, from the part of universal space that we are moving in is still Piscean Space to a certain degree. However, we are overlapping the Aquarian Age and in the Aquarian Age Wisdom comes from Love. The New Age energy for Monday is Pink. You are attuning to love. The Pink Flame now coming into the Earth's atmosphere.

134. As the Ray of the Day drops octaves, it is now in the Pranic Field and becomes a Pranic Ray. Prana is the energy you see moving in the sunlight, where it looks like little clear crystals dust particles. You might see it when you are gazing out towards something and think there is something over your eyeballs. It is little movements, and when you get deeper in, you'll see little spirit specks some white and some different colors moving in the Pranic Field.

135. The Pranic Energy for Monday is the color Yellow. You can concentrate on the little yellow sparks in the Pranic Field. Some Yogic Masters know how to impact that energy because they study Basic Pranic Force. They practiced until they succeeded in their Practices. They became advanced.

136. In Prana Yama, you consume a Pranic Rays. When you concentrate on a particular Ray, you will consume more of it on a particular day. If you concentrate on the Yellow Ray of the Pranic Field, then you receive that power. It is a way of stepping down vibrations from the Cosmic Christ White Light to the Pranic level. The Yellow Ray is part of the higher Etheric energies.

137. The Esoteric Ray attunes you to Earth's power and inner sight through the Etheric realm. The Esoteric colors for Monday are Indigo and Orange. These colors flip polarities and that is how they stay separate on different octaves of Light. On the Esoteric Ray you are coming in through the Chakra from earth vibration on the Inner Planes. The Esoteric Ray also attunes you to the Elohims, the Powers of the Earth and the Angelic Host which operate upon the Earth.

138. The Rainbow Bridge color Ray for Monday is Green, which is the consciousness of healing. That is for the arc of energy just within the planet's atmosphere. That is the unconditioned power after it comes from the Sun and hits and penetrates the Earth's atmosphere. The Light changes its spin because the atmosphere is denser and becomes a Green Ray. That is the Healing Bridge we teach and meditate upon as the first attunement to the Planetary Logos.

139. The Green Ray in the Elemental Forces and the Green Ray from the Angels are also powerful on Monday. These Rays are different from those for the Archangels. The Archangels are in the Cosmic Force out side the Earth's atmosphere and are sent down into the atmosphere at a different octave. The Archangel Ray drops an octave through its Angels as it drops into the atmosphere. This is the spinning and separation of that Ray, the one coming into the many. Just as God manifests as many, just as each Human comes from Humanity, each power manifests as many.

140. The Sound Ray is the vibrations of Sound. For Monday the Sound Ray is Gold and Orange. If you are concentrating on your Inner Sound, the Nadam, to use for Healing, you would also concentrate on Orange and Gold on Monday to get and repour with the Sound Rays. Chanting brings a steady sound, so you could draw that same energy into the Heart Center by Oming or saying the Chant of the Day.

141. The Musical Note vibrating at the color Orange and Gold is So, the musical note in the key of D. You could bring that vibration in by listening to music in the key of D, a symphony or a song. The music draws the energy for you, and by listening you would get the energy.

142. The Mantram for the Heart Chakra is Aum. Ah is the opening of the Heart, O is the formation of the Mind, and Mmm is the bringing together of the Spirit within. Aum brings your heart, mind and spirit together. Aum brings your Body, Mind and Spirit together, the three aspects depending on your focus. We say Heart, Mind and Spirit because we want to bring these areas of consciousness into a higher focus.

143. The Chant for Monday is Om Mani Padme Hum. This is a Tibetan chant which when roughly translated means "God is manifesting as a Crystal in the Lotus Flower of my Heart." You can say that if you don't want to say "Om Mani Padme Hum". We are calling for clear heart perception, clear knowing, clear understanding, clear intuition and clear love.

144. The Plane this power manifests on is the Fourth Plane of Awareness, the Environmental or Buddhic Plane. The Buddhic Plane does not mean Buddha; rather, Buddha attuned to the Buddhic Plane of Golden Translucent Light. This Plane represents the Wisdom or Omniscience of God. This is the Power to manifest for Mind. It gives Intuition a Divine Knowing, not Individual Intuition.

145. You receive Individual Intuition through the Green Ray by manifesting the Green Ray in the Rainbow Bridge. You bring the Intuitional Power to Earth by using the Green Ray. The Gold Ray, the Ray of the Day, will turn into Green in the Heart and come down an octave into individualization. When you Know and have Divine Knowing, that is Gold Light. A teacher showing Gold and Green in the Aura is manifesting Divine Intuition and the individual intuition. He is manifesting a clear teaching channel from direct knowledge. Many teachers have Gold and Green Auras. Intellectual teachers have Yellow Auras.

146. In a class I might manifest all the Colors of the Rainbow for you because I am a Rainbow Master coming from the Gold, White and Crystal Light. I am clear, I am a Diamond, so the Light shines through me any way I direct it, any angle.

147. The Chakra for Monday is not the Root Chakra that we have been studying, but rather is the Heart Chakra on Monday.. The Heart Chakra has twelve Golden undulating Petals and is God's awareness as Love and Truth within. The Heart Chakra begins as an energy vortex on the left center of the chest and goes through the thymus gland. It ends in the spine at the eighth cervical vertebra. This follows the nerve ganglia in the top center of the shoulder blades.

148. When you have a pain in that area you might have a broken heart or a block in the Heart Center. When a person is getting pain in the middle of his shoulders, he might be thinking, "Somebody stabbed me in the back." He might have had something happen to his knowledge. Maybe somebody turned against something he knew and then he negated the knowing. The Heart Center deals with the Knower and your intuitional knowledge. It is your knowledge from direct experience.

149. Wisdom is experienced knowledge. You can know things, but unless you have directly experienced them, you have no wisdom of them. There are a lot of people with intellectual knowing who have never had the actual experience. So they do no really know; they suffer illusion until direct experience.

150. The Heart Chakra is the seat of your individual Soul and knowledge. When the Heart Chakra is attuned to the Christ consciousness, the three-fold flame of Love, Truth and Wisdom blazes in the Heart Chakra. Then what you know is Love, Truth and Wisdom. Powerful!

151. At the Heart Center also is the dwelling place of Consciousness of the Soul. Here is where we have our Conscience, looking at right and wrong, making a free will choice - not getting in something, but seeing. "Is this the right way for me or the wrong way ?" It would be right for you to study medical books if you want to be a doctor, but it would be wrong if you want to work on automobiles. Right and wrong are relative and your conscience can see what is relevant at that point. This is not reason and logic, but above them, it is knowing.

152. When you do what you know to do, you are in your heart. When you think it over, you are down in your Lower Mind, the Navel Chakra. When you see how you feel about it, you are down in the Emotions, the Spleen Chakra. When you want to forget about it or remember, you are down in the physical, the Root Chakra. When you are in the Heart Chakra, you know right and wrong and transcend the paradox of the personality.

153. The Heart Chakra has the Truth of Understanding, because when you understand, you know. You do not need to understand if you know. When you already know, it is beyond understanding. Knowing is in the top of the Heart Center and understanding is in the bottom of the Heart center.

154. The Zodiacal Signs for Monday are Virgo, Gemini, Pisces, and Leo. Neptune and Jupiter are the planets. These constellations and Planets radiate the Daily Rays. The Kingdom manifested through the Daily Ray of Gold is the hierarchical energies. The elemental forces are the Sylphs of the air.

155. There are several Masters on the Gold Ray. Jesus the Christ, Gautama the Buddha, Confucius, Dwal Kuhl, Kuthumi and Lord Lanto. These are some men who mastered Spiritual Wisdom and lived the Gold Ray as their primary focus, though they also have attributes of other Light Rays.

156. The Archangel for this beautiful Golden Ray is Jophiel, the Illumination of God. The World Teacher for this Day is Kuthumi with Jesus, who was manifesting all the beautiful Beings that reached Christ consciousness and Ascended.

157. The Soul dwells in the Intuitive Mind on this Daily Ray. In the Intuitive Mind One is the knower at the level of the Soul. The Flames manifested through Meditation are Wisdom, Illumination, Love, Peace, Lordliness and Discrimination.

158. When you want to use symbols to tap the Gold Rays in the Universal Mind Banks, you would concentrate on a six pointed star or a hexagon. These are the symbols for Monday.

159. Each day, in order to attune to this energy, we give a particular Decree from the Daily Ray and Meditation attunement. Here is the Decree for Monday.

160. Beloved Mighty Cosmic Christ, my Master Self, with all my heart and soul, I love and adore you. I summon forth the Golden Flames of the Cosmic Christ Love and Illumination to engulf me, to move through and around and within me this day of glorious Love and Illumination. I am the Divine Wisdom and Intelligence of God in action, directing my life in all I do. I hear and understand and bless all that I come in contact with this day with Christ's Golden Flames.

161. In a Decree you are telling your consciousness what to do. You are telling your subconscious mind the kind of action and attunement you desire for Monday. You are praying to your Godself, to Christ, and to God to draw this Light to you in a way of an instruction to your Mind. You are calling upon great powers and they are bound to you in Love, all ready to help you.

162. When you say a Decree, the bonds of love are made manifest. They seek to strengthen these bonds to have experience on this dimension. You do not lose your personality because this is beyond personality. Another Being is not going to come in from the Spiritual Realm to dominate you as in Black Magic. There are plenty of Astral Forces and Negative Forces that will try to dominate you. You should attune to the Highest in God.

163. Why go to some person who has part of the knowledge when you can go to Christ Himself or God direct? God is powerful enough to talk to your heart. God does not come through some other person; God talks to you open and direct when you meet God open and direct.

164. When you make the Decree and attunement, get direct knowledge. You don't want it from heresay, or a book, or something like that. Have it spoken right into your heart by God. Hear it open and direct. That is what the attunement is about.

165. Here is the solemn Affirmation: I affirm I AM the Light and Power of Wisdom emanating the Word of God made manifest in all I say, think and imagine. I AM the perfection of Universal Mind in man. I AM the Light, Love and Life.

166. You make a positive affirmation. In the Science of the Spoken Word, a Decree is the call of sons and daughters of God upon the Energy and Light. An Affirmation makes Light and Energy firm in your consciousness.

167. The Prayer is: Mother/Father God through the Christ consciousness, I AM. I call to the One without a Second to protect me, guide me and illumine my Being. (Any special prayer you have.) I am that in Hu and I bless you and live in the awareness that my prayer is already answered. I AM in expectation. I AM that I AM.

168. The Prayer is asking God now to answer the Decree and supply the power for affirming the energies. How can God bring this Light to us? How can God that is such fine perfected unmanifested energy, manifest to us as Human Beings? The Law is Alike attracts Alike. In physical or in spiritual manifestation Jesus Christ is an individual and you are an individual. You meet on an individual level with the Master, one to one. This is the way it works. You are using the Law of Identity.

169. The Call is to Master Gautama the Buddha, Confucius, Lord Lanto, Dwal Kuhl, and Kuthumi, to Archangel Jophiel and the Spirit of Wisdom. You should say the Call aloud, because it is a call to the energies to manifest on the physical. If you want to manifest on the physical, you do not think about it, as then the energies only manifest in the mind. You do not just feel it, as then the Energy and Light would only manifest in Emotions. You want it on the Physical Plane, so use the science of the spoken word by saying it. It is that simple. You have to put it into the Physical Universe by saying the word.

170. The Fiat is: I AM the Knowingness in the Omniscience Power of the One God within my Being to protect, direct, and illumine, to heal and supply, to sustain me in all that I do and whatever I require to have done.
Then we add a teaching from each one of the Masters so you can get an awareness of how their thought patterns are and what they desire to project to the world. You are attuning to the Thought Forms of the Master you are studying or reading.

171. Beloved Ascended Master Confucius, Cohan of the Second Ray, says "Every Golden Age has started with an embryo of one or two Beings. You have the focus of the Violet Fire, the Presence of the Ascended and Ascending Masters and God's representatives here on earth. That embryo makes up the individual Being, its intelligence, because within its heart is the Cosmic Christ Light. You are a part of that embryo. To precipitate a Golden Age you must have cohesive power of Love-Wisdom divine. As the embryo is guarded and every cell making the very Heart Center is attuned to the Spiritual Body, it glows".

172. The beautiful Master Lanto teaches the path of attunement through Enlightenment, Definition and Dominion. He dominates the Golden Ray by earnestly seeking to incorporate wisdom within his consciousness. You must have the mind of Christ with in you. Let the mind that was in Jesus Christ be in you.

173. Beloved Master Gautama the Buddha teaches the Eight-fold Path of Enlightenment: Right Views, Right Resolve, Right Speech, Right Conduct, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Thinking and Right Concentration.

174. Beloved Master Kuthumi says, "Beloved Hearts, do not strain to go somewhere to find the Presence of God. Stand still and in peace of your own feeling world, open your eyes and realize the majestic power, God, that is your own appointed place. Bear witness to the convictions of your feeling world, of all power, of love in the Presence of God." "Would you do one thing for me? Every morning think on nature of your own I AM Presence, its Power, its Mastery. Contemplate it quietly for a moment. Then go further, and try to be that Presence for just a half hour. This is what I seek for the life streams who desire to serve us. Watch for the worm of spiritual pride that is so often in the center of the beautiful flower of spirituality. It would destroy your perfection."

175. Beloved Ascended Master Lanto says, "In your new found service you often find the ingratitude and indifference of mankind, and sometimes weary of well doing. So often as we standing in your atmosphere, do we see and sense discouragement. Then please remember us who spent millions of years in service, in loving, blessing and putting our faith and confidence in you. Realize this. You will enjoy giving back to life by having the same confidence, patience and faith in your fellow men."

176. Then we thank the Masters and give them praise. When you praise God, Christ or the Masters, the attraction becomes magnetic and you attract that energy. What you pay attention to will come to you.

177. Beloved Masters of Light, the love, thanks and blessings of my heart are sent to you for all you have been, are and always will be in the service of myself and all mankind. Help us all to have the great reverence for Life that you have. Fill our Beings with the Golden Flames of your Love, Wisdom, Illumination and Peace that we may share these flames, to know Thee. I feel your Love and Wisdom within and without to quicken the God Knowing, to be a Channel of Wisdom for all mankind. Assist me when I address my God Self. I praise you, Christ, and praise you, God. For Thee alone do I seek. Let the Holy Spirit be with me always. God is in you as you now and forever more. I AM THAT I AM!!!