Dark Night of the Soul

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Dark Night of the Spirit

Blessings of Light: To you who are reading this.

In 1974 I went through the Dark night of the Soul for many months.

In 2002 I went throught the Dark Night of the Spirit for 10 years.

I AM Tat and this is what started in September of 2002. The Black Angel of Death passed over my head and I heard the brown leather wings flap as clear as any human voice or physical sound. This had happened before but it did not last very long. Sometimes it last for a few hours and other time it lasted for days. The dates were in 1995, 1999 and 2000.

I am only going to tell you about 2002 to 2012. The experience lasted off and on, more on than off.

Let me first tell you of the year and a half from September of 2002.
I was attact in my physical body as follows; One wipe lash to my neck, after being rear ended on a Bay Area Freeway. Three strokes, not just one stroke, One when I was in San Diego, one in the SanFrancisco Bay Area and one in Hilo Hawaii.

First let me tell you when I was in a restaurant eating dinner with my wife. this stroke was the one that lasteed the longest. I felt and seen a black and gray spirit trying to enter the back of my head and my head began the hurt. I bent over with pain. There was a pressure in the back and on top of my head. My left side and arm began to become seized up and I become unable to control the left side of my body and my left arm. My speech began to slur. My mind seem to be moving at a normal rate but I had difficultly forming my words. My wife take me to the Doctor and it was confirmed I had had a stroke.

I was a healer and I was not going to take another stroke. If the Healer can not be healed, then what is the power of the Healer? I have performed as a reader of inner and outer auras and a remote and Touch of Light healing channel for over twenty one thousand people. The Holy Spirit came upon me as I talk open and direct to God. I saw the healing Christ and other Masters, Saints and Holy Beings. A great and beautiful Light of the sacred fame blazed all around me and I felt the Power of the Presence of God.

Being a clairvoyant, I went just a little faze out of my body, but I did not give the body up to any other spirit. I could see the dark spirit trying to enter the back of my head and I could feel my self losing thoughts in my mind, something like peaces missing. I called on the pure White Light, the purity and perfection of God.

As words were going I realized I was losing the ABCs I had learned as a child. So I took control of my inner world and saw the One God on the throne of my life. God informed me that I was given free will. So I began to say my ABCs, frontwards and backwards, over and over again. I counted to 40 trillion by tens in a minute, as I did for some of my classes. I repeated that over and over again, aloaud and within.

I went over my Rainbow Bridge Meditation, again and again and I retrieved my mind from the banks of knowledge in my Soul. And I put the engrams into the cells of my brain by flashing the synapsis patterns over my physical brain. These light patterns are in your Mind, Soul and Holy Godself as well as your brain. Angels of Light came and dropped light in my aura to bless and heal me on all levels of my Being. This happened with each stroke.

Pneumonia and sinus infection, falling and endings in Oct. 2012. From 2011 to 2013 I was pushed down my stairs in my house, in frount of my house and several times when I was walking outside. There was the final attacks in 2013, for God is with me, in me, as me. I AM that I AM. It was usually after an attack that I experinced the Dark Night of the Soul.

Doing this time of the Dark Night of the Soul and then the Dark Night of the Spirit God sent an angel and a devotee of Sri Swami Satchidananda Maharaj came to spend time with me in Hawaii in 2004. Her name is Heather Jevremovic. I was asking God to leave the planet and return to the Light from wince we came and her counsel and Spiritual Grace and Light was both uplifting and flowed in love. We celebrated Swami Satchidananda's Maha Samadi. Heather's love was great for this God Guru and teacher of mine since 1974. I see him on the inner planes in his gold and white robes to this day in 2014.

Heather was there for 50 days and cleaned our home like never before. The poor girl, and I say that because she was given such a spiritual fire and we constantly confronted her ego until she left. Heather loves God with all her heart and needed more time than I was giving her. She is going through her Dark Night over and over since then. We pray for her everyday But I know that everything I imparted to her is there in her mind and she has the power to use it. Mystically I was passing her as much teaching as I could; which at times blow her mind up and caused her to get quite angry with me. With each blow up her mind expanded, She had to many questions and not enough peace. She did not always like the answer we gave her.

I know form over the 40 years of teaching and being on the Spiritual Mystic Path how to excillerate people on the Path. And also how to excillerate their Gifts and Talents. I AM a Teacher of Spiritual Mystic Students, Ministers, Helers, Teachers, Creatives, Musicians, Artist, Counselors. We taught the public over radio and TV, People from all walks of life, as well as Ministers, Teachers and Healers over the air. We gave Readings and Healing over the air waves of radi and TV. We have 155 ministers in more then nine countries and students all over the World..We have taught people from 1975 to the present in A.P.S. and C.O.R. classes, courses, seminars, lectures and over Radio and Television.

I have came close to death before and I know that there are 14 doorways into the Light of the One God. I AM from the Gold White and Crystal Light and every Master, Saint , Holy Being, people of the Light and Son of God is in the I AM THAT I AM. In my next writing I will Share more. Let us know your response. Love Tat

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