Over forty years of Inner Aura Readings over Twenty One Thousand Inner Aura Readings. You can be next.

All Inner Aura Readings are conducted via Skype internet phone or by land line Telephone. You must be registered at www.skype.com and it will makes the call free. If you have a camera or your computer you can also see each other. Inner Aura Reading when done on Skype we can see one another.

We ask you to write down your questions before hand because many people relate to Master Tat when he is in the Light in a trance doing an Inner Aura Readings, so much so that they often forget their questions they wanted to ask. Many times Master Tat answers your questions before you ask it. Tat will ask you your name and then Tat says the Name and Date for a place on the Akashic Records so it is easy to find for you. In the Inner Aura Readings Master Tat reads the colors of your inner aura first and then tells you their meanings which have blocks or many things of value and then Tat answers your questions. At the end he says a prayer for you. Rev. Bishop Harrison Roy Hesketh D.D. known as aka Master Tat

Tat does not have to see you physically because he is seeing your aura on the inner planes at a distance or in person where he sees your colors witthin your inner aura which are different than your outer aura colors.Your inner aura has within them what you have aquired in this life time and your outer aura is what you project to the world. Hardly anybody scarcely uses a qualify statement by saying that it is true to an insignificant degree that shows their ture colors and keeps secret what they do not want the world to see. Tat keep all this information confidencial as it is no ones business but your and God's. Tat sees and reads the emotional, mental, creative and spiritual patterns as wellas all your different bodies of conscious awareness in your lifestream on the Akashic Record. Tat gives a short synapse which is a coordination of activities of this information because it would take many hours to tell it all.

Inner Aura Readings typically last one half hour or one hour session. The session is recorded and it is sent to you in MP3 format via your e-mail so you can re-listen to the complete session. The mp3 may be to long for you e-mail so: If you have a recorder then you should record the Inner Aura Reading on your end. It is always advised that you record the Inner Aura Reading so you have it right away and can re-listen to it at your leisure over again.

Recording your Reading can be of considerable value because we have found after over 40 years of doing over 21,000 Inner Aura Readings that often by hearing the second time we can hear things which one does not remember having heard initially.

If you are interested in making an appointment with Master Tat for a Reading send an e-mail to mastertat@homail.com and we will contact you with the details.

Donations for Inner Aura Readings: One Half Hour Inner Aura Readings $55.00. One Hour Inner Aura Readings $99.00.

NOTE: Inner Aura Readings are to be paid in advance by Money Order, Check, Cashier's Check, or Cash sent by Mail. Make payments to Church of Revelation or send cash to Church Of Revelation or Bishop Harrison Roy Hesketh DD. P. O. Box 808 Oxford, NY 13830. Either way your donation for the Inner Aura Reading is Tax deductable because we are a 501c3 non-profit organization. We will send you a reciept upon request if you ask us to.



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If you feel this material is a spiritual blessing to you, please respond appropriately with supportive prayer for this work and its message. And, if possible, provide ongoing financial support for the proclamation of this message to all of God's people and all the world.

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