The Rainbow Bridge Meditation is the controlled vibrations of many states of consciousness to create a continuity of awareness from the outer to the inner states of consciousness and the inner to the outer states of consciousness to bring you to a super conscious awareness in mind. First we will teach you the proper position for the body of the physical. You can take the 'lotus' position that many Yogis adopt or the sitting in a chair with your head and back straight and slightly forward of the back of the choir with your arms and legs uncrossed and your head and back str&ight. Or, the corpse posture, simply laying on back, arms and legs uncrossed. Here it is most important that ofte should not take the wrong direction and one must remember the true goal-of meditation, Divine Union. Do not meditate on the mental or emotional fantasies. Med- itate on the source of these which is your Inner Self. Do not worry if thoughts arise. No matter what arises in the mind, positive or negative, right or wrong, know that it all comes from some source, it is all made from the basic substance. Do not try to wash away mental and emotional impurities with soap and water or sweep the dirt away with a new broom. Turn the attention inwards towards the witness of your thoughts and emotions. The knower of the mind, but the mind does not know that. Living within the mind, the witness- Self makes us aware of all knowledge, including the mind. It is the I Am who makes the mind think and function. That means that the witness is different T-@om mind. When you say, "these are my clothes", this means that the clothes belong to you and that you are different from the clothes. It is the same as saying, 11 my heart", "rhy arm", or "my mind.11 It also means you are different from you h6art, arm or mind. That is the witness, that is the knower, the Self. The witness is the informer of the experiences of the dream and/or inner states of consciousness when the senses and sensations of the outer functions are dulled or turned off and is also aware of the inner joy of deep sleep. This witness is pure consciousness., objective and attributless. This pure conscious awareness is the goal of meditation and Union with Self and God is thb object. Not thb mind. The mind jumps from limb to limb. If you spend your awareness chasing the mind and trying to make it still, you face calamity, do not waste your time and effort in supressing thought, be the objedtive witness to them through observ- ation, without wft@ involved. If you do get involved you have only do a thinking meditation Let thought forms appear arid disappear, not fear or become subjected. Consider all awareness as consciousness. To understand th6 All within and without as some form of consciousness is to expand Self and help meditation. With this awareness the mind will become calm and steady. One should never have any preconditions for meditation. The precondition will so occupy the mind with all sorts of explanations that the true object of meditation will be lost. This mind saying, "take thiSS thought and leave that onel'will find the mind in a battle and struggle with these preconditions. If you enter into meditation with a precondition, as soon as you seek to relax, it will appear on the filament of the mind. A man once told not to think of a white polar bear found that every time he went inward he received thb reflection of this white polar bear in his mind. if the mind has preconditions you will be bound in your own trap. Therefore, make no preconditions. Meditation is spontaneous when we receive the Grace of the Holy Spirit, the Grace of God. It should be natural and effortless. To balance out this vehicle of consciousness th6re are two more aspects, besides the Rainbow Bridge Meditation, and they are the chanting of a mantra and breath control. By chanting a mantra, the field of electromagnetic energy in one's aura is brought into harmony. The mantra calms the mind and emotions and carries one into meditation. It is the voice of the soul. When one reach6s the mystical union with the at-one-ment, while practicing spiritual disciplines, when the mantra is just a mantra, only words and then the words fade, this is when you enter the silence and realize the Presence of Supreme Consciousness.

To date, many repeat and repeat the false mantras, the way we think of ourself as well as feelings, ideas such as, "I am a man", "I am a woman", " white", "I am Black", "I am a doctor", and on and on. By such impressions in consciousness, we lose the True Self. All of this does not and cannot express our True Self. Instead it would be better to think, "I am the Self", "I am Light", "I Am That I Am", "I Am Dinine", "I Am consciousness", and free our Self of all limitation. In the meditation we find the Self, becoming at-one with our t@rue nature. Therefore, when repeating the true mantra with reverence, truth, wisdom, love and faith we are uplifted into our true expression. The mantra clears our being, washes away our sins and makes us pure. This "new life" energy circulates through- out the bodies, purifying and giving us strength. A mantra received from an enlightened spiritual teacher, a being Self-Realized is alive with Light and energy. It carries the energies of the Holy Spirit. Upon the vibrations of repetition your aware- ness is raised into the higher realms of consciousness. Also awakened is your inner powers and life force energies. That which is gained through experience by the spiritual master is then transferred to you. The mantra is the name of God, so it is as God. When you use the science of the spoken W6@d by repeating the name of God, you touch Him through your tongue and words or with your mind when you think of Him. The ultimate Reality takes form in the letters and words. When we use, for example, I Am That I Am, we bring into form this highest being, it is the spiritual teacher and yourself as well. When one has right understanding of the mantra, then the goal of the mantra is reached. The inner secret of the mantra is by repetition you are programming the subconscious with the name of your True Self. The mantra has great power. You know the power of others words, just two words like,llyou're stupid". Notice what your mind and emotions go through, sometimes to the point of rage. How pow,erful- @nd effect abusive terms have in them. Likewise wheh the name of God is spoken it has enormous power and takes us to the point of view where we can see God, a place within us. By rhythm and vibration of the mantra you are put in touch with your Self and God within. It brings a center of aware- ness in this Greater Self of our own true nature. The mantra is the life vibration of the Self. As Tattenaiananda* is seen he "bestows the gift of liberated bliss."

Other mantras you may use are: AUM TAT SAT AUM (I Am That I Am HUNG SA (breath control)


Pick one of these mantras that feels comfortable, or you can also do the Hare Krsna chant: HAre Krsna-Hare Krsna-Krsna Krsna-Hare Hare Hare Rama-Ha ";e Rama-Rama Rama-Hare Hare The second aspect is Breath Control to control the mind and--- emotions, to turn darkness into Light and this breath control is called Pranayama. The best breath control is a natural flow of the breath when the breath is even and steady so that the mind and emotions will be steady in meditation. When you put the mantra on the in-breath and out-breath you connect the mind with the mantra and pranayama (breath). You are breathing in and out the name of God and this automatically stabilizes the consciousness so it becomes calm. Sometimes through your inner awareness you automati- cally perform the breath control, it becomes fast or slow or is suspended. The breath must become "natural". Now you are ready to combine the breath, mantra and posture with the visualization of the Rainbow Bridge. Make sure you are completely relaxed before beginning to meditate. To aid in relaxation three cleansing breaths are required; this involves slowly taking in a breath and at the same time tightening up your body in sequence. Starting at the toes - tighten them up - next ankles, calves, knees, thighs, buttocks, pelvic area, stomach, and make it all tight - hold-hold-hold- your breath and then RELEASE all at once and make a loud "hissing" sound by putting the tongue against the roof of your mouth and forcing any remaining breath out of your lungs and think "NEGATIVITY OUT *Tattenaiananda - Roy's Godself.

Now that you are relaxed, you should have already been in your position for meditation and now press your thumb and forefinger togethbr, close your eyes and simply "see", visualize with the mind's eye, the colors red - orange - yellow - green - blue - violet - indigo - and at indigo imagine yourself merging into a golden ball of light and travelling up a long black tube and out into White Light. Once in the White Light, feel yourself expanding in it and see yourself perfect and whole physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Affirm for yourself Health, Wealth, Love, Happiness and Prosperity. Just BE in this awareness now and after a while feel your awareness returning back through the black tube and feel a golden ball on the top of your head next merging into indigo, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Feel your awareness returning to your body through the-@im - s of your hands and up through the soles of your feet. Once all your awareness has returned to your body you can rub your hands together briskly and place your palms over your eyes, slowly opening your eyes into your palms and slowly lower hands to your side. Once you have accomplished reaching the Silence in this manner, let us know and we will supply you with further information on reaching deeper states of awareness. RAINBOW BRIDGE COLORS AND THEIR ATTRIBUTES

Rose Red - Divine Love; Physical Control Fire Orange - Emotional control; Body of Feeling, Sensations and Emotions- Sunshine Yellow - Dispels evil thought; Conrol of the Intellect EmerAld Green - Pois6 and Balance; Healing, Awakening of Intuition; Concentration Summerday Sky Blue - Inner Peace; Creative Powers; Truth; Rhythm and Vibration; Hidden Potential; Higher Mind; Writing; Singing; Poetry and Past Lives Ultra-Violet - Transmutation ray breaks up discordant thoughts;

Insight; Imagination; Aura Perception; Third Eye, Color-Light-

Siz6-Shape-Depth perception; Mind:ls Eye; Precognition and

Prophecy. Indigo - (Color of th6 midnight sky, deep-deep purple) At-oneness; Beingness; Brings you to Universal Being; ReAlizgtion; Illumi- nation Gold - Master Consciousness; Master of Mind, Emotions and Physical; Divine Intellect; Divine Intuition; Ability to tap Universal Mind White - The Christos; Christ Consciousness; Purity and Perfection; Spiritual Mastery, the Sustainer; Realization as a Child of God; Cosmic Being Those are just some of the meanings of the colors, there is much, much more. Should you be interested in learning more about these higher states of awareness and the esoteric meanings to situations and things, please enquire about our Astral Physics course, which also comes in correspondence form, and we will be happy to supply the information you request. SUMMARY

Hands - Palms up, forefinger and thumb,pressed together

Position - Sitting in Chair

Lotus Position

Corpse Posture

(Be sure in all postures to keep head, neck and back straight).

Relax - Three (3) cleansing breaths, tense and release

Mantra - One of your choice to control mental,and emotional waves and to clear your aura. VISUALIZE - Rainbow Bridge to White Light where you see yourself in

a perfect state of Beingness and th6n reverse the process coming back through the Rainbow Bridge