Opening The Rainbow Eye
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Chapter One

Attention: Instinctive Mind; The Red Ray and the Root Chakra.
The Instinctive Mind, Action.

Monday is not a Root Chakra Day, it is the Day of the Heart Chakra on the Solar Bridge and Golden Ray Energy. Golden Ray Energy is in the Heart Chakra in the Body at this level of Consciousness. The Heart Chakra has twelve petals, being called the Golden Lotus. Monday is the Day of Wisdom. The reason we are also talking about the Root Chakra Consciousness is that we are also starting at the bottom of the spine and working our way up to the Head over the Nervous System.

Attention is the key to the Path to Enlightenment. The Path to Enlightenment can be divided into seven stages of Attention (the titles of the Seven Chapters) which are stages of the way attention can be used. Each stage is associated with a Chakra and a Color of the Rainbow. Each color gives certain benefits in healing. Attention can be divided into hundreds of Attention Units. Attention can be scattered, or stuck in Habit Patterns, Inherited Tendencies and Conditioned Reactions. Take charge of your attention. Don't get preoccupied with the Past, the Future, or habitual thoughts. To control your Attention, stay in the here and now. Pay Attention to all you do. Attention is the directing of your Life Energy. You need clear Attention to set goals and attain them. The importance of freed Attention to Heal is given in this chapter. If your Attention is stuck on past conditions in yourself, it is not free to attune to healing energies. To heal others, you must know yourself. The Red Ray in Healing gives Vitality and Strength.

Chapter Two

Concentration: The Orange Ray and the Spleen Chakra.
The Subconscious Mind, Emotions.

Concentration is the ability to focus on what you pay Attention to, the ability
to hold the image. Concentration is the next step past Attention. The Subconscious Mind is like a Biochemical Computer which stores impressions. With freed Attention you have the great power of recall from your Subconscious Mind. But you must act without being bound to its Habitual Patterns, Inherited Tendencies and Conditioned Reactions. Emotions are like water. Emotions can be cold and frozen, or like steam, moving quickly and dissipating, or Emotions can be like a pool of calm water. The wisdom to control your Emotional Body comes when you no longer hide from your reactions. Handle things as soon as they come up, putting something off is not dealing with it. In this chapter we give you the Power of Love. Everything returns to the Source. If you send forth Love, Love will return to you. Love is a purifier because it can only be experienced as it is shared or given away. If you send forth Love, it will return to you. Love is a purifier because it can only be experienced as it is shared or given away. The orange Ray in healing aids assimilation of all elements. The orange Ray is a purifier.

Chapter Three

Observation: The Yellow Ray and the Navel Chakra.
The Lower Mind, the Sub of the Sub-conscious Mind, the Intellectual Mind.

Observation at this center is where we learn not to be bound by systems and patterns, analyzations, assumptions, conclusions, judgments, opinions and comparisons. The Mind, with its reason and logic, can be a helpful Servant. But you will not have direct experience of the Higher Realms until you are able to transcend the Observation consciousness of the Lower Mind. Thinking Mind will take you around and around with descriptions. Defensive reactions will support blocked energies. The Observation of the Lower Mind can be an ally or an enemy. If you are always suspicious, looking at the negative side, that is what you will attune to and that is what you will receive in Life. Keep positive thoughts. They will give you Power. The Yellow Ray is regenerative. It can destroy bacteria, virus and toxins. It is also for removal of fears.

Chapter Four

Meditation: The Green Ray and Heart Chakra.
The Environmental Mind.

Meditation is the Personality's union with the Soul. The Soul is in union with God in Meditation. The Soul is the Trinity of the Lower Centers; body, emotions and mind, which are raised and brought to the Heart Center. At the Heart Center there is merging, two can blend and a new energy is created. Marriage should be a merging, not merely two people living in the same place. Meditation is the spontaneous experience of your true nature. When you meditate, you let go of the Physical, Emotional and Mental Energies, to let them regroup in the Soul. In order to have the Soul experience, you must let this merging take place. You then get intuition and knowledge from your full experience. To be centered, you must merge with the here and now. Then you can expand out and let go into the Spiritual Energies and Light. As you let go of attachments and old patterns, you have true freedom of Will and the Power to initiate.

Exercise: How to Astral Travel.

Exercise: Merge with a Tree. Comments from students at the opening the Rainbow Eye Retreat.
The Green Ray brings Poise and Balance and healing in the Etheric Body. The Healing Energies of the Green Ray are harmony, balance and adaptability. Green attunes you to Nature and encourages the self-healing mechanisms of the Body.

Chapter Five

Contemplation. The Blue Ray and the Throat Chakra.
The Higher Creative Abstract Mind.

In Contemplation you initiate a seed thought, then are passive and receptive to impressions from Higher Mind which speaks in a language that has no words. At the Throat Chakra you use Rhythm, Vibration and the Power of Cycles.

Exercise: Time Tracking (going back along your Lifestream). Using the inner sound to see previous lifetimes. Time tracking is not memory, recalling what your senses told you; it is experiencing the vibrations of the actual event as it took place. When you first start time tracking, you get impressions. Then these get clearer and clearer, as your Clairvoyance and Clairaudio open. Always go down your life stream with a purpose and attune to the highest. Otherwise you can get caught in the Negative Past experiences.

Contemplated Clairvoyance and Clairaudio are Sight and Sound with the Vibratory Rate increased in Consciousness. One must start with calm from within. If you react to what happens, then you are in it and putting your own impressions on it. Rather, be neutral and let your Mind open. You cannot merge clearly with anything unless you can stop the movements of your own Actions, Emotions and Mind.

In the Art of Healing hold to the highest and be specific. The effect and speed of healing in a person depends on the condition of that person's Chakras and One's self determination. A person who is open and lets God Heal with the Holy Spirit will then let the healing take place automatically. If a Chakra is blocked, One may have to work on opening it, so the healing energy can come through.

The Blue Ray is tranquilizing and relaxing. It balances excess of Energy and helps counteract the overactive glands and helps reduce the tendency of being overweight.

NOTE: TAT (Rev. Harrison Roy Hesketh D.D.) has watched and worked with many Spiritual Healers and Healing techniques. The Healers always open themselves up through Contemplation to the highest and then guides the patient to open up. When two or more come together, so shall it be, the Healing takes place.

Chapter Six

Super Conscious Awareness: The Indigo Ray and the Brow Chakra.
The Super Conscious Mind, The Third Eye.

With Super Conscious Awareness One can do Light body traveling, go to the Cities of Light, the Planes of Light and consciously receive the Light. You must be able to detach from the lower bodies and be conscious in your Light Body to have these experiences. The Spiritual Masters can guide us to these Higher Realms and most importantly show us the way to Enlightenment and Self Realization. How do you meet a Master?

TAT (Rev. Harrison Roy Hesketh D.D.) tells us of some of his own Super Conscious Awareness experiences. The Golden Room of Light; the ebony man and the alabaster man. Attunement to the Masters of Light. Tat teaches how to surrender to God, letting go of all One's troubles and sorrows, letting go of all entanglements and depressions, and letting go of all mis-loves and misunderstandings. One must include all parts of One's Being on the Righteous Mystic Spiritual Path. Each Chakra draws a certain energy (Root Chakra for Physical Power, Spleen Chakra for Emotional Power, Naval Chakra for Mental Power, Heart Chakra for Psychic Power, Throat Chakra for Creative Power, Brow Chakra for Superconscious Power and Crown Chakra for Spiritual.) You need each Chakra open to be whole.

Exercise: The Crown of Power. Uniting Earth Consciousness and Spiritual Consciousness for healing and manifestation. The Earth Power is a stabilizing force so healing can come from the Spiritual Light.

One is given the Super Conscious Awareness of the Touch of Light Healing Techniques. One is given the 12 Rules of Healing, the use of Chakras, Balanced Breath techniques and the need for the Patient's acceptance of Healing. One will learn about the Patients ability to concentrate, Preparation Time beforehand, a cleansing technique for afterward and the need for continued Treatments of the Touch of Light.

Chapter Seven

Cosmic Consciousness. The Violet Ray and Crown Chakra.
The Universal Mind, Awareness as Unity.

Cosmic Consciousness is attached to the Pineal Gland. The Crown Chakra is attached to the Pineal Gland which is a Cosmic Battery for the storage of Gold, White and Crystal Light. It fills the Atman (which is Cosmic Consciousness of the Spirit Body in the Physical Body) with Gold, White and Crystal Light, to uplift and expand you. To use Gold, White and Crystal Light you must attune to it, by keeping your Attention connected with God, knowing and feeling God's Presence. It may take a little time to attune, but then it becomes natural. Then the Spiritual Powers come into One's Life.

This Cosmic Consciousness attunement is the Divine Mergence (Mystical Union. It is deeper than Heart mergence because you merge not only with other individuals or things, but expand to merge with all about you and One With God. This powerful Crown Chakra Cosmic Consciousness is won only by complete surrender of your little ego. You do not surrender to an inside or outside force that is unknown. You surrender to the God of your own Faith and Realization. One then expands to the Universal God Self which is beyond the Body in Light. You will have to surrender all your defenses and ego games. To defend from something means you have not become one with it. When you are One With God there is no separation or no position to defend. This chapter the Healing procedure is shown in an actual Touch of Light Healing Session, given at the opening the Rainbow Eye Retreat.

Postlogue: In this Final Chapter One learns Cosmic Consciousness Spiritual Power, meeting God and the Touch of Light Healing. Also taught are Examples of Healings channeled through TAT (Rev. Harrison Roy Hesketh D.D.) Healing such as heart surgery where a person is restored to a perfect Body as it was before Illness and surgery, many healing of cancer, deafness, cataracts, crushed nerves, the lengthening of a limb and others Healings of Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. TAT concludes, "0f myself I can do nothing, but in God's Holy Spirit and being with God all things are possible. Praising God and be wholly in God"

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