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Tat how did you get close to God ?

The God Man and God Woman reproduce themselves over and over in Divine Intercourse with God, in Love and Devotion, in the Wisdom, Truth, Purity and Perfection of the Divine Energy and Light of the Sacred Flame at the Godhead, Golden White Crystal Light.

I knew that there must be a way to meet them because so many talked about it. I had these flashes over and over again. At first I dreamed I was there. Then the Dream became more vivid and repeated itself and the vision became more complete. When I came to the Hawaiian Islands, the Dream became so vivid that I was having flashes in the Akashic Light. I did not know yet what the Akasha was.

My Grandmother had just told me to look into the atmosphere and see things. I thought everybody knew how to do those things and that this is what they were doing when they gazed off. Then I found out most of them were just looking in their own Auras. They never looked into the Auric Vibration of another Person or Place, never looked into the Light.

I wanted to be clear in seeing this Light, and I Prayed. God's Holy Spirit guided me on. I would sit in front of my Altar daily and surrender to God. I would surrender to the Spiritual Masters to teach me. I would feel myself leaving all my troubles and sorrows, all my entanglements and depressions, all my misgivings and misunderstandings, all my mis-loves and mis-concepts behind to be cleansed in the Crystal White Light. I wondered how to let things go, but all I had to do was think of them and let them go. Let them go as soon as they come - you transmute by Detachment.

At first a Diamond Crystal Light appeared and I was getting more and more of the Violet Flame in my Inner Vision. The First Guides were People who had gone beyond - my Grandmother, my Aunt, my Mother, Edgar Cayce, some people like this who has died not too long before. Then I saw an Ancient Master, Zorresto, a Galactic Being with an Interdimensional Time-Space Unit. I kept probing deeper, deeper; I wanted the Spiritual Masters.

I knew I was in the Spiritual Realm and all of a sudden I came upon Powers and Guardians to Doorways into Higher Realities of Light and Energy. Many of them looked Fierce and Ugly. I found they were my own mis-concepts and misunderstandings facing me in the forms of Demons and Monsters. They were all Illusion, Guardians to the Doorways of the Consciousness of God Awareness, Christ and the Masters of Light.

Deeper and deeper I went into Meditation, seeking in my Heart to know, seeking in my Mind to see and simulate, seeking to Be. I understood that if I wanted to experience these Great Beings, I must Raise my vibrations.

I did Spiritual exercise after exercise to raise the vibrations in the DNA, in the atomic Structure of my Physical and Mental Bodies. I did Spiritual exercises to increase my Perception, to increase my Depth of Conscious Awareness, until I could see clearly, until I could see all things without being hindered by my own Emotions, Thinking Mind, Knowledge, Ideas, and Imagination.

I practiced until I could surrender to the Imagination, Ideas, Knowledge, Thinking, Feelings and Actions of the Spiritual Masters. I did everything to be like them, act like them, talk like them, give forth the Energy and Light from God to Humanity.

I have known Christ since I was a small child. One day Christ came in Light, showed Himself to me as a Beautiful Being. He stood in the Violet Fire Robe. He was a Violet Fire Being with His hands outspread, floating there in the Air. I was eight years old when it first happened and my Grandmother had me draw a picture of the vision on cloth. I saw that Vision many times while in Hawaii and Christ Blessed me with the Holy Spirit for Healing. In the first Visions Christ came in a Golden Robe.

To renew the Vision I would see Clear Crystal Light Rolling over me, cleansing me, uplifting me in the Holy Spirit to the innocence of a child. I do this in the shower and I wash my Body in a System that gives me Conscious Awareness from my Toes to the Top of my Head. As I clean the Body, from the top of my Head to my toes, I chant, "Clear Crystal Fire Light" and Visualize this Energy and Light of the Holy Spirit of God flowing like the water over me. Soon it becomes a Vibrant Energy about me; it is like a Crystal Cloak of Energy and Light upon me. I can feel it touching Me, my Spirit, my Mind, my Senses and my Body.

I continued to Pray and Chant for Three and One Half Years. I asked for more Guidance and Understanding, more depth. Systematically, the spiritual Beings raised my Vibrations within the very center of my Being. Every cell, every part of my molecules and every atom of my Body, Mind and Being. Freeing me from my Physical entanglements, my Emotional Discoordinated energies, my thinking Mind, freed me from my Soul and Heart. I transcended into my individual Spirit Self. I kept striving to see and understand, to be closer and closer to God and the Spiritual Masters. I did not want the lower Guides. I did not want Guides that were not in God. I did not want reflective Beings, only those in open and direct contact with God. They did not have to do things or go anywhere because they were already in God, not trying to get there. I accept Guides that are God Men and God Women, Brothers and Sisters in the Light.

To be continued

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