This Logos is the students of Light connection, at the Creative and abstract mind, with the Holy Spirit, the Christ, the Father, the Masters of Light, the Saints, Holy Beings, Elohims, Archangels, Cosmic Consciousness, Cosmic Beings, the Planetary Deity, the Great Solar Logos, the Great Cosmic Logos, Center Sun and Beyond the Beyond. The Astral Physics Logos has the Power to tap into all levels of Spirit, Mind and Matter.

In the clear Crystalline Light of the God-self, flowing on an ocean of Rose Light of Love, the Astral Physics Logos is eternal; Emanating Yellow Gold Rays of Wisdom and radiating Blue Rays of Truth. The Astral Physics Logos gives forth Violet Fire and Indigo to Transmute and Unite to bring success in the World and Beyond. With the Fire Orange of the Nine-pointed Star, the Powers of Healing and Aspiration, Mastery of the Physical, which fills the students of Light, now Masters, with honor and loyalty. The ultra-translucent Violet Fire Rays and Infinity Strips gives the Powers of Transmutation, Transmission and the ability of Spiritual Mastery.

The Fire Orange outlines the Nine-pointed Star while the inner star is filled with the Cosmic White Light of the Christ Consciousness, expressing purity and perfection. The Christ Light, Mind of Light, fills the Astral Physics student with Divine Unity and Purification. All Ascending and Ascended Masters from every time and every place have reached into or reached this state of Being, atone with the Christ's White Cosmic Light; created by the Father, sustained by the Christ, and Powered by the Holy Spirit. This is the perceiver of the pure consciousness of the God-Head, emanating from the Body of God. The four dots surrounding the Golden Circle are Green and the Three Basic Rays - Red, Yellow and Blue. The Rays are the atonement with the Christ Light, Cosmic White Light and comes from this Cosmic Light as do all rays of color.

The Golden translucent circle gives to the student of Light, Wisdom, Enlightenment, Liberation and Mental Mastery. The Black and White of duality symbol gives to the students of Light, the Mastery of Light, making them Masters of Light, for they now are One with Mother-Father God. They now hold the Creative Powers of assembling and disassembling, the ability of compassion and mercy and the realization to rejoin with the One God, Seen and Unseen; All that is, was and always will be; Everything and Nothing; all Names and no Names; Manifest and Unmanifest and Beyond; the Oneness, Knowingness,
Beingness of Perfection and Pure Consciousness.

Contemplation Meditation on this Spiritual Mystic Logos will bring the Student-Masters of the New Age Light a Light Infinite and Eternal to the awareness of the God-Self, Presence of the I Am, the Teacher within, to the consciousness and awareness of Eternal Enlightenment of Life. It gives the power over all form and structure. This is the Eternal Witness of the Crystal Eye, in the Center of all Creation that Sees all Creation and Beyond Creation.

One should meditate 5 days and rest 2 days on each aspect of the Logos, starting at the 6 week of the Astral Physics 'Doorway into Light' Training. One can also Meditate 14 days and rest 2 on each aspect of the Astral Physics Logos, starting at Christmas and ending 13 days before Christmas, ideally, fasting and staying open for 13 days before the December Full Moon for full Realization and Illumination.



The Golden Circle symbolizes the One God and the sphere of all encompassing space and manifestation. It is the Omniscience, the Cosmic Egg,the Universal Womb of all Beingness. Through Supreme Knowledge of the Oneness of God and how all things are this Oneness, we remove the limitations of the smaller circles of life, we are becoming free within the all-pervading One Without a Second. Meditation on the Golden Circle will attune one to the One and how all things function in harmony through Wisdom. The One through Meditation who breaks through this veil, realizes there are no secrets.


The ancient Symbol of Duality turned on it's side shows the Mother-Father Aspects of the One God; the Manifest (white) and the Unmanifest (black),the Light and Darkness; passive and aggressive within; action and inaction; male & female. It represents the duality of all things. These are the two powers of consciousness that create and disassemble, the ability to move Spirit into Matter and Matter into Spirit. Laying on it's side it shows man putting Light in a higher position than Darkness. In Reality, all things are One and exist within the One God. This is the beginning of illusion, being separate. When one is realized in the One there is no separation.


The all-seeing eye is the Omnipresence of God; seeing (experiencing) all the infinite form & all which is unformed. This is the Crystal Eye with the Light and The Divine Director of the Rainbow Bridge of Light from Light into Darkness and Darkness into Light. This is God realizing Pure Spirit and Manifest Form. This Crystal Eye of consciousness perceives in all directions and in all Levels of Being and all Dimensions.



Emerald Green: The Emerald Green is in the center of the spectrum. Here the Material Aspect of Being, as well as the Spiritual Aspect of Being, the harmony of nature are found. This is the Essence of the Soul. Within this vibration is intuition and individualized knowledge. It is the feeling nature of the Soul.


Sapphire Blue: Power and Protection; Divine Love; Peace; Creative Power; Idea; Rhythm and Vibration; truth; the Harmony of Spiritual Mastery within. Within this vibration, Clairaudio, the inner voice and the seeds of the Spiritual Aspect are found. Here we have the depth of spiritual feeling, Reality of the Infinitude of Beingness. It is the Cornucopia Center, the Purity of Life Abundance.


Diamond Yellow: Wisdom through Intellect; God's Divine Experience; Clairthinking; Reason and Logic; the ability to understand clearly. This power raises the Human Being above the animal and develops talents systematically to a level of proficiency. In the Diamond Yellow Sunshine Rays, we have the burning away of evil thought.


Ruby Red: Love. The ever giving for the joy of giving without thought of return or renumeration in the Now. This is the force of vitality emanation through the Sons and Daughters of God. The Healing of the physical garment by the increase of Life Energy. Ruby Red is self-assertion and the function of I Am being the primal expression of individuality. Here One is Master of the physical. This is the Love, expression of the Christ for Humanity.


The Upper Triad: Contains the states of Beingness; atoneness; all knowing; detachment; the God Desire; the Immaculate Conception; Vision and Imagination; the Third Eye. The Will and Power of God; the Higher Mental Body. The Upper Triad has all the throat and head centers within it and also represents the flow of Cosmic Forces and Powers into Human consciousness. At the top of the Upper Triad we have Realization and Self Mastery, the Crown of Humanity. At the bottom,Inner Peace and Creative Powers. It is Spirit pointing to Matter.


The Lower Triad: The personality; physical, emotional, lower mental bodies are here as well as instinctive mind, subconscious mind and intellectual (thinking-reason and logic) mind. The majority of awareness is focused toward the physical and material planes until the reverse of polarity sends these energies to God. It is attachment, Personal will and want, Matter pointed toward Spirit.


Time and Eternity: The Lower and Higher Selves with the Psyche; the Soul; the "Hour Glass of Awareness"; the individual trinity of the Human. The Lower, Middle and the Higher Selves entered upon the Path to Enlightenment through the merging of One's whole being. This is the Astral Physics student freed from the mass consciousness. The Soul: Hidden behind the Duality. This is where the Higher and Lower triads overlap; the Eye of the needle. Hidden from view the student of Light learns to go past the Duality to see the unity of Self in the heart of their own Spiritual Consciousness. Within is the three-fold flame.


The Three-fold Flame: This is the Mother-Father God with the gift of Creative Power. The Three-fold Flame is for the development of the Wisdom Power and Love. With these attributes of God Consciousness, One raises the Soul to the Ascending Master's Consciousness. When the incoming Light from Spirit shines through the Threefold flame into the personality, One stands transcendent in the awareness as a Son or Daughter of God.


The Holy Spirit descends into the Human and brings the Gifts and Powers of God from the God-Head. Divine Wisdom, Divine Truth and The Divine Love of God into the Plane of Matter, the Mind and the Emotions. This is the power from the Mighty "I Am" of Consciousness, the Word made manifest. Among the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are Prophesy, Healing, Precognition, Discerning of Spirit Speaking in Tongues, interpretation of Tongues, Raising the dead, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, God-Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, the right use of Inner Light, Clairaudio, Clairsensory, Power of time and Space, Power over the Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms, Power over Evil, Divine Grace, the Power of Universal Mind, transcendental Beingness, Teleportation, Divine Intuition, the ability to walk and talk with the Masters of Light; just to name some of all the Supreme and Divine, Expressions. These Powers are not to be confused with the Psychic Powers.


The Ascension of the Spirit of the Human:- minus the point. The missing point is the Human incarnation, seeking to awaken the unconscious awareness and to expand the unmanifested Self. When the student finds the point tolife, then ascends in Humanity becoming the at-one with the Soul of Humanity, gives up the individual ego, then they will become the Universal Supreme Being, doing the good for all. This is Rebirth and Ascension of the individualized consciousness. The Blending of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Humanity within you.


The five-pointed star pointing down. You align your spirit with the Holy Spirit of God and from the Spiritual Body through the fifth element, ethers. The Symbol of Involution gives the power of synthesis through the combining of earth, water, fire, air and ethers. In true alchemy, the six-pointed star gives perfect balance of Higher and Lower selves. When the sixth unmanifested point is found within, the Human returns on the evolutionary Path to God.


The Symbol of Infinity: The moby strip. This symbol represents the Past and Future merging into the Present. One is centered within the Witness, seeing from the Here and Now. The Witness sees the past and future. The Symbol of Infinity at the top of the Logos is the present life; the life of Transcendence and Ascension Powers. The ability to attune with the Soul of Humanity and on to the Cosmic Soul and Spirit thus becoming One with the One without a Second, God. The four Symbols of Infinity on the right represent the four greatest lives of Power; the four Symbols of Infinity on the left represent the your greatest lives of Sensitivity. Nine is the number of completion and when the student of Light finds the Spirit as One and frees the Self from pleasure and pain, burning away the seeds of Karma (stuck attention), using the Transcending and Ascension Powers, in the present life, they then break free from the Wheel of Life and Death, becoming the eternal Being Individualized. Thus, the Word (perfection) made manifest; Eternally and Infinite.


The Four Rays represent the Lords of the Elementals: Through the Elementals we are sustained on the third dimension for the experience of form. Through the ever giving love and service to Humanity, our bodies are maintained by the Elementals of earth, water, fire and air. Automatic Mind of Matter responds to the Divine Mind of Humankind. All consciousness is seeking perfection and as we give love to the Elemental Kingdom, vast, wide and expanding, we lift ourselves to the Light of Master Consciousness. This is the Children of God, Master over the Earth and all on it and in it.


The Infinity Strip at the Top of the Logos has Five Rays; the ethers is the fifth ray. Here, the student of Light works with the Angelic Kingdom and, through Alchemy, commands through the perfect image of an individual at unit, the five lower bodies of consciousness. From this point, as witness to the Manifest Unmanifest, divinity directs the bringing of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The student of Light has found the teacher within, the Divine Director of the Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omni Beingness; freed from the World of Appearances; attuned to Reality; freed from direction of the senses and sensations; Master of body, mind and soul; freed from death, disease and suffering; attuned to Transmutation, Transformation, Transfiguration, Ascension and Transcendence. Here the Student of Light, Master unfolding, enters the Spiritual Kingdom; walks and talks (merges and receives impressions) from and with the ELOHIM, Angelic Host, Ascended Masters of Light, Saints and Holy Beings. One with the Holy Spirit, with and open and direct contact with God.


The Nine-Pointed Star: The student here has a completion of a circle and brings into being the end of limitation; attachment; the control by the senses and sensation; the limited outer personality; the scattered awareness; and the illusion of being separated. The Master unfolding begins a new with the rebirth of Spiritual Life in the Light and Energies of the Ascending and Ascended Masters, the Saints and Holy Being consciousness, realization of the God-Self, I Am Consciousness. The Nine Pointed Star gives the Powers of Completion, Authority and Freedom.


The Astral Physics Logos: When complete The Astral Physics Logos gives the Power of Instant Manifestation through the Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence of God, the One without a Second. All the before mentioned Powers are at Hand for the Spiritual Mystic to use. These Powers are yours by your degree of Faith in them and your ability to use them. They are your Spiritual Heritage.

If you feel this material is a spiritual blessing to you, please respond appropriately with supportive prayer for God's work through God's channel Master Tat and its Astral Physics Teachings, the message to humanity for all times. And, if possible, provide ongoing financial support for the proclamation of this message to all of God's people and all the world.


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