From the Desk of Rev. Harrison Roy Hesketh DD
CEO President / Founder Church of Revelation

Dean of the APS/COR University of Light Astral Physics School

P.O. Box 2081 Del Mar, Ca. 92014


Blessings of Light to Beloved of God;
Are you ready to receive God and everything God has for you ? Do you accept your God given birthright to be prospered by the enormously powerful Spiritual Mystics of the Order of Saint John the Beloved and the Masters of Light? Are you prepared to accept your God given miracles here in the new millennium?

The Spiritual Mystic Order of the Church of Revelation and the Masters of Light , possess the most highly guarded secrets of the ages. These secrets have been passed by word of mouth in secret societies known as the illuminati for centuries since the beginning of time. Now, as foretold by the prophecy of Eastern and Western religion, esoteric, spiritual, and mystical lineages and teachings we are coming out of the dark shadows to spread the word of Light for the next 2000 years. In doing so, my beloved of God, we will forever change the lives of those individuals with whom we ally ourselves by giving them a new found faith in God. We have been prepared and attuned for all our life for this mission.

The Spiritual Mystic Order of the Church of Revelation possess the wisdom, power and love to change the future through prayer, my beloved. What is it you desire? All you must do is ask and it shall be given unto you as you have read in the Bible and the scriptures of the world. This is the marvelous power held by the The Spitirual Mystic Order of the Church of Revelation. That is the gift we offer you.

For a moment consider the impact that knowing the future shall have upon your life. How will your life change, beloved of God, when every important prayer, the time to worship and ceremony to preform is revealed to you ahead of time. It is no accident that this webpage is brought to you.

What if you were given the power to change those events that you desire? How do you think your life would change? Allow us to answer that question for you: You might instantly find all the love and happiness that you ever desired. You might be surrounded by immense prosperity. You might have tremendous grace of God and find what you desire. You might be a complete success in every way imaginable.

The legendary powers of the Spiritual Mystics and Masters of Light are all true. Nothing has ever been able to stand in their way. No jealous Kings or Queens, paranoid Popes or religious leaders or self-centered and greedy politicians. Our faith is enormous and absolute as we are the hand-picked disciples of the One and only true Almighty God.

For thousands of years, others have made claims of having the power to grant wealth, health, power and privilege that only the Spiritual Mystics and Masters of Light possess. You have read and heard tales of our miraculous Wisdom, Power and Love no doubt. Now you will become a living testimony to those miraculous powers. If you do not believe in God's almighty powers, then read no further. However, if you believe that God possesses the power to reveal and change the future events on Earth, then you must accept the assistance of the powerful Spiritual Mystics and Masters of Light today. Remember, your absolute faith in God's power is essential or we cannot help you.

Today we offer you assistance and gifts, that will forever change your life, by this most secret of societies. With this assistance, we will supply you with ttremendous gifts of knowledge that will change your life. The moment you are in possession of these supernatural gifts, life as you know it will cease and splendor will replace it.

Here is what we are prepared to offer you.
1. Through a secret ceremony and initiation process known only to the inner most circle of the Spiritual Mystic's Order and Masters of Light, your future shall be revealed to you directly. This teaching will provide every significant prayer, time to worship and ceremony to preform during your lifetime.

2. A powerful invocation, known only to the members of Spiritual Mystic's Order and Masters of Light, will be given for you, and you will be given the prayers, fiats, decrees, mantras and calls of power to use to conmunicate with God, open and direct. You may use the prayers, fiat, decrees, mantras and calls of power at will to change your future as you see fit. With the secret invocation and your unquestionable faith in God , you can use your the prayers, fiats, decrees, mantras and calls of power to command your world and the world around you.

With the AP Logos and the prayers, fiats, decrees, mantras and calls of power in your possession, you will never want again. Anything and everything will be yours to pray for as it has always been for the Ones of God and Masters of Light. Here is this New Millennium, everything shall be different for you.

At this time, we are tendering you this offer. We know you have contacted psychics and spiritual advisors and it is not our way to disparage others, however, they can not begin to possess all of the power of faith, wisdom, truth and love that the Spiritual Mystic's Order and Masters of Light have. To believe so would be sheer folly or simple ignorance.

The donation we ask for is your serious and sacrificial best donation- at lease $100.00 or, more than you have given before to God and the Spirit of that One Almighty's work on earth through the Astral Physics School / Church of Revelation. Your donation is tax deductible under the 501 3c non profit org. Church of Revelation. We will send you a reciept.

Do pass this information on to others because you have been picked for this very special assistance at this time of your life and this time in history. The future is yours and it is now up to you.

Blessings for Light. from Rev. Harrison Roy Hesketh D.D., Known as TAT, the one that answers question, Godliness and Light, Thatness.

Full title: Reverend, Swami, Kahuna, Shaman, Bishop, Doctor of Divinity, Lama, Sri Harrison Roy Hesketh

Spiritual title: Vishivas Tattenaiananda, the truth of Creation, Bestower and Overseer of the gifts of God and Bestower of Liberated Bliss.

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___Do the rituals, ceremonies and invocation on my behalf
___Enclosed is my serious and sacrificial best donation, more than I have given before to God and the Spirit of that One Almighty's work on earth.
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