For thousands of years, others have made claims of having the power to grant wealth, health, power and privilege that only the Spiritual Mystics and Masters of Light possess. You have read and heard tales of our miraculous Wisdom, Power and Love no doubt. Now you will become a living testimony to those miraculous powers. If you do not believe in God's almighty powers, then read no further. However, if you believe that God possesses the power to reveal and change the future events on Earth, then you must accept the assistance of the powerful Spiritual Mystics of the Church of Revelation / Astral Physics School and Masters of Light today. Remember, your absolute faith in God's power is essential or we cannot help you.

Today we offer you assistance and gifts, that will forever change your life, by this most secret of societies. With this assistance, we will supply you with tremendous gifts that will change your life. The moment you are in possession of these supernatural gifts, life as you know it will cease and the splendor of Mastery will replace it. One of those gift is as follows. The Power and secrets of THE NEW AND GOLDEN AGE.


Chapter 1. THE ANTAKARANA - Rainbow Bridge

Chapter 2. INTERPRETATIONS OF COLORS - Rainbow Colors

Chapter 3. MASTER OF THE RAYS - Rainbow Masters

Chapter 4. THE SHIFT


Channeled by Reverend Harrison Roy Hesketh DD Through "Tattenaiananda" in 1978


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THE ANTAKARANA - Rainbow Bridge

A planet in darkness and from space and dimension, great Ships of light, with Beings of Light, descend upon her, lifting the children of light, the cries and the screams of the fallen ones fade in the fury of the fire below as the children of light float and bask in the sounds of the universe and are lifted by the Christ. Like an endless vibration of bliss, poured forth from the great center sun, through the mouths of angels and masters, blessings of light, blessings of light, for soon the kingdom will be. Blessings of light, blessings of light for at last God's children are free. TATTENAIANANDA

These teachings come from an all day seminar that was taught on many dimensions about the New and Golden Age of consciousness that will descend upon the planet. Here the children of light will read the message of light of the great and Holy Spirit. Oh that day February 19, 1977, at 1668 South King Street, at the Ascending Bridge of Rainbow Light Center, in Honolulu, Hawaii, we sent forth these rays of light to engulf and enlighten those students and children of light.

The sound of "OM, like a voice calling in the wilderness, so is the voice of light calling unto the planet earth. "0h Children, children of Light, ascend, ascend - 0MMMmmmmmmm. Who am I to bring you this message of light? I guess this story began long ago, this story of light. When I was a child, I was taught of light in the way of Jesus Christ and as I grew older, I faded from the light until one day, it shined again in my consciousness. About three years ago I came to this island of Oahu. Here I was seeking my Inner Self, my higher beingness and seeking to gain a closer understanding of my self.

Strange how one is guided sometimes by unseen forces, but I felt I was guided to come here and to take a different direction in my life stream. One night I was calling in pangs of agony of the earth plane, I called for the light of Christ to descend upon me.

For five hours, I prayed and poured forth my life essence to clear myself and cleanse Myself by calling for the Christ. Then later, I was contacted by a Master of Light. There came my first illumination of a state of consciousness beyond the physical dimension that took me into an outer realm of light in a great golden ball of light in an inter~dimensional time-space unit, as it was described to me. It descended around my room and I was uplifted in the vibration of it. I was shown things of the past and of the future.

After I meditated for long hours of meditation in isolation, away from the distracting thoughts and emotions of humanity -----I had isolated myself in an hermitage of consciousness to draw this higher and greater light. Something had been calling to me time after time after time until I came to this realization. Isolation seemed like the answer to the call.Over the past three years, I have had many contacts with this great light and through a power that has been given to man; he can contact these greater beings and greater light.

This power is called, the Antakarana or the Rainbow Bridge of Light. Antakarana is not an illusion or the rainbow that you see in the sky; rather, it is a very true and factual vibration in consciousness. It correlates the energies of the various dimensions of awareness into seven fields of light and energy that pour forth from a single white light source. In my first experience with it, I worked with the seven for a long tine, many months. Spirits of light came to guide me to read certain materials, certain books. And among these books were the Holy Bible, the Bagavad Gita, the books of the Theosophy Society, the Secret Doctrine by Madame Blavatsky, and books by C. W. Leadbeater. Then I was drawn to esoteric teachings of Buddhism and mysticism of Tibet and India Which reactivated much of my training in consciousness of my earlier years with my grandmother.

I studied all of these various materials at the direction of a spiritual guide named, Tat, of the Brotherhood of Light, who taught me more about the Antakarana, these seven rays of energy and light emanating from this one white light source. I learned to correlate and bring into my super conscious awareness, the energies of these pure rays of light by purifying each ray within my Self, each state in my own consciousness.

I worked in the purification of the physical body, dropping my diet to one to three cups of pressed barley with butter a day and drinking endless cups of Chinese tea and water. This continued to raise the vibratory rate in my consciousness to see this Antakarana which before this time was just flashes of light in my inner consciousness. But, it came in a brilliant emanation from this white light source deep in a meditation and I was drawn up into an indigo ray that moved me into golden rings of light.

This made eight rays in the vibration of the bridge that I was seeing, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, indigo and gold. Then I moved on in consciousness until I reached the white light source, ninth level, and I found in the heart of this great White Light Source, and then a Crystal Fire that was beyond comprehension or description and I didn't know how to bring it forth in consciousness. I was just instructed to work with the Bridge, the Antakarana, the Rainbow Bridge. So over and over again I meditated upon it seeing it, sometimes enhancing the power of it by meditating in the sunlight. And when you meditate in the sunlight as if the colors are painted on the lids of the eye you can see the changing vibrations of the Bridge.

As I lowered my gaze, I could see the red, as I slowly raised my gaze I could see the various colors of the light until I would go out on rings of golden light through a great dark tube of light into a white field of energy and light. Over and over again, not even completely understanding why I was doing it, not thinking of why I was doing it, not even feeling why I was doing it. Just doing it because I was instructed to do so. I had faith in the Masters of Light that had contacted me and I continued to get this Rainbow Bridge over and over again until one day in a meditation, as I was gazing upon the sun, I felt my energies and my light start moving up away from this earth, through the universe and piercing the sun. Moving faster than the speed of light, I pierced right through the eye of the sun into a white and crystal universe of light with many, many beings of light.

Endless sounding vibrations of beauty and bliss emanated throughout this universe. Then it faded and I was once again back in my physical body. I wanted to experience this again and I meditated and again I pierced forth into the Universe through the universe in and through this sun and into this white and crystal Universe again. Four tines I did this and as I came from meditation that day and was Coming back to my room there was a violet hue in all things that were red. There were energies and light added to my consciousness that started giving me more perception and awareness of the Auric vibrations of individuals.

This Antakarana had opened up a channel of light, an area of consciousness that I had never stepped into consciously in this life.The rainbow that I saw was not like the rainbow that we have in the sky and the colors were different, but this Antakarana was a bridge of light from the outer to the inner and from the inner to the greater beingness of all humanity, the elder brothers, the Masters of Light, the White Brotherhood. The Antakarana leads to that great Brotherhood of Light. They pour forth their love, their truth, their wisdom upon that light, their creativity, their purity, their healing powers emanating forth the blue ray' of light, the first power emanating that I found myself moving upon.Then this ray turned to a golden flash into a rose hue of radiating light to turn to a brilliant white.

Then the sky turned green about me, for I have no other way of describing that which was around me other than sky. But, it seemed like I was floating in an endless sky of green. There I saw a golden ruby light. I moved towards it. Soon in golden rings I was moving through this ruby ray. I pierced it into a violet fire, and the violet fire was so strong it seemed to burn away some of my consciousness. I was forgetting things of the life that I was in and became aware of things of lives that had passed and lives that are in the future. Again I came back from this bridge of light beyond that of the rainbow that I had been using. The Rainbow Bridge of, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, indigo, gold and through a tube of black into white light and into crystal. I had reached an inner bridge of light that emanates daily into the pranic force fields of the planet earth like step down vibrations of light from this one great center source.

Light Beings working in dimensions bring this great brilliance of purity and perfection down into form that it may create and expand in full conscious awareness. The individual life sparks were planted. The seeds were planted in consciousness and watered by the emanations of light.

The Antakarana is both personal and impersonal. It has a dual vibration to it. The personal vibration of the Antakarana is represented by the angels, the powers and the masters; the ascended Masters of Light who have taken and become one with that force, who have become one with that light by living the vibrations of the Light. There is a personal Antakarana that takes you from your outer self and then there is an impersonal one that takes you to the Hierarchy. Coming from the greater Hierarchy of Light, the Church of Revelation and Astral Physics School become applications of this vibration from dimensions beyond. These organizations are primarily a channeling force and particularly adapted to train channels of light. At this time, descending towards the planet are a hundred Christos, a hundred Buddhas, and an endless number of higher angelic Beings and they are bringing forth the energies of this light.

Let me tell you a little history of man before I give you a definition of these colors. When man first came to this planet, he was a spiritual being, a spiritual essence, an emanating force, a light force energy in a wave of light and he descended in his vibrations to experience upon this platform, the earth, for his conscious awareness and communication with the other parts of himself. Mankind descended upon the planet and worked through four kingdoms becoming much experienced working in the mineral kingdom, conditioning this planet for things that would be needed by future energies that would be manifested and formed.

There he learned the Alchemy of the physical universe, the chemistry of it, for he was the creator localized to produce it. And so he came to this fiery ball of light and tamed it and tamed the energies of the mineral kingdom and worked with the elemental forces of that kingdom to understand it and be enlightened and uplifted by it. In the history of our teachings, the circle has always been of great use in describing the all encompassing vibration, the encompassing vibration of God or One, the One Without a Second within whom we live and move and have our being. The circle with the line that separates it shows duality and man had taken this circle from a trinity force of the Father, [creator] the Son [sustainer] and the Holy Spirit [transcender]and brought it into a manifestation to represent his power over the four lower kingdoms; the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom and the human kingdom.

This is the circle divided into four symbol of the spirit energies to control these four kingdoms. When man descended in the first animal body, these animals had already been used for the proving grounds for the physical and emotional energy and so the spirit, wishing to seek experience, had the power of precipitating instantly a body through a duality force of a Mother - Father aspect, concentrating with one another they precipitated a body from the etheric form,these spiritual beings to take light and experience it.

Man was an ethereal being walking with animals. He watched the animals that freely moved and reproduced and he wanted to experience this experience so he started to enter the animal body and slowly take them over for his conscious use. Oh, what a new sensation it was for spirit to move into such a limited vibration and be controlled by so many senses as the instinctive mind which was very strong as built into these animal bodies.

The first root race was given fourteen thousand years to experience and ascend to raise the vibratory rate in their experience. First to learn their individualization, for realize, we were all one at this point. All one in the body of humanity. Even though we were individual sparks of light in that oneness, we still would return to that oneness and fall to the consciousness of all the oneness with no individual awareness. So we had to learn this individuality upon the planet. And we individualized in these bodies confining ourselves and gaining experience.

Still our sisters and brothers in the etheric kingdom passed us energy through that Antakarana. We didn't lose our bodies in those other dimensions; we only transferred our consciousness into the bodies of the animals upon the planet. In Lemuria the fall came. After two root races completed their fourteen thousand year cycle and had ascended realizing first their individuality and then realizing their at-oneness with all things, they ascended. After these beautiful beings had reached this very high vibration- twice the root races had completed their cycle and ascended, but then came the third root race.

The earth was such a platform for experience, others were brought to it, those who had reached high vibrations upon their planet, but had not ascended yet. They came to go through the earth experience. They had not ascended upon their own experiences and platforms of experience even though they had gained great powers of light, many of them delving deeply into the psychic realms of consciousness these laggards [*Laggards-among, which were the black trinity; Lucifer, Satan, devil and their fallen Angels]of other planets were sent forth to experience upon this new and exciting world, the planet earth, to win their ascension, but they came with arrogance and pride and greed and lust and competition and conflict. They came and started a chaotic vibration with those beautiful beings of the human kingdom that were using this planet for ascension, to realize first their individuality and then their oneness. These laggards came from other systems beyond this solar system.





What man is doing is qualifying the pure light. But, there are great fields of light already qualified for his use. Some of these interpretations that we are going to give you now are interpretations of colors. These are the esoteric qualities and colors used by the Ascending and Ascended Masters, Initiates and accepted Disciples and light workers upon the planet. They were held forth in Theosophy, the Esoteric Schools, the Arcane Schools and the I Am Schools, the Immaculate Communication and now in the Astral Physics School of the Church of Revelation.

Black is the absence of all color and light and is apparent that when the electrons pass through the astral body of man, his emotional body, they become suffocated by the feelings of malice based hatred, revengefulness, sadness and the desire to kill.

Gray is an indication of fear.

Brown is the color of earthly things and while gray-brown accompanies the feelings of discouragement and depressions, this is the very prevalent awareness that is pervading our atmosphere and homes. Even now the very nursing homes of the aged get covered by this Gray-brown discordant light.

The deep Crimson suffocates the emotional energy and the colors of the electrons flowing through it while the body indulges in feelings of lust, perversion, promiscuously experienced. These are different from the affections and instincts of a relationship between a male and a female.

Bright Red is the color of passion, anger and rage, while dull red indicates greed and competitive drive.

When we contrast these red hues with the beautiful Pink hues of God's divine love, and the blue of faith, and the glorious gold of His wisdom and healing, we can. Readily see the difference in vibration.

Dark Orange which is red and yellow accompanies the feeling of pride, a greedy, snobbish intellect as well as bittersweet emotions. This should not be confused with gold or the pure yellow of wisdom and under-standing or the orange of aspiration. See, the electrons pour forth from our life streams that are usually covered by the qualifications of our emotions and for millions of years man has been having an emotional war upon this planet and a mental war.

They have corrupted the minerals, the air, the water, the vegetation, the animal and the human bodies on earth with the very substance that earth was given to increase its light and for millions of years the earth has been a dark star.

The cosmic law calls for purification and transmutation of this light. It calls for balance of these electronic forces. It calls for the realization of man as the co-creator with God. Today they must exercise blind faith in believing until they break through the veil of physical phenomena and glamour and see all the other beings upon the planet.

Blue is the color and quality of will. The Will to do God's Will, the higher will. the emanating ray from the throat chakra. It stimulates all to carry out the Divine Plan which the Father Supreme has willed that each shall in due course of time be for Him in the world of form. For He is unmanifested and humanity as a whole and individually was supposed to bring about the Divine Manifestation of Him in this dimension. This Blue Ray is the First Ray of power. Blue has many various shades and qualities to it. One of these qualities is faith. Man must go into his inner realms, but he needs faith to carry out the Will of God. He needs to seek in his inner life, this color.

Beloved Archangel Michael saw the necessity for the veil of physical phenomena, and glamour to be broken, so he focused an energy force of this light on the planet near Bannif in Canada. There the flame burns of blue light in a temple upon the etheric plane. Those with spiritual consciousness can go and experience this unconditioned faith and power of God. The veil of physical phenomena glamour and karma surround the planet and the blue ray is also a protective ray. Those who are constantly doing the Will of God are protected by this great force represented by the personality of Archangel Michael. The Chohan of that ray, El Morya, a great Master of Light that ascended this plane was constantly doing the Will of God, and he had invincible protection radiating about him in this blue ray.
Note: See the Astral Physics Daily Practices, a Church of Revelation publication.

When one is not about the Father's business, but still needs this protection, there are ways that he can call for this light. The beloved Archangel Michael and Masters of Light Christ, Buddha, Krishna, and El Morya pour freely their unconditioned power to all those that call through their name to this light source.

Yellow is the color and quality of wisdom, understanding and illumination, descending upon the planet on Monday. Many Masters have used this second ray of power. Buddha, Confucius, Dwal Kuhl, and Kuthumi all have used this golden ray, as well as Jesus, for he used all the rays of power from his white light source. When one uses this golden ray of wisdom, understanding and illumination, he becomes God-Wise and understands the law and the plan and the rule by which the cosmos functions. It gives to him a ray that descends with a power, the word of knowledge, divine intuition, and to sense and understand and interpret and use God ideas and God desires.

The third ray of energy and light emanating to the planet is the rose ray that descends on Tuesday. The pink ray is God's divine love and adoration. The lower aspects of this ray when it is at its dullest and densest, is red and crimson, the colors of anger and lust. While divine wisdom emanating in the golden ray and at high vibrations, the divine love emanates in the rose ray. These are the highest aspects as the divine faith of the blue ray. This beautiful ray that emanates from the Father gives us perfect love. We don't feel awkward by the use of it. See, God is all love. God loves to love. God loves to be loved and when we pour this ray through us, love pours through us and we are love.

You and I are to become one with the Mother-Father aspect through this love because the true Mother-Father aspect of God are loving each other at the point in the universe where we are. The Mother-Father God is loving one another at the point in the universe where we are. Jesus came to express this love, giving for the love of giving. Love thy God within thy neighbor with all thy heart, and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. Your neighbor is God welling up in the universe where your neighbor is.

When love flows through you adoration expands in consciousness. When you move into this love hue, the glorious Rose of this ray, you are accompanied there by glorious fragrances, heavenly music, and transcendental thought forms.

These three basic rays of Red, Yellow and Blue are emanating from the one White light source. The blue, the yellow, and the rose are the will to do God's will, the wisdom to do God's wisdom and the love to do God's love. These are the primary forces emanating and the secondary forces are Green, Golden Ruby, and Violet. NOTE: This color spectra in call the Master Rainbow Bridge. See Planetary Rainbow Bridge at the end of the Page.

Man in his scientific endeavors, realized this spectrum of light that emanates from the sun, is different from the rainbow that we see in our atmosphere. The combination of these three primary rays gives a very strong power to the individual.

White is the quality of ascension and perfection and descends upon the planet on Wednesday. The New Age churches are beginning to open their doors to bring forth this white ray of perfection of illumination and ascension. The three basic rays merge to become white. From white they are issued forth.

The crystal white has the power of lifting up and increasing, rising up and increasing the speed of one's electrons in their atomic structuring in their light bodies in the center of every atom. They raise it up to increase intelligence, perfection, beauty, and evolution. The crystal white color and power is used to initiate ascension whereby an unascended being may be enhanced in consciousness to become aware of an ascended Master and to become an ascended Master. The Master Jesus was given the initiation at the time of his own ascension.

Forty days following his initiation of his resurrection, in full view, on his eighteenth appearance in his light body, he appeared in front of five hundred people, among them were his disciples, relatives and friends, Jesus ascended. At the initiation, the electrons were used over and over again in his many lives on earth. They were held in the high orbital spin of the atomic centers in his four lower bodies and they broke the subjective pull of gravity upon him. These electrons were released, raised and rose at once into his electronic body as he freed them from the four lower kingdoms. His body of his God presence, his Over-Soul, his Divine Essence, I Am Presence, Causal Body or Monadic structure that carried all of the lessons that had been learned by all creation.

There he became his self-conscious state, to his God conscious state, conscious of his God Self, which dwelt within an individualization. He had a Mother-of-Pearl, of white radiating the power, lifting him up, resurrecting is the power of this Mother-of-Pearl energy, increasing his soul, the soul of things as sweet, the heart of being in celestial rest. Strong are the ways of will that which is good does pass to better. Resurrection, he reached it by the purest emanations of the white light source, Christ Consciousness.

He was able to see the disincarnated beings that had taken and latched themselves upon the unwary, vampirizing them. He was able to see them as they imposed their thoughts. and emotions and their seeking of experience on those lesser bodies that were not totally awake. He cast Out these disincarnated and freed these people for their own individual experience.

In 1967, in the Court of the Hierarchy, the Master's of Light stood in a ring of light. They drew from mankind all the disincarnated energy that was attached to his physical beingness. Some still shriek in the memory of this attachment, but they are no longer imposed upon by these lower conditions and energies. No more gray fills their aura. No more black or brown. They are free, ascending, but man recreated his hell. Here in the Astral Physics School of wisdom, the words of light pour forth to purify with the quality of white.

One can purify by purifying their karma, balancing in the here and now and letting go of the past. They can be free at this very moment, rebirth, right at this very second, converted into this impulse of light. By accepting this pure white light within them. By letting dwell within them the Great and Holy Spirit, that loves and only seeks to uplift their vibration. Everyone is the decreer of his own world and whatever he or she creates through decree is in fact created for him or herself. Subsequent sickness or sorrow, limitation or freedom, life or death for him or her is in effect on the part of the law of karma. Even though it is intended for another, the effect may come resting home, returning to the sender, if that other's vibration is higher than yours or they do not accept or are open to what ever in sent by the sender. One should never go over the will of another human being, but do the will of God. There were tens of thousands of people being vampirized which are now free.

Green, the fifth color, emanating on Thursday through the gracious arc of Archangel Raphael, descends upon the planet. This is a combination of blue and yellow. It has the qualities of truth and science. To know. One shade of green stimulates us to seek out truth which is simply an understanding of the laws governing the universe.The scientific community is ever seeking out laws governing physics, chemistry, electronics, astronomy, medicine, biology and many, many other subjective vibrations. They have observed the phenomena and facts and by trial and error they discover the practical law or laws that have always been there.

Nothing new is in the Universe. Everything that is, was and always will be, is right here and now. Each individual can awaken to that, here and now. When he calls upon these rays of light, he opens The Doorway into Light. When he calls upon the green, he or she opens the doorway into concrete knowledge, truth and concentration. He has a power of deduction that is boundless. The Chinese green has the power to create the ideals or the desires of God. The power of green gives you and stimulates in you the power to know, to precipitate, and to persist.

There are seven Laws of Precipitation that follow: [*Note: Precipitation means here, spiritual materialization.]

1. One must Will to precipitate.

2. One must Will to precipitate wisely.

3. One must love to precipitate and love that which one precipitates.

4. One must precipitate with perfection to enhance perfection.

5. One must be constant or persistent in one's precipitating until it is done and comes about in the physical universe.

6. One must maintain peace and harmony while precipitating and ever afterwards so that the process of precipitation may take place.

7. One must precipitate in rhythm.

The Golden Ruby ray that descends on Friday upon the planet, has shades of both rose and yellow, but note there is no orange in this ray. It is a beautiful rose blossom with a tinge of golden sunlight. This ray stimulates one to minister unto others. This is the ray of Master Jesus, that he used on the physical plane. He has the power to call forth the angels of healing when standing in this ray of light.

The healings of such a degree that there is no scar after an operation from this light upon the cells of the body. This golden-ruby ray is a powerful ray of light that was used by the Ascended Master Jesus, the Golden Ruby Ray of light of ministering, of ministration. The energy spirit of God Essence pours down upon life stream after life stream to send forth the healing powers of the divine charges of light. So this Golden Ruby ray, when man reaches his ascended consciousness within, can be used. Unlike when in his personality he has to use the lower rays of light, he now pulls upon this greater ray. This ray magnetizes opulence. In expression, it reaches love or high vibration.

The more one loves a person, a place or condition, or thing, the closer he will come and the closer it will be drawn to him. But when this opulence is called for, when the many splendors of this gold are blazed forth into one's being or world to effect that desire of opulence --- opulence is truly our divine heritage and is made manifest and dispensed by God Himself to His manifestations, His own beings. The Father and I are One.

Gold is also the color of peace and harmony and it chases away the villains of the world that are self seeking and awakens the masses to direct them to tap into this higher energy if they were to look into it , it would be a glaring and blinding flash of light, but they are protected by the Golden Ruby ray. Gold is also the color of victory. There are many, many people upon the earth with that God urge, the good urge. This Gold when meditated upon, will give them victory to realize that they and the Father are One, just as Jesus realized he and the Father are One.

We come to Violet, descending of Saturday, the fourth and final secondary ray of ceremonial magic, St. Germain's violet flame, who was the personality upon this ray. This ceremonial magic is by the use of alchemy of thoughts and feelings. Through visualization and holding the immaculate concept thereof, until it does manifest in the physical or purely through the use of this inner light, this violet fire, can precipitation take place instantly in substance through the physical when held in the spiritual eye. One must give the self-suggestion over and over again in vision and a rhythm, in ceremony, a ritual, that has raised his vibratory rate to an at-oneness with God.

Rituals have been performed for thousands of years. Two thousand years in the Christian churches. The Catholic Church is primarily a ritualistic church. But many don't even know what the rituals are that are being performed. They sit there and let others do it for them. We have reached the ray of light when man must pick up his own consciousness and ascend into his own individuality and realize his oneness with God before he will be able to ascend and break the limitations of his physical self.

Every physical activity, every emotional activity, mental activity, will not and cannot be brought into manifestation without the use of the rhythm and the repetition of that thought, emotion or image. It must be repeated constantly and always when reaching this higher vibration and emanation of the violet fire. It is a correlation of imagination. Oh, many masters have used this violet fire.

Edison in our recent times was a man who used this violet fire on the planet. According to the Laws of Manifestation, this is a do it yourself activity. An activity that the rhythm was done by Masters over and over again even Jesus. What Jesus beloved, did for us is not all over with and we now can to do it for our own individual selves, for Jesus said," I Am the Way." The learning of how to use these higher rays of light are hidden in the ceremonial magic. The ceremonial magic that was hidden in the Christian Church and taught to the people in the beginning which has been lost in glamour and physical phenomenon.

All these rituals must be brought into the consciousness of man anew to use the power of this violet fire. The decrees, the chants, the mantrums are the rhythm and vibration needed to draw forth the violet ray of transmutation and transmutation fire. St. Germain has brought us this violet flame of transmutating light into our earth's atmosphere and through ceremonial magic, the use of thought and feeling to cause the violet, transmutation fire to permeate the veil of physical phenomenon and then to dissolve and overcome it.

First, of course, we must make believe. We must pretend, but in this pretense, reality is soon the victor and the awareness of the outer self. The color has a quality of purple, which is the color of forgiveness. Forgiving us ourselves of our physical,mental, emotional and psychic deeds that we have committed against other
individualizations of God, be it human, animal or elemental. While the states of malice and fear are created and caused they can be alleviated by the acceleration of light when the violet fire is penetrating in and about them.

The color and quality of purple stimulates one to forgive and as one forgives others he creates forgiveness for himself. He then makes things right, therefore, his record is wiped clean, through transmutation powers, this
record is wiped clean, the akashic records of light. The conscious use of the purple color, indigo, deep purple, gives the quality of forgiveness that clears the records of time immemorial, past as well as the present. The
violet color and qualities of transmutation eradicate the thoughts and emotions. They erase the records and deeds created to harm. Forgive and thy sins will be forgiven thee. Call upon the color purple and then blaze it in and about one to help them ascend. How marvelous, this purple activity. How wondrous is the power of forgiveness.

Within the vortexes [chakras] of the body, these greater rays of light can be pulled when man attunes to the highest within. The regular Planetary Rainbow Bridge that we teach, correlates the energies to each one of these chakras. Red to the root chakra, orange to the spleen, yellow to the navel, green to the heart, blue to the throat, indigo to the brow and violet and gold to the crown. White to that chakra right outside of the body and crystal white fire light to that higher chakra through the Holy Spirit within the God Self.

These higher rays of light can also be used from the Master Rainbow Bridge of Light that emanate forth and these are used in the chakras this way: At the base of the spine, the White Ray, to purify and uplift the reproduction vibration within us, to purify our sexual desires. This base chakra at the end of the spine when permeated with the White Ray, uplifts the vibration of the individual in this area, but gives him an anchor of purity upon the plane of the physical. Violet in the spleen and the adrenals clears the record of emotions.

The violet there stimulates the right use of emotions and brings the energy of that chakra to a higher vibratory rate. This hooks into the back, into the spine, just a little above the small of the back and below the shoulders.

In the navel chakra, Golden-Ruby Ray. This chakra hooks into the small of the
back just below the shoulder blade. The Golden-Ruby Ray gives us the ministration of our thoughts and the powers to control them for this is a higher bridge, a Master Rainbow Bridge of Light.

Through the heart is the Pink Ray. The Pink Ray vibrates right between the shoulder blades, it hooks into the spine. These chakras, being etheric centers of light in the etheric body, draw the thought strata and energies from various respective planes and when the rose ray of God's love and adoration is poured into our body of knowledge, our soul body, our energy at the heart, we are uplifted and purified in our knowledge and knowingness.

At the throat chakra is Blue Ray . The Blue Ray still emanates there at the throat. It connects at the back of the neck. Here the truth is cleared, ideas are cleared. Peace comes and one has power over the past. The power of God is made manifest through the individual as he emanates this Blue Ray in his throat chakra and creative power manifests in the higher mind.

At the brow, the Green Ray comes. The Green Ray at the brow, penetrating into imagination, brings poise and balance, and bringing healing so that the individual sends forth and brings in that ray through the brow chakra. It
gives him concentration and consecration the image that it doesn't float and flounder any longer.

Through that crown, the Yellow Ray radiates, there giving the divine intellect of God, manifesting in the mind of man. What do these Rays of light overcome? The seven deadly sins are overcome. The seven deadly sins that cause man's separation from Almighty God Self in conscious manifestation are overcome.





Man, having divine intuition pouring into him at the point of perfection lost it by committing the first deadly sin, and he has been creating this sin over and over and over again both great and small, the sin of disobedience to God, disobedience to this higher light. And through this very disobedience, the second deadly sin in descended, fear and doubt. Fear and doubt arose because man knew in his heart of his disobedience, but the corrupters, the laggards
enticed him to qualify in the lower vibrations. Ah, enter into the animal. See the sensations of it. Wouldn't this be an experience? Man, disobeying his Divine Essence, entering in, became filled with fear and doubt losing his
union with God. The third deadly sin, impurity.

Man now disobeying and being filled with fear and doubt became impure. Impure. No longer the immaculate conception of the Divine Ideal, the Christ in man. No longer that immaculate conception of the Son of God within his consciousness. Now impurity encased him and drug him down in his awareness. He fell to the fourth deadly sin of criticism, anger, and hate, for when those came that were pure, obedient and fearless, he turned them away, criticizing, for he could only see through his own Auric vibrations. He tried to impose that picture of impurity, doubt and fear upon others and he created hate and anger in man. No longer having the ability to precipitate at will, because he had been isolated in his own discordant thoughts, and emotions, he fell to greed, the fifth deadly sin. Greed, hanging onto things, stopping the flow. Greed holding onto illusion for the sake of illusion.

And then when he mustered up about him the few trifles of his greed, he fell to the sixth deadly sin of pride and jealousy. Prideful of what he had gained in a false awareness and illusion and jealous of the highest energies in others, he fell then to the seventh deadly sin, discouragement, discouragement, lethargy. He couldn't see his way clear any longer. He felt isolated and separate from God. He felt isolated and separated from the awareness of himself as a Son of God and still suffers in the illusion of these seven deadly sins, not making the proper contact with these higher forces of light.

As man moved on in consciousness, great Avatars were sent to help eradicate from his consciousness the illusion and delusion. Some had reached great heights of consciousness in other systems of awareness. They were ready to take their ascension, but had great power, some being seventh, eighth, and ninth dimensional beings. They came to the planet, Serapes Bey, Buddha, Krishna, Kuthumi, El Morya, Dwal Kuhl, Jesus, St. John, St. Germain. and many more. They came to uplift. Kuthumi taught men the Law of Cause and Effect. He was the light of Asia, the light of uplifting vibrations. Even in this day, the Sufi movement moves towards this return to God as many movements do, we must attune to this Hierarchy of Master Light and Cosmic Beings again.

Moses gave those things that you shall not do, gave us the Ten Commandments by which we should live. Jesus came to express God's love, to love God and love thy neighbor as thyself for in his greatest understanding, wisdom and knowledge of his own Christ Being made manifest and demonstrated through his personality, he realized that we are all one. Man has to ascend. They inspired and uplifted man to use his mental body for good, his emotions for good. Kuthumi, a great Being, to bring power of those higher spheres and awareness of them, translated through Strauss, the waltzes. Many Beings have been impressed since these great Avatars walked upon the planet, Madame Blavatsky, Mary Baker Eddy, Alice Bailey are a few, Mr. Ballard of the I Am, the Dolphic Oracles started to bring forth this energy. Geraldine Innocent of the Bridge to Freedom, Tatteniananda of Astral Physics School, all bringing forth a continuing ray of this greater light and there are and has been many great Beings.

Man does not realize his position now. The day and night of the Creator has ever existed. Now man's world comes to that night. The recalling in of all the energy forces, the collapsing of the universe, the drawing back to its source just in the day as it was breathed out, the now we are in draws man back, back, back towards his God Self and higher Beingness.

The Night of Creation will be upon us. Mercury will fall back into the sun. And the planets will move in the universe. Great light shine, but because there is no time or space and everything is, the Day of Creation and Night of Creation always are ever exchanging vibrations on the wheel of life and death. About us flow the remnants of another lunar change. The Night of Creation draws back those platforms where the Cosmic Beings, like humanity, gain their expression. The Day of Creation and the Night of Creation together make the Cosmic Day.

The creation of the galaxy follows a definite pattern and the absorption of the galaxy will also follow a very definite pattern. The great energy forces in the universe are all moving now to work and balance with this movement. The spirit forms must give up these platforms as they now stand for many of these platforms have changed and earned a higher vibration in life, as has our planet earth. It has raised to a higher vibratory rate to be able to move to a fourth dimensional manifestation. The vibration will be such that three-dimensional consciousness will no longer find expression here.

Only those Beings who have reached up and accelerated their atomic structuring, the electrons and atoms of their light body, have reached up and drawn upon this higher and greater light, only then will they be able to move into this dimension of consciousness and awareness. Only then will they be able to move into the fourth dimension of Being.

There, where the Golden Age will manifest and descend upon the planet, will be the fulfillment of life. Oh, we have had many Golden Ages upon this planet that have passed. Man was supposed to come here and experience on a cycle. There were so many in this great body of humanity that it had to be split into seven vibrations, the seven root races. The first root race coming upon the planet descended on Lemuria and there completed its cycle of fourteen thousand years to first realize full-individualized consciousness manifestation and then to realize its oneness with all things and to be able to move in that Oneness. The Golden Age came with peace and harmony. Oh, how glorious the planet earth shined in its light, its radiation. A beautiful platform for man to experience upon and the first root race moved on.

The second root race manifested. It too reached the Golden Age of consciousness. And then came the third race the descending of the laggards. To establish this Golden Age, this great Golden Age on earth, is now the work of those who are in light. You must understand that all that I am saying has been channeled, not only by myself, but also by many other Beings, for I have looked upon the records of time into the Akashic Light, into the books of memory, to see this truth. And many see what the future will be by using the Law of Probability predicated upon all the experience of the past.

Every two thousand years, our whole universe, our nebula, moves into new space, conditioned for a particular experience. It moves through seven spheres of space making the fourteen thousand years. Now, the divinity realm of the Age of Aquarius and ceremonial magic has come to us and will be manifesting for two thousand years upon the planet. We stand in the Doorway into Light. Transition is upon us as the Piscean Age and its influences drop away.

No longer can the sixth root race be held back from their experience upon earth. They come into manifestation and they have for the last few years, since 1959, and 1960, they have come. I myself, in my light body, came to this planet in 1961, upon a great ship of light with the Masters of Light. I have been awakened to this memory in these last two and a half years. I have been shown fields of light. I came and our ship vibrated away into the ethers as we fell to the earth bound experience. We sought bodies to experience in. As I moved in the higher atmosphere of the planet gazing down, I saw a ray of light penetrating up through the spheres. I followed it downwards into a place of consciousness.

There a young man sat, caught in physical phenomena and glamour, a man who had been taught the higher things, but had fallen in consciousness. He had been taught by a beautiful Being that was sent here for preparatory work, his grandmother. I then descended down to him and started to make myself known by impression in consciousness. I asked him if he wished to be uplifted. At first, it was a joyous feeling within him and then a fear for all that he had done, unknowing of his life stream, that he had come for this very exchange. He was still unaware. For seven years, I hovered about him, making divine impressions and uplifting him, leading him to things that would accelerate his consciousness until he could at last be aware of me.

In 1968, he had that vision. As the dawn cracked, as the ray of light descended, where he stood at the porthole between darkness and light, there we met on the common ground of Master consciousness. There, by the Grace of the Great and Holy Masters of Light that worked upon this planet and had ascended. There we made our pact. I first gave him the impression that he must move from his location to a higher location to get away from the impulsing vibrations of astral and mental energies, of physical phenomena and glamour that were discordant and kept him in illusion. I told him to go to the mountains and to the mountains he went. Each time I brought him out to the desert from this mountain retreat, high in the Sierra Nevada, at Lake Tahoe, he learned of the higher light and started to attune to this ultimate frontier of consciousness, inter-dimensional Beingness in the Golden Light. I took him to the desert and demonstrated the energies of light, which he fell to many times and thought was illusion.

Until the day in March of 1974 when he came to the Hawaiian Islands, I was only partially within his Being. Oh, he held the energies and light of other Beings within his consciousness, for there was stimulated past life experiences beyond his wildest dreams. He was shown the record of light in his way and was uplifted by it for he had implanted a seed many thousands of years ago in humanity, seeking to help and uplift humanity, he gave the ultimate sacrifice, his very life force, his body, mind, soul and spirit were dedicated to work for the plan of light. Then I entered and transferred in consciousness to take upon myself that body, is karma and life records. The autonomic nervous system within that body was very conditioned by the high-energy force of this Being and even to this very day; I have the battle to fight of this autonomic system and the subconscious Being.

Unlike the energies of my own experience upon the planet of light where I stood in a golden body, sometimes I must act in a remote control of this body, standing outside of it in my golden Being of light. Many have seen me. Many are still unaware of the powers of the Golden Beings. But, now the light is ascending and the powers of right will be in balance as the karmic structure has taken place. To establish a Golden Age here on earth within the next few years for the visions of light within the last two years have shown me the urgency. There is a stupendous and almost incredible undertaking considering all the chaos and inharmonious that is going on upon the consciousness of Human Beings of this planet. Yet, at this time in cosmic evolution, the Doorway into Light is opened to the fields of light of the Masters of Light and in their unity and in their uplifting vibration, they seek only to send to mankind the consciousness to free themselves from death, disease and suffering, from physical phenomenon and emotional glamour, from discordant thoughts and negative images to the pure realization of their White Fire Crystal Light Being that emanates forth their duality of male and female polarity, their own Christ Self and Presence, the Divine Complement.





Some say 2011 a.d., some say before that time, some say after that time, is when the World Light shift and Consciousness of Light will take place. The images that I received when I saw the destruction of the planet was on Monday. I was told this was in, first, the years 1982 and 1983, and then in the years 1986 and 1987, when this destruction was to take place and it was only on the Law of Probability which works in this way; Predicated upon everything that we have done in the past and all of our past lives, all of our experiences in this life, whatever we have accumulated, is giving us our here and now and if we let this here and now that has been accumulated by all these past experiences continue, there is a Law of Probability that says you are going to continue in some of those same vibratory rates unless you change them in the here and now.

The only power you have over your destiny is to be able to center your consciousness in an objective and renunciated state and from a point of detachment that you can look at your life completely open and look at these past lives completely open and then make whatever necessary changes that need to be made. But, to reach that state isn't always easy because you have to give up your self, your lower self. You have to stop expressing your personality for a period of time. Now we are out every day and every time we have to talk to somebody, on comes the personality and so this would mean that you would have to be in an isolated state, a meditative state of super consciousness.

I accomplished this in a ten day isolated state in my room in Manoa Valley and with other isolated times at that particular period when I first came to these Hawaiian Islands. I isolated myself and even isolated myself to the degree that I was only open to take some instructions and work and just enough to get me into doing something where I wouldn't be bothered. They gave me a job that lasted three or four hours where I wouldn't have to talk to anybody. So I may only have to act in my personality for an hour out of the whole day and most of the time, I stayed in my transcendental awareness and every time I caught myself going back into personality, I began to chant again my higher chants and some of those chants I did and to this day I do not divulge to people. *Note: Reverend Hesketh worked as a chef when he first came to the Hawaiian Island seeking his spiritual enlightenment and life's mission.

There are some chants that I will not divulge because they are of such a degree in power that they would lead to a different area that wouldn't be of advantage for other people to be attuned to. But, some of these chants I used were: "Hare Christos, Hare Christos", and "Mother-Father God I love you" And "I am one with the Masters". The Christos is the White Light and the Hare is an address to energy. So when I address energy of the White Light that means, I draw the energy of that White Light of Christ energy and consciousness. So the Christos is the energy of White Light that permeates all of the universe all the way back to the Center Sun, the place of the beginning of Creation. The more you can draw that energy, the more you are able to pierce through these various planes until you actually get out of the body and pierce through the chakras, emanating that energy back down through the personality.

While you are going out, you are like a ball of light that keeps expanding and the darkness is all around you. Well, the darkness does not want to be changed. It doesn't want to be transformed. And see, the darkness is in one dimension and the light is in another dimension. What you are doing is taking this darkness, which is at a lower vibratory rate, the absence of light, and you are illumining it. You are turning darkness into light. Well, these dark forces don't want to be changed. They don't want this creation to take place so they'll try to steal that light back. They try to take it back away from you, ut is like God gives you a gift and the devil tries to steal it.

They'll do it in a way of even manifesting in somebody in your own family, people right around you. And I've had to purify the people right around me several times because that dark light had taken and tried to even infiltrate to their beautiful open awareness and come in a negative way to try to get into my consciousness and after I eradicated it off of them, they realized what had happened so they were protected again from letting that happen, until and if they would fall again to some evil awareness around them and again that black light would try to get me because of my expansion in White Light. It also came from other people that weren't close to me, people who would just come up on the street and try to lay black light upon me and I was shining my white light so bright and the white light immediately fills the darkness.

One spark of white light could illuminate a whole country, a whole world. Just one of our white light sparks, just one of these, so minute that the greatest microscope couldn't see it, but it is enough to illuminate this whole planet. That is how powerful that divine spark in us is. But, it has been so diluted by all the things that have been put around it that it cannot shine forth its energy, its light. So when it does, holes are made towards it through all of this physical phenomenon and emotional Glamour and mental Maya, and all those other things we put around us.

Sometimes we have shining rays that come through our consciousness that burn away these things that are taking away and fogging the filaments of the mind. Through the mind all things have to take force in coming to application. The chair started in somebody's mind as an image, the desk started in somebody's mind as an image and each thing that is made around you here started in mind force and came down into application through action upon dimension of its manifestation.

You see things like love that flow in certain organizations. Like our organization has a lot of love and we love each other very much and we are concerned about each other. We are all working to raise our vibrations. We share and touch one another and pass our energies. We are not afraid to have that exchange of light. Where some are so protected that they cannot stand to be touched.

When you get to a certain degree of consciousness, you have to isolate yourself to such a degree that no one can touch you. You become like an untouchable. The reason for this is, they can contaminate the very life force around you simply by being around you. They don't have to say anything because of their very light they can cause damage to Your light. So in these isolated times, I was able to purify my aura and bring it to a white light source again. I would go out and have confirmation that my source was pure white light by clairvoyants unsolicited by myself. If you have to solicit a confirmation, then it is not a divine confirmation. If you want a divine confirmation of those things, then when you just "be" what you are, people will let you know what you are.

It doesn't mean that you are any greater or lesser than anyone else and you must understand that everything is and don't get the consciousness of greater or smaller because each one of the light sparks that are in the individual are so great it can illuminate a world, a universe, it is so powerful.

There is only one white light source that is emanating, the Alpha and Omega, that was sent forth from the Center Sun and our Sun; the Alpha and Omega is sending forth life energies. It sends them out and brings them back. There is one light source and it's one spark of light and that spark of light illumines all of the other light as it was sent out and is on its way back to the great Center Sun.

The straightening of the earth's axis is also going to take place and in the images I saw the probability that it is going to take quite a destructive effort upon the planet to shake man off unless man can take and work for the planet. Now, there has been a lot of movement in the last few years to eradicate a lot of what man has been doing, the pollution upon the earth, its air and its water and the earth itself, they are all starting to be eradicated because man kept sucking away from the earth, kept taking, taking, taking. They weren't giving Beings. They weren't loving Beings. They just kept taking. They kept digging holes and taking things out of mother earth, kept taking and re-qualifying their reason for even doing it.

You know, the mineral kingdom was so pure, so high in its power; that is why we love the diamonds, the emeralds and the rubies, and all of these fine jewels, because that is the highest expression of the mineral kingdom. That is an actual materialization of that white fire crystal light and the rays of that white fire crystal light. It is an actual materialization in that dense form of expression just as other flowers are that form in the creation there and animals in that creation and men and women in this creation. So these four lower kingdoms, the mineral, the vegetation, the animal and human kingdom. These are the ones that have to be overcome to become a Master.

Now there are animal humans and there are human-humans and there are spiritual humans and there are spiritual beings. The spiritual beings have more power in the higher realms and are able to come and materialize and de-materialize at will, where a human is not able to do that at this particular point in creation. I was given this power once so far to be able to see how it works and this was one day when I was downstairs, I was in my office and I was centering in purity because I wanted to bring a message to the students. I flashed on my altar in Manoa Valley and I found myself no longer in my office downstairs, but in front of my altar in Manoa Valley. And it took about two hours for me to get all of my energies back into my body after having that experience. The body felt like it was just bubbles. That is the only way I can say it, like effervescence. What do they call that, exuberating? That is what it was, just a fantastic feeling of high vibratory rate.

So, I called the our Light Center as soon as I was able to move enough to call and they ask, "How did you do that?", because my office was locked. In fact, the book that was on my lap, the pencil that was on my lap and some papers that were on my lap at the time I did this came along with me. My car was at the Center on King Street and so I had to have someone come to Manoa Valley and get me and drive me back to the Center. Jerry Hughes came and got me.

I was given this experience because that day before I had taken and went to the sun in a light body projection at a beach out at Makaha, the one that has the great big round white ball on the mountain, where the military has put it there probably for tracking satellites. Well I had done an acceleration of my light force by concentrating on the sun, feeling myself piercing it and having that come back and accelerate the life force energies or the pranic force as well as the electro-magnetic energies that run over the nervous system. This is an advanced esoteric exercise that I'm not telling you in its completion because it is dangerous for those people who are not at a certain level of consciousness; the sun can burn their eyes.

It can create a block that unless they are willing to give up everything, they cannot do the exercise. Not just your physical body, but your emotional body your mental body, your body of knowledge, your ideas, your imagination, .you have to give it all up to your Master Beingness and then your Master Beingness has to be given up to your Christ Beingness, then your Christ Beingness has to be given up to your God Self. And then your God Self makes the call to the great Center Sun by the ray of light that it projects to increase the God Self, that unmanifested energy. The sun, Alpha and Omega, is pure electro-magnetic energy life force permeating out from its center. Out here we are making creations in form. It is not a solid force, as we know solid. It is not made like the planet earth. Earth is coming around from using that electro-magnetic energy and bringing it more to a dense and compact vibration by the Law of Impaction, but that is another vibration.

The straightening of the axis must take place and the melting of the polar ice caps must take place and the energy from this water must be taken and reinstituted back into the atmosphere so that we can be at a higher and purer state of consciousness. It is also that the raising of Atlantis and Lemuria will take place again and the reappearance of the 12 flames on the physical dimension will take place.

You know there was a temple at Luxor that Jesus studied at that had manifested on the physical dimension, the Ascension Flame. The vandals upon this physical dimension destroyed the temple and the ascension flame had to be taken into the etheric realm. All the 12 flames that have been anchored in the physical are now in the etheric. That means, these flames are actual manifestations, pure manifestations from the Center Sun and they are pure.

Man used to be able to go and bask for weeks or months in the glory of these 12 flames and be uplifted and infiltrated by it to such a degree that it gave them that power of that flame. They could go out into the world and exercise that power just as Jesus did. He basked in the Pure White Ascension Flame there at Luxor and he was able, to take and impart the flame of Serapis Bey, the Pure White Flame, into his consciousness. Now man must go into the etheric realm in order to bask in those flames. But soon, they will be established back again on this planet where man will be able to use them again.

Here are some of the virtues [ second rank of angels of the nine levels of the angelic host] that these flames impart to man: The Blue Flame imparts faith, protection and the will to do God's Will. The Yellow Flame that is here is illumination, wisdom, and understanding. The Rose Pink Flame was adoration, divine love, and gratitude; the White Flame was the resurrection of perfection and the raising power of the ascension and purity; the Green Flame was truth, dedication, precipitation, and persistence; and the Golden-Ruby Flame was healing, harmony, victory, and opulence; the Violet Flame and/or the Purple Flame was rhythm, ethericalization, transmutation, forgiveness, mercy and compassion.

Notice here that violet fire is ethericalization, and by having so much violet fire in my aura, I was able to make this Teleportation from one point to another point. I was given my spiritual initiation at that particular point and was shown how I could move without being caught in a body that was of such a limited expression. We do not have to be caught in this awareness. Twice I was able to fade from view of the class in Master Classes on Sunday. There were eight students around me after I had come back from initiation by St. Germain in Haleakala Crater on Maui with two other individuals and it was a trinity initiation we went through Haleakala Crater. We saw Jesus, Paramahansa Yogananda, Quan Yin, as well as St. Germain and Sai Baba was there ( Sai Baba is in incarnation at this particular time in India).

It would have been something if just one person had seen it. It would have been even more convincing if two persons saw, but I believe it is the absolute truth if all three of us went through the same experience. So our initiation was to confirm us in those experiences. One young man from the Finhorn project now has and taken his power back and is working on the Mainland. The other one is working on one of the other islands and I am working here to bring all of this energy about. I am still working with the Astral Physics Logos, which is a star, grounded by the northern star, the constant star, the Christ star. That is what the Astral Physics Logos is, it is a nine-pointed star of energy and you've seen it in the Astral Physics classes, in our books and on our letterheads. That is a representation of the powers of that particular star that we are drawing from that star.

*Teleportation - Ask for Rev. Hesketh book on Teleportation called~ "First You're Here, Then You're There ".Astral Physics Logos - available in pamphlet form from Church of Revelation.

The Masters of Light bask in these flames for it must be kept in mind that they are ever trained for higher initiations. Realize, that when you leave this dimension, you'll get to the top of this mountain and there is another mountain and then you start experiencing in that next expression. Then there is another mountain when you reach the end of that, another mountain so to speak, of consciousness. What it means is, there is elevation and elevation until you become finer and finer and finer to where you can be here and everywhere and be conscious of all things from an individual and universal point of view.

Ascended mankind may also bask in one or more of these flames during the night or they may bask in these flames during the night while their physical body is reposed in sleep. We pray or we ask to be taken to a particular plane or temple during our sleeping hours and ask for our I Am Presence, our God Self within to take you so you have full conscious awareness and so this coming into manifestation is for your spiritual growth.


Red "Relax and visualize moving all about, moving in and out you, the color red. This is your physical orientation color. See your physical body in perfect health and Relax.

Orange "Relax and visualize moving all about you, moving in and out you the color orange. This is your emotional orientation color. See your emotional body In perfect health, perfect emotional control."

Yellow "Relax and visualize moving all about you, moving in and out you, the color yellow. This Is your lower mental orientation color. See your thinking mind In perfect health, positive controlled with great care and attention, listen to me; lead your mind from darkness into light, lead your mind from the unreal to the real, from the untruth to the truth and from death, disease and suffering to immortality of your soul, lead your mind from darkness into light.

Green "Relax and visualize moving all about you, moving in and out you, the color green, and feel pose and balance in your soul. This Is your environmental orientation color. See Your environment perfect and with the abundance of all good things. Feel complete in your soul.

Blue "Relax and go within, deeper, deeper within and deeper than ever before. Visualize moving all about you, moving in and out you, the color blue. This Is your higher mental and creative orientation color. Here In the color blue Is peace, harmony and truth. Sense your creative power." feel your God given talents bring you the prosperity of all good things, in your finances, world and affairs.

Indigo "Relax and concentrate your attention on the center of your brow. Visualize Indigo moving all about you, moving in and out you. This is your individual unity of body, mind, soul and Spirit. The super conscious individual and witness to the inner and outer worlds. You are the seer now. You are merging with with the supreme consciousness that created innumerable stars, planes and planets. The One in whom all move, live and have their being. The one parent of us all.

Violet."Relax and visualize moving all about you, moving in and out you the color violet. This is your power of transmutation. This is your color transforming your darkness into light, giving you full spiritual freedom. You are detached and free, master of the universe. Now Feel this power raising to the top of your head.

See a Gold Ball on the top of your head "Relax and feel all your attention raising upwards to the top of your head into a Golden translucent Ball of Light and you are becoming lighter and lighter as you go deeper and deeper within. The Golden Ball Is raising, you are raising into a long black tube and you are a Golden Ball of Light.

At the end of this tunnel you see a brilliant WHITE LIGHT - bright as the noon day sun and you are moving faster and faster toward it until you are in a White Light and your Golden Ball is surrounded by White Fire Light - Pure White Light. Now the Golden Ball Is expanding into this is the the Pure White Light. expand to the left and to the right, above and below, in front and in back, within and without, shining all about. See yourself processes begin. Expanding in the flame. You are Pure White Light filled with Purity and Perfection as a child of God. You are the best that is in you. Relax and let go to the Pure White Light. Now pauses here and visualizes intensely a Golden Ball expanding into the Pure White Light, and pray within to God for Illumination for all spiritual students. ( pause for 5 or 10 minutes in this state of meditation.)

Crystal now see a crystal flame in the center of your Being, see yourself standing in that crystal flame. See your self the way you desire to be, physically, emotionally, mentally, psychically, creatively and spiritually. ( pause for 5 or 10 minutes in this state
of meditation.)

Now see a crystal river flowing from infinity, into your crystal flames, all possibilities. Now see a crystal river flowing from the heart of God, into your crystal fire flame. Now see these twine rivers flowing into one with the brilliance of ten thousand times ten thousand suns. Now see those twine rivers that are flowing into one, as one flowing into this time and space. See that light enter into your body at the top of your head, flowing to your toes and raising up into your face.

Violet Now see your body as a crystal body filled with a circle of God's Pure White Light. See glowing all around you protection a three foot shield of violet fire, transmuting all the darkness into light. Now see a gold sphere, now see a nine foot sphere of golden light and of mastery; feel your mastery; feel your wisdom, feel your light, you are the master of your destiny.

Now see a circle of Pure White Light, radiating white light fifty feet in every direction, and feel your purity and perfection. Now see radiating from the center crystal of your heart a crystal flame, reaching out to infinity in every directions, the Holy Spirit of God.




Let us move on now to the cosmic light. Just what is this great cosmic light? The Maha Chohan, meaning Master of Masters, tells us that every Being of the human and Ascended Master kingdom is and should be drawing strong energy and turning it to light, emulating it to enhance and foster the evolution of others. In the process, forty percent goes to the object that carries out their purpose for which it was intended. It then remains in the storehouse of light to maintain it and which is around the Great Center Sun and our sun of our galaxy. The other sixty percent returns to the sender and is accumulated in his or her causal body of light where it can be drawn upon by them making their consciousness capable of becoming eventually, almost omnipotent and omnipresent, see, that ability to be in almost everything consciously, experiencing in everything. Omnipotence means God in everything. That means truth, that means what "is", that is reality. That means God is experiencing, he is in everything, he is experiencing everything. You can become conscious of experiencing everything. You are not bound. You are a formless Being in your spiritual essence, with no beginning and no end.

Cosmic Light can also be drawn upon by others, as he or she wills. So you can let other people draw upon your causal body of light as well and this is what I do a lot for the students in class because my causal body of light has now been circularized instead of random fields of energy and it is now a great round body just like you see upon this picture over here (a picture of the I Am Presence), but the configuration of it is a little different than that. The different rays pull different light powers. In fact, my outer ray is violet fire and my inner core is white fire crystal light, then I have the yellow and pink, then I have a blue next to that and then my green, then my violet fire is on the outer edge of that radiating golden ray of energy outward from the center from that white light source from the center of it, and the whole causal body is surrounded by a rainbow of all the color spectrum.

All Ascended Masters do this at will, they draw upon this causal body of light or this storehouse of their energies so that what is coming to you is this great cosmic light. This great cosmic light of the causal body is the energy turned into light which the great sun of our galaxy and all the suns of the seven systems comprising our galaxy use now and ever have used to cause their respective planets and suns and systems to remain in orbit. What you are doing with this causal energy is having all of your body atoms and electrons remain in orbit around you, God in action. They don't go off someplace. See, you are just like a Sun here, and all of that energy force is orbiting around you. Just like the sun is out there and the planets orbit around it, you have all of these fields of energy orbiting around you. Each atom is rotating on its axis, it is also notating, a little wobble on its axis. It also orbits around a nucleus or force and all of those are orbiting around even greater conglomerations of those atoms, or molecules, from the purest out to the non-pure, until all of the whole force field is purified.

This great cosmic light that is sent was used by many Masters.Now, the Masters like the Christ, the Buddha, the Kamara's, the Logos, the Archangels the cosmic beings, the powers and the principles and on and on to infinity, the omnipotent, omniscient, and the omnipresence of God are all drawing upon this cosmic light. This all powerful great cosmic light can stimulate the performance of a thing which no one cosmic being or group of cosmic beings could do no matter how highly evolved they were. See, no one can change this cosmic light no matter how highly evolved they are or no group of them can change this cosmic light. The only thing that they can do is let it flow and it is what qualifies their world.

Now, what does this all mean to these various individuals? Along with this cosmic light of the white light force that St. Germain has brought, he also brought the violet fire and he has also brought a golden snow and this is the golden energy that permeates all dimensions. We give you an exercise in Astral Physics that you gaze upon your mirror in order to see this light. It becomes apparent all around the mirror.

I've found in my earlier classes, as well as now success with people seeing this golden light. Well, that golden light is very powerful and you can read more about that in the "I Am Discourses"*Vol. III, it tells a lot about the golden light and there are the"Laws of Light", by the Arcane School, then there is also "An Open Letter", by the Immaculate Conception that also tells about this golden light of St. Germain and other esoteric sources mention this as well.

Now, as we take and move in these higher states of consciousness, there'll be a physical change on our planet. We will no longer need to work the way we do now. After the planet is changed from its third dimensional to its fourth dimensional vibration, those beings that have been drawn up into the Christ Light and light ships and have been universalized will take and come back down on the planet and they'll be required to work about two hours out of twenty-four hours on the planet. That will be the extent of their working period. They will be conscious twenty-four hours a day, but there will be no darkness upon the planet because it will be restored to light again. When this planet is restored to its light force and the light force was held by the amount of water that was in the atmosphere and as the sun sends its light force, all that reflected upon one another and the whole planet glowed twenty-four hours a day no matter if it was facing the sun or not, until it fell to the darkness a few million years ago, about four million years ago it fell to the darkness and it doesn't have that illumination that it had before.

Now, it is going to be restored to that which is glorious. Another glorious thing about that, the substance of the planet will be used for instant precipitation. A fourth dimensional being, when he wants something to consume, will simply just manifest it and consume it. He will manifest a compaction of pranic force, pure, positive energy and he will consume just like putting fuel into a machine. It is just like those atomic things that run the great turbines in those atomic plants, they have that emanation of pure light source here. Man will be able to just manifest these things and consume that because he will no. *I Am discourses-- Saint Germain press longer have to work in gardens and things like that. Also upon the planet, the vegetation life will come back but at a different vibratory rate. It will be evolved to a higher state of being and so will the mineral kingdom and the animal kingdom, and as we know it will no longer exist upon this planet. The animal kingdom was brought about for the use of spirit to work with the astral energies to coordinate those to make the astral, or emotional realm that man uses now.

If you notice, all animals respond to emotional energy. If you try to talk to them intellectually, or talk to them on a mental level, they won't respond to you, but if you talk to them in an emotional state and make certain tones
then they take and respond to those tones because they respond to emotional energy, not to what you say. In fact, I remember one time, it was in 1968, I had a dog named Gretchen, a beautiful German Sheppard, at that time it was before she was blind, she was blind in later years, I used to talk to her, I'd make these noises at her and she would respond to all these noises instead of words. It was interesting; I didn't use it too much when people were around. I didn't understand what I was doing, but I was being trained on emotional tones at that particular time and how to understand emotional language. The emotional language of beings is their tones. That is why you have to watch your tones in what you are saying because you are using emotional energy by the way your tones are used. So you must use the higher realms of emotional energy.

Well, man will be able to precipitate at will. The elemental kingdom will work with man to such a degree when he decides he wants to wear some particular garment he'll instantly manifest it through his precipitation powers just by imaging it. Just imagine and there it is. If you are walking along and you have this nice robe on and you are going to go out and do something in that particular expression at night because the expressions will be different than now. What we call night is the days; it will be constantly light so we will call day and night the work period and the non-working period. We will take and change our garments just by thinking of changing our garment. These are two very weak terms to be able to really get you to the point to use day and night as that particular awareness of work and non-work.

There are no words for that at this particular moment in our consciousness. Well, those two expressions that cannot at this point, even probing into the higher realms, they have not given me words for some of the things that I have seen and I have been projected to the future substance to be able to see.

There is the Law of Probability, but there is a wide degree of this probability, from its lowest, densest point that negativity can happen, to its highest point of absolute positivism that can happen. We have in all realms this duality or this one cosmic law that always functions that has duality, because there is always that hidden part or that third part that the mystic always knows about because he realizes the Law of the Trinity. One and one make three, Mother - Father God and Their Love.

The elemental kingdoms will work directly with us at that point for our conscious manifestations and conscious manifestations are made simply by imaging. If you wish to create a house, it can be done in just a few moments. You can create a house and then when you leave it during the day, you return it back to the universe. You dissolve it so that when you come back and want another house wherever you are at, you can make another place there. And if you want to have a nice scene outside, you can create the scene you want to experience outside the house as well.

The precipitation power is unlimited there. It almost seems like an endless realm of expression. Closer to the earth's surface will be closer to the images we now hold. But, man will not just be bound to the surface of the earth. He will be able to move through the atmosphere of the earth by his re-established powers of levitation, his powers of telepathy, he will no longer need telephones or things like this. All he will have to do is think of an individual and he will be able to make direct contact with him and many individuals can talk to each other at the same time and they can be in different parts of the world.

The clairvoyant powers will be very prevalent,the clear seeing, because we will be able to see not only our own expression in the human kingdom, but we will be also able to see the angelic kingdom and the elemental kingdom and all the spirit form that are there. We will be able to work in that realm and cooperate with them as the greater beings give up energy, we will be giving in our part to the lesser Beings and we will all be uplifted in vibration All that you want to express will be expressed very quickly by your imaging, the ability to hold a clear picture of that. It is that easy.

You don't need automobiles so there won't be pollution. The earth won't be drawn upon for its minerals or this for us to drive our automobiles because we will be levitating. You will need no telephone lines or telephone companies or any utility companies of any sort because the constant atmosphere about the planet will be a comfortable vibration that won't be hot or cold because it will be balanced once again. The whole planet will be the same. It will be a very lush, beautiful planet. The water areas will be where the caps are now and the land masses will be around the Equator area of the planet and this will keep a constant vibration of the water flow in and through the atmosphere from these outer edges of the planet towards the inner part of the planet so that man will be able to function.

His images, some of his images will still be orientated toward what he has now. He may create chairs to sit on, but then he will be able to give them right back to the universe so the elemental kingdom can have their substance back. Man won't have to hold onto things like he does now. What he does, he captures it and forms it in such a way that it takes a long time for it to be given back. Look how long it will take this chair to go back to its natural state that we took it from. Well, that problem will never exist in the fourth dimensional world that the earth is going to be in. It will be heaven on earth. All the things that. you have ever heard about heaven will be here and you will be experiencing them. This is in the not too distant future.

It is at hand at this very moment for I have moved in and out of that particular consciousness. But, I cannot maintain that consciousness because I am too dense, meaning, I have not freed still enough of my life and each individual must free their life, they must re-establish their clarity because all the light you have came to you unconditioned and it is endless. You have an endless pool of this unconditioned light that keeps coming to you. It is
an ever-giving force. It is the pranic force, vital force energy and it is a constant flow to you. But, so many are taking and qualifying it, "My feelings, my thoughts my body, my house, my car, my pants, my shirt, my watch, my my ||", look at all of that, I, I.

"I Am",' will be the power. By the Law of Identification, you will experience it. You don't even have to stay in this form of a body if you don't want to. You can move into a body that is like a cloud-like body or you can take on any form of body you want.Just think of the expressions that individuals, the creative powers working through individuals, will make and form, beautiful, angelic Beingness will be the imagery that we can reflect upon or we can create our own forces, our own life force in any manifestation we want. It will be beautiful.

See, we were given these bodies to see if we could take care of them so that we would be allowed to use those other forces, but what happened was, we decided to get in these bodies instead of taking care of it and experiencing it and we got lost in the experience~ we were suppose to experience in them and get back out. But for lifetime after lifetime we kept getting pulled back into the body. Every night we leave it. Every night you leave this animal. You leave this animal in bed or on the floor or some state it lays in what we call a sleep state and the spirit leaves, but the veil of physical phenomena is so heavy that when we come back in we don't have conscious awareness of what we did when we went out, unless you develop your spiritual or mystic's eye.

In these states of consciousness that we will be in the future awareness, our clairvoyant power as well as Clairaudio power will be on. We will be listening to the music of the spheres. There won't be any rock and roll band, we won't need T.V, and we won't need radio. We will have the music of the spheres which can be conducted by us individually, that each individual can be listening to a different vibration of it and it is infinite, or individuals can be in unity, listening. Just think we have an infinite God that flaws love to us Infinite things to see and experience, infinite expression on this great energy force that we will be at because our consciousness will be so beautiful, there will be no negative energy because all of that will be re-qualified into positive force. As neutral. and positive beings, we will be able to use that force. It is so powerful these new expressions of consciousness that will be coming to us in the future realization and it is 'not too far distant from now.

When I asked the Hierarchy when this would take place, I asked, " When is this going to happen?" and I didn't get an answer. And I asked, "Is it in 1982 or '83, or 1986 or '87?" And I did not get an answer. And I asked, "Is it going to be in the year 2OOO a.d.?~ I wanted to know because I had all of these visions and I wanted to see that, I wanted to know when that was going to happen. I wanted to go out and tell everybody. They said, "When the majority of mankind aspires for it, it will happen." Oh, when the majority of mankind aspires for' it. When the majority of mankind holds the power together to make the shift. That means we must unite and get all of the rest of humanity to that point.

Some can already move into that awareness, but they have to leave this planet to do it. But the earth beings, the humans that are coming from the sixth root race that are going to be experiencing here have already awareness at that degree because they have everything that we have already done and they haven't even used the platform yet. They haven't even come upon the planet yet but they have everything at a high degree that we have done, not our lower degrees, and it would be a shame to let these pure, beautiful beings come here for expression and be contaminated by all of the laggards and all of those who are so ego centric now. In recent years, these beings have already started to manifest and a lot of the other Beings who were here from the fifth root race are being influenced by these sixth root race Beings already to the degree that there are schools around the planet that are teaching these higher powers.

For instance, there are fifty-four children in England who can bend metal with their minds, can make things appear and disappear and move objects with their mental energies and can do all that Uri Geller can do and many of the other psychics can do as well, and these are just children, small children from the ages 5 to 11 years, who have been trained to do this and a lot of this is being kept back from society because just think if it were released worldwide, how many people's doubts and fears would go to bombard these pure, beautiful Beings. Their very thought forms and emotional energy would go and encase them in darkness through their own fears and doubts.

That is why much of the work of God is carried on in secrecy because the masses would destroy it with their own misbeliefs and non-acceptance. A fellow, cheating on his taxes doesn't want anyone to look into his aura or a guy who is out stealing from large corporations, it doesn't matter. The degree doesn't matter. The guilt is the same, man is suffering from his own guilt's, and stopping and leaving the pure forces of light that keeps the light expanding. Because of negative thought forms and negative emotional energies, the physical phenomenon and emotional glamour, they are still producing death, disease and sufferings.

Come all ye God Realized Sons and Daughters. Spread the Christ Light and the Masters, Angels, Powers and God through His Holy Spirit that will assist you in your eternal ascended life.

Blessings of Light


REV. HARRISON ROY HESKETH DD, "TAT" is and demonstrates being a Writer, Singer, Musician, Song Writer, Poet, Artist, Painter, Seer, Minister, Teacher and Healer and is also a Radio and TV Personality

Rev. Harrison Roy Hesketh DD teaches a successful course called Astral Physics 'The Doorway into Light' : a
Spiritual Mystical Path to Spiritual Enlightenment, developing metaphysically, esoteric, yogic, psychic, mystic and spiritual powers in this expanded awareness. He utilizes Love, Truth and Wisdom in blending the Conscious and Subconscious minds to reach Samadhi ( the Super conscious state of Mind ).

This New Age Teacher's training being at 5, being taught by his Grandmother. Esther McDaniel, a Seer, Medium and Healer devoted chela to Jesus, the Masters of Light and Ancient Wisdoms.

Tat channels from the Ascended Masters of Light, since 1974 and he studies the Ancient Wisdom using the chakras, a system of energy centers within all beings. The word Chakras" comes from the Sanskrit word meaning glowing disk of light. Having uncovered these meanings, Tat still teaches how these vibrational vortexes located in the subtle bodies, relate and stimulate the seven levels, the nine levels and the twelve levels of consciousness, leading one to their own Christ-consciousness and ultimately to their own God Self and teacher within.

As a young Metaphysician and now a Spiritual Mystic , Rev. Harrison Roy Hesketh DD studied under an Inner Planes Master of Light Tatteniananda his Holy God Self. Through long hours of meditation, reaching beyond the soul plane into the realms of Light, he pulls back through Light into time and space many esoteric, yogic, psychic, spiritual, mystic, religious and metaphysical teachings, relating them to his students. This work is just one of those studies.

Blessings of Light, is our unconditional blessing is your for your physical, mental and spiritual needs.

Harrison Roy Hesketh's Full title: Reverend, Swami, Kahuna, Shaman, Bishop, Doctor of Divinity, Lama, Sri , Spiritual Mystic Harrison Roy Hesketh

Tat means, the one that answers question, Godliness and Light, Thatness. Given to Harrison Roy Hesketh by 40 of his master class students in 1976.

Spiritual title: Vishivas Tattenaiananda, Vishivas, the truth of Creation, the reality of Shiva, the Destroyer of Incarnate Error give by Muktananda 1982. Tattenaiananda, the Bestower and Overseer of the gifts of God and Bestower of Liberated Bliss given by the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters in 1975 in Kaaawa, Hawaii.

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The colors of the Planetary Rainbow Bridge have profound Powers that One realizes in Meditation as One Visualizes them and feels them directly. The following are some of the Powers of these colors:
1. Red - Divine Love; Physical Control; Virility; Strength; Memory; Life Force; Attention.
2. Orange-Emotional Control; Body of Desire; Sensations; Vitality; Joy; Concentration.
3. Yellow-Dispels Evil Thought; Control of the Intellect; Thought Control; Observation.
4. Green - Poise and Balance; Healing; Awakening of Intuition; Hope; Meditation.
5. Blue - Inner Peace; Creative Powers; Truth; Rhythm;Past Perception; Vibrations; Hidden Potential; Higher Mind; Writing; Singing; Poetry; Past Lives & Contemplation.
6. Violet - Transmutation Ray to Break from Discordant Thoughts; Insight; Imagination; Aura Perception; Third Eye; Color-Light-Size-Shape-Depth Perception; Mind's Eye; Precognition; Prophecy; Individuality and Super Consciousness.
7. Indigo - At-Oneness; Beingness; Brings You to Universal Being; Unity; Wholeness; Cosmic Consciousness.
8. Gold -Universal Mind; Divine Mastery, Realization as a Child of God; Realization; Cosmic Being; Wisdom; Master Consciousness.
9. White - Purity; Perfection; Illumination; the Sustainer; Resurrection and Ascension; Christ Consciousness.
Note - one may also desire to reverse the position of number 6 and 7 as this is the order that occurs naturally.



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