My First Full Moon
by Tat

Blessings of Light;

It was the Full Moon of May 1974 and we prepared to travel in our Light Bodies to the Wesak Festival. These as our trinity blended together in a unified Light Body and was transported to the Wesak Valley. We traveled the route of the pilgrims through the bottle neck entrance of the Wesak Valley into an open field bordered by two steep mountains. The Wesak Valley spread out between the two Mountains to a shear cliff that dropped off thousands of feet at the end of the Valley. In front of the drop off end of the Valley set a large Crystal Bowl .with a six pointed star formed by Masters of the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters Light.

Row upon row of pilgrims, according to rank of Spirit, filled the valley from the front to the back of the valley. All was prepared for the display of the Causal Body of the Buddha that had appeared over the cliff end or front of the Wesak Valley for over 2400 years.

Off in the distant at the cliff end of the valley, on the night of the May full moon, Buddha's Casual Body appeared as a bright star. The point of light was becoming larger as it came towards us. We all watched as the color rings of the Buddha's Causal Body began to appear One by one. First the outer ring of

Everyone from the Masters, from the front of the valley to the back entrance and those camped on the side of the Mountains, bow down as the Buddha Causal Body of Light approached. We could perceive tens of thousand of Light Beings floating over the Wesak Valley with us. This was my first encounter with the Wesak and the Great White Brotherhood.

We witness an out pouring of Light from the Buddha's Causal Body of Light into the Great Crystal Bowl and it began to glow. The sound of prayer , chants, praises and thanks filled the air. I was completely in ah at the sounds and sights as they filled my Light Being with and exaltation and acceleration of Light and Energy. We were practicing the Alchemy of Light and Ascension. From that time to the present people have witness this change in me as a Radiance, a glowing Golden Body of Light and in 1993, at a Summer Retreat at the Wood Valley Temple on the Big Island of Hawaii. From that time we have displayed a White Light Body.

Eighteen years before, we were told by the Masters, we would display our Light Body with witness. The witness was a photograph taken by a minister from the Universal Church of the Master. We, and I say we because I am one with all those in the Light, have given away and sold thousands of these Light Body Pictures.

Our trinity returned to Hawaii after this ceremony. Every year we, many of us that can move in our Light Bodies, have returned to the Wesak Valley to witness this great display of the Buddha's Casual Body return. Masters, Saints and Holy Being always attend the three festivals.

The Wesak Festival is part of a trinity of ceremonies starting with the Christ Festival of Easter in April representing the Christ taking the Light Line to the God Head for humanity. At the June full moon , known as the Festival of Humanity, were the Rays of Light are connected to the Masters of Light that are unfolding in the third dimension, comes the step down and transforming of the Light.

There are Disciplines and Practices, for those who are ready, that can taught to those on the Path. We have practiced and displayed our Light Body ever since 1974. We will teach those that are ready to commit to the Path to God. When the student is ready the Master will appear.

In the Alchemy of Light One must have a Physical, Mental and Spiritual aspect to their daily discipline and practices. In the Power of the Presence is the fulfillment of the Light. How many hours a day do you have consciousness of God? How much time do you spend with God? Where ever you pay most of your attention is your focus of life and that is who you are. One must come aside from the worldly ways to be in the Light of Ascension.

We are ready to share with those who are ready to commit to the One God and the Path of Life that brings consciousness of Ascension and Light. Service is the fastest path. Reverent Submission, Earnest Inquirer and Service to the Teacher is the way to Knowledge. Come be present in the Light.

Blessings of Light, Tat

Masters of Light were our guides as our trinity blended together in a unified Light Body and was transported to the Wesak Festible.