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The Church of Revelation

Astral Physics School is a Spiritual Mystic Wisdom School and preforms as the educational support for the Church of Revelation and other churches and schools in the spiritual, religious, esoteric and mystical fields.

The Astral Physics School creed is: Research and Education, All Knowledge for All People.

The Church of Revelation creed is: One God, One Humanity, One Ever Lasting Life.

The following is the level of Ministry for the Church of Revelation.

TITLES: Description of Ministries and Titles.

God Consciousness: ALMIGHTY God is the minister to us all and is the head of the Church of Revelation.

Godman or Godwoman

Pure Light: God's Holy Spirit and the HOLY SPIRIT in all Masters, Saints and Holy Beings from all the peoples of all times on the earth. The Holy Spirit is the first out Breath of Creation.

Spiritual Mystic Master

Still Light: Christ, All Masters, Saints and Holy Ones from all times that are with God in Eternal Life.

Spiritual Master

Crystal Ray: Works with nations worldwide. This is the highest level of Ministry while still on Earth in the Physical body.

Holy Man or Holy Woman

White Ray: Sustains all Light Focuses and light center. works with spiritual, religious, esoteric and mystical organizations. Initiate peoples into the Spiritual States and Conscious of the one life. Works with Spiritual Healing. Works with Ministers, Priests and Spiritual Masters. From the church of revelation and other organizations. ordains ministers and Installs Teachers. Expedite extended work. Establish new Churches and schools Attunes to Super Natural power of God through the Holy Spirit.

Chief Priest or Chief Priestess.

Gold Ray: Light Focus Operation. Is a Channel, Minister, Teacher and Healer. Extended work as a priest counsel. Conducts Church services-Heads prayer groups. As a Teacher, teaches all Astral physics courses. As a Healer, directs the Touch of Light Healing Channel for God.

Channel Priest or Channel Priestess.

Rainbow Ray: Is qualified in all Rays of the Ministry.

High Minister Priest Or High Minister Priestess

Violet Ray: Light Focus operator or light center operator. Minister, Teacher and Healer. A Seer and gives Readings and Touch of Light. Does extended work in the church or school. Works out of a permanent location.

Priest or Priestess

Indigo Ray:: The Mystic Order, a secret order of Adapts, Masters and Master of Masters.

Mystic Priest or Mystic Priestess.

Blue Ray: Creative ministers of the church. Professional Singers, Songwriters, Writers, Dancers, Clothes Designers, Jewelry Designers, musicians, Artists, etc. that does the work or teaching in the creative field.

Creative Minister.

Green Ray: Light Center Operator. Therapists, Psychics and Herbologist. Magnetic, Energy, Light and Holistic Healer. Doctors, Nurses and Health professionals. Environmentalists, Naturalists, Survival Trainers. Psychics counselors. Teaches meditation.


Yellow Ray: Works with Systems such as; Meditation, Martial Arts, Mental Control, Astrology, Numerology, Personology, Palm Reading, Crystal Gazing and Ancient Spiritual Systems. Works with Business and Business Systems. Minister

Orange Ray: Works with home Circle Groups, Children's Programs and Service to the Aged. Volunteer work in Hospitals, Prisons, Nursing Homes and Teens assistance. Works with Healing and Prayer Groups. In charge of Spiritual Socials. Does social work. This level and above preform Religious Services.

Social Minister

Rose Ray: The keeper of Love. Inner planes prayer work. Prayer for all Ministers, Teachers and Healers of God and Prayer for Humanity daily. this is the only obligations at at this level of the Ministry. All Ministers of the Church of Revelation are Rose Ray.

A Rose Ray Minister

There is a Diploma given for each Astral Physics Class Completion.

Mastership Certificate:
Requirements: completion of the classes in the full and complete Astral Physics NINE MONTH Training. Approval of the Board of Directors and / or the President. APS COR HQ USA. $100.00 fee plus the cost of Classes.

Minister Certificate:
Requirements: Diplomas from the 9 month "Doorway into Light" and the Mastership Classes. Approval of the Board of Directors and / or the President. APS COR HQ USA $250.00 fee plus the cost of Classes.

Teachers Certificate:
Requirements: A Mastership Certificate, Presenting the Astral Physics Training for one year and approval by the Board of Directors and / or the President. APS COR HQ. USA $1000.00 fee plus the cost of Classes.

Healers Certificate:
Requirements: Diplomas from the 9 month "Doorway into Light"; the Mastership Classes; Gifts and Powers; Astral Physics Spiritual Dynamics; Channeling Classes; Aura and Learning to See Aura; Touch of Light week long classes and Healing T.O.L. Plus a proven healing by the applicant. Approval of the Board of Directors and / or the President.
APS COR HQ. USA $1000.00 fee plus the cost of Classes.


If you feel this material is a spiritual blessing to you, please respond appropriately with supportive prayer for God's work through God's channel Master Tat and its Astral Physics Teachings, the message to humanity for all times. And, if possible, provide ongoing financial support for the proclamation of this message to all of God's people and all the world.

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