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Part One

Channeled March 19, 1979 from Tattenaiananda By Tat
Today is March 19, 1979 and I am Reverend Harrison Roy Hesketh giving this class at the Unitarian Church on the Pali Highway in Honolulu, Hawaii and the class is called 'The Center of Response'.

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The first symbol we give you in the Astral Physics Logos is the Golden Circle. The Golden Circle is the Wisdom to realize the all pervading Oneness, the all pervading of God, or God in this absolute Reality. The Golden Circle is the power to attune yourself to the limitless instead of limiting yourself to something less in Life. The Golden Circle is to be bound by the boundless, to be in tune with the Infinite. God in the beginning was all pervading, all things in all and beyond all things. God realized Self, this is the circle with the dot in the center and is the realization of Oneness.

Upon realizing Self, God sought expression and in that expression God sought the different experiences within the Self. This experience is the circle with a line through it and this is the Duality. God needed something to reflect upon and that was the second symbol of the Mother-Father God. The separation of the Darkness and Light, so one can reflect upon the other. They are still not two things but two within the One. We must always remember, from the One comes the many. That is a Law called, from the One the Many. From you as One the many come, many things come from you. Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Environmental and Knowledge, Creative, Individual, Universal, Ascendant, so on and so forth to Infinity.

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The first Center of Response some people come from, is a one dimensional response. They come out of their Center, their area where they have the monopoly of Consciousness. That is what we call the Center of Response. Where ever one has the monopoly of Consciousness is the Center of Response. That monopoly can be Physical, Emotional, Mental, Environmental, Creative, Spiritual, or it can be Universal, Ascended or Beyond.

You have a Center of Response where the monopoly of your Consciousness is. That is where you are coming from. As you are coming from that Center of Response, that is your Power in the World. Whatever your point of view is predominantly or your Monopoly of Consciousness, that will be your Center of Response. It is your Center of Response that controls all other levels of your conscious awareness.

Now if you look back when you first came into Astral Physics you had a different Center of Response. Like you were much more emotional when you first came to Astral Physics now you are more Inspirational, Creative and you have taken the Orange and reversed it to more Blue, you reversed the Polarity of it. Can you see the difference now? Reversed Polarity of it, reversed Polarity from Darkness into Light.

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To have higher Power One must reverse the Polarity of the lower expression, from no movement to absolute movement. In the first dimensional Center of Response people just come in and out of that Response or go back and forth. I mean in and out or they go back and forth in their Response.

They can only meet things head on or back off. Take away the object that they are going for and then they have to center again. Then if they go out again they have to come back and center again. If they do not center again they get confused because they have a one dimensional awareness. This is the Primal level.

It is like that one dimensional caterpillar. He is crawling along and he meets another caterpillar. He does not know side to side or anything but back and forth, so the only way he can go is back and forth. In a lot of people just have the back and forth consciousness. They only know one way and that is it and if you try to give them some other way they could not go that way, they have a one dimensional flat awareness. This does not give them reflection yet. They do not have the Power of Reflection, all they can do is keep going back and forth. They are considered one way. Their Universe is an infinite number of lines.

Let us consider the second aspect, the second dimensional awareness of this movement from the Center of Response. The individual working from this Center of Response deals with their
ability to have Reflective Powers.

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They not only have the back and forth movement completely in either direction, but they notice that there is a Duality to things. They are becoming aware of the Duality. Some people are in this two dimensional awareness and are dealing with the Duality of things. There is the Mother-Father God, the Yin-Yang symbol in that realization. Their Universe is an infinite number of surfaces. Their Universe is back and forth and side to side. This is the Root or Base Level.

This first Universe would be an infinite number of straight lines. This means that One can only react from straight lines from the Center of Response with movement back and forth. If they are not centered they can not do anything page #
until they get centered again.

In the second Universe of the Base Center One can move back and forth and reflect at the same time. One would have the ability to reflect upon what One is doing and be able to go around or from side to side as One meets obstacles in their path. We have the duality of the being able to move at a right angles from the first movements.This is the beginning of memory.

You also have the Mother-Passive Energy and Father-Aggressive Energy balance. One is in the straight and narrow when One is perfectly balanced in the Passive and Aggressive Energies. With balanced awareness you have the Passive and Aggressive Energies is
such a way that you can see the Darkness and Light. You can see the two, Light and Energies and start working with the Duality. One is usually in one or the other of these energies and One is reflecting upon that .

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The next center or level is the Spleen Chakra, the Center of Response, deals with the third dimensional awareness.This is the ability to go back and forth, sideways and up and down. These are the movements of Emotions that form sub conscious patterns. The third dimensional awareness means this, you not only do you have your frontward and backward movement, you have your side to side movement and now you have the ability to go up and down. With the Passive and Aggressive Energies One can be fast or slow and high or low in the movement. The more advanced personality can give a lot of people this type of Center of Response.

Now no matter where you are coming from, whether it be Physical, Emotional, Mental, Environmental, Creative or Spiritual, one of the passive or aggressive areas is working in that area of consciousness. One of these perceptions of Dimensional Consciousness is also working in one of those areas.

If you are coming from an emotional area and you are coming from that Center of Response, you would be going backward and forward, side to side and up and down through your Emotional body. Dimensional awareness increases the higher you go in conscious awareness.

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If you were in the lower Mental level at the navel Chakra, you would be going back and forth, sideways and up and down in your Mental body as well as expanding and contracting. See, some people can only go from their Mental out and come right back to it. Others can go back and forth and reflect upon it. This area of consciousness gives you the ability to not only go back and forth and reflect upon it and have that movement from side to side, a choice there. You also can have a high and low or an up and down movement to this aspect.

Now remember these areas look like flat two dimensional things but we are talking about spheres, like a ball. These are balls but on the blackboard it is not to easy to create a ball, so we have to do it in two dimensions. A chart or the blackboard is two dimensional, it is just a flat surface, it goes up and down and sideways, that is two dimensional. If these things would come out of the board as we are taking and drawing them they would be hanging out in the air, then we would be talking about three dimensional awareness, we are proceeding in third dimensional awareness. That is the third aspect.

And some people come out of their Center of Response with that, they can come out high, to the left moving forward, or they can come out low, moving to the right and backing up or any combination of that dimensional awareness.

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In your Center of Response we are teaching you powerful metaphysical, Psychic, Mystical and Spiritual energy. The reason we are teaching you this is that when you are traveling in an experience, where you are not connected to the ground like you are when you are walking around on the ground, you would be floating around in Space and you have to know how to keep yourself together so you do not get scattered away. Just like when you go to sleep at night you can keep together as you drop off the body, drop off the emotions, still the mind then you are there in the inner planes. You are aware that you are there when you are focused. We are seeking to get you to that Point of Consciousness.

Now in the fourth dimensional awareness, it has the ability of movement in Consciousness, and some of you might have seen this symbol, it looks like what is call a peace symbol. That was the symbol of being able to go from the one to the two and see that it has more than one application. These are levels of consciousness. You can go in and out of the one into the two aspects and come back. You can work with the reflection and that which you are reflecting and be at the One, be at One with that.

It is like one eye looking over here and one eye looking over there the Mind makes it one, and you can go in and out of that Consciousness. You can go in and out of the Physical body, in and out of the Emotional body, in and out of the Mental body, in and out of your Environmental body, in and out of your Creative Body and in
and out of the Spirit that you have. You can move in and out of these various Levels of Consciousness.

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In the next level of consciousness One is going into Contemplation and One is bringing information out of Contemplation. One goes in by Repetition and Vibration of the question or idea and then the answer comes back, the reflection comes back. This technique is reflecting off the filament of the Mind. It is the same way with fourth dimensional Consciousness. You are sending it in, in through meditation and it comes out of your experienced knowledge back to you.
You become the magnetic center, the magnetic center for this Power, whatever the case may be. If you have overcome certain things, then people that need to overcome those things will come to you and they will ask you "How do I overcome this?", or "How do I take care of this?", or "How do I take care of that?" A lot of people want to know how to be that Magnetic Attraction. When you think you are alone, guess what happens? We all know what happens right? We have all been alone, we have all been lonely because we say we are alone. We became the Magnetic Attraction for loneliness. One should say, I am fulfilled and having a fulfilling experience, instead of an empty experience.

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Now we are moving deeper and deeper. This is no dimension, this is no dimensional Consciousness. First dimension, second dimension, third dimension, fourth dimensional Consciousness. Look at he symbols there, by Meditating upon them, will give you a lot of information. Another thing that the three way symbol does is it tunes you into Trinity Power, the Trinity Power of the Universe, the fourth dimensional Consciousness of you seeing the three. Realizing that yes, there is action, there is inaction, but there is also the Neutral that is looking at that, and we are getting right down to the basic structure of this Universe.

An atom has an electron, a proton and it has a neutron and these three are balancing. By the activity of the electron or the active part of the atom will be how fast that particular atom is vibrating, and what density and mass it has, what size it has. The size of your Aura will be equivalated to the expansion of your Consciousness.

The faster you are vibrating, the greater area your aura will cover, the more you touch with your Aura, the more you are aware of. It is whatever the Aura is touching that you are aware of. If you step into a room your Aura is touching the air in that room or the atmosphere in that room, whatever is going on in there you feel that action within you, when you are still and calm in your knowing Conscious awareness.

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Some people, when they get to the next level which is the fifth level in the Contemplation Power, has the ability to move out in any direction from their center and back. One is able to move out reversing Polarity and then moving forward again. When you are moving out and if there is any resistance One can be able to reverse the Polarity and move out again. Meaning, I am going towards my goal, I may have to reverse the polarity and move out again, but the eye is on the goal. I am moving out in any direction, reversing my goal, moving out, reversing the polarity, moving out, going out, hit resistance, reverse the polarity, moving out. You have the ability to make whatever necessary changes so that you can go in and out of your Center of Response and be able to reverse Polarity.

Let us say there is a resistance to what you are doing, instead of it being a resistance that stops you, it is actually the Power to give you more Power to drive forward when you reverse the Polarity of it. If you have something that you have been going out to reach in your Consciousness in your mental body and you keep running against a thought that is stopping you from going any further, if you reverse the Polarity of that thought it will be a propellant then to move you further out. You will be able to go further out in Consciousness and come back.

The fifth dimensional awareness is the ability to flip the Energy over and be able to move out from your Center of Response in any direction and back again. This is being able to move with free will, God's Will, you see, fifth level of Consciousness at the Throat Chakra. This is a Creative Mind or the Higher Mind Level of expression. An individual working at that stage in moving in consciousness in the first full Spiritual Chakra.

Now some people move at fifth dimensional awareness. If you notice, these are spheres within spheres within spheres within spheres. These spheres are the "pass not rings". You are being able to expand out, release, expand out, release, expand out, release, expand out, release and be able to expand out in all directions. Now some people, when they get to the pass not ring, they are stuck there, they feel bound. One might say "Gee, I can't release this, I can't go any further." It is because their hang-up is holding them back, whatever the hang-up may be. Whatever the hang-up is in the Physical body will keep you from getting out of it. One might be afraid that One is going to die if you leave the physical body. You leave your body every night. You see! That is an erroneous fear. The thing is, what we are seeking to do is have you leave it in Conscious awareness and to pass through the various bodies of Consciousness. You are a Pure Conscious Entity, you are God experiencing Self.

People feel or think that things are holding them back. What happens is that when they go to expand out they bounce off of that hang-up and come right back to where they are. They say, "Gee, I'm not getting any place."

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