Print this out, read and sign.

After you have printed out the ritual one should put it into their own handwriting of bring it to the physical plane and by writing it down your write it in you memory, sub conscious and in your banks of knowledge. Date and sign it. The date sets the beginning and by signing it you are making an agreement in writing. The ritual should be read aloud because faith comes by hearing of the work. All rituals are preformed out loud.

Today (month._______ day______ year _____ and time_______) and for the rest of my life.

Sign X ________________________________________________

I will no longer be bound by the world of appearances and outer world of material things.
I believe and accept as truth that the outer world is only a projection of the inner world of my mind and what I create within will come into outer manifestation by the Grace of God and my faith in it.
I believe and accept as truth in the power of wealth, money and the abundance of all good things, there fore I surrender to the Grace and my God given power to bring it into manifestation in my world and affairs. I believe and accept as truth that lack has existed as an illusion of separation from God who's good pleasure to give me all things, for god is my eternal supply made manifest now.
I believe and accept as truth in many ways I was misled believing that others and the world of transitory things had power over me. I believe that the mass consciousness of those around me, in my associations with it and the world at large had power over me and I was limited by family, education, race and my separations in the world. I believe and accept as truth that the others, the world of transitory things, the mass consciousness, my associations with it and the world at large, my family, education, race and my separations in the world is not my true or good way to think, feel or act and I renounce them and all things that do not agree with God's will for my wealth, money and abundance of all good things. I believe and accept as truth now and forever sustained that I am limited by nothing and that I now have my God given power of all possibilities. I am without limit or end. I am the master and receiving my divine inheritance and I am God expressing. This is the first day of the rest of my life and I accept, expect and acknowledge Almighty
God and only God as my sustaining Grace and Fulfillment and my supply of wealth, health, happiness and the abundance of money for the Glory of God and my ability to aid and help others.
Here are 10 statements of Law, Principle and Power. Each day you should read out loud one of statements. You will be going through the list of 10 during the 40-day period. You will be repeating each one four times, 1 for the outer, one for the feeling, one for the soul and one for God's all encompassing, and coming for all directions, fulfillment.

After reading daily each statement in turn focus on each of the ideas and creative principles in the statement with great thoughtfulness and feeling letting the ideas fill your consciousness. Do this upon arising or before going to bed in the evening and meditate on it for at least 15 minutes.
Following each contemplated meditation, write down in your Journal any thoughts or feelings that come to you. You should do this daily with out failing because this is part of the power. Correct any negatives that come up immediately.

By your faith and acceptance you have already own the infinite supply of wealth, money and the abundance of all good things now and forever sustained. You can activate your endless supply and see the wisdom, truth and love to your inner self and higher mind by sharing on a regular basis your wealth, money and doing good things for others. Do this now and while your are carrying on this 40 day ritual.

You are invoking the law, principle and power of alike attracts alike.
When you are giving you are activating an esoteric science that never fails to produce results. Do it with love and joy, because the Law will shower you with a blessing that is pressed down and rolled over and multiplied in is return. When you tithe as an automatic and computed method to please God, forgive yourself and others you meet your obligation.

When you always want something for everything you do or play games with the Law, no one wins. Give with an open heart of love, joy and a sense of mirth and enjoyment and the windows of heaven will open to you and pour out a blessing of more!

The Statements that activate the Law, Principle and Power of Grace:
1. My Spirit, Mind and Body, now mastered by my God self, pours an unlimited and infinite source of Divine Power to heal, diminish and restore the innocence within me. I am now ascending up to my proper height of abundance with prosperity in my world and all my affairs. I manifest through the conscious awareness of understanding and knowledge that a materialized form is being experienced beyond my greatest dream, desire or need.
2. My Holy God self within me externalizes as in the fullness of the presence, without delay, my total greatness on abundance and I am satisfied. The truth is within me now. I am the endless flow awakened and aware of the secret most high place within in my center of of eternal and infinite supply and this power work to bring the fulfillment of my every need. The Creative Power of the universe within and without is flowing without effort and is an outpouring of abundance from my God Conscious State.
3. In my still and walking meditation I am in union with God and I am not fooled by the world of appearances. God is my one and only original cause of my ever last and constant prosperity. I accept and expect the Inner Presence of Almighty God blessing my finances made manifest and it is this very essence of spirit that brings all into manifestation, seen and unseen. I am filled with trust, faith and belief of the Law, principle and Power of Abundance in my world and affairs through me as me.
4. God is generous, with Abundance that never fails, the wealth of omnipresent substance of the all creation. God is the all-providing source of the infinite supply of prosperity and I am the individualization of God made manifest now in me as me. I am this reality now and forever in the balance of wisdom, truth and love.
5. My hands, heart and mind are lifted up and I am awake and aware, to know and understand, that the Mighty I AM Presence that I AM, is the Source and Substance of all my wealth, money and all good things.
6. I am aware of the consciousness of the Inner I AM Presence as Abundance of my Life. I am aware of the consciousness of the constant Mind of the Infinite Supply of Prosperity and its activity in my Life. I am aware of the consciousness being filled with the Light of Truth and endless supply.
7. My God-Self, the Christ within, is my Source and through my consciousness of that, I am in my mind, feeling and acting nature are the very substance of infinite Spirit. The spiritual substance of this light is my ever giving supply, and my consciousness of the omnipresence of God within the I am that I am is my infinite and eternal supply.
8. No person, place, thing or money is what supplies me. I am consciously aware, I know and understanding that the all-providing activity of the Divine Mind of God within man is my supply. I am conscious of this Wisdom, Truth and unlimited Love of God and it is my unlimited supply of wealth, money and all good things.
9. I am the outer manifestation, experience and bring in to being everywhere, instantly and constantly sustained and supplied according to my every need, dream and desire as the Law, Principle and Power of Supply in action in my world and affairs. I can not suffer lack for God is my ever-giving supply and it is God's good pleasure to give me all things.
10. I am the God Consciousness that is forever expressing its true nature of the Abundance of all good things. I am not responsible for my supply, as it is God in me as me that is my supply. I am responsible and I am awake and aware of the Wisdom, Truth and Love of my vision fulfilled. As I surrender I let go and let God and live in assurance of my eternal all possibility manifesting in my life, world and affairs.