One God


We believe in God, the Nameless One, All Names and No Names and beyond Names that projects and supports all that is form and formless; the One and only, which is, was and always will be, the Omnipresent (Love Unconditioned), Omnipotent (Truth Unconditioned) , and Omniscient (Wisdom Unconditioned). The One Spirit- Mind Being and Non-Being. We believe in the supremacy and the absolute eternity and infinity of God, as the one and only Ultimate Reality of Humanity and of all things Seen and Unseen, Manifest and Unmanifest, being and non being and beyond.We believe in "God as Spirit", as all the Spiritual Masters taught, and that all of His Spirit is with us all the time; touching us Now, supplying every need for our Physical, Emotional, Mental, Psychic, Creative, Individual and Spiritual Bodies.