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The Nine Month Course

"Astral Physics Nine Month Training, is a sequential unfoldment of your consciousness and light awareness by attaching in each month the light and consciousness of the ultimate reality to each body of your consciousness: physically, emotionally, mentally, psychically, creatively as an individual, as a universal being, as a master, and as an ascended light being.

The sequential unfoldment takes you through the rainbow bridge meditation as a basic tool, which correlates the subconscious mind, which organizes the thinking and correlates the banks of knowledge within your psychological fields. It awakens and expands your creativity and prosperity. It also causes the individual to begin to be aware of supernatural powers like: clairvoyance, clairaudio, extra sensory perception, being able to see the past, present, and future, read the akashic records, see auras, have x-ray vision so that you can look into the bodies of individuals, see their bones and the various structures of the systems there. We cover the chakras, which are the energy vortexes of the body, which is the life, light, heat and energy of the nervous system and they call that a chakra. So you learn 9 chakras, 9 levels of mind, 9 colors, 9 states of consciousness, you learn the central, autonomic, sympathetic and parasympathetic levels of the nervous system in the 9 month training. You learn how to control your physical, etheric, astral, mental, creative, universal, and spiritual bodies. You are able to learn astral travel and light body travel, clairvoyance, clairaudio, your talents latent within, the spiritual gifts and powers, and this is some of the 9 month training.

Astral Physics is the dynamic course of Self Mastery and God Consciousness. It is leading to a conscious ascension at the end of your life upon the physical plane. We wanted to know what was the same for all religions, mystic schools, esoteric training and spiritual training, arcane, ancient wisdoms. What is the same for all these people? Those principles and powers are within the 9 month training of Astral Physics."

You go through 3 Psychological Stages. The first stage is you learn to go from the outer to the inner, that you may control the outer with your inner consciousness. Then the second stage is that you go from the lower mind to the higher creative mind, and the third stage is that you go from the higher mind to the super conscious mind and transcendence spiritual state. In each stage you are taking about 2 and a half to 3 months.

We wanted a course to end all courses, and so this is an end course for mastership. It takes 21 day to form a habit or break a habit, 40 day to start mastery, discipline and practice for three to five years to create your character and discipline and practice for seven years to have any power as your nature. Other courses are for followers. This is the master's path, the path of no path, the path of going where you want to go, doing what you want to do, being who you want to be in the structure of nature and the cosmos. May God's great and holy spirit guide you may you live and move and have your being in the light."

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