Welcome to the May 2, 2002 issue of Heaven News.

First, your responses to recent Heavenletters:

#557 So That All May See Better

"What have you done with your wings?"

You cannot fall because you have wings,

but do you use them?

Are you afraid?

Do you have the courage to leap forward knowing you
can fly and you can survive even if you do fall because you
can only fall into the palm of God's hand.

"You have always been this light you begin to see

When you take flight

you will see what you are capable of.

Do not fear to show your light.

Being seen is what needs to happen.

If you are going to help others

they must see you as you are

and look up to you as you fly,

knowing they can too.

And that's the news from Lake Woebewithus,

where the men refuse to read their email,

the women are subscribing to Heaven letters,

the kids play computer war games,

and the animals just lie at their feet.

Bernie S. Siegel, M.D., Connecticut

#553 Plain As the Sun -- God's presence, like the sun,
shines everywhere, without discrimination. All we need do is
look and feel its warmth and how every living creature is
dependent on its energy. Heavenletters' words here reminded
me of this universal truth.

John M., Minister, Pennsylvania

#552, Imperfect Perfection: "Be a mother to yourself".
This is it. When I look at my child's imperfect painting, my
priority is how much I love my child and what a fine effort
he made in the painting. As I type these words, I am flooded
with feeling God's priority of love for me, and His gratitude
for the fine effort I made, imperfect as that effort may have
been. I think I have just experienced grace......

Diane T., Pennsylvania

Impassioned Thoughts -- I thank God for writing this
letter for me to see.

Andrea H., Washington

Oh GOD, your words today in #554, The Greatness of Your
Heart, are so pungent, so powerful, so insightful, I can FEEL
my heart opening. The words are beautiful, poetic, flowing
expressions. I sat and hand-copied key thoughts into my
Daytimer to keep them close to me in the coming days. "An
open heart is like a hand opened upward to catch the light
from the sun and the mist from the sea..." I LOVE it. "Open
it, let it stretch out its limbs". What a PICTURE!! I laughed
with joy!!! "Exercised, it begins to notice its power." Pure,
raw insight.

I actually experienced this YESTERDAY when a relative from
whom I've been estranged for some long years was in my home
and I was able to show her love, which SHE was able to
return. I felt a new strength from my new thinking, and it
was contagious. I thank Heaven -- for Heaven.

From the last Heaven News I must comment: "You can
forgive the past of others", and Bernie's response: "They are
ignorant and not evil. Be their teacher and not their

Impassioned Thoughts -- again, straight as an arrow to
my heart. My heart towards someone else is like a block of
frozen stone. Gradually, there may be some thawing occurring.
But AH, the STONE. It is still heavy in my heart. I will
reread these words today many times, and as a warm south wind
that can melt the ice, who knows, maybe it will bring a

UNIVERSE. Dontcha love it!!!!!!!!!

Miram R., Iowa

I could feel blocks melting in my heart as I was reading
#554, The Greatness of Your Heart. "There can never be too
much love or too much attention on it." I love that. It
feels like a great release and a great relief all at the same
time. I am picturing earth letting out this sigh of relief as

Bev A., Iowa

I have a job in Maui, and I am on my way! I feel blessed
for my new opportunities. I thank you for Heavenletters and
its guidance. Thank you, thank you for all the special light
and inspiration. God bless all aspects of your mission.

Teresa, Iowa (soon to be Hawaii!)

About Heaven's Web Site: The web designer is Benek, an eighteen year-old college
freshman. When Benek was still in high school, he and his twin brother, Aleks, won prestigious national awards for web pages they created. It has been fulfilling to work with Benek in the creation of a web page destined to bring many people to God's words. It is my pleasure to recommend him highly. Although the web page is not totally finished, you can see a lot of it at www.heavenletters.org

And now your comments about Heaven's web pages:
Heaven's web page at long last! It is beautiful. Good job, Benek!!!

Barbara O., Oregon

The web site looks really great. I especially like the
Sample Heavenletters page. Wow!!! I mean the overall effect
is really powerful. What draws my eye is the center column. 5
gorgeous HL samples to look at, all laid out so nicely. The
whole website looks just great. It's really going to make a
tremendous impact on Planet Earth. In fact, it's already

I told you Benek was your designer. By sharing this
project, you and he are greatly speeding up our entry into a
new age of God consciousness and world peace. Benek will soon
be famous as Heaven's web designer and have no end to

I am also indescribably thrilled that Neale Donald
Walsch is aware of Heaven. Another sign that things are
moving along much more easily now.

Of course, we know that God is the Star, the One Who
started it all.

P.S. I just took a peek at the Workshop and Ask God Your
Personal Questions pages. Stunning! I'm even more impressed.

Annette B., California

I think the web page is wonderful. This will propel
Heaven forward by leaps and bounds.

Nancy L., Pennsylvania

Heaven's web page looks nice. Confronting the question
of God speaking, I think, is very appropriate right off the

Bernie Siegel, M.D., Connecticut

Congratulations on your web site! Now, the internet
world will have a wonderful opportunity to have access to
God's daily love and wisdom.

I thought the web site was well designed and easy to
navigate and user-friendly. There are a couple of

On the home page on the right hand side, at the top, you
have a quote from Bernie Siegel and then under it there are a
couple of more quotes that are from Bernie or God? If those
quotes are from Bernie, that's fine. However, if they are
from God, it needs to be delineated.

If all quotes on the right hand side (in the yellow
section) are from God, it needs to be consistent throughout
the web site. In that case, you would need to put Bernie
Siegel's quote elsewhere. Also, on each page in the yellow
section, there needs to be a headline "God's Quotes" or
something like that.

All of God's Love and Blessings

Jon W., Director of Business Development for a
national company in Iowa

Note: These changes are being made. Thanks, Jon.

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will see on the top. I wish I knew how to equal Tat's
generosity, but meanwhile I print here a few of his beautiful

I am real person, alive in God because I Love.
My Love is God's Love.
My Love is Truth.
My Love bears equally indifference, ridicule, abuse, repression, respect and reverence. My Love cannot lose, nor lose me.
My Love has all the time in the world.
My Love increases with the observance of truth.
My Love is better than me.
Tat, Rev. Hesketh, Hawaii

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