1. THE LAW OF PERSONAL MYSTIC SPIRITUAL SUCCESS- Any endeavor or undertaking which is in preparation, or contributes to your spiritual misson and path will be successful. Any endeavor or undertaking which is incompatible with your spiritual mission and path will be unsuccessful and will fail.

2. Mind is Light and Energy is mind movement.

3. When using the rainbow bridges be aware of the rainbow bounce. Note the first, second, etc.. order of the rays as they manifest when you come back from meditation, in time, space and circumstances, in persons, places and things, and in all the levels of expression and consciousness.

4. The Master of Mind is the Master of the Rays. Both the higher or lower levels of the rays of Color and Light.

5. Went you like it your desire will take action.

6. Be aware of Images, Visions, Imagination and consciously taking pictures with your mind.

7. Actions crystallize desire, desires crystallize thoughts, thoughts crystallize knowing, knowing crystallize ideas, ideas crystallize images and images come form the Source.

8. The Diamond of Mind has many facets. Focus, concentration, persistence, openness, creative expression, vision and channel are a few.

9. Mind waves and radiations. Be aware how and when they penetrate others auras and brains.

10. Realization is more important than understanding. It is the Crown to the Heart not the other way round.

11. Red Light (as energy, color and radiation) is the Manifest in the Physical Plane (Body systems densities- Bones, muscles, organs, glands, nerves, lymph, circulation and respiration systems. Orange Light= the power of the Astal Plane, Yellow Light= the power of the intellectual mind, Green Light= the power of the Psychic Field, Blue Light= the power of the Higher Creative Abstrat Mind, Violet Light= the power of the Individual Super Conscious Mind and Imagination, , Indigo Light= the power of the unified field, Gold Light= the power of mastery and the universal Mind, White Light= the power of Ascension, Puity and Transendence consciousness, Crystal Light= interdimentional and Spirit recognition.

12. Just because much of the wave and particle field of the Electronic Body and Atomic Body can not be seen does not mean they do not exist.

13. 1. Mind plus Brain equals mental perception and impaction between the planes. 2. Desire, the mental attitude of needing it hard enough. the strong, authoritative part of desire manifesting the desire through action. 3. Confident expectation. the mental attitude of firm faith and unfailing hope in the success of your desire and real faith and unfailing hope in the success of your desire and realization of your Ideal and desire. 4. Persistent Determination. the Mental Attitude of indomitable will, persisting in its determination that you shall succeed in attainment and realization of the Path to Enlightenment.

14. Leave the Past alone and do not try to change it. Did you ever relive the Past and notice the changes when you relived the Past until you have lost the truth of the first cause and you were now bound in the reflections of illusions live in each change?

15. Always remember Concentration on the actual Path and Spiritual Mission will succeed. Any undertaking which does not aids, unprepares or decelerates you or that is away from your Spiritual Path and Spiritual Mission will fail and not succeed and any confirmed action that is incompatible with on without distraction in the Silence, sees no opposition. See the play of consciousness before action.

16. Placing your Faith. Do you have to much or not enough and is it place exclusively on God?

17. What is my purpose and what have I accomplished.

18. Do not be overwhelmed by a new position, take control. The laws, principles and powers are the same on all planes.

19. A. Doing the Rainbow Bridge = Organization. B. See what goes in in Meditation and see what comes out. C. Walk the Path of Actualization. D. Check your strengths and weaknesses daily in Meditation. E. Take Action at every oppertunity.

20. Moving up. Physical = money, emotion = desire, mental = position by repetition through the seven levels of mind.

21. Law of Success. 1. You can have anything you want. 2. If you select what you want. 3. Persistence towards that. 4. Willing to do what is necessary and willing to pay the price. 5. Live in expectation of it.

22. Law of Attainment. 1. Definite Ideals. Know exactly what you want. 2. Creating and maintaining strong and clear definite idea, ideal and purpose. 3. Insactly what you want your Ideals and Desires. 4. Balanced Compensation. the Mental Attitude of willing to pay the price of attainment, being what is necessary. 5. Live in exspectation of your Definite Ideals.

23. Law of Personal Success. Is any undertaking which aids, prepares or accelerates you or contributes to your Spiritual Path.

24. You can stop making mistakes and failures if you check with your Inner Spiritual Guide and Manifested Spiritual Teacher.

25. Using the Law of Manifestation. You first use limitation by focusing in the Blue Ray with the purpose to attune to your Spiritual Guide, (Sud Guru,) to examine a contemplation of endeavor. This practice enacts the Light and Energy of your Spiritual Guide.

26. Ask and you will receive. 1st ask, Is it compatible with my Spiritual Life, Path and Mission. 2nd ask, Will it give me new uses for my gifts, powers, talents, developed aptitudes, strengths and God given abilities. 3rd ask, Can it help me grow, does it provide new opportunities to develop new powers. 4th ask, Can you and are you doing it consciously in God's Presence.

27. Use Meditation Daily. Present your desire and idea to God by expression of them within your meditation. Then wait after the presentation with patience to see if it is part of your Spiritual Life, Path and Mission. Be honest to God and God will be honest to you upon the returning currents.

28. Be honest to God and God will be honest to you upon the returning currents. Do not let fear, anxiety or enthusiasm close your mind to spiritual advice and council and be patient until you receive the answer.

29. See it, Feel it and Be it in your Meditation and in the World of Appearances consciously at all times. Live it out now!!!

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